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U Tang Tang I dating u on kip AGM 2018 with me show time... shortinvestor77
25/02/2018 14:20
U Tang Tang shortinvestor77 ...CMMT u hv hold ?
25/02/2018 14:21
shortinvestor77 Thank you for your invitation. I attended 2017 AGM as I was free. Hope so can attend 2018 AGM. Sorry I don't hold CMMT.
25/02/2018 18:10
Value Investor Coo1eo How was the scene at KIP AGM 2017?

I will try to attend the next AGM
25/02/2018 22:40
joetay just out of curiosity, did anyone scold management on the share price????

almost bot at 90 sens but something not rite, so i stayed out.
25/02/2018 23:08
Value Investor Coo1eo @joeytay - scold management for share price? are you kidding me? that's like saying i should scold you because it rained so heavily yesterday that there was flash floods!
if there is business loss, or property value impairment due to bad mgmt then you can scold. so far, i will commend KIP mgmt for maintaining the steady Property Yields but will tell them to buck up on the Melaka and NS properties as the utilization there is low.
26/02/2018 13:30
joetay lol..............

like i said, just out of curiosity.

at first, i look at the biz model and it looks interesting enough.

but something just doesnt seems rite, thats why i didnt put in at rm1.
26/02/2018 15:13
nkk53 Pick up 0.815
27/02/2018 22:22
ivanforbay Raised concern last time, now Chew is holding 196,882,935 shares. Ong is holding 196,646,035 shares. Both person is running away from this counter? The holding from 272mil till today, 196mil for both person.

Gone... so disappointed to trust in this counter.

ivanforbay Something fishy, both director Ong and Chew's shareholding of direct and indirect keep reducing. I don't see any of the sell transaction reported but their "Total no of securities after change" is reducing. Anybody know why?
28/12/2017 16:37

ivanforbay Ong and Chew have aroun 272mil shares in Feb, and till date, only 219mil shares in total including direct and indirect. I don't understand this. Where are the rest of the shares gone?(No sell or transfer transaction disclosed at all) Anybody can shine a light?
28/12/2017 17:01
09/03/2018 10:40
shortinvestor77 Most important their direct holding increases, even though their indirect holding decreases (The share the same holding company and need to find other investors to reduce if they need cash).
09/03/2018 15:45
CFTrader Occupancy Rate - NPI (for the last 4 quarter)
KiPMart Bangi : 82.32% , NPI of 9.466m
KiPMart Lavender Senawang, - 80.32% , NPI of 0.914m
KiPMart Melaka - 67.32% , NPI of 1.586m

They need to bump up the 3 remaining KiPMart Rental rate as far as i concern.... specially KiPMart Bangi as the valuation is the 3rd biggest and shall contribute the largest income to KIPREIT.

Overall i can see some improvement Quarter-on-quarter basis (encouraging result) .

Their effective interest rate is at 4.75% (slightly higher than 4.5% average big sized REIT)

Available credit is at 218m @ interest of 10.40m per annum

The only concern about this company is tenancy expiry profile where most of them are at FY2018, and FY2019... Rental reversion rate is guided at 3%, which I think if the tenant stays, the rental will be just flat...

But overall, they still have a lot of space to fill in @ KiPMart Bangi.
12/03/2018 15:29
shortinvestor77 Noted. TQ.
12/03/2018 17:14
shortinvestor77 Q again to buy it tomorrow lah!
13/03/2018 17:18
sg999 Finally got people sell 0.8....will break 0.8 soon
21/03/2018 20:29
MasterCard Holland counter
30/03/2018 13:33
Lim Tek Wai Better dump to 1 cent or lower!
30/03/2018 13:36
Lim Tek Wai Looks like price is dropping is because of people selling in market
30/03/2018 13:37
U Tang Tang 上市时2个大股东有50%股份,现在有28%。我不明白为什么大股东可以随意买卖?
01/04/2018 20:17
jordanmaggie61 like i said, just out of curiosity.
02/04/2018 12:12
MasterCard 再高的股利也補不回失掉的本金. 錯誤的投資,認賠離場
02/04/2018 14:01
firehawk Many reits are dropping ... CMMT, Amfirst ... go and check .....
02/04/2018 14:34
U Tang Tang 可以放落冰箱,浪费时间+金钱
06/04/2018 10:23
Kay Long term and good dividend. Buy, keep and just forget about it.
12/04/2018 16:58
nkk53 Many ppl bought at ipo price.When there is a big drop,more ppl including the major holders,are also jumping into the wagon
23/04/2018 19:23
Jian Bin Siew Result out. Good result this quarter. The price should up tmrw.
23/04/2018 19:46
Jian Bin Siew 2 big shareholders only holding 28%, are you sure, U Tang Tang?
23/04/2018 19:48
hng33 bought KIP at 74.5-75sen
24/04/2018 09:08
hng33 sold partial KIP at 77.5sen, locked fast contra profit, free up capital
24/04/2018 09:53
hng33 sold off all balance KIP at 77.5sen, locked fast contra profit, free up balance capital
24/04/2018 10:08
Jimmy Song Kuala Lumpur, 23 April 2018 – KIP Real Estate Investment Trust (“KIP REIT” or “the Fund”), the first hybrid community-centric retail REIT listed on Bursa Malaysia today announced its third quarter results ended 31 March 2018 (“Q3FY2018”) with a total revenue of RM15.67 million and a higher profit after tax (“PAT”) of RM8.85 million compared with the immediate preceding quarter ended 31 December 2017 (“Q2FYE2018”).

PAT for the quarter improved marginally by RM0.1 million or 1.1% higher compared to Q2FYE2018 due to the occupancy rate improving from 85.0% to 86.2% in the current quarter and lower other operating cost.

For the quarter under review, the Manager of KIP REIT declared an interim distribution per unit (“DPU”) of 1.78 sen per unit, amounting to approximately RM8.85 million which will be paid to unitholders on 25 May 2018. For the trailing twelve months, the Fund has declared a total distribution of RM35.12 million or 6.95 sen per unit which translated to a distribution yield of 9.5%*.

KIP REIT also announced today that it is going green by entering into a 25-year initiative to install solar photovoltaic system on all of KIP REIT’s assets which will generate 2,730 kilowatt peak electricity energy. This will save the Fund an approximate total of RM26.4 million of electricity cost throughout the 25-year period which will increase the net property income of the Fund.

Commenting on the financial results, Dato’ Chew Lak Seong, Managing Director of KIP REIT Management Sdn Bhd (the Manager of KIP REIT) said, “This quarter’s results is very important to us as it gives us a full twelve (12) months of financial track record to prove ourselves. We are proud to say that we have exceeded expectations with our exemplary performance which allowed us to distribute a total of 6.95 sen per unit for the past 12 months. At the current market price, KIP REIT provides exceptional value with a distribution yield of 9.5%, one of the highest yields among the REIT players while still providing stable growing earnings.”

He continued, “Barring any unforeseen circumstances, KIP REIT is expected to continue improving as we constantly pursue the perfect tenant mix and undertake asset enhancement initiatives to ensure that the properties yield stronger performance.”

*The distribution yield of 9.5% is based on the closing price of RM0.735 per KIP REIT unit as at 23 April 2018.
24/04/2018 10:54
Gore Victor Lee For the quarter under review, the Manager of KIP REIT declared an interim distribution per unit (“DPU”) of 1.78 sen per unit, amounting to approximately RM8.85 million which will be paid to unitholders on 25 May 2018
25/04/2018 08:52
Gore Victor Lee only very little 1.78 sen.....not attractivelah
25/04/2018 08:53
CSS1234 Paid every quarter,
25/04/2018 13:23
tauruslau Better than ARREIT
25/04/2018 16:12
Patrick Ling I agree. Cheap and reasonably good return!
25/04/2018 16:34
CFTrader Key property will be
1. Tampoi .. occupancy rate is 97.77% -> 97.9% ... maintained
2. Masai .... Occupancy rate from 94.36% -> 95.8% ... good maintained
3. Bangi ... Occupancy rate from 82.32% -> 86.7% ... (excellent)

Reason : The total portfolio of KIPREIT is 580m , which this 3 giants, already consist of 430m worth of asset.

The shareholder either eat shit or eat good food is fully dependent on growth of Bangi and maintained occupancy rate of Tampoi and Masai.
25/04/2018 17:52
CFTrader Meanwhile,

1. Kota Tinggi occupancy rate dropped (94.36% -> 91.5%)
2. Senawang occupancy rate dropped (80.32% -> 79.0%)
3. Melaka occupancy rate 67.32% -> 70.00%

KT is considered as 4th largest portfolio , with Melaka as the 5th ... hopefully KT won't drop below the 90% occupancy rate...



They also suffered from rental reversion of average negative 2%... looks like retail segment is still harsh.
25/04/2018 17:57
5354 Those like Reit should consider AHP(PNB own) also. Amfirst cheapest among Reit but loss QR just reported.
30/04/2018 05:09
5354 Great Eastern selling can make money? They not bought from IPO RM 1?
30/04/2018 05:11
CFTrader They (Great Eastern) are more likely to be pre-IPO shareholder ... I think they are cashing out .
Please correct me if I am wrong.

01/05/2018 13:01
Siew Jian Bin I never been any asset held by KIPREIT. Is it good, any feedback from people in Johor or other places who visit the assets held by KIPREIT. Luckily the price is quite stable after the good quarter result recently.
29/05/2018 09:51
Value Investor Coo1eo KIP is undervalued
11/06/2018 00:21
shortinvestor77 http://klse.i3investor.com/m/blog/kianweiaritcles/161800.jsp
19/06/2018 10:21
malinfan sell now and buy back later at lower price for sure !!!
21/06/2018 11:37
malinfan valuations currently @ 0.55 sen inclusive goodwill, (if any) ...
22/06/2018 08:53
nearownkira OCBC and Great Eastern already selling, dont every buy this REIT.
22/06/2018 09:26
Gen2 GE has pairing down their stakes from 33m to only 26m, it really not sounding good!
With the issues of Dirty Toilet! Cockroaches! Rats! From fb I see peoples are complaining it since 2016 but still look like no action taken... What a wonderful reit it could be ?
27/06/2018 08:52
Value Investor Coo1eo malinfan - i would like you to explain how you arrive at 0.55 value? i also want to learn
27/06/2018 09:45
100percentprofits Aiyah, who cares about the dirty toilet as long as they keep making money and keep paying me dividend I will happily take the money and go
28/06/2018 12:20
malinfan Under value? .... can buy more. LoL'...
10/07/2018 14:59

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