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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
20/07/2018 0.36 0.47 +0.11 (30.56%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
17/07/2018 0.35 0.31 -0.04 (11.43%) SELL CIMB Price Target News
23/05/2018 0.40 0.47 +0.07 (17.50%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
23/05/2018 0.40 0.29 -0.11 (27.50%) SELL CIMB Price Target News
23/05/2018 0.40 0.32 -0.08 (20.00%) SELL Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
27/04/2018 0.38 0.46 +0.08 (21.05%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
12/04/2018 0.39 0.46 +0.07 (17.95%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
30/03/2018 0.385 0.53 +0.145 (37.66%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
22/02/2018 0.435 0.38 -0.055 (12.64%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
22/02/2018 0.435 0.46 +0.025 (5.75%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
22/02/2018 0.435 0.385 -0.05 (11.49%) HOLD MAYBANK Price Target News
21/02/2018 0.405 0.32 -0.085 (20.99%) SELL Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
29/01/2018 0.43 0.38 -0.05 (11.63%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
29/01/2018 0.43 0.43 0.00 (0.00%) BUY MIDF Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
20/07/2018  MIDF AirAsia X Berhad - Firming up the long-haul model
17/07/2018  CIMB CIMB Research retains Reduce on AirAsia X on high jet fuel price
23/05/2018  MIDF AirAsia X Berhad - On The Right Track
23/05/2018  CIMB Higher oil prices to weigh on AirAsia X
23/05/2018  Affin Hwang Capital AirAsia X - Capacity Expansion
27/04/2018  MIDF AirAsia X Berhad - Healthy Load Factor At 84%
12/04/2018  MIDF GE14 to stimulate better domestic traffic
30/03/2018  RHB-OSK AirAsia X plans to realign routes from Australia to N Asia, India
22/02/2018  PUBLIC BANK Airasia X Berhad - Stronger 4Q Lifted FY17 Earnings
22/02/2018  MIDF AirAsia X Berhad - Showing Its Mettle
22/02/2018  MAYBANK Maybank Research: AirAsia X to post profit growth in FY18-19
21/02/2018  Affin Hwang Capital Air Asia X - Forex Gain Boost
29/01/2018  PUBLIC BANK AirAsia X Berhad - 4Q Statistics’ Within Expectations
29/01/2018  MIDF AirAsia X Berhad - Recovery Seen In Thai Associates

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Li Li Omg
20/06/2018 20:59
Sales Lobangking, why you keep promoting these counters. Theye always asked for RI
22/06/2018 20:53
Gn021 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/395959/%E6%B8%B8%E5%AE%A2%E5%A2%9E-%E4%BA%9A%E8%88%AA%E5%8F%AF%E5%8F%97%E6%83%A0
24/06/2018 23:37
legolandinjohor Don't. Buy any call warrant
25/06/2018 15:33
SIBUK Buy mother lah..... call warrant so danger
27/06/2018 14:11
Bornwinner What has happened?
27/06/2018 20:46
Reeve Yong Wai Chuen 0.33 is coming
28/06/2018 12:42
Ammar Roshidy bornwinner, at which level did you purchase this AAX, AAX is currently going sideways, if you bought it at 0.18 price, you would be smiling now. but if you bought it at current levers, just be patient. Personally I feel, AAX has always been a punching bag for Malaysian AIRPORTS, Najib and co. AAX is being cursed by 15,000 MAS personnel who were asked to take a hike. Have to wait till foreign investors start purchasing.
01/07/2018 14:31
Gn021 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/398895/airasia-s-inaugural-flights-from-hanoi-phuket-land-in-penang-today
01/07/2018 20:51
Gn021 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/399987/%E4%B8%9C%E5%B0%BC-%E8%83%BD%E7%9B%B4%E9%A3%9E%E8%8B%B1%E5%9B%BD-%E4%BA%9A%E8%88%AA%E8%AE%A2%E8%B4%AD66%E7%A9%BA%E5%B7%B4a330-neo
04/07/2018 03:59
Gn021 KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia Group chief executive officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has confirmed that the low-cost carrier had placed an order for 66 units of Airbus 330 neo passenger jets.

In his latest post on Twitter, he also indicated that the airline might place an additional order from the aircraft manufacturer.

“Off to Airbus today in Toulouse. Lots to discuss. The A330 neo (is equipped) with Rolls Royce engines. They (weigh) 251 tonnes (and) can reach London,” he said.
04/07/2018 04:00
Chaostrader TF said 2018 gonna be aax's year....ya rite....at 0.34 :)
09/07/2018 10:47
legacybg5 so it didn't happen?


Airbus fails to break deadlock on AirAsia A330neo jet order: sources
Tim Hepher
PARIS (Reuters) - Airbus has failed to break an impasse with AirAsia over the fate of a multi-billion-dollar order seen as key to the future of its A330neo passenger jet, people familiar with the matter said.

FILE PHOTO: Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia, holds a media event in Bangkok, Thailand May 15, 2018. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun/File Photo
AirAsia (AIRA.KL) co-founder Tony Fernandes visited the planemaker this week for talks aimed at shoring up and increasing the existing order for 66 jets, but left Toulouse without signing a deal after what one source described as challenging talks.


The future of the deal with the airline’s AirAsia X (AIRX.KL) long-haul unit is crucial to the latest version of the A330, a key source of profits at the European group, after a string of market losses to Boeing’s (BA.N) competing 787 Dreamliner.

AirAsia declined to comment.
12/07/2018 17:58
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/165293.jsp
[转贴] [AIRASIA X BHD,提高辅助收入和座位数量] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
14/07/2018 11:38
Wei Wong Did anyone see tony Fernandes Facebook page
Hint we are coming back to London !!
If it is will be big news omg
17/07/2018 09:46
Rob88 Looks like there big players picking up the share now
17/07/2018 10:32
Bornwinner A good positive sign today to go higher!
17/07/2018 16:08
sokdotcom when banks tell you to sell it is time to buy
17/07/2018 18:26
Bornwinner Hope this counter will reach to 55 sen by year end!
17/07/2018 18:53
rizerlee Wei Wong
Deal with Airbus for A330neo not yet seal
17/07/2018 21:48
618988281 Sell tips man .. said don't buy this first .. follow big marker trend..
18/07/2018 13:02
Wei Wong Ya I know not yet deal
But is a bet in or no in
Wait for news out price up kao kao
18/07/2018 16:37
Ammar Roshidy A house mouse told me that AAX is not making big profits because it is short of planes.....and not because of short of business ideas.... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, can a house cat confirm this.
19/07/2018 10:13
Rob88 I am very sure the 2nd quarter profit is good and therefore they are ready to commit on buying more plane and in order to achieve this they must push the share beyond .45 cent in order to get warrant owner to convert to mother share and this is where they will have the additional money/capital. The 2nd Quarter result will be announce somewhere the 3rd week of next month. So there is a lot of time to push up the share. In 1 month there are about 20 days to push up .05 cent I day in 20 days it will be up .10cent and will be .48 cent by time the announce the result.
19/07/2018 10:47
Sales Time to wake up!!!
19/07/2018 11:54
Chaostrader Rob...I hope u r right...so far they hv been robbing us shareholders :(
19/07/2018 12:53
Wei Wong News out edi
Add 100new planes AAX
19/07/2018 19:21
Bornwinner With 100 more new planes in generating more business revenue for AAX will surely helps to boost up the shares price to a much greater heights very very soon!
19/07/2018 22:33
freddiehero more planes more expense..
19/07/2018 22:54
Lolcakes no planes how to expand?
20/07/2018 00:05
Hoi App tmr up to 1?
20/07/2018 01:35
Wei Wong In now if not next year regret !!
20/07/2018 10:46
Wei Wong If you all want this to go to 1 or 3 infuture
In and hold ..
20/07/2018 11:07
EngineeringProfit HUAT ARRR
20/07/2018 12:57
Ting Kungsing a lot good news. waiting 0.45 to 0.5, then go to new high price. good jobssss
20/07/2018 13:04
Bornwinner Yes by holding the shares will be more lucrative in the longer term. I will surely hold all my shares for a year or 2 to make more profits with a handsome returns!
20/07/2018 13:12
Rob88 AirAsia to announce today on developing long-haul ops
Reuters | Jul 19, 2018
Media conference follows speculation that company will order new planes.

CEO Tony Fernandes has said AirAsia had not yet made a decision on which aircraft manufacturer to pick. (Bernama pic)
KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia Group Bhd is to make a major announcement related to developing its long-haul operations this evening.
The briefing, expected to start soon, follows speculation that the company will order new planes.
The announcement comes two days after CEO Tony Fernandes said AirAsia had yet to make a decision on which aircraft manufacturer to pick.
AirAsia has been a steadfast Airbus narrow-body and wide-body customer.
However, recently, the company had talked to Boeing Co about buying the rival 787 jet as an alternative, a person familiar with the discussions told Reuters in April.
Long-haul arm AirAsia X has a firm order for 66 of the fuel-efficient Airbus A330neo widebody jets to replace its older first-generation A330s but it has been pushing back the delivery dates. It is Airbus’ biggest customer for the A330neo.
The airline also has a firm order for 10 A350s placed in 2009, but Fernandes in April said that the jet was “too expensive” and would not be purchased.
AirAsia was discussing the possible purchase of another 100 Airbus A321neo jets as Fernandes and Airbus went down to the wire in parallel negotiations for an expanded order for larger A330neo jets, industry sources said on Sunday
20/07/2018 13:43
WalkSideway Tony Fernandes Tweet :

-Thai AIRASIA X has huge potential and will be seeking an IPO soon and indoensia is going to start growing with a dual hub strategy. Bali and jakarta. We will be doing an airaosa x group structure as well.

-Last bit of work is fixing the way we do revenue management as it’s different from short haul. That’s almost complete.

-Network fixed. Model fixed. Organisation structure fixed. Planes bought. Revenue last bit.

Now every believer can fly~
20/07/2018 16:17
WalkSideway Btw buying que 12m selling que 7m @ 4.00pm
20/07/2018 16:18
WalkSideway Stock market is like casino. Some people would follow the dragon and some would "slay the dragon". Why is it call "dragon" in the casino? Your own choice.
20/07/2018 19:31
SiLv3sTeR IPO 1.2... still long long way to cover back ..............
20/07/2018 19:45
Bornwinner With all these positive news. AAX stock would reach to 60 sen by the year end is achievable!
20/07/2018 20:58
618988281 。。。Auto pilot set.. fly to 1
21/07/2018 00:14
tshu99 new planes new right issue from your pickets
21/07/2018 05:33
tshu99 picket-pockets
21/07/2018 05:33
tonypang Read it carefully : Tony F warns that there "will be pain" in the second and third quarter financial results, due to lower yields, while it will cancel underperforming routes and business partnerships. The focus will be on markets it can "dominate" such as Australia, China, India, Japan, and South Korea.
21/07/2018 13:14
legolandinjohor Those who like to buy call warrant should be careful, due to bad quarter result for next 2 quarter, sure will drop back soon , better buy mother share or aax-wa if you still believe AAX will getting better on last quarter
21/07/2018 14:57
Chaostrader Still talking about pain...lower yields....cancelling routes. ...time to exit
21/07/2018 17:38
Bornwinner Hope to see the share price will continue to rise. Rise slowly but surely!
21/07/2018 17:56
yongch Bad news!!!effective 1sep18 outbound travel ticket imposed SST 6% woh!!!jialat lo!!!
21/07/2018 19:18

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