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shortinvestor77 https://www.nst.com.my/business/2018/01/328755/kip-reits-617sen-payout-yields-8pc-return-investment
25/01/2018 22:28
sell No wonder Great Eastern sell. Revenue drop will cause borrowing increase.
25/01/2018 22:47
minuteCEo Total borrowing of this quarter is 86857k, has increased only 24k if compared with 86833k in the previous quarter.
25/01/2018 23:05
Beza sell taking cock lah!
26/01/2018 11:49
Amit Khindriya Long term horse...
26/01/2018 14:50
Beza Agree.
26/01/2018 15:10
shortinvestor77 https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/01/26/winners-a...
Furthermore, there should be some uptick in interest cost for borrowings but we believe the impact would be cushioned as most M-REITs have their borrowings on fixed rates with long-term tenures, except for Axis REIT and Pavilion REIT. Our estimation shows that an increase of 25bp in OPR would impact M-REITs earnings by less than c.1.5%.
Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/01/26/winners-a...
28/01/2018 13:49
kinuxian Let's see if OCBC continue dumping after recent quarter result announcement. Apparently there're more retail buyers trying to catch the bottom and it's good chance for them sell in larger quantity.
29/01/2018 16:06
sell Great Eastern selling.
30/01/2018 05:34
kinuxian @sell > We had to check for the date - 26 Jan onward.
30/01/2018 06:25
ivanforbay Zz.. no news from any of the party. Its alright la... OCBC/Great eastern etc... and those big fund keep selling. Looks like they have no intention to stop selling. haha.. I'm going to hands off this counter till they sold off everything.. Its like a bottomless chasm... :)
30/01/2018 10:10
ivanforbay https://www.edgeprop.my/content/1280265/kip-reit-ceo-retires-60?utm_content=buffer3daeb
31/01/2018 17:31
shortinvestor77 i believe syndicates have been accumulating by pressing down the prices . Just don't know which day they will feel enough and start to jack it up. Normally it takes atmost a few years depending on the daily volume. Great Estern and OCBC are helping the syndicates to do so.
01/02/2018 10:58
Siew Jian Bin Buying and selling is very normal. OCBC and GE have too much shareholding in Kipreit.
03/02/2018 07:06
ivanforbay huh... too scary... OCBC/GE holding 6% till what time only they clearing their holdings.. bottomless.. zZZ
05/02/2018 16:45
nkk53 Very unwise for these big investors to sell in this critical moment.Just like adding petrol to the burning fire.Just wait and see before adding more stocks
06/02/2018 18:40
shortinvestor77 大戶少少貨就可以推低股價震倉, 引來更多沽盤幫手進一步推低股價, 這是大戶一慣的做法! 散戶也是一慣服從, 樂意地聽話, 照做止蝕!!!
07/02/2018 20:47
U Tang Tang 5%以下就没得看了,时间会还你公道。。。。
08/02/2018 21:43
LearnInvest Is investment in this stock a good choice? Its share price seems to be dropping and it does not rise much. :=o
10/02/2018 03:20
mhling Good for dividend play
10/02/2018 08:33
14/02/2018 11:30
shortinvestor77 Big selling 20000 lots at 0.82. Better sell more and leave this KIPREIT counter. As you are not welcome to hold with your hatred even KIPREIT is doing well business.
20/02/2018 09:24
pputeh Hi guys any one knows when income payment date.thanks
20/02/2018 09:33
shortinvestor77 End of this month for div payment.
20/02/2018 09:37
pputeh Thank you much obliged
20/02/2018 09:51
kinuxian GG... founders sale on open market again.
22/02/2018 21:16
U Tang Tang 上晒车
22/02/2018 21:40
shortinvestor77 They must rethink their asset value will drop far more if they sell. Guess they need cash ... to pay off their debt.
22/02/2018 23:25
U Tang Tang 大户玩晒! 上市来搞燃啊? 投资kip不如放去EPF,老千!
23/02/2018 11:21
CFTrader Looks like price is dropping is because of people selling in market.... Fundemendal is intact
I'll keep in mind to absorb KIPREIT when it is the time....

23/02/2018 12:40
shortinvestor77 Golden time to collect low if you have plenty cash. Cash is King.
23/02/2018 14:09
kinuxian big boys have plenty of share in hand... do it with caution if you find value in this stock at current price point. points.
23/02/2018 14:15
kinuxian be reminded both GE and founders are dumping... haven't see any other institutions do the acquisition.
23/02/2018 14:17
shortinvestor77 Better dump to 1 cent or lower! I will surely collect all!
23/02/2018 16:32
U Tang Tang shortinvestor77..i will support u be a kip chairmen
23/02/2018 20:21
shortinvestor77 I will be absolute 100% shareholder. AT that time I don't need anybody to reject/support. Ha ha ha!. Thanks U Tang Tang anyway. Cheers!
24/02/2018 20:40
shortinvestor77 Surely kick all directors out of the board and appoint U Tang Tang to go in.
24/02/2018 20:42
U Tang Tang I dating u on kip AGM 2018 with me show time... shortinvestor77
25/02/2018 14:20
U Tang Tang shortinvestor77 ...CMMT u hv hold ?
25/02/2018 14:21
shortinvestor77 Thank you for your invitation. I attended 2017 AGM as I was free. Hope so can attend 2018 AGM. Sorry I don't hold CMMT.
25/02/2018 18:10
Amit Khindriya How was the scene at KIP AGM 2017?

I will try to attend the next AGM
25/02/2018 22:40
joetay just out of curiosity, did anyone scold management on the share price????

almost bot at 90 sens but something not rite, so i stayed out.
25/02/2018 23:08
Amit Khindriya @joeytay - scold management for share price? are you kidding me? that's like saying i should scold you because it rained so heavily yesterday that there was flash floods!
if there is business loss, or property value impairment due to bad mgmt then you can scold. so far, i will commend KIP mgmt for maintaining the steady Property Yields but will tell them to buck up on the Melaka and NS properties as the utilization there is low.
26/02/2018 13:30
joetay lol..............

like i said, just out of curiosity.

at first, i look at the biz model and it looks interesting enough.

but something just doesnt seems rite, thats why i didnt put in at rm1.
26/02/2018 15:13
nkk53 Pick up 0.815
27/02/2018 22:22
ivanforbay Raised concern last time, now Chew is holding 196,882,935 shares. Ong is holding 196,646,035 shares. Both person is running away from this counter? The holding from 272mil till today, 196mil for both person.

Gone... so disappointed to trust in this counter.

ivanforbay Something fishy, both director Ong and Chew's shareholding of direct and indirect keep reducing. I don't see any of the sell transaction reported but their "Total no of securities after change" is reducing. Anybody know why?
28/12/2017 16:37

ivanforbay Ong and Chew have aroun 272mil shares in Feb, and till date, only 219mil shares in total including direct and indirect. I don't understand this. Where are the rest of the shares gone?(No sell or transfer transaction disclosed at all) Anybody can shine a light?
28/12/2017 17:01
09/03/2018 10:40
shortinvestor77 Most important their direct holding increases, even though their indirect holding decreases (The share the same holding company and need to find other investors to reduce if they need cash).
09/03/2018 15:45
CFTrader Occupancy Rate - NPI (for the last 4 quarter)
KiPMart Bangi : 82.32% , NPI of 9.466m
KiPMart Lavender Senawang, - 80.32% , NPI of 0.914m
KiPMart Melaka - 67.32% , NPI of 1.586m

They need to bump up the 3 remaining KiPMart Rental rate as far as i concern.... specially KiPMart Bangi as the valuation is the 3rd biggest and shall contribute the largest income to KIPREIT.

Overall i can see some improvement Quarter-on-quarter basis (encouraging result) .

Their effective interest rate is at 4.75% (slightly higher than 4.5% average big sized REIT)

Available credit is at 218m @ interest of 10.40m per annum

The only concern about this company is tenancy expiry profile where most of them are at FY2018, and FY2019... Rental reversion rate is guided at 3%, which I think if the tenant stays, the rental will be just flat...

But overall, they still have a lot of space to fill in @ KiPMart Bangi.
12/03/2018 15:29
shortinvestor77 Noted. TQ.
12/03/2018 17:14
shortinvestor77 Q again to buy it tomorrow lah!
13/03/2018 17:18

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