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13/02/2018 0.48 0.75 +0.27 (56.25%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
23/11/2017 0.59 0.75 +0.16 (27.12%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
23/11/2017 0.59 0.88 +0.29 (49.15%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
13/02/2018  PUBLIC BANK Parkson Holdings Berhad - Settlement Reached
23/11/2017  PUBLIC BANK Parkson Holdings Berhad - China Making Progress
23/11/2017  KENANGA Parkson Holdings - Seasonally Weak, Losses Narrowing

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joetay Post removed. Why?
26/04/2018 08:49
curious2 Retail sector to improve post-GE14
26/04/2018 21:55
joetay Post removed. Why?
28/04/2018 22:00
joetay Post removed. Why?
28/04/2018 23:36
lion188 Another lousy shareholder. Why not you ask why everyday got people die?

Lion88 PRA fell around 15% towards the end of trading.
Any big news coming?
25/04/2018 17:07
30/04/2018 17:33
joetay Post removed. Why?
30/04/2018 17:36
Parkson8888 Why nobody read my earlier posts? Each time joetay or ks55 appear here click report abuse all their posts until remove.
30/04/2018 17:42
joetay Post removed. Why?
30/04/2018 18:06
parksonnewbie joetay why is JCY hitting new low? When can JCY enter PN17? Pls answer as I am newbie.
30/04/2018 20:30
joetay Post removed. Why?
30/04/2018 20:49
joetay Post removed. Why?
01/05/2018 09:57
issac99289928 Parkson Retail Asia posts Q3 loss of S$7.8m

03/05/2018 04:53
joetay Post removed. Why?
03/05/2018 08:50
Jeffreyteck Believe it will be similar to other lion stocks. Short term speculative play is possible as price is low but that doesn't mean it is cheap. With the current price, there are other stocks which are able to give reasonable dividends. Bankers may have started to cry amid its performance. Good luck everyone.
05/05/2018 10:16
contrarian Possible turnaround ctr if PH win GE. Proven no hope under BN last 5 years.
05/05/2018 10:24
Parkson8888 I read Jeffreyteck posts but actually he only bought Pantech-W. Cakap tak serupa bikin punya orang. This people can we trust him? Can Pantech-W give dividend?

Posted by Jeffreyteck > May 2, 2018 01:18 PM | Report Abuse
Since mother share is not performing, changed to its baby warrant as the premium is not much compared to others stock warrants but risk remains and liquidity is a problem as spread is too wide. Good luck.

Jeffreyteck Believe it will be similar to other lion stocks. Short term speculative play is possible as price is low but that doesn't mean it is cheap. With the current price, there are other stocks which are able to give reasonable dividends. Bankers may have started to cry amid its performance. Good luck everyone.
05/05/2018 10:16
06/05/2018 10:47
ivan95111 Bought at 40 sen. PRGL up 4 sen to HKD 97 sen.
07/05/2018 23:06
JuniorR Why Parkson past 3 years rarely come out in the news? During their share-buyback, cimb initially would give the figures in their research report then suddenly no more. The Star also stopped mentioning about Parkson in stock section. And when there is good news, it is always somehow reported as negative. Only a few news/research were unbiased.

Will news be more true and honest now? This may return confidence to Parkson stock.

Bought 42 sen.
15/05/2018 15:33
JuniorR Parkson Undervalued by Morningstar 15/05/2018


Price/Book 0.2, Sector Median 1.9
Price/Sales 0.1, Sector Median 1.1
16/05/2018 11:36
curious2 MoF: GST will be 0% from June onwards
16/05/2018 20:49
Striker90 EnGine start, PARKSON gonna turn green on coming q result
17/05/2018 09:14
Kang Yao How can parkson turnaround as more brands heading towards setting up own store with dedicated sales personnel, china side start to integrate experiential space for shoppers.

At the same time, parkson will be whacked by online shopping, shopee just release their quarter earning, you can see how much their sales grow. now its common people compare price with online on the spot, for brand store, they snchronized online price with store price. but how parkson can do that?
17/05/2018 09:59
kelvin61 There will be no more joetay and ks55 going forward in this space. They will be history like the b-end government. Parkson on the way up and not looking back anymore with gst gone. Cheers.
17/05/2018 10:36
JuniorR Kan Yao.. Parkson's turnaround story is updated in their reports. If you grow banana you most likely cannot open up shops everywhere and sell banana alone. You need dake/gege to help. Online shopping is currently buying into brick&mortar and makes up only a small faction of retail. By the way, Parkson has gone online by themselves and via J-V with Secoo.

Fund managers, do realise this stock is one of the cheapest with few shares afloat with fantastic asset valuation and sales story. Stop making little money. Buy, change your narrative and become the top fund for 2018. Cheers.
17/05/2018 11:04
stock1288 with the removal of GST which is the greatest stumbling block to Parkson, the share price should continue to rise. Immediate target 50sen, followed by 60 & 80.
17/05/2018 11:08
BlackWhite This time I can see people in the supermarket n store , retail will pick when gst all gone
21/05/2018 09:47
Hock88 百盛集团(03368)发布2018年首季业绩,季度同店销售上升1.7%;销售所得款项总额同比减少1.9%至43.24亿元人民币(单位下同)。经营收益总额同比上升2.9%至12.1亿元;商品销售毛利率同比上升0.2%至15.7%。

21/05/2018 17:29
Hock88 百盛集团(03368)首季公司所有人应占利润上升37.6倍至4414.9万元
21/05/2018 17:33
Striker90 Opps 被发现了,收票要快
21/05/2018 21:16
JuniorR Sleeping giant is waking up. Parkson is set to be one of the biggest gainers for 2018.

Parkson Retail Group Ltd First Quarter (Q1) 2018 Results
(Parkson China making up ~70% Parkson Bhd's biz)

Total operating Revenue Increase: UP 2.9% to RMB 1,291.1mil / RM 804.19mil
Merchandise Gross Margin Increase: UP to 15.7%
Operating PROFIT INCREASE: UP 181.7% to RMB 87.9mil / RM 54.75mil

As at 31 March 2018, the Group operated and managed a diversified collection of retail formats – including 44 department stores, 1 shopping mall, 2 Parkson Newcore Citymalls, supermarkets, fashion and food & beverage outlets in over 30 major cities across China.

You have to love PROFIT and latest CASH total of RMB 5.1 BILLION or ~RM 3.2 BILLION!

Share price up 10sen, 20sen, 40 sen, more?
21/05/2018 22:32
kelvin61 Parkson will be back on the radar screen of fund managers soon. Kudos to WC for turning around Parkson with his sheer determination,cheers.
22/05/2018 08:16
LV888 Buy more tomorrow, current price is still below my average cost, still early for profit taking.
22/05/2018 20:32
sniper8 https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/05/22/publicinvest-positive-over-parkson-china-transformation/
23/05/2018 03:31
gordon82 In long run departmental store need revolution / new idea to attract purchaser, because nowadays more and more people shopping through internet website.
23/05/2018 09:31
Teapot what is the expected price?
23/05/2018 09:31
Leesk as long as Parkson share price is climbing it is ok
23/05/2018 11:04
JuniorR Parkson is/has gone ONLINE i.e. via Secoo in China (makes up 70% of our sales).

Jan 2018 Parkson goes online news;
( http://ir.secoo.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=254624&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2327840 )
This could mean Parkson should now be valued as an online biz with high valuations & multiples. Possible?

Please share your ideas what more can Parkson do besides everything that we have done and are doing successfully so far? RM54.75mil operating profit this quarter!

Target price same RM2 & above.
23/05/2018 11:10
gordon82 depends on the profit made after all...the current RM0.50++ is a fair value according to its market cap.
23/05/2018 12:00
ivan9511 Yes my old friend parkson also up
Yes limit uppppppp
Limtit upppppppp
Limit upppppppppp
Easy money
23/05/2018 12:49
ivan9511 limit uppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
23/05/2018 13:35
Striker90 http://www.parksongroup.com.cn/html_cn/about_parkson/Profile.php
23/05/2018 20:42
Striker90 Pls do some homework before buying, at least knowing what happend behind, kudos to the China transformation strategy
23/05/2018 20:43
Striker90 Next catalyst coming from GST abolish
23/05/2018 20:43
Striker90 Even ALIBABA/ AMAZON recently acquire large scale retails store, they foresee the important of real store and how to make use of it for synergistic effect by combine online selling
23/05/2018 20:44
Striker90 Coming QR estimate 3M profit, the dragon waking up
23/05/2018 20:45
Jon Choivo My cost is 405 haha, will be an interesting week.
23/05/2018 20:50
curious2 PRGL up 6 sen to HKD 1.06. PRA up 1 sen or 20%.
23/05/2018 21:06
curious2 Cosmetics, food and related products, general merchandise(?) Parkson future?
23/05/2018 21:08
Teapot gone?
24/05/2018 09:29
pakatan_harapan2 PRGL still up 1 sen. PH no GST start 1st June'18 will help PRA.
24/05/2018 11:50

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