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05/03/2018 3.94 5.00 +1.06 (26.90%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News

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05/03/2018  PUBLIC BANK DKSH Holdings (M) Berhad - Subdued Growth But Attractive Valuation

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paoblocrk opps we have to take out gain on disposal of shareholding of CHF9.6m from the result... my bad, but EBIT still great.
09/02/2017 10:58
dudu Nobody buy this share?
Nobody...nobody but you !
Nobody...nobody but you !
17/02/2017 11:58
gnail go to rm 6 please
18/02/2017 10:29
Flintstones Results was good but not very good. Thanks for the sweet ride, I am selling at tomorrow's open.
21/02/2017 17:48
Bigbull99 http://www.malaysiastock.biz/Corporate-Infomation.aspx?securityCode=5908 if this is not very good I don't know what is. 33% Y-O-Y and massive increase Q-O-Q.
21/02/2017 18:22
Starleague Hi all,

Thought the 4Q16 result was quite commendable actually. Few thoughts from myself:-

1. 4Q16 reported net profits of RM13.4m grew by +32% year-on-year whilst FY2016 reported net profit of RM50.5m was also up 37%. How many companies in Malaysia can grow net profits by >20%. Recall that they got hit by RM15m worth of inventory impairments this year which was one-off in nature and should not recur next year again. Excluding this amount, profits would have been up 70% yoy.

2. Total cash balance of RM125m improved by +17% yoy (recall cash went to near-zero in 3Q16). In fact they had some surplus cash and actually repaid back some borrowings (RM6m). Net cash is 5% of total market capitalization now. Remember this is a distribution business model and quarterly cash balances will fluctuate given the working capital requirements however they closed their balance sheet on a clean slate.

3. Not only did they close their balance sheet on a clean slate, read their cash flow statement and consider the immense cash-generation potential of their business. FY2016A free cash flow (operating cash flow less investing cash flow) totaled RM39.2m. This is equivalent to a free cash yield of approx. 5%.

Organic growth excluding the telecommunications client for their logistics segment grew by "strong double digits" whilst marketing and distribution grew by 5.3%.

Free cash flow generation even more this year as the business grows organically (high single digits) whilst they have finished their large capital expenditure projects (shifting HQ in Petaling Jaya and East Malaysian warehouse expansion). Hence, FCF yield should be closer to 5.5-6.0% this year.

4. Those closely following the stock would tell you that several large expense and one-off items will (or should not) not recur into FY2017.

(a) One-off provisions for impairment of trade receivables of RM15m (note that you can provide for but also collect back, if you are successful).

(b) One-off office relocation costs and warehouse capex growth in East Malaysia

(c) Change in telecommunications clients would dragged down revenue and profitability.

This means that FY2016 provides a base year for an even stronger FY2017.

5. Their outlook statement also reads positively on its own and compared against FY2016:-

4Q16 outlook statement:
The Group takes a positive outlook on 2017. Market conditions remain variable but are expected
to be largely similar to 2016. Costs remain stable and no major expenses or infrastructure
upgrades are planned in 2017 as the recently improved infrastructure remains able to support
the growth currently being experienced. Revenues are expected to resume growth in 2017 as
there will no longer be an effect of the change in telecommunications client.

4Q15 outlook statement:
The Group takes a cautiously optimistic outlook on 2016. Market conditions remain challenging, particularly following the implementation of GST, which continues to effect consumer demand to a certain extent.

6. They have hired Stephen Ferraby as a Non-Executive Director. Importantly, he is part of DKSH Switzerland (parent company) management committee which tells you the Malaysian business has grown to be of significance and they will be placing a greater emphasis on the Malaysian business (i.e. not just a small tiny subsidiary). This is a net small positive.

Of greater importance, is that the parent company will have a new CEO, Stefan Butz (48 years old) whom will replace the old guard (Dr. Joerge Woller) and run the business with greater energy.

All-in-all, barring liquidity, this is arguably one of the better managed companies left in Bursa Malaysia with extremely high barriers to entry and low capital intensity with reasonable valuations. The parent company trades at 24x 2017 PER whilst the Malaysian business trades at 16.5x trailing FY2016 PER or 13-14x 2017 PER, on my estimates. Good luck to all.
21/02/2017 22:19
sumato88 DKSH reported RM13.4m profit in 4Q16, +32.6% yoy & +146.2% qoq. This brings its full year 2016 profit to RM50.5m, +37% yoy. If we adjust the one-off impairment on receivables of rm15m in 2016, the full year core profit +70% yoy, translating to a record core profit of RM62m (13.4x FY16 PE). Since its inception, DKSH has never record core profit of more than RM60m p.a. This is literally a record year for the co!

As I expected, operating cash flow return to positive and the co closed the account with RM42.9m net cash as at FY16. I think this helps to clear the air as some investors were worry about the "deteriorating" cash flow in 3Q16.

Management's tone on 2017 outlook is upbeat vs cautious view on 2016 when IR reported its 4Q15 results last year. Organic growth for the revenue was at high single digit in 2016, after adjusting for the impact of change of clientele for telco prepaid card.

Going forward, the co is expected to continue to grow its revenue at mid to high single digit, while profit is expected to grow at 3x of its top line growth as I explained in my first article earlier. Assuming 20% core profit growth in 2017, DKSH is trading at 11x FY17 PE, or 8.2x PE if you exclude the net cash and net working capital (RM457m) as at FY16.

Again, for a distributor of healthcare and fmcg products, net working capital is as good as cash and that serves as a basis for the high teens PE multiples that most of the dominant distributor trading at, including DKSH Swiss which is trading at 20x fy17 PE.

By valuing the co at 17x FY17, the fair value would be RM8.00, translating to 52% upside from the current price.

I am happy with the performance indeed.
22/02/2017 01:22
Flintstones Guess Mr Market agrees with me. DKSH is a good stock but there are much better opportunities out there
22/02/2017 09:46
dotasifu drop so much today...with huge wolume..
22/02/2017 22:47
Flintstones Not much growth potential going forward. They have just lost two major customers. Although DKSH current assets are very liquid and as good as cash as what sumato claimed, investors will always look at the EPS first.
23/02/2017 18:42
Starleague Hi Flintstones - which two clients have they lost? They have deliberately dropped a telecommunications client that was dragging down profits. Whilst negative for 2016, this is a positive development for 2017.
24/02/2017 14:52
hoKT55 Not much growth potential already. Weakening ringgit will cut margin going forward. Petrol price already shoot up 21% this year! Oil price go up more is very bad for DKSH. Potential to suffer loss this year. Target price is RM 3!
26/02/2017 13:40
hoKT55 Not much growth potential already. Weakening ringgit will cut margin going forward. Petrol price already shoot up 21% this year! Oil price go up more is very bad for DKSH. Potential to suffer loss this year. Target price is RM 3!
26/02/2017 13:40
paoblocrk @Sumato88, I believe in you... hahahaha at this rate, I am so tempted to continue to sapu somemore DKSH as fixed deposit. hahahahaha.....

RM8.... I think you may have conservatively slightly undervaluing DKSH, I think u should value it at 20x like its parent in Swiss which is at RM9.4, since we are in a developing country and there are more room for growth, and as more manufacturing company is moving to specialization, definitely they will be needing DKSH's B2C or B2B outsourcing services. (this is assuming there are no other shocks like impairment of receivables or inventories anymore in future.)

I always like this kind of stock that gives transparent and honest earnings rather than other goreng-goreng stock, if the honesty and integrity continue, hopefully one day it be like PETDAG or Public Bank.... fly to RM23 or 24 ( Just my dreams)......
27/02/2017 10:34
Flintstones Hahahahahahahahahahahhaaha
28/02/2017 13:35
michaelwong There is no wrong sleeping on a giant wonderful mattress . ......kekeke !
28/02/2017 18:27
greatwall and listening to the toad crying wong! wong! wong!
28/02/2017 18:56
paoblocrk Jack Ma coming over.. and probably DKSH is a beneficiary of the E commerce hub?
28/03/2017 10:22
Tchutcha88 Possibility is low...anyway still way undervalued share. Time will gives this share a fair valuation.
07/04/2017 00:12
suregain Bought 4.81
25/04/2017 13:21
suregain sold 4.86
25/04/2017 16:38
kenlaw after two months holding , paper gain 8%
12/05/2017 23:11
Tchutcha88 LOL. sad for you suregain.... As I said previously, time will gives this share a fair valuation. Today close RM 5.26.
22/05/2017 23:45
ongkh98 Latest Quarterly Result ... sales improved slightly but bottom line is not as good as last quarter and the same quarter last year, :(((
24/05/2017 18:40
100000310560684 people is selling
25/05/2017 09:47
KLCI King Good company with bad price performance
25/05/2017 16:55
suregain tcuchucha must b shaking like hell.. hahahahah
25/05/2017 17:01
Humble_Investor There has been 753 lots (of 1000 units per lot) cross traded last 2 days @ RM5.00. Anyone has more info? TQ.
22/06/2017 13:51
lazycat this is another victim of e-commerce , probably will suffer the same fate as parkson
09/08/2017 19:02
suregain Poor result.. no show tomorow
09/08/2017 19:55
apolloang poor results yet 5.00.....likely cannot down much due to low liquidity.but if didn't down much,if will gradually slow slow down.better avoid this stock until next quarter
09/08/2017 20:22
Stock Kingdom Volume very low, easily get trapped, beware
09/08/2017 21:00
kyong The quarterly result is quite alright. Although the Opex has increased, it is still the second best quarter over the paste two years.
10/08/2017 00:21
kyong Q2Q is improving.
10/08/2017 00:24
kyong Probably due to Hari Raya festival.
10/08/2017 00:25
kyong If next quarter can also see the similar improvement, it would mean that the business is really recovered.
10/08/2017 00:27
kyong Should have a good chance to see some improvement in the share price.
10/08/2017 00:30
nori dksh human resource staff in malaysia are good for nothing. They should be fired.
02/09/2017 13:41
Booyeah Post removed. Why?
07/10/2017 09:57
kyong OMG! What happened to this counter? Drop like mad !!!
22/11/2017 16:31
kyong Anyone can share any news?
22/11/2017 16:31
pakau stable company, perhaps the online B2C threaten distribution chain business.. thanks jack ma
23/11/2017 11:56
cpng 新山驚爆美贊臣(Mead Johnson)奶粉遭假冒的事件。
Now you know the reason why share price plunge to 52 weeks new low.
13/12/2017 00:05
cpng The baby milk powder issues are getting worse , expect more selling coming in.
15/12/2017 10:43
cpng DKSH 一路来没有成交量,今天又出现新卖压,证明有内线人又有新消息,自己先跑票!
15/12/2017 11:10
gnail what happen to dksh? gg?
17/01/2018 14:58
Roger Lim Tau Kiat 看来是要再大涨了。
12/03/2018 22:06
yangstockwatch No more gst... dksh shall return.... watch.
22/05/2018 10:20
Acon888 what the fuck, fall 48 sen ?
30/06/2018 00:22
BlackWhite Rise only 30sen
02/07/2018 20:44

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