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1.21 2.48     +1.27 (104.96%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
09/10/2017 1.74 2.08 +0.34 (19.54%) BUY AMMB Price Target News
06/09/2017 1.73 2.87 +1.14 (65.90%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
25/08/2017 1.78 2.87 +1.09 (61.24%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
25/08/2017 1.78 2.08 +0.30 (16.85%) BUY AMMB Price Target News
19/07/2017 2.39 2.87 +0.48 (20.08%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
09/10/2017  AMMB Prestariang - SKIN is no one-trick pony
06/09/2017  PUBLIC BANK PRESTARIANG - Second Move In Cloud-based Education
25/08/2017  PUBLIC BANK Prestariang - Expecting A More Robust 2HFY17
25/08/2017  AMMB Prestariang - Earnings comeback signals inflection point
19/07/2017  PUBLIC BANK PRESTARIANG - SKIN Concession Agreement Sealed

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FaizalAziz79 我国权重升幅冠亚洲 雀巢齐力实达跻入MSCI http://www.enanyang.my/news/20171114/我国权重升幅冠亚洲br-雀巢齐力实达跻入msci/ (Share from StockHunter)
16/11/2017 20:28
fong7 wow! really falling knife....
16/11/2017 23:38
rlch Just read Dynaquest SPG. When Pres Bhd was penny stock(50 sen-RM 1) 4 years ago QR was better than now. No wonder now AIA dumped non-stop. Why IBs' eg Public Invest like to cheat?
17/11/2017 07:57
rlch Pity KWAP conned by IBs'.
17/11/2017 07:58
fong7 @rich,what do you mean? I don't understand.
17/11/2017 08:57
zoomboom director sapu 300k shares yesterday:

17/11/2017 11:54
rlch IBs' said buy with PublicInvest said TP RM 2.87. Why now 1.4 instead?

Posted by fong7 > Nov 17, 2017 08:57 AM | Report Abuse
@rich,what do you mean? I don't understand.
19/11/2017 20:18
rlch KWAP last bought at RM 1.8 already lose 40 sen how abt those shares bought abv RM 2?
19/11/2017 20:20
ahbeng how low more this share going to drop to the lowest??!!!
21/11/2017 08:42
noeyes Bankrupt soon. Lol
21/11/2017 10:00
richorpoor this is the indication of a future 0.20 sen company...every bit of it...pump and dump. "SHADOW MANAGEMENT" in charge.
21/11/2017 11:47
hng33 bought prestaring at 1.22
21/11/2017 12:11
johnny cash Why going down without any concrete news..? Is security commission still sleeping? Was once a darling stock of CIMB RESEARCH...But why like this
21/11/2017 13:22
hng33 Add last batch prestaring at 1.21
21/11/2017 14:32
EVO118 Good strategy of shaking the tree to drop off those loose monkeys. A big drop of 10% after a long unimpressive price movement will certainly panic some of those hangers. Best time to get on.
21/11/2017 14:57
warchest SKIN is a good concession that they got - RM3.5 bill contract. they can recognise the development revenue upon the commencement of the installation. However, till now they are having issue with the financing due to market downturn. So far they haven't got the source of financing. that's why it remains bearish. is like u got a lucrative contract but u cannot kick-start due to lacking of project financing
21/11/2017 15:01
hng33 The massive selloff pressure is gradually easing. Further downside very limited, time to rebound
21/11/2017 15:03
EVO118 IMHO I believe the financing is not a problem. The announcement will come in due course. It should at least retrace by 30% from the low of today maybe far short of it's high of $3.24. Today's low is already below the the low of Dec 2014. Next low could be $0.77 of Aug 2013, which I do not believe will happen. Please do your own research.
21/11/2017 15:11
warchest ultimately they will get the financing but not favourable terms. financing always an issue or else they already kick-start the project and the development will commence (and revenue contribution as well). T many banks, because the amount is big and they won't get the payments for the first 3 years. Hence, not so easy to get financing
21/11/2017 15:26
warchest without kick-start SKIN project, growth in topline and bottomline will be limited. the potential once they kick-start the project
21/11/2017 15:26
4444 AIA dump again? KWAP join them?
21/11/2017 15:28
shaun1212 result bad ke?
21/11/2017 15:36
hng33 With slumping down in share price now at 1.20, prestaring quarterly dividend 1sen/quarter, 4sen/year, now become fairly good yield at 3.3%
21/11/2017 15:39
ahbeng NTA only RM 0.34, dividend 3.3%. I think still got space to further drop, predict bottom lowest at RM 0.80
21/11/2017 16:12
warchest to be fair, this is asset-light business. NTA irrelevant in this business.
21/11/2017 16:46
johnny cash http://nexttrade.blogspot.my/2017/11/presbhd-skinned-in-sell-down.html?m=1
21/11/2017 17:58
Skipz Yang what i am worried is that SKIN contract is terminated...insiders know that's why they are dumping...
21/11/2017 17:59
21/11/2017 19:30
johnny cash We got one of the worst sercurity systems run by security commission..
21/11/2017 19:31
hng33 Director of the company are busy buying share in open market to capitalize on generous offer discount by institutional fund selloff.
21/11/2017 21:45
apolloang KKB and HARBOUR before announce results already up......bursa mata buta kah or insider in bursa people buying and the next day selling
21/11/2017 21:47
apolloang always after 3pm already up before announcement
21/11/2017 21:47
apolloang should complain to the edge or the star to highlight issue of insider trading 1 day ahead of announcement
21/11/2017 21:49
hng33 Skin is lucrative and long term under concession business model with government backup. Many bank in fact are rushing to offer their best financial with competitive interest and support solution. The recent selloff by institutional fund is solely due to adjustment to their portfolio to better reflect exclusion prestaring stock in latest MSCI index list, there is nothing to do with prestaring fundamental.

However, thanks to big discount offer by institutional fund selloff too, allowing entry at relatively lower price today at 1.21-1.22.
21/11/2017 21:50
hng33 Prestaring is one of key beneficial stock on RM strengthen. Ringgit have continue strengthen to hit highest level vs USD now.

Prestaring have many of its cost are USD denominated, such as software material, Microsoft licensing fee, education content etc.

The recent award of SKIN also is collaboration between prestaring and foregin partner which derive import technology and software material, cost is in USD denominate, but earning in RM, give rise to higher NETT profit margin.
21/11/2017 21:54
apolloang sasbadi another education stock also down a lot.prestariang I bought 1.90 down till 1.70 and bought somemore then up to 1.90 but thankfully sold all at 1.87.now only 1.20 pula
21/11/2017 21:58
apolloang price look cheap but actually PE still high. but can start fishing a bit now,if down buy somemore
21/11/2017 22:00
apolloang I suspect govt funds dumping gearing for GE on many counters
21/11/2017 22:07
ahbeng People still dumping this shares. 2 directors come out acting to acquire few hundred shares, may b to fool the public. Foresee on the way to Rm 0.80...
22/11/2017 09:12
ks55_ QR not out so must use last QR EPS 1.2 sen. MRCB similar EPS 98 sen why PresBhd 1.2?
22/11/2017 09:14
hng33 One should not be too surprised by the price drop if you look at the occasional bouts of selling over the past 2 years.

However, if you draw a line connecting the recent bottoms, the stock should have support at RM 1.20-1.25. If Presbhd can rebound back and stay above its long-term uptrend line, the technical rebound is expected.
22/11/2017 09:22
bunuhsateman Sayonara Ohhh... journey to TIONGSAN !!!
22/11/2017 09:26
hng33 Recovery soon :)
22/11/2017 09:28
Ah Kow, Ali dan Muthu die hard.. ask money from share holder again.. EPF sold...
22/11/2017 09:29
johnny cash Do not tell me the SKIN is terminated
22/11/2017 15:43
hng33 Be patience, limited downside already, anytime will recover back once post better Q result and achieve financial close from bank facilities to fund SKIN development.
22/11/2017 16:21
kelvin1 RM13 million contract can save Prestariang?? or is cabut time....
22/11/2017 19:19
hng33 Another additional contract from different ministry, RM 13m from MOE on top of earlier already secure long term SKIN worth RM 1 billion.

As said earlier, prestaring is major stock benefited from current strengthen RM vs USD, as all licnencing fees and software cost are USD denominated, but, profit is in RM, resulted, incremental in profit margin forward.
22/11/2017 20:26
ahbeng Major customer is government. Govt now channel all the fund to GE, where got $$ for software, rm0.8 on the way
22/11/2017 21:24
4444 SKIN cannot do so aim RM 13 million instead?
22/11/2017 21:28

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