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1.64 1.94     +0.30 (18.29%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
11/06/2018 1.59 1.85 +0.26 (16.35%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
07/06/2018 1.62 1.75 +0.13 (8.02%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
30/05/2018 1.60 1.75 +0.15 (9.38%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
30/05/2018 1.60 1.75 +0.15 (9.38%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
30/05/2018 1.60 1.82 +0.22 (13.75%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
30/05/2018 1.60 1.85 +0.25 (15.63%) HOLD BIMB Price Target News
30/05/2018 1.60 1.85 +0.25 (15.63%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
30/05/2018 1.60 2.02 +0.42 (26.25%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
15/05/2018 1.84 1.75 -0.09 (4.89%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
15/05/2018 1.84 2.01 +0.17 (9.24%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
15/05/2018 1.84 2.00 +0.16 (8.70%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
04/05/2018 1.67 1.75 +0.08 (4.79%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
18/04/2018 1.85 2.26 +0.41 (22.16%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
10/04/2018 1.72 1.75 +0.03 (1.74%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
10/04/2018 1.72 2.00 +0.28 (16.28%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
02/04/2018 1.71 2.00 +0.29 (16.96%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
19/03/2018 1.83 2.00 +0.17 (9.29%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
26/02/2018 2.00 1.96 -0.04 (2.00%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
26/02/2018 2.00 2.00 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
26/02/2018 2.00 2.01 +0.01 (0.50%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
26/02/2018 2.00 2.00 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD BIMB Price Target News
26/02/2018 2.00 2.26 +0.26 (13.00%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
23/02/2018 2.05 2.00 -0.05 (2.44%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
11/06/2018  AmInvest Felda Global Ventures - Takeover target?
07/06/2018  MIDF Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad - Focus On Operational Improvement
30/05/2018  MIDF Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad - 1QFY18 Earnings Below Expectations
30/05/2018  KENANGA Felda Global Ventures - 1Q18 Below Expectations
30/05/2018  HLG Felda Global Ventures - 1Q18 swings back to core loss
30/05/2018  BIMB Felda Global - In the red in 1QFY18
30/05/2018  AMMB Felda Global Ventures - In the red in 1QFY18
30/05/2018  Affin Hwang Capital Felda Global Ventures (BUY, Maintain) - 1Q18 Earnings Below Our Expectations
15/05/2018  MIDF Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad - Selling Non Core Asset
15/05/2018  HLG Felda Global Ventures - Disposes 30% stake in Taiko Clay Chemical
15/05/2018  AMMB Felda Global Ventures - Sells 30% stake in Taiko Clay Chemicals
04/05/2018  MIDF Felda Global Ventures - Denied Restructuring And Takeover Rumours
18/04/2018  Affin Hwang Capital FGV - Improving Production, Lower Costs Drive Earnings
10/04/2018  MIDF Felda Global Ventures - Material Litigation
10/04/2018  AMMB Felda Global Ventures - Hit with a RM23.4mil legal suit
02/04/2018  AMMB Felda Global - Initiates legal proceedings against Safitex
19/03/2018  AMMB Felda Global - To inject MSM into SPV run by Syed Mokhtar?
26/02/2018  MIDF Felda Global Ventures - A Profitable Year In FY17
26/02/2018  KENANGA Felda Global Ventures - FY17 Misses Estimates
26/02/2018  HLG Felda Global Ventures - A Strong End to 2017
26/02/2018  BIMB FELDA Global Venture - Better earnings prospect ahead
26/02/2018  Affin Hwang Capital Felda Global Ventures - Earnings on the Road to Recovery
23/02/2018  AmInvest Felda Global - FY17 supported by disposal gain of AXA Affin

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rlch CPO again up bec PH govn good with China?
02/08/2018 11:45
shamazia http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/412834
02/08/2018 17:58
pakatan_harapan2 Tabung Haji buying again. Finally TH new BOD support PH govn?
02/08/2018 19:23
5354 EPF chief Shahril Ridza to be Khazanah boss
02/08/2018 19:25
5354 EPF behind selling FGV why be Khazanah new boss?
02/08/2018 19:26
cpo_ Mohd Bakke Salleh to be named Chairman Of Palm Oil Board – report
04/08/2018 01:41
pakatan_harapan2 CPO futures end higher
07/08/2018 00:24
bleuerouge good, lets see if fgv can pass the 1st hurdle at 1.74.
07/08/2018 13:02
superbull11 http://www.enanyang.my/news/20180806/%e5%8d%b0%e5%b0%bc%e4%b8%8b%e6%9c...

if FGV can break out 1.75 for first day , 200 day MA and tahan that ,above 1.75 about 4 trading days and it didn;t go down below 1.75,possible it may move to 1.90 - RM 2
07/08/2018 14:15
localmotive By Bernama - August 7, 2018 @ 2:47pm
KUALA LUMPUR: The government is confident the initiatives to restructure FGV Holdings Bhd’s (FGV) board of directors and the steps taken to introduce the Strategic Plan 2020 (SP20) will rehabilitate and grow the group’s business and share price.

Mohd Bakke Salleh new charter
07/08/2018 15:50
Sinoboy Happy if it closes 1.76 :)
07/08/2018 23:00
Billyming will sell tmr for profit take
07/08/2018 23:12
shamazia Hold and keep buying... Lets the profit run
07/08/2018 23:35
bleuerouge I first bought 1.61 on 24th July when it started to form a nice rounding bottom and continue accumulating until 1.65. It will be nice to see profit coming.
08/08/2018 00:31
shamazia when fgv QR?
08/08/2018 12:46
bleuerouge FGV QR will be end of Aug.
08/08/2018 13:25
cpo_ Palm jumps 1% on zero tax forecast, technical rebound
08/08/2018 22:56
PH_Govn Previous BN govt failed to remit RM19.4 billion GST refund
09/08/2018 03:07
Ring http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/azmin-govt-issue-white-paper-feldas-critical-cash-flow-problem
09/08/2018 13:10
Ring ☝️Gone felda bankrupt next 2 issues :
1.If privatise fgv felda need to pay billions
2.If delist then felda no need to pay anything
09/08/2018 13:13
Ron90 i have mention it before.. that;s why i didn't touch this counter yet..even already up abit. Many many things need to be done...

little bird told me, issue with this one much bigger than imdb..hemm..Hard to believe, but wait la.. true or not? me also no figure..Fgv is the world largest plantation operator. everything biggest biggest under jibby.

wait for the full report and how they will go about it?..than we can decide, to enter at what price.
09/08/2018 20:33
dam82 2morow below 1.5 plz
09/08/2018 21:26
Kim Dont worry.. later or sooner 1.75 - 1.85 then we will see crazy TP come and talk here. =)
09/08/2018 21:31
Ring Can Govt pump tax payers money into a public listed co !!!!!
09/08/2018 21:53
Precise Fgv have no cash to operate and waiting govt fund every year, how can it price up above 2?? Going down very soon.
09/08/2018 22:26
pakatan_harapan2 Why not? BN too stingy. That's why they lost GE!4.

Ring Can Govt pump tax payers money into a public listed co !!!!!
09/08/2018 21:53
10/08/2018 08:17
pakatan_harapan2 Better days ahead for FGV?
10/08/2018 08:17
Precise Yes, it will better but not at this moment.
10/08/2018 08:36
dam82 Today 1.5
10/08/2018 08:58
FGV_ 1.75-1.8.
10/08/2018 09:03
dam82 Keep for one year TP 3 ...before next el3ction TP above IPO price now below for next few months below 1
10/08/2018 09:14
Ring 1.I sold all my shares @ 2.00 with profit
2.Felda is bankrupt n surely they want their fgv land back which is given on loan
3.Fgv yield only 16 mt which means they r not in oil palm buisness n they too can go bust.Their palm r more then 20 yrs old n due for replanting n replanting cost is very high n must hv reseve fund otherwise ?
4.let me tell u dont waste yr money here. CEP already mentioned that fgv scandal is worst then 1MDB scandal
5.Fgv have to be privatised or delisted as Govt cannot pump money into a listed Co also govt got no money
10/08/2018 10:10
Lim Tek Wai worth to invest
10/08/2018 10:23
Ring However, the Government was confident that the new management of Felda would adhere to the principles of accountability and good governance to ensure the agency’s recovery and sustainable development process.

On whether Tawau Oil Products (TOP), a subsidiary of Felda Vegetable Oil Products Sdn Bhd (FVOP) will be closed, he said FVOP is a subsidiary of FGV Holdings Bhd, hence, it is not under Felda management.

FGV is undergoing a rationalisation process to enhance its value and performance, but has no plan to close the TOP plant, he added.

To Ma’mun’s supplementary question on the status of Felda’s agreement with the Sabah government to allocate 40,000 hectares (ha) to settlers as only 9,000 ha had been distributed so far, Azmin said the deal would be looked into again as the land distribution had been halted.
In 2012 Felda handed over 400,000 ha of land to FGV Holdings for listing purposes, he said, adding that however, FGV was having problems paying dividends and fair profit-sharing to Felda, which was one of the reasons why Felda was facing critical financial management problems. — Bernama

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/08/10/government-to-present-white-paper-on-felda/#gtBqlCloL0vYgjcs.99
10/08/2018 11:19
pakatan_harapan2 Malaysia's Aug 1-10 palm oil exports rise 7.4% on month — AmSpec Malaysia
10/08/2018 14:52
Ron90 ph now got no many to bail out anybody ler... looong journey ahead.. hard to revive near bancrupty company.
10/08/2018 15:42
Ring Minster Yb En Azmin said wait for white paper, to me Fgv may be delisted becoz both sides got no money or they may push the price down like MAS n privatise......either privatise or delist to survive but shareholders die
10/08/2018 18:03
rlch We cannot afford ECRL or HSR. How abt Gemas-JB double tracking railway give to China in exchange they buy our CPO?
14/08/2018 09:10
Hermit Malaysian palm oil price in sharpest drop in a month on trade war
Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/08/14/palm-registers-sharpest-drop-in-a-month-on-weak-soyoil-and-trade-war/#rY3qiC1oiloVkOKd.99
14/08/2018 13:45
dam82 Sabar ....for now it will go up soon
15/08/2018 09:34
BN_better CPO price keep dropping why PH good?
15/08/2018 17:17
henry888 ECRL ...... HSR........Palm oil......and others. I opine China will see our stand on ERCL which falls under One belt One Road crucial to China. How much they will support our palm oil all depends on how much we support their One belt One Road. It cannot be one way ticket.(Own Opinion only without prejudice to any party)
15/08/2018 17:30
BlackWhite Palm oil price determined by global supply n demand. China buy from Malaysia based on global price.
16/08/2018 09:30
BlackWhite Just like crude oil price.
16/08/2018 09:30
mcmann Ring how to delisted it ? those felda people will loss ?
16/08/2018 10:20
Ring White paper coming n to me for sure either "privatise or delist" to survive otherwise DEAD wood.
If delisted advantage to felda as their 400,000 hectares will be returned without any cash to fgv so shareholders gets nothing.
Any expert pls feel free to overrule me, tks
16/08/2018 11:12
henry888 This is government intervention will scare away investors.
16/08/2018 12:07
geraldt9 great for medium to long term stock ..
16/08/2018 12:11
Undi_PKR We want Rafizi. Azmin proven weak.
16/08/2018 16:32
Ring Azmin not proven weak, fgv have been robbed n destroyed only survival is to delist which i feel is in white paper. Cabinet decides not Azmin
16/08/2018 17:26

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