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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
27/03/2018 0.88 0.74 -0.14 (15.91%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
28/02/2018 0.86 0.74 -0.12 (13.95%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
18/01/2018 0.855 0.74 -0.115 (13.45%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
28/11/2017 0.95 0.80 -0.15 (15.79%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
27/03/2018  KENANGA Eversendai Corporation - Eye Opening Visit But Risks Lingers
28/02/2018  KENANGA Eversendai Corporation - FY17 Within Expectations; New Wins
18/01/2018  KENANGA Eversendai Corporation - Secures Two New Contracts
28/11/2017  KENANGA Eversendai Corporation - 9M17 Above Expectations

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LimKL1 可以
18/04/2018 17:06
Goldchia MH Buyers very week. Seller at 0.95 already rm 1.2mil waiting to dispose. By now should be 1.14-1.24
18/04/2018 18:38
pantor MR KOON YEW YIN (a substantial shareholder) acquired 2,007,700 shares on 17-Apr-2018. The price range on 17-Apr was 0.955-0.99. At least now we know he most probably will not sell Sendai below 0.955
18/04/2018 19:49
lengleng legend bought at RM 0.935 again today... when will retrace to RM 0.90 la..
18/04/2018 20:06
john doe Pantor, You have to know his final average price.. This ~2 million share of RM 0.955-0.99 just the tip of iceberg only. His main base should be around 0.6-0.7... If he wants to throw, he can do it anytime.
19/04/2018 07:17
newbie8080 Yup, he's average price is low.
Not sure how long he will keep purchasing.
19/04/2018 10:52
jordanmaggie61 keep forwarding
19/04/2018 12:12
bowman dont ever assume. people get rich because they are logical in approach. if ever he decides to sell, he will sell. If he wants to but, he will also buy. Depends on what his priorities are, if you ask me.
19/04/2018 12:49
newbie8080 RM0.90 is coming

Many planning to re-enter or top-up
19/04/2018 15:07
HOLLAN5222 YA.KYY buy from fund or epf at discount price.So why ,it never such up it price????
20/04/2018 17:01
20/04/2018 17:23
moneykj Buy some
23/04/2018 10:52
moneykj As expected, it dropped to 0.90 n below. Latest by tomorrow it will reverse its trend. Apa lagi mahu tunggu?
23/04/2018 11:20
Alex™ tunggu 70sen, haha
23/04/2018 11:24
hunterz86 tunggu election, dua minggu setengah lagi
23/04/2018 11:31
23/04/2018 18:30
lengleng legend bought some at 0.895 and 0.90 today... hard to queue at 0.89...
23/04/2018 22:53
Goldchia MH Will it drop to 0.85?
24/04/2018 14:22
moneykj Collect some below 0.89
24/04/2018 14:50
moneykj Can see Kyy style buy q at 0.88 and below
24/04/2018 14:52
newbie8080 Founder Nathan to pare down stake in Eversendai

24/04/2018 20:05
HerbertChua GE14 BN victory Evrsendai 30 sen?
24/04/2018 21:02
lengleng legend Eversendai Corp Bhd is planning a corporate exercise in the next 12 months to enlarge its share capital, subsequently reducing the shareholding of founder Tan Sri AK Nathan’s (picture) stake.

The move to increase the stock’s liquidity and pacify fund managers came after the construction company scrapped a proposed private placement in February this year.

Nathan said the company is engaging bankers and financial advisors to execute the exercise.

“The corporate exercise will allow me to value-add and enlarge the share capital of the company, while creating more liquidity in the market.

“I will definitely reduce my shareholding in the company via the exercise. I don’t see the necessity for me to hold over 70% (stake in Eversendai),” Nathan, who is also the chairman of the company, told The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) in Dubai recently.

Vahana Holdings Sdn Bhd, Nathan’s private vehicle, currently controls 71.11% of Eversendai, followed by private investor Koon Yew Yin with 9.33% and Lembaga

Tabung Haji with 5.16% interest. Eversendai has a paid-up share spread of 781 million. At 94 sen per share as of last Friday, the stock has a market capitalisation of RM734.1 million.

After the exercise, Nathan said Eversendai will have a larger pool of investors.

“It is to showcase to the investors at large that Eversendai is a company that they will be able to look forward to for continuous growth,” he said, adding that the move will also address the liquidity concern at the company.

“I am aware of the liquidity concerns expressed by analysts and fund managers everytime I meet them,” he said.

Eversendai scrapped a private placement plan to raise up to RM75.84 million last February. No reason was given behind the move.

The company also terminated a conditional share subscription pact with Macquarie Bank. On Aug 15 last year, Eversendai had proposed to undertake a private placement of up to 77.39 million new shares, representing up to 10% of the company’s total number of issued shares.

Based on an indicative issue price of 98 sen per placement share, the proposed private placement was to raise estimated gross proceeds of up to RM75.84 million, which was planned to be used to repay borrowings and working capital.

Although Nathan did not reveal the actual mode of the new corporate exercise, analysts are expecting for a potential private placement or injection of third-party assets into Eversendai, in return for new shares.

Kenanga Research analyst Lum Joe Shen told TMR that a corporate exercise is necessary for Eversendai — not necessarily just to boost liquidity, but also to address the non-compliance for public shareholding spread.

“Conventional corporate exercise such as rights and placement can be a little futile to address the public shareholding issue.

“They will need to thought-fully carve out a more special corporate exercise for this matter,” he said.

An analyst who did not want to be named said a new investor could inject assets or businesses into Eversendai, and in return get a significant stake in the firm.

While a private placement usually involves 10% of the entire paid-up shares, the analyst said injection of assets could involve a greater number of shares.

“If someone injects assets or businesses into Eversendai, the company has to issue new shares to be subscribed by the new investor. This will dilute Nathan’s stake.”

Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd has fixed an ‘Underperform’ note on Eversendai with a target price of 74 sen in its coverage note dated March 27, 2018.

Eversendai was listed on July 1, 2011, with a final institutional price of RM1.70 and retail price at RM1.62. On lis- ting day, Eversendai closed at RM1.72.

The share price reached its peak of RM1.80 on Aug 4, 2011, and has been on a downtrend since then. In the last 52 weeks, Eversendai’s share price was hovering between 69.5 sen and RM1.38, while average price target by fund managers and analysts stood at between 70 sen and RM1.05.

Eversendai registered a net profit of RM86.51 million, or 11.15 sen per share, for the financial year ended Dec 31, 2017, against a net loss of RM278.88 million or -36.04 sen per share in the previous year. Revenue also improved to RM1.83 billion from RM1.58 billion in 2016.

The revenue, however, failed to meet Nathan’s goal for Eversendai to register RM2 billion in turnover by 2018.

The structural steel fabricator has won projects worth up to RM533.9 between January-March 2018, bringing its total orderbook to RM2.5 billion.
24/04/2018 22:18
mneo wait for it to go down some more....should reach 0.8 soon....
24/04/2018 23:49
newbie8080 Looks like either a private placement or rights issue
25/04/2018 13:10
Lim Chee Keong Tomorrow rebound
25/04/2018 19:29
kamcheonghui Mr Lim Look like going down to 0.80. It's good to buy more
26/04/2018 15:28
lengleng legend drop to RM 0.80.. a doji is formed in a bearish pattern... drop to RM 0.80? i catch some more at RM 0.87...
26/04/2018 20:54
Lim Chee Keong Sure go up soon. Patient
26/04/2018 23:18
onetonneman down down down
27/04/2018 11:24
Maxigain Very positive outlook for years to come. Think the next World Cup in Qatar 2022 will land many projects for the group.
27/04/2018 16:05
hunterz86 otw shoushoot
30/04/2018 16:48
bluebiznet May 2): Some contractors in Saudi Arabia are still struggling to get paid on time by the government despite assurances from officials that the long-running problem has been resolved, threatening a nascent economic recovery in the kingdom.
02/05/2018 09:48
bluebiznet Now i know why sendai has sky high receivables
02/05/2018 09:49
bluebiznet Business without cash is disastrous
02/05/2018 09:50
newbie8080 @bluebiznet

High receivables partly due to payment held by parent company which is owned by Tan Sri Nathan.
02/05/2018 18:19
somchik Mounting loans and more than 2 billion receivables. Large work orders how to carry on . Ta bearish and fa lousy .. may be more cash calls .. hell no no ..
04/05/2018 20:42
Investor48 The political situation is stable now. Everything under control.
Tun M is smart to declare 2 days holidays...By Monday market should respond positively.

Hehe...Huat ar..!!
11/05/2018 19:18
lengleng legend http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/mahathir-can-put-malaysia-world-map-again-%E2%80%94-eversendai
11/05/2018 21:52
lengleng legend KUALA LUMPUR (May 11): The newly-formed government will once again take Malaysia to the right direction towards a high-income nation while boosting the economy and creating a conducive environment for businesses to grow, said Eversendai Corp Bhd founder Tan Sri AK Nathan.

Led by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it will once again put Malaysia on the world map, he said.

He said many people were actually suffering silently, but dared not speak up or do anything as they were scared of being implicated.

But with the new government onboard, he hoped the government would listen to the issues and problems and foster a more business-friendly environment.

Nathan hopes the new government would resolve the problems arising from the influx of foreign contractors as it deprived works for local companies.

“I hope these issues will now be tackled at a higher level,” he he told Bernama on the sidelines of the MBAM Affiliate Dialogue 2018, here today.

In many countries, local contractors are suffering because of either procedures or policies, he said, adding that he hoped in Malaysia, the problem needed to be rectified to enable the local construction industry to seize “fantastic” opportunities moving forward.

As for Eversendai, he said 90% of its businesses were overseas.

“We fly the Malaysian flag high overseas but we still need our home ground for support, only then we can expand our business further,” he said.

Nathan believes Malaysia has a clear path, thanks not just to Mahathir, who is at the helm of the government once again, but also to those who came onboard with a lot of exposure and experience.

“We need them now to turn the country around. There is our future,” he said.

The just concluded 14th General Election (GE14) saw Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) dominance in popular votes of about 50%, as recorded in GE13.

The findings were based on the data of the number of votes garnered by three main parties contesting in the election.

PH led the race with 5,685,252 votes, followed by Barisan Nasional at 3,624,921 votes (or 32%); and PAS 2,043,159 votes (18%).

Eversendai is a leading global organisation undertaking turnkey undertakes turnkey contracts, namely delivering projects for high-rise buildings, power plants, oil and gas upstream and downstream, including process and industrial plants, as well as infrastructure and composite structures in the Asian and Middle Eastern regions.
11/05/2018 21:52
moneykj Ph counter. Market will respond positively for this strong Ph supporter Kyy's counter.
12/05/2018 22:09
Lim Chee Keong Tomorrow Rm1?
14/05/2018 18:47
joekit rm1.50 my tp...kekekeke
14/05/2018 18:49
Investor48 Looking forward to more gain tomorrow..

14/05/2018 22:23
Lim Chee Keong Ya. Just start.
14/05/2018 23:20
Investor48 Just hold..
Tomorrow Anwar release...market fly..

15/05/2018 22:02
Lim Chee Keong Tomorrow one more round
15/05/2018 22:16
Investor48 Most likely core cabinet to be announced after Anwar release..
Another confident booster..

Hehe...huat ar..!
15/05/2018 22:33
pOdIuM time to add more :)
23/05/2018 13:31
kamcheonghui Becareful market is bad
23/05/2018 16:48

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