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13/02/2018 0.48 0.75 +0.27 (56.25%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
23/11/2017 0.59 0.75 +0.16 (27.12%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
23/11/2017 0.59 0.88 +0.29 (49.15%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
15/11/2017 0.64 0.75 +0.11 (17.19%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
28/08/2017 0.51 0.88 +0.37 (72.55%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
24/08/2017 0.55 0.75 +0.20 (36.36%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News

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13/02/2018  PUBLIC BANK Parkson Holdings Berhad - Settlement Reached
23/11/2017  PUBLIC BANK Parkson Holdings Berhad - China Making Progress
23/11/2017  KENANGA Parkson Holdings - Seasonally Weak, Losses Narrowing
15/11/2017  PUBLIC BANK Parkson Holdings Berhad - PRA Outlook Remains Challenging
28/08/2017  KENANGA Parkson Holdings - China Turning The Corner
24/08/2017  PUBLIC BANK Parkson - PRA Still In Headwinds

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joetay bankers controlling the shares dont mean they can push up the price they like anytime.

if no stupid retailers like u bite, what they earn????

really is stupid comment from a parkson supporter.
08/02/2018 20:56
joetay @andy, u dont have otak????

if the bankers dont attract stupid retailers like u to buy, they earn what????

earn air is it????

08/02/2018 20:57
joetay after i exposed the stupidity of parkson supporter @andy, he just deleted all his comments.

he must be really scared for others to know his stupidity.

but then again, how smart can parkson supporters be?????

08/02/2018 21:22
JuniorR Parkson shareholders are smart enough to know some people here want price to go down so can privatise cheap cheap. These people here also scared price go up soon so everyday post nonsense negative sentiment news..

08/02/2018 22:55
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes BREAKING: Dow slides 150 points as higher rates keep Wall Street on edge
08/02/2018 22:58
calvintaneng Don't be myopic!

Look to Monday as Trump will PUMP IN USD1.5 TRILLIONS FOR INFRA JOBS
08/02/2018 23:00
joetay yes, parkson supporters r very 'smart' to buy parkson shares from 60sens early last yr to the current 50sens now.

so u must be very 'smart' then, @juniorr????

so how much did u lost in parkson so far????

08/02/2018 23:11
zoomm Stupid joetay, I ask KS55 a question and he cannot answer but you bark to protect your master and ask me to attack you instead.
09/02/2018 09:00
zoomm Ks55 why posting 2016 old news and scare people? What you want? What is your prove of 'WC pledged his security....', you got a big mouth and no ethnic.
09/02/2018 09:19
joetay shows ur stupidity when i exposed the weaknesses of parkson, @zoomm.

but then again, parkson supporters r all under the spell of hypnotist tan teng boo to see the impending death of parkson.

so what is the average iq of parkson supporters??? most likely below average as many of u been buying and holding since 70sens.

09/02/2018 09:22
zoomm Ks55 I see you deleted your comment about WC financial problem already, why you scared?
09/02/2018 09:24
joetay i also saw ur parkson supporter @andy deleted his stupid analysis on parkson as well.

so tell me a good story for me to buy parkson.

09/02/2018 09:28
ks55 SGX is doubtful PRA can survive and kicking, so it has sent queries to WC:-

Parkson Retail Asia Limited (the "Company", and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group") has received the following queries from Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited(“SGX” or the "Exchange") on 16 October 2017 in relation to the Company’s Annual Report and the Independent Auditor’s Report for the financial year ended 30 June 2017 ("FY2017").

SGX's Queries:
For the Exchange’s consideration under Rule 1303(3)(c) and noting the Independent Auditors findings on going concern issues, please provide the following :
(a) the Board’s opinion if the Company will be able to operate as going concern and basis of the Board’s view.
(b) the Board’s confirmation that all material disclosures have been provided for orderly trading of the Company’s shares to continue.

WC's answer to queries:
As stated in Note 2.1 to the audited financial statements (page 62 of the Annual Report), the board of directors of the Company (the "Board") is of the view that it is appropriate to prepare the Group’s financial statements for FY2017 on a going concern basis, as the Company's ultimate holding company, Parkson Holdings Berhad,
has agreed to provide financial support for the twelve months following the date of the said financial statements to enable the Group to meet its financial obligations as and when they fall due, and the Board is also of the view that the Group will be able to generate sufficient cash flows from its operations. For the foregoing reasons, the Board is therefore of the view that the Company will be able to operate as a going concern.

How do you interpret?

1. PRA business model has cast doubt and attract SGX's attention whether Parkson stalls in Malaysia/ SEA can survive in a very competitive business environment.

2. WC says PHB agreed to provide financial assistance for a period of ONE Year. Meaning PRA won't close shop this year. Next year not guarantee can still survive.

3. Sun is setting for Parkson.

4. Sun is setting for WC.
09/02/2018 09:45
ks55 2016年5月03日, 鍾廷森接受《The Edge財經日報》專訪時,不否認公司股價受打壓
为什么受打壓? 他不敢解释

1. Parkson lost 36m Q3.
Net lost attributed to share holder 25.5m
Maju Junction 3 month loss 5m, 6 months loss 11m.
So total losses from Maju Junction (only 9 months) is estimated to be 15m for FYE2016.

2. Lion Industries lost 130m Quarter ending 31 Mac 2016.
Lost attributed to share holders stood at 115m.
Lost per share 16.5 sen.

3. LionForest Industries lost 54m Quarter ending 31 Mac 2016

4. Lion Diversified lost 34m Quarter ending 31 Mac 2016

5. Lion Corp lost 91m Quarter ending 31 Mac 2016

6. With all meow-meow losing money, and not able to pay dividend, how WC going to pay interest on margin finance of his pledged securities to tune of 20m to 50m a year?

7. Also take note Parkson derives its valuation from these two operating units. They are selling dirt 'cheap' now, and should be going down some more.
PRGL at HK$0.69 - record low, will break its own record again.
PRA at S$0.1580 - near record low, can make record any time.
Sum of Parts (SOP) is at 69 sen.
With 30% discount attached to holding company (as safety margin), safe to buy at not more than 50 sen.

8. WC has been selling Parkson share at around 91 sen.
WC sold 10.35M Parkson shares on 12.04.2016, 2.06M on 14.04.2016, and 2.18M on 20.04.2016 and 5.3m on 26.04.2016.


9. Meaning that either he think the share already overvalued, or he has to get some money to pay interest, or the pledged shares were forced sold, or he invite all meow-meow share-holders to go holland together with him.

10. All Lion meow-meow face potential forced selling by the creditors.
This include Parkson shares.

11. Parkson rests on yesteryears business model. No hope for any turn around at least in next 3 years.

12. Share Buy-backs are weakening the balance-sheets even of the most cash-rich firms.
Is Parkson really cash rich? How about 89.39m interest paid for 9 months on 2.49 billion borrowings? Since 2008, WC already used up 2.1 billion to buy back Parkson shares, otherwise he could have saved 75m on interest payment for 9 months.

13. Parkson share buy-back has become a kind of corporate cocaine that induces a temporary feeling of invincibility but masks weakness and vacuity. It has become a norm for any punter to buy by 4.30pm, then park to sell at 4.49pm. WC is going to pay these punters 'toll' to push up closing price everyday. He cannot stabilize Parkson share price with such tactic, but just draining the valuable cash.
Worst still it become clear for WC to commit suicide by drinking sea water in the ocean to quench thirst (飲鳩止渴).
Sooner or later Parkson is going to bleed to death.

14. Please don't tell me WC cannot understand the logical reasoning above. To me, he is paying peanuts to get monkeys to run his business empire -- from the very top to the sales personnel.
Don't believe, just go to any Parkson outlet to see what are the sales girls doing......
09/02/2018 09:47
Lee_Brothers pakson closing thier branch at melaka mall ......
09/02/2018 09:48
ks55 Still believe WC is in position to privatise Parkson?
He is facing forced selling any time on his pledged securities when Parkson share price came down to less than 50 sen.........

09/02/2018 10:26
zoomm Synticate collecting at RM0.48, Q a lot at RM0.49 and 0.495 to give pressure to retail investor.
09/02/2018 10:45
zoomm Stupid KS55 what force selling? Parkson is cash rich, can buy back it own share and lionind got money to buy more parkson share
09/02/2018 10:50
zoomm Parkson got 110 millions cash locally and lionind got 300 millions cash.
09/02/2018 10:57
pakatan_harapan2 Dog eat dog or Chinese eat Chinese MCA does nothing. Ubah in GE 14 best for all.
09/02/2018 14:38
Parkson8888 ks55 is the 1 really no money. Can talk cock here only.

ks55 Banyak cakap
49 sen pun tak berani beli
09/02/2018 11:24
09/02/2018 14:55
joetay @zoomm, u think the rm410mil enough to pay the debts in parkson hk, is it????

parkson hk is in net liabilities of rmb560mil and only cashflow of rmb12mil.

use ur simple brain and u know parkson is in deep shit.

really dont use ur otak.

09/02/2018 15:06
contrarian Avg TP 82 sen buy at 48 sen can get 71% return.
12/02/2018 03:45
ks55 Sell
TP 40 sen
12/02/2018 10:01
new_in_share Kenanga no 1 Bursa conman? Why their TP is 88 sen?
12/02/2018 16:51
ks55 Serbadagang (100% owned by East Crest International, which in turn is 100% owned by Parkson Holding Bhd) has to pay RMB 248 million to Dalian Tianhe Building Company Limited* (大連天河大廈有限公 司), a company established in the PRC (Plaintiff).

RMB 248 million -- no joke!

Parkson going to be 40 sen tomorrow.


12/02/2018 21:01
Parkson8888 5.6 Gain arising from the Proposals
Save for the potential binding agreement to be entered between Hefei Parkson and
Serbadagang in relation to the Possible Additional Compensation, the Parkson Holdings
Group is expected to record a net gain of approximately RM25 million after tax and
expenses arising from the Proposals.
12/02/2018 22:54
(a) Share capital and substantial shareholders’ shareholdings
The Proposals will not have any effect on the issued and paid-up share capital and the
substantial shareholders' shareholdings in Parkson Holdings as the Proposals do not
involve any issuance of new shares by Parkson Holdings.
(b) Earnings and earnings per share (“EPS”)
Save for the potential binding agreement to be entered between Hefei Parkson and
Serbadagang in relation to the Possible Additional Compensation, the Proposals are
expected to result in a net gain of approximately RM25 million to the Parkson Holdings
Group for the financial year ending 30 June 2018 which will translate to an increase in
EPS of approximately 2.4 sen.
(c) Net assets (“NA”) and NA per share
Save for the potential binding agreement to be entered between Hefei Parkson and
Serbadagang in relation to the Possible Additional Compensation and on a proforma
basis, the Proposals are expected to increase NA and NA per share of the Parkson
Holdings Group by approximately 2.4 sen based on the audited consolidated statement of
financial position of the Parkson Holdings Group as at 30 June 2017.

(d) Gearing
The Proposals are not expected to have a material impact on the gearing of the Parkson
Holdings Group.
12/02/2018 22:56
Parkson8888 RM 25 million profit and EPS 2.4 sen. NTA will increase to RM 2.26.
12/02/2018 23:03
joetay parkson8888, u forgot to take ur medication.

ur hallucination is getting more and more serious.

12/02/2018 23:15
yucaihacai Good job.
12/02/2018 23:29
joetay @yucaihacai, long time no see.

ur parkson has fallen to below 50 sens now.

any comments????

12/02/2018 23:30
yucaihacai Hello, joetay. Long time no see. Want to meet?
12/02/2018 23:37
joetay sure, @yucaihacai.

i m always curious as to what die hard parkson supporters look like.

12/02/2018 23:45
yucaihacai lol......... I need ur guys more negative comments to collect at 40 sen and below.
13/02/2018 00:05
joetay but what is ur average price now????

u been buying since above 60sens and at the rate u said u r buying, why r u not a director of parkson yet????

13/02/2018 00:07
contrarian Parkson's HK mall legal tussle draws to a close after settlement reached
13/02/2018 04:36
apolloang surely joke lah,mana can drop 9cts by tomoro.....sure cannot lah
13/02/2018 10:17
Good_buy Agree. Now clear who is conman.

apolloang surely joke lah,mana can drop 9cts by tomoro.....sure cannot lah
13/02/2018 10:17
13/02/2018 10:27
Good_buy TP 75 sen by Public Bank.
13/02/2018 10:29
apolloang 75cts when? tipu also lah public bank.if can 75cts why not tell public bank use their funds to sailing lah.....45-55cts more realistic
13/02/2018 10:49
joetay every week drop 1 sen is enough alrdy.

by end of the yr, parkson will need to be delisted.

13/02/2018 11:37
Yu_and_Mee sad to see this counter drop like this
13/02/2018 14:40
apolloang oct parkson 65cts,sasbadi 92cts....now parkson still 48.5cts,sasbadi only 45.5cts......so sasbadi down more than parkson
13/02/2018 14:43
ks55 See how WC using Parkson as cash cow.


(a) Conditional Option Agreement dated 13 September 2013 and supplemented by a Letter dated 7 February 2014 and a Supplemental Option Agreement dated 12 May 2014 (collectively, the “Said Option Agreements”) entered into between True Excel Investments (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (“True Excel”) (a wholly-owned subdiary of Parkson Holdings Berhad) as grantee and PP.SW Development Co. Ltd (“PP.SW”), a company in which a Director who is also a major shareholder of the Company has interest, as grantor wherein True Excel is granted the option to enter into a lease agreement (“Option to Lease”) for the lease of the lower ground floor and first floor of the a mall to be constructed at Sangkat Kakap, Khan Dang Kor, Phnom Penh, Cambodia for a term of 50 years with automatic renewal for another 50 years for an indicative refundable deposit of approximately USD42.00 million (equivalent to approximately RM138.60 million) to be satisfied wholly in cash upon the terms and conditions of the Said Option Agreements. By a Letter dated 2 June 2017, the commencement date to exercise the Option to Lease was extended to 31 December 2019.

(b) Conditional Sale and Purchase Agreement dated 13 September 2013 and supplemented by a Letter dated 7 February 2014 and a Supplemental Conditional Sale and Purchase Agreement dated 12 May 2014 (collectively, the “Said Sale and Purchase Agreement”) entered into between PP.SW as vendor and True Excel as purchaser for the purchase by True Excel of the second to seventh floors of a mall to be constructed in Sangkat Kakap, Khan Dang Kor, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (“Property”) for an indicative consideration of approximately US$75.09 million equivalent to approximately RM247.80 million) to be satisfied wholly in cash upon the terms and conditions of the Said Sale and Purchase Agreements. By a Letter dated 2 June 2017, the handover date of the Property was extended until 31 December 2019 for PP.SW to complete and hand over the Property to True Excel.

Anything strike your mind?

(a) Why Security Deposits amount to USD 42 million (RM 138.60 million)? Is it normal?
(b) Why Parkson need to pay USD 75.09 million (RM 247.80 million) to WC for something it does not required to operate as a Retailer? Note: Phnom Penh has no capacity to support operation of a shopping mall for its low income population.
(c) Why postpone till 31.12.2019? Building not yet constructed? Why no penalty clause for late delivery on VP?
(d) Is transaction done at arms-length?
(e) With RM 386.40 million, is it better for Parkson to build the Mall by itself?
(f) Do you think WC still has money to build the Mall ?
(f) If WC has no money to build the Mall, the project will be abandon just like Lion City Mall Melaka. How to recover the money already paid to WC?

Coupled with all adverse publicity for not making due deligence when coming to open up new outlets, Parkson is famous for closing down stalls within 3 years. One litigation after another.
Maju Junction grantor very likely to institute legal action against Parkson for closing down after operating for only 2 years.............
13/02/2018 15:08
Why_ ks55 not banned by i3? Unfair to con people with his not true posts.

ks55 Tomorrow 40 sen
12/02/2018 22:58
13/02/2018 16:50
apolloang already green tomoro can 40cts? are u a sorchai?
14/02/2018 10:26
Buy_ PRGL up 5 sen.
14/02/2018 21:21
Leesk Happy Chinese new year. hope the new year will be good for for Parkson.
15/02/2018 11:38
Pen6 恭喜共喜怕剩狗年旺旺叫,Lima puluh sen saja, murah murah ,旺旺旺旺旺旺旺
16/02/2018 21:15

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