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PenguinDad ce0808, you think this is a big deal. Some other listed companies is worst that this and shareholders still don't know. At least they addressed the issue properly and hope that it wouldn't repeat again.
22/09/2016 09:01
ce0808 hmm.. will not dare to hold it for mid-long term
what a bad management!
22/09/2016 10:45
Taugeh should have one big wave, then sail
22/09/2016 14:01
ce0808 Agreed with Taugeh ;)
22/09/2016 14:05
imlearning tomorrow i will sell it
22/09/2016 20:27
Taugeh when you least expected
26/09/2016 22:48
jl88 dnex moved up with volume..censof supposed to be the same..
29/09/2016 14:26
PenguinDad jl88, yes and why?
29/09/2016 16:31
ce0808 good for censof if dnex can stands above 0.30
29/09/2016 17:49
Haha censof follow the DNEX movement...
30/09/2016 09:23
ce0808 KUALA LUMPUR: CIMB Equities Research has initiated coverage of information technology (IT) company Dagang Nexchange Bhd (formerly Time Engineering Bhd) which is moving into the oil and gas (O&G) sector.
It said on Friday DNeX does not have any direct competitors, given its unique exposure in the IT and O&G sectors.

“However, we see My EG, Prestariang and Datasonic as proxies for the local IT sector. We deem KNM, Wah Seong and Uzma comparable peers in the oil and gas space. Its FY17F P/E (based on Bloomberg consensus) is at a deep 66%-75% discount to IT providers and 28%-48% discount to (O&G) players,” it said.

To recap, DNeX is the single exclusive operator of the National Single Window (NSW) platform, providing trade facilitation services to the Customs Department for over 25 years.

The company was awarded an RM45mil contract to install the first phase of the Vehicle Entry Program (VEP) at the Malaysia-Singapore border in Johor this year.

The government plans to implement the VEP project at the other 12 road entry points in Malaysia in stages. The second phase will cover Malaysia’s border with Thailand and the third phase, the Malaysian borders with Brunei and Indonesia. There is also potential for a recurring annual maintenance contract with regards to the VEP system.

NSW services contributed the bulk of its earnings in FY12-15. In September 2016, the government awarded DNeX a two-year extension on its contract as the exclusive operator of NSW.

CIMB Research said DNeX has embarked on a new O&G venture, after completing the acquisition of OGPC for RM170mil in 3Q16.

OGPC reported average annual net profit of RM20mil in 2012-2015. DNeX was the only local service provider awarded a 3-year drilling and services contract by Petronas Carigali in 2Q16.

DNeX hired a new management team in 2014, led by managing director Zainal Abidin Jalil, who has many years’ experience in the upstream O&G industry and power generation utilities.

DNeX invested US$10mil (RM40mil) to acquire a 30% stake in Ping Petroleum (Ping), an independent upstream service provider with a 50% stake in the producing Anasuria cluster, North Sea.

“The investment amount implies a low entry cost of below US$2 per barrel (historical average for comparable transactions). Management expects annual associate profit contribution of RM18m, based on mid-US$40s per barrel crude oil price.

“Based on Bloomberg consensus estimates, DNeX trades at forward FY17F P/E of 6 times, more than 0.5 standard deviation below its historical mean of 10 times. Consensus expects strong earnings delivery in FY16-17F, which implies a staggering FY15-17F net profit CAGR of 88%.

“This is likely based on management’s guidance of RM70mil to RM80mil net profit in FY17F, driven by strong earnings from O&G and VEP projects,” it said.
30/09/2016 10:37
ce0808 Sooner or later Censof shall catch up with Dnex..
30/09/2016 10:40
Taugeh agree with ce0808
30/09/2016 14:13
Investhor loooking at chart if can breakout above 28c, then can move to 35c next target..need to breakout with volume
30/09/2016 14:38
Josephine Ong TP 0.30 today
30/09/2016 14:49
jl88 0.28 likely to clear off
30/09/2016 14:52
Taugeh nah, we have an excellent indicator, if DNEX can move to 0.40, then censof will be at 0.35 for sure . the answer is very likely with all the +ve news outbreak at moment. Take OPEC cut for the crude at this instant.
30/09/2016 14:52
Taugeh NOV is the time
30/09/2016 15:16
ce0808 Taugeh, as I've observed they are always shortage of CASH.
If one day the company bank account have plenty of cash that earned from business then only I will believe the value of this company ;)
30/09/2016 15:22
Taugeh I've made the calculation, if Censof sells Dnex as of the price now, debt free
01/10/2016 00:34
ce0808 one day up 1 cent ?
04/10/2016 15:14
caven101 aiyoo..last time almost reach 0.30 now back to 0.255. Censof why so slow :(
10/10/2016 14:32
ce0808 caven101, thanks for waking it up :D
10/10/2016 16:31
PenguinDad Taugeh, Dnex worth more than RM0.30 due to the acquisition if you have follow the recent news.
12/10/2016 08:09
Taugeh @PenguinDad, Everyone knows that based on the news reported; but I bet a millions majority do not know why the BODs still sell Dnex at a far lower prices than today's
12/10/2016 13:03
ce0808 Taugeh, I thought just bcos shortage of cash? dont tell me their account is...
12/10/2016 13:38
Taugeh still selling...Dnex
13/10/2016 14:01
Lim Soon Chai 20%的dnex要卖到完吗?那要卖多久啊?
13/10/2016 14:23
ce0808 Lim, 是Dnex在等censof啦,叫你的好友来这里upupup吧 :D
13/10/2016 21:55
Lim Soon Chai censof卖完dnex原则上是好事吧,正如taugeh所说censof变没债务的现金公司,而这些票流入,集中在某个集团手里,对要推动dnex股价来说, 掌控更多票相对就更少卖压,对2边都是好事,就是过程不晓得要多久。
13/10/2016 22:13
Lim Soon Chai ce0808,censof掌控dnex 20多%的股权,但能享有dnex的业务上的利润吗?因为dnex是独立的挂牌公司, 有自己的业务账务, 但可说是没股息,不像dnex持有timecom,虽然不能分享到timecom的业务利润, 但timecom有给极高的股息,持着timecom股权dnex也受惠,dnex持有ping的30%股权,ping不是挂牌公司,所以可以享有ping的收入。真实情况是这样吗?所以, censof卖dnex套现还债, 原则是好事,这说法成立吗?
13/10/2016 22:27
Lim Soon Chai ce0808,我不记得准确的数目,dnex第二季收入大概8950万,当中,dnex本身的收入仅是390万,那么剩余就来自ping,8500多万全是收入吗?还是有部分是属于资产?要是的话, 下季就难以保持第二季的收入了,对吗?
13/10/2016 22:36
Lim Soon Chai ce0808,taugeh在去年就一直推崇censof, 并认为在今年年中(7月/8月)股价会有惊喜,刚刚也提起11月,我很好奇基于什么因素,他去年就看好censof?你懂吗?
13/10/2016 22:40
ce0808 Lim, Taugeh 只是说如果censof 卖完dnex就没有债务了,我看是不会卖完这会生金蛋的鹅的。。
14/10/2016 00:18
ce0808 我也期待Taugeh 的预言,这要等他来提点了
14/10/2016 00:23
ce0808 Censof 卖 Dnex 应该是手头紧,套现来缓债的,还好是卖给Dnex的掌舵人,还不坏
14/10/2016 00:28
ce0808 子公司或连号公司的盈利是有得入账的,只是看到吃不到吧了。。哈哈
14/10/2016 00:32
Lim Soon Chai dnex是早期的TIME ENGINEERING,有听说它是持有timecom的股,不懂现在是否还一样。
14/10/2016 08:32
ce0808 年报里没提到
14/10/2016 11:55
Lim Soon Chai 我问remiser看, 但那不是重点。
14/10/2016 12:20
Taugeh very good discussions, gentlemen...one thing for sure, November report about September should be a good one, so....
14/10/2016 23:04
ce0808 Taugeh, if Censof's good result is come from Dnex, usually Dnex result will release first (around middle of the month) then follow by Censof (around end of the month), shall we put our focus on Dnex first?

I think dnex-wd is worth a bet now with such a high gearing ratio, possible to break new high if another good quarter result achieved.
16/10/2016 10:57
Taugeh @ce0808 ,agreed, thumbs up..
17/10/2016 07:43
ce0808 good chance to pick up cheap dnex-wd @ 0.065
21/10/2016 10:24
jacklintan looks like Budget 2017 will focus hugely on e-dagang.
21/10/2016 17:34
Lim Soon Chai http://sharesinfo4u.com/archives/35233
24/10/2016 14:55
micky92 Mind translating above
24/10/2016 17:57
micky92 Mind translating above
24/10/2016 17:58
Taugeh 这只科技股在二零一三年至二零一五年间,股价都是站在50仙以上,都是如今一直都是在25仙水平浮沉,过去曾是投资机构和散户的"DARLING"股,为何变成"股老珠黄"呢?


这只股是世纪软件(CENSOF 5195),十月廿四日的股价是RM0.255,如辉煌时期66.5相比,股价跌了五成有多。

世纪软件最新的业绩,即截至六月卅日业绩交出3569万零吉净利,比去年同期净利838,000增长数倍。不过盈利并非来自生意增长,而是脱售子公司迪耐斯(DNEX 4456)所得。


世纪软件的核心业务是会计软件,它在市场大卖的软件叫〈MYOB 会计系统〉,其顾客遍布马来西亚,新加坡和香港。







它持有的DNEX股权,已从39.23 %减至17.94%,未来DNEX将不再为它贡献盈利。

25/10/2016 21:05
Taugeh Now you can google translate :)
25/10/2016 21:06

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