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0.845 0.85     +0.005 (0.59%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
24/11/2017 0.785 0.90 +0.115 (14.65%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
24/11/2017 0.785 0.85 +0.065 (8.28%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
24/11/2017 0.785 0.90 +0.115 (14.65%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
24/11/2017 0.785 0.95 +0.165 (21.02%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
11/10/2017 0.72 0.79 +0.07 (9.72%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
06/10/2017 0.73 0.72 -0.01 (1.37%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
05/10/2017 0.71 0.97 +0.26 (36.62%) BUY MACQUARIE GROUP Price Target News
14/09/2017 0.745 0.79 +0.045 (6.04%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
28/08/2017 0.75 0.85 +0.10 (13.33%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
28/08/2017 0.75 0.68 -0.07 (9.33%) HOLD MAYBANK Price Target News
28/08/2017 0.75 0.90 +0.15 (20.00%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
28/08/2017 0.75 0.72 -0.03 (4.00%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
28/08/2017 0.75 0.95 +0.20 (26.67%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
24/11/2017  PUBLIC BANK Bumi Armada - Steady Sailing
24/11/2017  MIDF Bumi Armada Berhad - Steady Track To Recovery
24/11/2017  KENANGA Bumi Armada Berhad - Decent Results
24/11/2017  Affin Hwang Capital Bumi Armada - Good Results With Slight Setback
11/10/2017  AMMB Bumi Armada - Rights not an issue
06/10/2017  HLG Bumi Armada - Perdana continues to flow
05/10/2017  MACQUARIE GROUP Bumi Armada: Operationally, Almost Ready
14/09/2017  AMMB Bumi Armada - Unchanged valuations despite Kraken’s first offload
28/08/2017  MIDF Bumi Armada - Operational Efficiencies Bearing Fruit
28/08/2017  MAYBANK Bumi Armada - In Line
28/08/2017  KENANGA Bumi Armada - Deemed Within Expectations
28/08/2017  HLG Bumi Armada - 2Q17 Deemed Within
28/08/2017  Affin Hwang Capital Bumi Armada ( BUY, Maintain) - Clearer Skies From Here on

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Orange88 Read my posts synchronize with date, time n price movements orange the happy hippy
28/01/2018 12:36
Orange88 Happy hippy prophet no charges. Stay away from my admirers champion boy
28/01/2018 12:37
Orange88 Off to secluded resort....
28/01/2018 12:38
Championmbsbnsimecw Uncle Tan Sri Samy, veda is voluptuous a real xxx.siren. Girls who like me usually a driver daughter, flat chest, plain, lament,lament
28/01/2018 13:07
Championmbsbnsimecw Orange, orange tell what do you look for in a woman, bosom, buttock. G spot, face, what?
28/01/2018 13:10
Orange88 Champ, i emphasis on the woman being able to role Play-take multiple roles that makes it very intense n exciting
28/01/2018 20:40
lindan60 Orange88, i am actually a female from JB. Hokkien born 1960. I must say you are awesome in your forecast. Why did you choose thr name orange and the 88 ?. I am following you.
28/01/2018 21:05
spiderman49 apatu ? apa jadi sini ? hahahahahaha
29/01/2018 08:17
GreatWarrants ARMADA C39
0.75 : 1
In whole of Bursa Malaysia where to find this type of gem..
29/01/2018 12:12
lindan60 apa ini mana orange ? why you abuse him ? today drop like hell. he become so silent.
29/01/2018 17:03

Orange88 I am all in Cw 33, 34 since 6 sen and will buy more but if people continue abuse, I will not support anymore
28/01/2018 12:35
29/01/2018 17:05
kimmytan Orange, Armada down shall we buy more or sell ?
29/01/2018 18:24
spiderman69 hey apa ini orange mania kah ini ? Orange ini shark kah makan orang kaw kaw. Awas dia
29/01/2018 18:35
kimmytan No you are wrong spiderman. Armada falling because Orange is not supporting the price. Volume yesterday and today very low.
30/01/2018 09:51
kimmytan Stock in free fall . When will Orange return from holiday ?
30/01/2018 09:52
JoshuaMS7 luckily last friday sold all c27 at 0.020!! else should become 0.005 now!!
30/01/2018 10:09
Orange88 Stay out of market crash is cominh get out
30/01/2018 14:54
Lukesharewalker epf selling...big clue coming QR no good
30/01/2018 17:13
Foresight123 Quarter will be good.
That time it will cross RM 1.. dont be fooled by the short term selloff haha...
30/01/2018 17:28
abc333 C27 still pay 0.23 as average of 5 closing price is 0.858
30/01/2018 20:21
Orange88 If you are trapped stay put if you not in stay out cheap sale for 2 weeks coming
30/01/2018 21:56
Dartmaster Foreign fund finally selling!! After weeks of buying.. Brace yourself
30/01/2018 21:59
RedEagle Orange88 mbsb need you..please comeback..
30/01/2018 22:27
Orange88 Am having a dirty holiday overseas with megan fox
30/01/2018 22:45
JoshuaMS7 @abc333 c27 expiry date should be 2/2/2018 which amended by cimb bank!! don't think friday can sustain above 0.835!! us recession -300++!! Friday klci sure affected!! oil price -1.5%!!
30/01/2018 23:34
Orange88 Enjoy the end of the world gus, anyone got viagra?
30/01/2018 23:54
free2invest Oil price fall for third day on inventory building up.

31/01/2018 11:13
abc333 cash settlement price is base on last 3 trading day + 2 suspended day. Not the expired day.
01/02/2018 15:03
Championmbsbnsimecw Orange has said brace x 3 severe correction coming
01/02/2018 22:20
Winner 洪福齐天 aiya... CNY within 2 wks, mkt sure not moving or down la.. everybody know 1.. what's big deal..
01/02/2018 22:28
zidane Collect more
01/02/2018 23:41
free2invest Shale oil output keep rising.

02/02/2018 07:24
mzm81 bad news if shale output rise cos oil price will drop down ...
02/02/2018 07:49
qy1111 Solid quarterly result! Trade on fundamental guys. Not some short term opportunities
02/02/2018 11:32
Dartmaster Didnt i read somewhere that armada wont be affected by the interest rate hike in Malaysia because most of the borrowings of this company is in USD. Sooo what happens now when US hike their interest rate? isnt it going to be painful for Aamada?
03/02/2018 13:19
ScrewDriver When all the other hot O&G stocks regurgitate all the gain made in early January, Armada appeared to be steady, at least it didn't lost all the previous gain made in early Jan.

This only tell me a thing: someone is really buying this share queitly.
If you look at Armada chart, it has been moving sideways for almost a year. This is too obvious that some big boys are accumulating it, in fact they have been working really hard on doing it.
Do you still don't believe in the potential of Armada? Think again.
04/02/2018 23:01
smartklseguru I would not want to touch O&G counters. When stock is moving sideway for a period of time, it can be unloading by big insitutions like EPF. Just beware and do your own judgement and research. https://www.investing.com/analysis/warning-markets-reaching-extreme-leverage-200282009
05/02/2018 08:33
PN17 armada big drop, i cry!
05/02/2018 10:59
free2invest crude oil price drop to 67 level now....hope our fuel price will drop this week.
05/02/2018 15:30
abc333 armada had twice northwards in weeks after cross trade.
05/02/2018 18:07
Lukesharewalker double top....start running
05/02/2018 22:19
free2invest Hi all, be highest cautious today.

06/02/2018 07:15
tht1 tonight US Dow drop xxx digit.
07/02/2018 19:45
ChampionCw All operators push up and sell out this morning Feb 8 930am Be careful Mane mane sie (Slow Slow Die)
08/02/2018 09:22
Lukesharewalker obviously coming QR is worst than3Q.......where is the full acceptance for the oil rigs? its Feb already
09/02/2018 10:47
Lukesharewalker 76 then 72.....
09/02/2018 10:48
sheep strong support at 0.80. no worry.
09/02/2018 11:33
Lukesharewalker ED resigns...problems?
09/02/2018 14:06

YouBuyIBuy HI orange , you mean global market will rebound over 1or 2 days now?
09/02/2018 13:36

Orange88 Announcement Bull Market is over Finito, kaput, habis. Momentum n trend is now down. Down, down. But great opportunity to make big money in BEAR MARKET Rally or rebound
09/02/2018 16:13

Orange88 We are lving in beautiful times
09/02/2018 16:13

Orange88 Fund managers in for the long haul all will be kentucky fried
09/02/2018 16:14

Orange88 The Love hotel is open for check in. No condoms allowed
09/02/2018 16:15
09/02/2018 16:19
lssy do you worry about why Kraken's final acceptance still not been reported...
it takes too long??
13/02/2018 13:36

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