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Lim Soon Chai Wishing All Muslims “Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha”
11/09/2016 18:02
imlearning 請問TP 多少?有人知道嗎?
12/09/2016 20:22
ce0808 still good to buy at this level
13/09/2016 09:43
PenguinDad fair value RM0.80
Just for reference.
15/09/2016 09:08
ce0808 0.40 already very good profit
15/09/2016 11:43
PenguinDad ce0808, depend on how you looks at it. fair value is just an indicator where is there room for acquire. If you think 0.40 is enough then that is your TP.
15/09/2016 15:44
ce0808 PengiunDad, hope your TP will hit asap
15/09/2016 16:17
Lim Soon Chai censof能去到那里还要看dnex。
15/09/2016 17:08
ce0808 censof 0.80 dnex 1.00 ? :D
15/09/2016 17:10
ce0808 just like making a multi-millionaire dream lol
15/09/2016 17:12
Taugeh Dnex 0.35 - 0.38; Censof 0.32 - 0.35
15/09/2016 22:07
ce0808 Taugeh's TP is more realistic, unless super bull run the PengiunDad's TP might be true
16/09/2016 10:20
imlearning 這幾天市場一直掉,但CENSOF 上落幅度不大,我覺得很穩咯,希望它趕快上上上!
16/09/2016 20:08
Taugeh NOV
16/09/2016 22:53
husky88 Report out lol
17/09/2016 10:24
PenguinDad ce0808, Super bull might happen early next years.
19/09/2016 08:15
ce0808 Great, let's accumulate more bullets before that
19/09/2016 09:24
Lim Soon Chai http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kianweiaritcles/104263.jsp
19/09/2016 11:04
ce0808 由于公司在8月份出售迪耐股票,而面对120万的亏损,那么下个季度的盈利肯定会受到影响
not true, in fact it made profit of 7.7m
19/09/2016 11:25
ce0808 still profitable, because their Dnex's cost is about 0.20 only
19/09/2016 11:42
ce0808 after the disposal censof still holding around 20% of dnex, imaging the current paper gain and future profit contribution from dnex
19/09/2016 12:11
PenguinDad ce0808, some more...... :)
19/09/2016 12:23
ce0808 aha, got surprise some more ?
19/09/2016 12:29
sheep if it's that good, why sell? Cash flow problem? hmmmmmm..
19/09/2016 20:35
Taugeh Do you know who bought the Dnex shares sold by Censof? Check it out!

9th Aug 48,000,000 warrants sold @ RM$0.03
17th Aug 123,780,000 share sold at RM$0.25 + the warrant 136,467,638 @RM$0.01
The directors sold them dirt cheap, hmmmm, what the xxxx? they said the proceed was used to paid the outstanding right issue loans. ya, right, come on...are we three years old?

I wote a long letter to complain about the pricing issues a few times, no reply. When will be the CENSOF AGM? Go and ask those O?? F???....what are they up to? DIRTY GAMES INDEED..
19/09/2016 21:57
Taugeh It will be up for sure because of NSW and DNEX's gain, the question is just how high...
19/09/2016 22:09
Taugeh still early lah
19/09/2016 22:10
ce0808 Not sure whether it's dirty.. but they likes black box operation very much
19/09/2016 22:22
ce0808 Taugeh, I also wrote a letter to query about the impairment loss on last QR, no reply too..
19/09/2016 22:59
Taugeh I got the reply regarding the impairment loss because I sent to the MD, VP, CEO, ACCount Exec and almost everybody, few days in a row.

If you want reply, you must have many people in your name list, which means it must be a group of people, then they will think twice. They never reply individual mail
20/09/2016 11:46
ce0808 I see, how was thier reply on the impairment loss?
20/09/2016 12:14
ce0808 Just noticed today is censof's AGM, anyone attended?
20/09/2016 12:36
ce0808 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/128525
20/09/2016 12:40
PenguinDad ce0808, yes and there is more..... You will find more interesting as you looks into it.
20/09/2016 13:10
ce0808 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/128665
20/09/2016 17:24
ce0808 hmm..seems like no surprise for this AGM..
20/09/2016 17:26
jacklintan Check out thestar.com.my news
20/09/2016 20:02
PenguinDad jacklintan, you mean this news.
21/09/2016 11:15
jacklintan Yes, PenguinDad. Just hold for longer term
21/09/2016 11:18
PenguinDad Censof has the potential to be the next MYEG.
21/09/2016 11:45
ce0808 accumulating at 0.255..
21/09/2016 12:36
Taugeh @ce0808, reply from censof abt impairment loss of RM14.6 million on other receivables.

Hie Sir,

How are you?

On behalf of the management, we hope this mail clears your doubts.

Referring to our financial report for the quarter ended 31 March 2016, the Group made an impairment loss of RM14.6 million on other receivables.

This is mainly related to some of the software maintenance work that the Group had carried out for its customers in the previous years of FYE 31 March 2014 and FYE 31 March 2015 where there was a mismatch in the value recorded as our sales as compared to the actual billing to client.

Based on the recommendation of our auditor, the Group has been advised to make an impairment loss during the quarter ended 31 March 2016 as a prudent measure in the event the Group is unable to recover the difference in value.

Moving forward, the Management will review and strengthen its internal operational policies with regards to recording the value of software maintenance work carried out. The Management will continuously evolve the Group’s system of internal control to meet the changing and challenging business environment and put in place appropriate action plans to further enhance the system of internal control if necessary.

We hope the above clarifies.

As for the feedback on our website, we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that the website is up to-date. Thank you for your patience.

Thank You & Best Regards,

Karmini Eswaran
Corporate Communications Manager (Shared Services)
M : 6012.661.0240
E : karmini@censof.com
Censof Holdings Berhad (Co.No. 828269-A)
21/09/2016 23:16
ce0808 Taugeh, thanks for the info!

Errr..Mismatch in the value recorded of 14.6m? Someone must be fired!
21/09/2016 23:41
ce0808 It's a terrible mistake, and there's another 6.7m debt yet to collect as the management mentioned will be settled by end of this year ..
21/09/2016 23:48
PenguinDad ce0808, you think this is a big deal. Some other listed companies is worst that this and shareholders still don't know. At least they addressed the issue properly and hope that it wouldn't repeat again.
22/09/2016 09:01
ce0808 hmm.. will not dare to hold it for mid-long term
what a bad management!
22/09/2016 10:45
Taugeh should have one big wave, then sail
22/09/2016 14:01
ce0808 Agreed with Taugeh ;)
22/09/2016 14:05
imlearning tomorrow i will sell it
22/09/2016 20:27
Taugeh when you least expected
26/09/2016 22:48

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