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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
02/09/2016 4.02 4.15 +0.13 (3.23%) HOLD ALLIANCE Price Target News
29/08/2016 4.00 4.35 +0.35 (8.75%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
29/08/2016 4.00 4.70 +0.70 (17.50%) BUY MAYBANK Price Target News
29/08/2016 4.00 4.25 +0.25 (6.25%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
04/08/2016 3.94 3.85 -0.09 (2.28%) HOLD ALLIANCE Price Target News
23/06/2016 4.08 4.00 -0.08 (1.96%) HOLD MAYBANK Price Target News
12/05/2016 3.87 4.22 +0.35 (9.04%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
12/05/2016 3.87 4.00 +0.13 (3.36%) HOLD MAYBANK Price Target News
12/05/2016 3.87 4.18 +0.31 (8.01%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
12/05/2016 3.87 3.85 -0.02 (0.52%) HOLD ALLIANCE Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
02/09/2016  ALLIANCE BIMB - Staying cautious
29/08/2016  MIDF BIMB - 2Q16-Better earnings reflected higher top line-MIDF-290816
29/08/2016  MAYBANK BIMB Holdings - 2Q16 surprised positively
29/08/2016  KENANGA BIMB Holdings - Still Resilient
04/08/2016  ALLIANCE BIMB - Expect stable contribution from Takaful
23/06/2016  MAYBANK BIMB Holdings - Should BIMB restructure?
12/05/2016  MIDF BIMB-1Q16-Flattish earnings on higher financing cost-MIDF-120516
12/05/2016  MAYBANK BIMB Holdings - 1Q16 results in line
12/05/2016  KENANGA BIMB Holdings - Financing Growth a Surprise, but ...
12/05/2016  ALLIANCE Asset quality in check

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Kad Al supermix2,heaven123.......everybody has his/her own life n choices.
11/10/2016 09:57
supermix2 There I told you not to worry as today you see mother shoot up 11 cents and we are now nearer to our target price of $4.80 cents....tomorrow there will be more upswing I presume. So, son follow too albeit a bit slower but it will rise further as mother move along.
11/10/2016 14:13
kksk123 last time when mother was $4.30, son was $0.50...
11/10/2016 14:28
Kad Al kksk123....cannot base on last time...now different already
11/10/2016 14:31
kksk123 Kad Al, may i know what is the difference?
11/10/2016 15:35
heaven123 Kad al what i mean is supermix2 very rich now like kyy. I dont have that type money.
11/10/2016 19:12
supermix2 Looks like afternoon session price will be better by the looks of morning session, so let's watch the show.
12/10/2016 13:44
stainlyho37 watch out BIMB......for 4.8~4.90 tp..................WA very attractive now !!!!!
13/10/2016 09:24
Kad Al stainlyho37....hope on the bandwagon, bfr u missed them
13/10/2016 09:32
philip31 Watch out for next year if mergers go through then it will fly above Rm5.00. From the looks of it those people have all ready start collecting in anticipation. Fingers crossed that it will happen.
13/10/2016 12:09
Kad Al philip31....pls share merger what?
13/10/2016 16:33
Kad Al philip31.... do u mean restructure?
13/10/2016 17:09
cow111 Bought back warrant 31.5 cents..i think it is going to break 50 cents..undervalue compare to mother share now
13/10/2016 19:46
supermix2 philip31 Watch out for next year if mergers go through then it will fly above Rm5.00. From the looks of it those people have all ready start collecting in anticipation. Fingers crossed that it will happen.

Yes brother philip31, everyday I am collecting more and more in anticipation of BIMB future growth & I am not selling at the present moment. By early 2017 we may see a different BIMB altogether, so collect the son while it is still cheap is my brotherly advice. Cheers.
16/10/2016 06:01
heaven123 I buying warrant next week, this golden eggs. Supermix2 good.
16/10/2016 14:30
Kad Al buying mother already
16/10/2016 15:16
heaven123 Kawan tungga saya mah. Baru ada sikit duit. Mau pinjam ah long takut.
16/10/2016 19:51
supermix2 Let me ask you all a simple question. Who are the big kakis buying BIMB share? Yes,the big government institutions like Tabung Haji, EPF, KUMPULAN WANG PERSARAAN (DIPERBADANKAN),AMANAHRAYA TRUSTEES BERHAD-AMANAH SAHAM BUMIPUTERA , etc.

So, these government institutions can play among themselves to rise the price of BIMB easily and if they really want to they can easily make BIMB reach the target price of $4.80 just in a matter of a few months or in fact a few weeks, days if the really want to. Sometimes, it's right from the right hand to the left hand. And you don't think they can easily push up the price further higher to around $6 or $7 if the really want to?

Please be informed too that recently the biggest buyer is AMANAHRAYA TRUSTEES BERHAD-AMANAH SAHAM BUMIPUTERA & may I ask you all who are the real investors of this fund? To put it honestly, it's the Malaysian bumiputras...millions of them & you think the government will let these millions of bumiputras down? Think my friends.

So the final verdict is my simple advice....buy & buy & hold, just don't let go for the time being. The time will come when you will be laughing your way to the bank.Trust me. I am more familiar with this counter than most of you and in fact my history with this counter starts when it's price was at around $1.10 cents to right now. In fact this counter is where I make the most money [plenty in fact] when compare to all the the other counters .

To those who cannot afford to buy the higher price of BIMB mother share, then the son WA will do as well.

Cheers to all investors here & good luck too.
17/10/2016 03:46
dawstz supermix2

can i ask you something?....what happen if the BIMB split its banking component and takaful business separate?...what will happen to the warrant?..will it become worthless?...sorry, a noob question

if the split does happen, dont you think the future prospect of the banking business will be less bright as right now, it is the takaful part of BIMB that is doing the business for them, higher growth and contributions to BIMB yoy
17/10/2016 07:51
warrantKing Dawstz ,

Correct me if i am wrong.
The below show several points that banking stock worth to be holded:-

1.Since last 5 year , our government stopped to issue any local banking license.Thus the numbers of competitor will only remain/decrease.

2. Government have the intention to create a world largest ISLAMIC bank in the coming few year. (Perhaps budget 2017?)

3. Growth of insurance awareness among public.

4. PTPTN using Bank islam as their bank to release fund, thus university students will be their market. Dun forget universities students will turn into a high educated workman after 3-5 years.

Please share me if you have different prospect of view.

TQ & trade at your own risk.
17/10/2016 10:29
Kad Al warrantKing....u hve given some good n valid reasons, fr BIMB to grow further.However,many
people still hve perception that Bimb depend much on gov assist due to their Islamic status.I observed that lately, BIMB hve embark on credible tie-up n ventures on its own initiatives..to stimulate growth. e.g their latest tie up wth VISA .
17/10/2016 11:42
philip31 supermix2, BIMB will eventually be the biggest Islamic Bank in Malaysia, mergers have stalled previously but the negotiation have started this year, whether it will be successful will be another story, my acquaintance told me they expect it to go above RM5.00 next year and like you say if mother is Rm7 dollars, don't tell me the sons will be 0.30 cents. I too have bought a substantial amount of the warrant and will hold it for the next few years. Like you I will collect some more if it goes below 0.30. Best of luck.
17/10/2016 16:42
supermix2 Brother philip31,if the merger were to take place and BIMB becomes the biggest Islamic Bank in Malaysia, I wouldn't be surprise if the government institutions were to push the price up to RM7 & if that happens the warrants will not be priced at 30 cents but at RM2.20 cents the least.hohoho
17/10/2016 19:36
valuelurker this supermix2 stuck on the warrants everyday cry wolf saying bimb good bla bla cry for help
17/10/2016 19:40
cow111 Correct. Merger confirm. Warrant may reach 2.00
17/10/2016 19:40
supermix2 Now the biggest shareholder of Bank Islam {BIMB} is in the mood to acquire more....

Monday, 17 Oct 2016



6:29PM BIMB LEMBAGA TABUNG HAJI (9,520,000 units Acquired)

What's up?
17/10/2016 19:42
supermix2 Post removed. Why?
17/10/2016 19:49
philip31 BIMB shares in the market is less than 10%. Most are held by institutions. Just take a look at Takaful a few years back. They push up the share from Rm2 ++ to Rm 16 within a year. So I will not be surprise if BIMB will go up in the same manner. Just a word of advice, no contra as you might need to rough it out.
17/10/2016 20:02
dawstz warrantking

1. i think that there is a false belief on this islamic banking that is purported here....bank islam is not the only bank that is offering islamic financing solutions...every other banks have their own islamic financng part as well...islamic loans, islamic deposit account, islamic payment etc....and no, they dont need to rebrand themselves as islamic or merge with other bank to establish themselves as the biggest islamic bank....what im pointing out is, there is definite overestimation in the growth of banking part of BIMB

2. i think that the government is pushing to be the biggest market for islamic finance via many ways...sukuks, syariah compliant equities , takaful solutions etc....and not just banking per se

3. and im also not comfortable with the current Tabung Haji managemnt,look at their top management and you would be surprise that one person in particular is very unqualified, have faked qualifications@bought degree, doesnt have required experience and was only there imo as political appointment....

4. you part on takaful is true...in fact, when the government will push ahead with a national health insurance scheme for public health financing as per the european model, i expect the takaful business to grow substantially as conventional insurance is haram for muslims...and there are only 5-6 takaful solutions in the market right now
17/10/2016 22:27
Kad Al takaful bhd has announced good results.This should benefit BIMB also.Take note
18/10/2016 13:42
supermix2 Kad Al takaful bhd has announced good results.This should benefit BIMB also.Take note
18/10/2016 13:42

Yes, indeed Takaful is 60 percent owned by BIMB Holdings. It's just released results show a 10.79% increase in earnings of RM$135.642 million
And BIMB 3rd Quarter results will be announced in around end of November & with added Takaful earnings, I presume the report will be good.

Yes, do take note and by this time a dividend will be declared as well. So I expect the price will go very much higher as well.Perhaps time to pick up more before the results are announced next month.

Good luck to all investors here. Cheers.
18/10/2016 22:27
Kad Al supermix....good morning n hope u hve gd trading day
19/10/2016 09:21
Kad Al watch out fr PM budget announcemnt ...shld b good fr consumers n banks will benefit..i presume
19/10/2016 09:52
Kad Al IF....If gov set up national insurance scheme,to help the people tackle high cost of medical..i think takaful will benefit most
19/10/2016 12:51
dawstz Kad Al

its a matter of when, not if....the planning has started in Kementerian Kesihatan for a long time...but because of the 1MDB fiasco, the government feel that they dont have enough political mileages to burn anymore so it has been postponed...our health system is very similar to the NHS and its it current state, it will take no time for it to crumble....with funding cut for K.Kesihatan year after year, national insurance funding is the only way that the system can survive...patients load are increasing, and its rate is expected to worsen when the current young generation hit adulthood...remember that we have the worst rate of child obesity in SEA....and the gov is also having big problem with providing the ever increasing medical related graduates eg doctors, nurses, MAs....waiting time is getting longer and longer to secure a post as they dont have enough funding...i think after the next election, the plan will be push ahead in 1-2 years depending on the state of the nation by then
19/10/2016 17:06
Kad Al dawstz....u a right.. however gov cannot continue ignore issue of high medic cost..So health insurance hve to b adopted by many..
19/10/2016 17:16
dawstz well as per the european model, everyone in this country will need a compulsory health insurance....everyone need to fork out a miminum amount, each year and depending on the needs; eg. higher premium for diabetics,hypertension and an additional premium for pregnancy/ dental care....this move will further burden the people of malaysia so it will be a really unpopular move....i dont know how they will do it but process is already well ahead as far as i know...
19/10/2016 17:26
philip31 Let's wait for Dec for news.
20/10/2016 08:56
Kad Al philip31... dec i think price will high already. i cant wait.
20/10/2016 10:47
dawstz there has been half a milllion shares cross trading these last 2 days...whats happening?
20/10/2016 10:49
Kad Al perhaps..some news coming
20/10/2016 10:51
Kad Al perhaps people xpecting some goodies,anticipating election in2017
20/10/2016 11:09
LuckyG CIMB and tenaga also alot of cross trade recently . i think big boy cashing out at good price.
20/10/2016 15:28
philip31 news is coming, only announce in Dec. So if you think worth to buy just buy. Nothing to do with merger yet.
20/10/2016 15:34
Kad Al philip31... u are correct. wise to buy now...still affordable price
26/10/2016 11:13
cow111 Walao...i sell warrant..me panic
26/10/2016 16:16
supermix2 Posted by cow111 > Oct 26, 2016 04:16 PM | Report Abuse

Walao...i sell warrant..me panic

I super happy today, queue at 31.5 cents and got another 100k shares....now to add to my portfolio and wait.
26/10/2016 17:02
cow111 :(
26/10/2016 17:19
Investeye Good time to accumulate again...
26/10/2016 18:57
dawstz insiders accumulating...results of the quarter will be announced by the end of november...expecting excellent results for the third quarter...especially with stronger contribution from takaful company...last few weeks to collect some more before price will be push up...tp 4.5/4.6
27/10/2016 14:12

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