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27/02/2014 0.50 0.53 +0.03 (6.00%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
02/12/2013 0.575 0.61 +0.035 (6.09%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
21/11/2013 0.585 0.61 +0.025 (4.27%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
28/10/2013 0.58 0.61 +0.03 (5.17%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
27/02/2014  KENANGA Censof Holdings - Missed Target, Again
02/12/2013  KENANGA Censof Holdings - 9M13 below expectations
21/11/2013  KENANGA Censof Holdings - Lackluster Response to GO Offer
28/10/2013  KENANGA 2014 Budget Neutral-to-Slight Positive

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KingDavid WiseEye, I have always done research and with calculated rise to buy. As for Censof, I overlooked the conversion of shares under RCN. The remaining 21.3 million ringgit under RCN that is waiting to be converted is the main cause of share price of Censof not moving up. Whoever was taking up the 10% private placement had to pay much higher than the 88% of the average share price of Censof. They may be furious by now. You could notice that two groups are trying to do something about the share price of Censof. One group is ready to push the share price up while the other group under RCN is taking their sweet time to maintain the share price low so that they could convert into Censof share at around RM0.41 per share. The group under private placement has about 35 million Censof shares but the group under RCN, upon total convertion of RM25 million ringgit into Censof price - should have 60 million Censof shares. Unless they work together, share price of Censof will remain around RM0.5 per share. Unless huge announcement is coming, we have to keep waiting for the two group to sort themselves out before we could see Censof share price moving up. And comment?
16/04/2014 08:11
WiseEye Yes kingdavid, you're right about this. There is some minor rigging in play here. Hence, investors are caught in the middle. Unless you're very long term, censof as of now will not surge until any major announcement is made. If the market force is big, no one can rig the company. It's just that now the volume is very low and can be easily controlled.
16/04/2014 08:47
trustme932 KingDavid,WiseEye...tq for your postings on this stock.M one of the investors caught in the middle.No problem for me to wait for long term.
16/04/2014 10:07
Forwardinvestor Censof sub Time Eng has moved a little. Anyone can share and its repercussion on Censof?
16/04/2014 13:36
Forwardinvestor I thought RCN is 100mil. Checking throu KLSE website only 10 mil converted. So isnt it 90 mil left not converted?
16/04/2014 13:38
KingDavid Forwardinvestor, RM25 million has been paid to Censof under Tranche 1. Tranche 2, Tranche 3 & 4 are not confirmed. So far, RM21.3 ringgit under Tranche 1 has not be converted.
16/04/2014 15:35
KingDavid Tranche 2 = 25 million ringgit, Tranche 3 = 30 million ringgit, Tranche 4 = 20 million Ringgit.
16/04/2014 16:49
KingDavid I think Share price of Censof is going to move up soon because, share price of Time Eng has moved up to RM0.29 per share. Censof has 45.03% shares in Time bought at RM0.2 per share. Censof is making a paper gain of RM0.09 per share of total 349,112,731 shares for total paper gain of RM31.42 million ringgit. So, share price of Time Eng is directly affecting the net worth of Censof share. Every RM0.01 share price of Time Eng moves up, Censof has a paper gain of about RM3.5 million. In term of per Censof share, RM0.0087 paper gain per share. As long as Time continues to move up, you can be sure that Censof share will move up also. So, start buying now or you will regret soon.
16/04/2014 23:30
Forwardinvestor With 21.3 mil worth and assuming conversion price of 0.420, another 50.7 mil to be issued.The 1st Tranche will dilute the shareholdings by 60 million.Isnt it better to issue ICULS rather than RCN?
17/04/2014 12:27
invester KingDavid, agreed with you. Perhaps, Time Eng announced that, there is no dividend given this year (which they used to give for the past years). So, they should be able to keep more cash on hands. Censof as the biggest share holder will definitely has some plan to grow Time and provide benefit to the mother company.
17/04/2014 13:20

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