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Last Price Avg Target Price   Upside/Downside Price Call
2.31 2.25     -0.06 (2.60%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
01/12/2016 2.28 2.50 +0.22 (9.65%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
01/12/2016 2.28 2.20 -0.08 (3.51%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
01/12/2016 2.28 2.12 -0.16 (7.02%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
01/12/2016 2.28 2.00 -0.28 (12.28%) SELL ALLIANCE Price Target News
30/11/2016 2.22 2.60 +0.38 (17.12%) BUY TA Price Target News
08/09/2016 2.15 2.04 -0.11 (5.12%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
02/09/2016 2.13 2.70 +0.57 (26.76%) BUY TA Price Target News
02/09/2016 2.13 2.04 -0.09 (4.23%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
02/09/2016 2.13 2.12 -0.01 (0.47%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
25/08/2016 2.18 1.90 -0.28 (12.84%) SELL ALLIANCE Price Target News
22/08/2016 2.15 2.50 +0.35 (16.28%) BUY TA Price Target News
22/08/2016 2.15 2.15 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
22/08/2016 2.15 2.12 -0.03 (1.40%) HOLD HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
01/12/2016  MIDF Affin Holdings - Above Expectations On Lower Provisions
01/12/2016  KENANGA Affin Holdings - Above Expectations but Outlook still Challenging
01/12/2016  HLG Affin Holdings - Results above due to slower provision
01/12/2016  ALLIANCE AFFIN - Asset-quality concern remains
30/11/2016  TA Affin Holdings Berhad - Another Set of Encouraging Results
08/09/2016  KENANGA Banking - 2QCY16 Results Summary: Neutral All the Way
02/09/2016  TA AFFIN - Earnings Visibility to Improve
02/09/2016  KENANGA AFFIN HOLDINGS BERHAD - Guiding for Lower Performance
02/09/2016  HLG Affin Holdings Bhd - Loan growth guided lower
25/08/2016  ALLIANCE AFFIN - Headwinds to re-rating
22/08/2016  TA AFFIN - 1HFY16 Driven by Better Loan Allowances
22/08/2016  KENANGA Affin Holdings Berhad - A Mixed Result
22/08/2016  HLG Affin Holdings - 2Q16: Above Expectations

  anthonylow likes this.
10bagger10 great to hear that!
02/12/2016 09:59
TheContrarian Affin Bank image has improved after my friend became the CFO.
02/12/2016 14:02
TheContrarian Problem is market analysts all give very low target price.
02/12/2016 14:47
stockraider Yeah Affin is the most undervalue bank....listed....!!
02/12/2016 14:49
10bagger10 there is a famous quote by pro investor that say:- 'I buy when the majority are selling, I watch when the majority are buying, I sell when the majority are getting excited!' ma!!!
02/12/2016 14:49
TheContrarian Affin has strong major shareholders in Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera, Boustead and Bank of East Asia which is listed in HK and owned by Tan Sri Quek family.
02/12/2016 14:55
10bagger10 TheContrarian pro sifu,

In 6 months to 3 years what is your pro expectation?
02/12/2016 14:58
tkp2 slow slow up, end of the year up to 2.5 enough already
02/12/2016 16:20
tkp2 CV will be 0.4, CU 0.25, year end bonus
02/12/2016 16:21
TheContrarian 10bagger10, I already achieved my expectation in April 2000. Now I am just investing passively.
02/12/2016 16:53
Angielim9955 TheContrarian play very safe so earn more,

I now chagne my invest plan . mostly follow thecontrar, like MAlton MBSB , affin recently all profit if play , but unfortunately I also got many rubbish counter like Armada and maxwell and cap all lost more than 50%, So for me is loss more , maybe earn 10% loss 50%.
now mostly follow good counters enough , penny stocks is my nightmare , loss many on them
03/12/2016 20:21
10bagger10 Buy good stock with great dividend ! Easy earn money ma!
03/12/2016 20:31
TheContrarian It depends on your entry price. I was fortunate to enter at near bottom.
03/12/2016 21:06
TheContrarian Kenanga's target price on Affin is RM2.20, revised up from RM2.04 (hahahaha) and HongLeong's target price on Affin is only RM2.12.
04/12/2016 09:47
christophertopher 大多数research houses 都支持Affin这支股。
1. Cimb :rm2.96 (加码)
2. TA :up more then rm2.60 (Buy In)
3. MIDF :up more than rm2.50 (Buy In)
4. KENANGA :More than rm2.20 (落后大市)
5. 除了丰隆研究Hold at RM2.12。

04/12/2016 16:12
christophertopher 这一次的3rd业绩Fy2016 已经是在暗示AFFIN 接下来4th Fy2016 的业绩了。

比起同期的4th Fy2015 净利只有 Rm97,407,000

相信持有AFFIN 股友们心中有个答案未来3个月的4th Fy2016。
3rd 派息3 cent。(全年7.99 cent 股息)
预料还有4.99 cent 股息会在4th 业绩派发。

Profit Margin Fy2015 20.3%
Profit Margin Fy2016 提升到27.9%.
04/12/2016 16:26
Angielim9955 TheContrarian , ya I also find out affin tp very low , IB undervalue Affin Nta more than 4.00
05/12/2016 17:20
christophertopher AFFIN 首9月每股盈利进步至20.21 cent, 前期为只有13.99 cent。
每股净产NTA 从RM4.26 提升到RM4.53。
05/12/2016 17:50
Angielim9955 thecontrarian , do you know is it Muslim investors only can invest in shariah counters only in Bursa ?
05/12/2016 17:52
TheContrarian Some Muslims restrict their investments to Shariah counters. It's their choice. Some unit trust funds are Islamic, so they only invest in Shariah counters.
05/12/2016 17:58
TheContrarian Non-Muslim can invest in Shariah counters.
05/12/2016 17:59
Angielim9955 TheContrarian, noted, no wonder some counter like Magna jump in Shariah share price keep going up , but the funny part is magna qr drop 96% still can up , but magna jump in shariah , so powerful ah shariah
thnaks for expalin
05/12/2016 18:02
TheContrarian Affin so hard to breach 2.30
06/12/2016 11:11
10bagger10 Its ok for me. wait dividend in!!!
06/12/2016 11:51
Alex Lim Jun Xiong http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/12/06/axa-affins-gross-written-premiums-in-sabah-and-sarawak-surpass-rm100mil/
06/12/2016 23:20
TheContrarian In any merger exercise Affin would be valued at a minimum of 1 time price/book value which would be RM4.50.
07/12/2016 00:06
10bagger10 Y no up?
07/12/2016 12:10
tkp2 the 2.3 wall is down, hihihi, go go go
07/12/2016 15:57
TheContrarian Wall finally breached.
07/12/2016 17:41
10bagger10 yessss
07/12/2016 23:47
tkp2 hihihi, mother every day slow slow up, CU & CV also slow slow up
08/12/2016 11:09
tkp2 but today seem like not so slow, hihihi
08/12/2016 11:10
tkp2 once the next resistant 2.36 break, lagi huat
08/12/2016 11:25
TheContrarian But up without significant volume.
08/12/2016 11:28
tkp2 up without volume some time can be a good sign, depend on how you see it, hihihi

anyway, last few days volume is quite good, i am not too worry about it, i hope this round can hit 2.5
08/12/2016 11:37
TheContrarian Yes, last few days strong buying volume helped breach the wall.
08/12/2016 11:42
christophertopher http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5284293


EPF 之前的几天卖了AFFIN,
08/12/2016 20:35
shortinvestor77 It is a trader.
08/12/2016 20:56
christophertopher 我是觉得Epf 卖了Affin 一些share ,后悔了,他们又买回。
09/12/2016 15:09
christophertopher 也对啦,你说的Trader.
09/12/2016 15:10
JacNgu shit stock. big boys like EPF &....doing the buying & selling themselves. Shiok sendiri
09/12/2016 16:29
JacNgu is not syariah compliant. arent those big F*** dumping. think guys
09/12/2016 16:38
christophertopher Ok, we throw Affin tickets to u at rm0.90 , u nak ?
Pergi beratur tunggu sehingga dapat tickets.
09/12/2016 18:31
shortinvestor77 Affin business is picking up well. EPF is a trader, buy and sale for all counters it invested like May bank, Top Glove, Cimb, Ambank , Affin, Media etc.. It has its own professional traders to do trading by lending its shares to them. JacNgu don't bullshit here. Go to other counters that ePF has no shares such as Tekseng, Bio holding etc..
09/12/2016 20:21
christophertopher Thumb up, shortinvestor77.
09/12/2016 21:48
JacNgu hey shorty, good luck to your long term investment in Affin. lets see how long u can hold before it takes off.
10/12/2016 00:02
10bagger10 i sailang
10/12/2016 10:16
TheContrarian One day there will be a merger exercise involving Affin and when that day comes it will be re-rated to RM4.50.
10/12/2016 12:04
sctan EPF does engage some investment bank to help them to invest. maybe this is partly the reason why EPF sometimes buy and sell the same counter in few days time.
10/12/2016 12:25
christophertopher http://www.focusmalaysia.my/Mainstream/Affin%20Holdings%20to%20step%20up%20game%20next%20year

11/12/2016 14:55

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