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4.02 4.21     +0.19 (4.73%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
02/09/2016 4.02 4.15 +0.13 (3.23%) HOLD ALLIANCE Price Target News
29/08/2016 4.00 4.35 +0.35 (8.75%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
29/08/2016 4.00 4.70 +0.70 (17.50%) BUY MAYBANK Price Target News
29/08/2016 4.00 4.25 +0.25 (6.25%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
04/08/2016 3.94 3.85 -0.09 (2.28%) HOLD ALLIANCE Price Target News
23/06/2016 4.08 4.00 -0.08 (1.96%) HOLD MAYBANK Price Target News
12/05/2016 3.87 4.22 +0.35 (9.04%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
12/05/2016 3.87 4.00 +0.13 (3.36%) HOLD MAYBANK Price Target News
12/05/2016 3.87 4.18 +0.31 (8.01%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
12/05/2016 3.87 3.85 -0.02 (0.52%) HOLD ALLIANCE Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
02/09/2016  ALLIANCE BIMB - Staying cautious
29/08/2016  MIDF BIMB - 2Q16-Better earnings reflected higher top line-MIDF-290816
29/08/2016  MAYBANK BIMB Holdings - 2Q16 surprised positively
29/08/2016  KENANGA BIMB Holdings - Still Resilient
04/08/2016  ALLIANCE BIMB - Expect stable contribution from Takaful
23/06/2016  MAYBANK BIMB Holdings - Should BIMB restructure?
12/05/2016  MIDF BIMB-1Q16-Flattish earnings on higher financing cost-MIDF-120516
12/05/2016  MAYBANK BIMB Holdings - 1Q16 results in line
12/05/2016  KENANGA BIMB Holdings - Financing Growth a Surprise, but ...
12/05/2016  ALLIANCE Asset quality in check

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zamzam22 Mohd Fahmi...buy fr raya..beli awal ye,harga maseh murah!
14/06/2016 10:26
15/06/2016 09:21
16/06/2016 09:04
17/06/2016 15:19
zamzam22 Mohd Fahmi....awak muka ala snyum woh!
17/06/2016 21:37
zamzam22 strong support by local institution buyers
21/06/2016 22:44
supermix2 still staying strong.
22/06/2016 01:24
zamzam22 supermix2...looks an interesting stock this year n next
22/06/2016 11:47
zamzam22 sell pressure due to EU referendum. early results not good for market..pounds down
24/06/2016 11:16
PenguinDad http://sharesinfo4u.com/archives/31611
24/06/2016 15:19
zamzam22 keyin...why said like so sure
29/06/2016 11:04
keyin Bimb also celebrate raya now
05/07/2016 09:48
zamzam22 selamat hari raya...happy holidays to all
07/07/2016 09:51
grace123 Selamat naik kuat kuat after raya. Ten ringgit great to all of us mah.
12/07/2016 19:45
Kad Al still holiday mode?
25/07/2016 17:44
Investeye Worth to accumulate BIMB-WA (expired 2023) at low ...

Statement picked from "Stock picks for 2H16":
As the only pure syariah-compliant Islamic financial institution listed on Bursa Malaysia, BIMB is likely to be a prime beneficiary of the eventual launch of the Employees Provident Fund’s first fully syariah-compliant fund by January 2017, which will have an initial capital of RM100 billion to RM120 billion.

BIMB has the third-lowest gross impaired loan ratio in the industry at 0.94% (industry: 1.65%) and the highest loan loss coverage ratio at 200% (industry: 94%). This, coupled with its superior projected loan growth of 11% versus the industry’s 6%, places the group in a strong position to weather asset quality and growth challenges that the industry is currently facing.
25/07/2016 20:13
Kad Al conventional banks will b excluded from EPF syariah-compliant fund.So, u can predict what the move can do to BIMB. yr guess is as good as mine
26/07/2016 09:59
Kad Al I m sure many investors(epf) will switch to syariah-compliant when the scheme starts.
26/07/2016 10:26
Kad Al interim report for bimb out soon?
27/07/2016 12:16
yeohhh Waiting to enter
27/07/2016 19:31
Investeye KUALA LUMPUR (July 27): Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Bhd's net profit for the second quarter ended June 30, 2016 (2QFY16) rose 16.9% to RM45.53 million or 5.55 sen per share, mainly attributable to higher wakalah fee income.
The company, which is 60.25%-owned by Lembaga Tabung Haji's subsidiary BIMB Holdings Bhd, posted a net profit of RM38.95 million or 4.78 sen per share for 2QFY15.
Revenue came in 6.6% higher at RM462.21 million versus RM433.53 million in 2QFY15, mainly attributable to higher sales generated by both the family takaful and general takaful business, the company said in a filing to Bursa Malaysia today.

No dividend was declared for the quarter.
For the first half of the financial year ended Dec 31, 2016 (1HFY16), Takaful Malaysia’s net profit gained 8.2% to RM92.16 million or 11.27 sen per share from RM85.17 million or 10.45 sen per share a year earlier, underpinned by higher wakalah fee income.
Revenue rose 9.4% to RM1.09 billion from RM995.99 million in 1HFY15, also due to higher sales generated by both the family takaful and general takaful business.
On prospects, Takaful Malaysia said it will continue its value proposition of rewarding its customers with 15% cash back for general takaful products and establish a strong foothold in the local insurance and takaful arena, as the preferred choice for insurance.
"The successful implementation of core initiatives in operational excellence, technology driven capabilities, product innovation and performance-oriented culture will enable us to be ahead of our competitors, increase our overall market shares and continuously improve shareholders' value," it added.
27/07/2016 22:28
Kad Al Investeye...This Takaful news report should augurs well fr BIMB.
28/07/2016 10:02
Kad Al yeohhh...be alert fr the bimb report to b released fr 2nd qtr
28/07/2016 10:03
Kad Al when is bimb financial report ? soon?
04/08/2016 12:11
ddd ccc why suddenly up?
07/08/2016 14:04
Kad Al ddd ccc... this bimb will b interesting in the coming months.
09/08/2016 14:27
Kad Al registration fr EPF syariah-compliance investment now opens already.
09/08/2016 15:11
Kad Al bimb- should be positive news fr EPF syariah compliance investment.
09/08/2016 15:17
Kad Al if can sustain price at RM4, prospect to go higher is good. i believe
11/08/2016 15:50
Kad Al looks good
15/08/2016 15:20
Icon8888 no complain
26/08/2016 19:25
Kad Al bimb should move up soon..this stock will test yr patience
26/08/2016 20:57
Kad Al TP for this stock would soon be revised..quite sure
26/08/2016 21:22
mm310 results not bad, just that no dividen is announced
29/08/2016 08:18
Kad Al mm310...dividen option offered to reinvest into shares
29/08/2016 09:20
Kad Al Haha...TP adjusted already
29/08/2016 11:44
yeohhh Looks good enough to enter
30/08/2016 17:06
Kad Al this bank counter remains resilient
31/08/2016 20:54
Kad Al Pamelo juice...now thats a very juicy comment. Already loaded, bfr its too late. TP 4.70(maybank research)
02/09/2016 15:10
Kad Al Pamelo... its alright. managed to catch it bfr it fly high.
02/09/2016 15:47
supermix2 Kad Al Pamelo... its alright. managed to catch it bfr it fly high.
02/09/2016 15:47

Hopefully soon.
07/09/2016 03:12
Kad Al try catch bfr end of year..
07/09/2016 12:18
Kad Al volume picking up .this is good sign going fwd
07/09/2016 16:47
Kad Al TP 4.70? - maybank research
08/09/2016 11:23
Kad Al cimb research sees strong recovery for banks in Q3 .
13/09/2016 10:56
Kad Al business tie-up with VISA Inc. is a positive move by BIMB
13/09/2016 21:04
Kad Al sorry guys... not tie-up.. but collaborating with VISA Inc.
13/09/2016 21:30
Investeye With the success of EPF Simpanan Syariah to achieve RM41b at this moment, BIMB will in the spotlight again..
15/09/2016 15:42
Kad Al Investeye.....u are spot on correct. just look at todays volume. good sign
15/09/2016 17:16
Kad Al lately seen increased interest and activity wth this counter
19/09/2016 16:38

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