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2.18 2.17     -0.01 (0.46%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
08/09/2016 2.15 2.04 -0.11 (5.12%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
02/09/2016 2.13 2.70 +0.57 (26.76%) BUY TA Price Target News
02/09/2016 2.13 2.04 -0.09 (4.23%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
02/09/2016 2.13 2.12 -0.01 (0.47%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
25/08/2016 2.18 1.90 -0.28 (12.84%) SELL ALLIANCE Price Target News
22/08/2016 2.15 2.50 +0.35 (16.28%) BUY TA Price Target News
22/08/2016 2.15 2.15 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
22/08/2016 2.15 2.12 -0.03 (1.40%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
25/05/2016 2.27 2.50 +0.23 (10.13%) HOLD TA Price Target News
25/05/2016 2.27 2.30 +0.03 (1.32%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
25/05/2016 2.27 2.23 -0.04 (1.76%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
25/05/2016 2.27 1.74 -0.53 (23.35%) SELL HLG Price Target News
03/05/2016 2.32 1.80 -0.52 (22.41%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
08/09/2016  KENANGA Banking - 2QCY16 Results Summary: Neutral All the Way
02/09/2016  TA AFFIN - Earnings Visibility to Improve
02/09/2016  KENANGA AFFIN HOLDINGS BERHAD - Guiding for Lower Performance
02/09/2016  HLG Affin Holdings Bhd - Loan growth guided lower
25/08/2016  ALLIANCE AFFIN - Headwinds to re-rating
22/08/2016  TA AFFIN - 1HFY16 Driven by Better Loan Allowances
22/08/2016  KENANGA Affin Holdings Berhad - A Mixed Result
22/08/2016  HLG Affin Holdings - 2Q16: Above Expectations
25/05/2016  TA 1QFY16 Driven by Net Writeback in Total Allowances
25/05/2016  MIDF Weaker IB income resulting in higher CI ratio
25/05/2016  KENANGA AFFIN HOLDINGS BERHAD - Within Expectations
25/05/2016  HLG Affin Holdings Bhd - A Weak Start
03/05/2016  KENANGA Banking - BNM Stats (Mar 2016) – Reinforcing Slow Growth Ahead but Asset Quality looks Stable

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TheContrarian Today starting to shine.
26/09/2016 12:29
Angielim9955 TheContrarian all the best
26/09/2016 18:16
TheContrarian Same to you.
26/09/2016 20:17
Angielim9955 the contrarian, insas got new annoucement 26/09/2016 General Announcement for PLC
about share buy back
do you know is a good news ?
26/09/2016 21:31
prudentinvestor Affin's NTA is 4.42 per share. No bank stock should trade at less than half of its NTA.
27/09/2016 09:53
TheContrarian Insas merely announcing routine process to obtain shareholders prior approval for share buy back. They must actually buy back.
27/09/2016 13:46
shortinvestor77 You comment is good, prudent investor. It is far undervalued.
27/09/2016 19:39
beso mesti boleh turun lagi
27/09/2016 23:20
TheContrarian If EPF has completed their sell down then Affin will go up non-stop because the free float is very small. Three major shareholders, namely Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera, Boustead and Bank of East Asia together owns around 75%.
28/09/2016 00:12
limweebeng EPF has 140 million Affin shares.
28/09/2016 16:41
Icon8888 Oil up 2.80 $

Banking stocks as a proxy to oil play

Affin will up further today
29/09/2016 06:01
Ricky Kiat Morning bro Icon888,
really unexpected, little black swan . hope high oil price can boost KLCI sentiment. but dont rise too much , worry air asia affected. (^^)
29/09/2016 06:14
bracoli Morning icon8888. May I ask ur opinion on maybank
29/09/2016 08:30
irwan i think cimb and rhb better than maybank
29/09/2016 08:35
Icon8888 if I don't have anything to buy after selling airasia, I am willing to buy some Maybank. Its dividend yield is high
29/09/2016 09:40
sam888 Icon sifu good day! What is the entry price for Maybank you looking at?
29/09/2016 13:45
Kakaktua i dont think it is the time to buy bank share's
29/09/2016 13:47
shortinvestor77 When people did't think to buy div share Gtronic at 2.90-3.20, it went back up now to 3.81.
29/09/2016 17:51
Angielim9955 TheContrarian , thanks for your advise
thanks a lot
29/09/2016 21:23
cb001 i would think that buying Affin now will give you a good margin of safety
29/09/2016 21:52
TheContrarian EPF has mistakenly oversold Affin and is buying back. On 26/9 EPF bought 889,800 shares.
30/09/2016 15:30
vitac 'mistakenly' oversold hahaha,,,,
30/09/2016 15:57
Angielim9955 the
can teach me :
in what situation can a counter after a bad qr came out then the very next day open low because people sell but very weird it end up close higer than previous day ?
( open low but close high the price )

I am mention VS yesterday movement
can teach ?
01/10/2016 02:47
TheContrarian I can't teach you that. I am not in control. Only the syndicate can do that, push down, then push up.
01/10/2016 22:33
bracoli Tmr will up ?
03/10/2016 21:37
takashi86 After buying land at TRX can cause chaos to Affin..I hope tat management won't b stupid again to loan anything related to 1mdb...hmmm

04/10/2016 11:08
Angielim9955 TheContrarian, thanks TheContrarian
TheContrarian I thought you are a full time investors
because you seem very good skills in market
thanks for teaching me all the way
04/10/2016 15:40
Angielim9955 TheContrarian , good, but now why no invest in property
seem propety more untung than stocks
04/10/2016 16:18
mikeshare wah, during early 1990, must be earning a lot from share market.
04/10/2016 17:01
latlut now still full time?
04/10/2016 17:23
latlut i should change my question. why not full time now? hard to beat the market?
04/10/2016 17:30
latlut thanks for the reply. all the best TheContrarian!
04/10/2016 17:41
TheContrarian Let's hope that Affin will keep going up.
04/10/2016 17:48
latlut if din up, i plan to keep for dividend already. still better than fd. i read about daiwa bank japan would like to buy a minority stake in Affin. anyone know the progress?
04/10/2016 18:03
TheContrarian I think it's in the investment bank subsidiary, not listed Affin holding company. As I know not finalized yet.
04/10/2016 18:23
latlut oh ok.. thx
04/10/2016 18:35
TheContrarian I think Affin is proposing to sell between15% to 20% of Affin Hwang Investment Bank to Daiwa Securities of Japan and is awaiting approval from Bank Negara.
04/10/2016 19:12
Angielim9955 TheContrarian
thanks TheContrarian for ypur very good sharing
04/10/2016 19:13
Angielim9955 TheContrarian
thanks TheContrarian for ypur very good sharing

and TheContrarian do you mind to share how you avoid the 2008 market collapse
04/10/2016 19:14
TheContrarian Always keep some cash aside to take advantage of a share market collapse which is temporary but could last two years. The share market will always recover and scale new high. But avoid loss making counters which might end up delisted. If you buy profit making counters you are investing in an on going profitable business and any drop in share price is never permanent like in Affin. A drop in share price is a buying opportunity. So you must have ready cash to seize this buying opportunity.
04/10/2016 21:07
aklobi Congrats for the rebound. Now that you bought the stock, I suggest you shut the screen and go get busy with something else. Watch out for that message from the bank that says dividends have been deposited. Twice a month come check what's going on with the price, but then leave. Affin has started a long term steady climb back to above 3. Just forget you have it for a year or so.
05/10/2016 03:38
Angielim9955 TheContrarian thanks for sharing
06/10/2016 19:01
Angielim9955 TheContrarian thanks for sharing
06/10/2016 19:01

TheContrarian do you mind I ask you about base on your experince and view
Parkson keep making loss few qr already , do you feel Parkson will end up delisted ?
just your view of point , because I hold Parkson above one rinnngit since last year ?
06/10/2016 19:03
takashi86 Tis is the most dull bank stock in malaysia...every1 holding n not willing to sell??
07/10/2016 15:13
shortinvestor77 Don't bad mouth dividend stocks that are willing to share their net profits.
07/10/2016 17:43
TheContrarian Angielim, we discuss Parkson in Parkson forum. I'm going to delete some of my comments here.
07/10/2016 18:28
Angielim9955 TheContrarian noted thanks
07/10/2016 18:56
bracoli why so quiet?
16/10/2016 00:59
beso dropping
17/10/2016 11:58
kktom this is exactly the same like high tide n low tide moment.
18/10/2016 11:40

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