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1.37 0.57     -0.80 (58.39%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
26/05/2017 0.99 0.80 -0.19 (19.19%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
17/05/2017 0.89 0.49 -0.40 (44.94%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
17/05/2017 0.89 0.58 -0.31 (34.83%) SELL HLG Price Target News
01/03/2017 0.52 0.58 +0.06 (11.54%) HOLD TA Price Target News
01/03/2017 0.52 0.42 -0.10 (19.23%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
26/05/2017  KENANGA Eversendai Corporation - Above expectations
17/05/2017  KENANGA Eversendai Corporation - New Contracts Within Expectations
17/05/2017  HLG Eversendai - Stay cautious despite strong job wins
01/03/2017  TA Eversendai Corporation - Major Kitchen Sinking in FY16
01/03/2017  KENANGA Eversendai Corporation - FY16 Below Expectations

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Apollo Ang takeover by koon and merge wif jaks? hahaha
19/06/2017 18:43
nekosan this is 2.0 stock
19/06/2017 19:28
19/06/2017 21:36
19/06/2017 21:38
Adam Adam limit up today haha
20/06/2017 05:50
nekosan should be. 1.5
20/06/2017 05:52
moneykj Good. 1.30 in 2 weeks.
20/06/2017 10:15
DickyMe 1.31 new high, Go go go
20/06/2017 10:28
Fabien Extraordinaire i wonder how much can it go
20/06/2017 10:30
moneykj Target achieved. Sold all at 1.30.
20/06/2017 10:33
moneykj 50% in 1 month. Not a bad business.
20/06/2017 10:34
John Lu Kyy give free money but lots of ppl not dare
20/06/2017 10:34
moneykj iQie, I will come back to support u if the price drop back.
20/06/2017 11:24
iQie nvm, congrats for handsome profit.. there always be newcomers here..roadtoRM2..hold tight..

hopefully valuecap see this company potential..
20/06/2017 11:35
Peppermint http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/06/17/wz-satu-on-steady-growth-path/
20/06/2017 15:30
mdesa5057 why drop 1.24?
20/06/2017 15:32
Boomerang I follow to sell. It's overbought.
20/06/2017 15:33
DickyMe WZ-SATU, company name itself is like cartoon. I pass and wish it can survive without government assistance in getting contracts by using strong arm tactic.
20/06/2017 16:45
Ken Tang I bought it at 0.62, today sold it at 1.27. 104% return in 7 months. amazing.
20/06/2017 17:12
PoormanTrader Later sendai share trade higher than jaks lol
20/06/2017 18:49
iQie today najib rasmi bukit bintang project, ada iconic building, hope sendai can get steel job..one more potential..

all the best sendai..

overbought, that why drop to 1.24..then swing back to 1.30..strong signal, someone push this share price higher..
20/06/2017 19:02
ccmeow I am still keeping 30,000 share, bought in Feb, April and June, 2017 @ different prices. Already have profit of Rm 14k. Hope it will go up today.
21/06/2017 07:52
ccmeow Set My cut loss price @ Rm 1.05. Hope this will not happen.
21/06/2017 07:56
DickyMe It may not happen if it touches 1.45
21/06/2017 10:34
makesomemoneyonly obviously some1 is manipulating the price. once it go below 1.3. it was being push up.
21/06/2017 19:46
godhand goreng koon
22/06/2017 14:11
moneykj Go to buy Lbalum for results play.
22/06/2017 15:49
iQie Kyy buy another 5 million share.. Seems He is serious to push the share price.. This is great.. Share floating not much left..
22/06/2017 16:05
moneykj moneykj I buy Sendai becos I bet Sendai will announce satisfactory results. Just like I bot Vis last 2 days bet on it will have some action these few days. Also waiting to enter Lbalum bet on it will announce best ever results next month.
19/05/2017 08:16

22/06/2017 19:29
ccmeow Moneykj, you made the right choice! Lbalum will soon Fly ! Yesterday, I accumulated Armada @ 0.675, it closed @ 0.70.
23/06/2017 03:18
hoh13 Next counter Pesona.
23/06/2017 06:18
hoh13 Next counter Pesona.
23/06/2017 06:18
iQie go campaign at lbalum and pesona thread la. he he.
23/06/2017 06:44
kenteoh94 this stock seriously,\nvm disappointed...luckily bought at 93 sen
23/06/2017 10:21
Sam Sam 天啊,预感告诉我,他会跑赢penta!
23/06/2017 10:45
makesomemoneyonly mr koon is so kind to us.. give us raya duit
23/06/2017 10:53
Sam Sam MR koon is attracting you all to get in, trap you all! u still say he's so kind...........
23/06/2017 10:54
DickyMe YESSS,...RM1.36 now...another 9 sen can reach GOOD TP @1.45....gogogogogog
23/06/2017 10:56
iQie sam, tak habis2 u kata trap.. dia jual beli, semua ada lapor pada sc, ada pengumuman, his know the potential of this company, kita yang bilis2 ni takut sangat, dia dah invest lebih RM 50 juta.

focus on potential and FA or TA is better..
23/06/2017 11:03
makesomemoneyonly lol agree with iQie. if it is a trap and you know it but you still holding it. it is enough to show how stupid you are.
23/06/2017 11:16
Sonic128 sigh, miss this boat ...
23/06/2017 11:19
Sonic128 nearly 40% up liao :
23/06/2017 11:20
Kyou Wa...this counter gone up so fast ... aldy make 119% profit for me
23/06/2017 11:49
hoh13 Buy and hold few month.I sold Sendai,now looking at next counter Pesona.
23/06/2017 15:33
DickyMe Selamat Hari Raya. See you all on Wednesday when KLSE opens for trading. Happy holidays and travel safe.
23/06/2017 17:13
digger888 Malaysia’s Eversendai Expects To Return To Profit This Year-Chairman

KUALA LUMPUR (Jun 13) -- Eversendai Corporation, a Malaysian specialist structural steel construction company, expects to return to net profit in 2017 following cost-cutting measures backed by higher orders from the Midde East, its executive chairman said.

The company will delay capital-intensive expansion, while focusing on securing more contracts and delivering existing orders totalling 3.2 billion ringgit over the next two years, A. K. Nathan told Nikkei Markets in an interview. Margins could widen to 15% from last year’s “single-digit” partly through cost control, he said.

“If margins are not attractive in one region, we will move to other markets,” Nathan said, “Like in the Middle East, when it comes to (steel structures of) high-rise buildings, no one can compete with us.”

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Yemen snapped ties to Qatar alleging the monarchy, which controls the world’s largest natural gas reserve, is undermining regional stability by supporting militant groups linked to Shia-majority Iran.

The political rift could prompt clients to turn to Eversendai and lift revenue contribution from Middle East to as much as 65% from 60% in 2016, Nathan said. That could in-part help the company achieve total revenue target of 2 billion ringgit ($468.82 million) this year, he said.

Local contractors working on projects in opposing states are now expected to withdraw, paving the way for Eversendai to step in, Nathan said. Eversendai currently has projects in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

“Some projects we lost were awarded to companies in countries being affected by this issue. We could very well get back those projects. I’ve already gotten calls from a few clients in the Middle East asking ‘Hey, can you take this up?” said Nathan.

Eversendai swung to net loss of 257.5 million ringgit last year mainly due to impairment charges while revenue fell 12% to 1.58 billion ringgit from 2015.

A major portion of the impairment charge arose from delays in securing financing for its Aryan liftboat project. Another investment in Technics Oil & Gas that turned sour after the Singaporean company was placed under judicial management also added to impairment charges.

Vahana Holdings, which owns a 72% stake in Eversendai, is currently in talks with potential clients to secure a charter contract for Aryan, Nathan said. A deal could be secured in the coming quarters, he said without elaborating. Vahana Holdings is largely controlled by Nathan.

Analysts, including Kenanga Investment Bank’s Lum Joe Shen, have previously flagged a potential impairment risk from any delay in securing financing for its second liftboat project Arjun.

Liftboat refers to self-propelled, self-elevating vessel that typically carry equipment and supplies to support offshore mineral exploration and production or offshore construction activities.

“Once we secure a charter for the first liftboat, it’ll be easier for us to secure financing for our second liftboat,” said Nathan.

Shares of Eversendai, which have gained 91.15% over the past 12 months, were last trading 4.9% higher at 1.07 ringgit apiece.
23/06/2017 21:49
iQie digger, can u give me the news link ?

15% profit margin ? wow..

RM2B x 15% = RM300 million

surely RM3 before september. he he.
24/06/2017 00:58
Sam Sam iqie , if like that, can confirm it's the next penta in making!
24/06/2017 11:25
Adam Adam take over soon...rm 3++ -4++.wre my ubat batuk....
24/06/2017 15:47
stockmanmy have not heard from math teacher for some time.

ever since Sendai refuse to go down.
24/06/2017 18:40

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