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26/11/2015 0.575 0.65 +0.075 (13.04%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
12/08/2015 0.60 0.73 +0.13 (21.67%) HOLD Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
06/08/2015 0.65 0.67 +0.02 (3.08%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
03/08/2015 0.595 0.95 +0.355 (59.66%) BUY AMMB Price Target News
12/06/2015 0.61 0.73 +0.12 (19.67%) HOLD Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
28/05/2015 0.65 1.15 +0.50 (76.92%) BUY AMMB Price Target News

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26/11/2015  AMMB Benalec Holdings - Finding a buyer in uncertain times HOLD
12/08/2015  Affin Hwang Capital Benalec: Bursa reprimands and fines 3 directors
06/08/2015  RHB-OSK Trading Stocks - 6 August 2015 - E.A. | Classic Scenic | Jerasia | Yoong Onn | Benalec | Unisem
03/08/2015  AMMB Benalec - Upcoming goodies in store for Malacca? BUY
12/06/2015  Affin Hwang Capital Benalec – Terminates 1,000-acre reclamation deal with 1MYSOT
28/05/2015  AMMB Benalec Holdings - The search for off-taker continues BUY

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Warrior_Justice Buying additional 30,000 shares.
24/11/2015 14:32
Warrior_Justice Done.... Additional 5,000 shares make it 35,000 shares. Talk also can be louder during that day
24/11/2015 16:20
Warrior_Justice Once a year you can scold a MD aka Datuk. Dont miss the opportunity
24/11/2015 16:21
robertkoo Benalec Holding former executive directors Leaw Tua Choon and Leaw Ah Chye were sacked by the Audit Committee independent director Koo Hoong Kwan and independent director Wong Yoke Nyen on 9 Oct 2013, when Benalec Holding Audit Committee allegedly found guilty in relation to a land disposal deal involving related party transactions, now Vincent Leaw Seng Hai were found guilty by Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd and publicly reprimanded and were fined total RM250,000 three of them, any action take against to sack Vincent Leaw Seng Hai by the members of the Audit Committee senior independent director Koo Hoong Kwan and independent director Wong Yoke Nyen.





24/11/2015 17:42
beginner any update? who is going to AGM?
25/11/2015 15:49
taciturn Attended the AGM. It was a relatively tame affair.

All resolutions voted by poll. All passed by 99% of votes except for resolution reelecting auditors (and their fees) which passed with 95% of votes.

No questions were made by any of the attendees regarding:

a) The MD's salary
b) impairments
c) Camelot/Arthurian references

Evidently, someone is spewing bullshit once again on this forum.

Quarterly results for Q1FY16 out tonight. Will make additional comments then.
25/11/2015 17:44
cw_tan Feel shame as a part of shareholder on this stock,Qtr 1 2016 red again.
25/11/2015 22:11
beginner thanks taciturn
26/11/2015 08:14
beginner cw_tan, I did not see red on the q report, did I miss something?
26/11/2015 08:28
taciturn Quarterly results for Q1FY16.

Revenue: RM44.04m
Profit from Operations: RM6.315m
Profit Before Tax: RM2.001m
Net Profit: RM1.861m

Small profit overall. Finance costs took a decent of it (RM4.314m) or you'd be looking at a net profit of almost RM6m. Higher finance costs came from the RM200m CB interest of course.

Am not happy about the latest quarterly results notes. For some reason most of section 22 (Status of corporate proposals and utilisation of proceeds) has been culled. In previous results, there was always a breakdown on outstanding land sales and their statuses which helps to determine how things are going. That has been removed. Already made one complaint about it, going to make more.

During the AGM, I asked several questions on the status of announce land sales.

1) Faithview Supreme - RM51.47m. This was expected to have been booked during this quarter but it did not happen. As at the AGM, it still has not been booked. The delay seems to be on the buyers side. If it is not booked within the next one month or so, it will not be recognised for Q2FY16. Not happy overall about this but it seems to be out of management's control.

2) Ultra Harmony - 4 tranches, about RM50m each. Tranche 1 was booked in Q4FY15. According to management, Tranche 2 was booked as at two weeks ago (meaning it should be reflected in the Q2FY16 results. Still expecting completion of all tranches in FY15.

3. Jadex Land (RM35.4m), Quality Paradise (RM71.84m), Arena Progresif (RM128.9m) - All these land sales involved progress payments. 10% on signing, 20% after 3 months of signing, 30% after 6 months of signing, final 40% after 12 months of signing.

From what I understand, for all three deals, Benalec has received the first three stages of payment (10%, 20% and 30%) and is now waiting for the final payment. None of these payments can be booked as revenue until the last payment has been received and the title transferred. Expected completion of all three deals is again FY16.
26/11/2015 09:03

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