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hollandking so bad? Fahmi gave a RIP tag, must be very serious
05/03/2018 22:21
r°Moi Puncak is misunderstood now.... rosi discount is too high now.... kahhoeng discount also growing out of hand now
06/03/2018 08:18
r°Moi If it is a brand new company... and it has RM300m cash money... a fairly big plantation subsidiary.... few sweetheart goverment concessions subsidiaries.... plus likely some new businesses possibilities. ... would you buy it at current price which is so lowly?
06/03/2018 08:42
yychen88 wth is happening wei... big loss liao... zzzz
06/03/2018 12:01
yychen88 now sangkut already, sell also bukan, keep also bukan....
06/03/2018 12:01
rogers123 Kahhoeng loss until mun cant recognize her kid
06/03/2018 13:15
rogers123 1.80++ is kahheong price
06/03/2018 13:16
rogers123 If he cut loss at 1.00++ he will be vety happy now
06/03/2018 13:18
rogers123 I bought 20k last year. I also treat it as a rubbish.
06/03/2018 13:18
rogers123 Puncak loss so much money because of the lousy management team especially rozali's son. He is not capable at all to be the boss. Because of his father, he got the position. Wat's a shame. It is very stupid as kahhoeng to put a hope in puncak. The management is stupid n kahhoeng is more stupid than them to bet ur money on them. A good management team should be able to make a good decision to stop any future's loss, not as puncak bleeding all the way. Bought the immature plantation is an insane decision. U will continue make loss until ur trees r mature. How much capital u need to invest to plant all the trees. The cpo price is uncertain in the future.... Acquire another land from rozali business is also a very very silly decision. U already have so many lands. No point to acquire more. May be rozali need money n puncak bought it for rzl's interest. This kind of person, can u put trust to them?
06/03/2018 13:29
rogers123 Kahhoemg: u should stop average it down. There r so many stocks r undervalue which give a good dividend
06/03/2018 13:31
kahhoeng rogers123, thanks for your advice, will take into consideration. I haven't bought a share since below 0.70. Depending on how the next quarter report is presented, probably will add some to average down if still below 0.55.
06/03/2018 15:02
rogers123 U wan to average down? R u crazy?
06/03/2018 16:24
sitia roger123, I think u also trap in this stock. If not, u won't waste time commenting here so much.
06/03/2018 17:02
kahhoeng roger123, I said "probably" will, "depending" on coming quarter report.
06/03/2018 17:59
rogers123 No. I only bought 20k last year for fun. But i knew alot about puncak. May be because of work or.....
06/03/2018 20:09
rogers123 I already warned kahhoeng before the announcement of special dividend. I saw kahhoeng is on the wrong track
06/03/2018 20:13
baiyuensheng roger123: so what shd we do?
07/03/2018 10:57
sitia what is kahheong to u, rogers123? Your bf?
07/03/2018 11:37
rogers123 Cut loss is too late
07/03/2018 19:13
mf bj Run
07/03/2018 19:14
stkoay I like sitia's comment.........haha.

hello, how is everybody still doing.....

long time no hear.
09/03/2018 14:23
jacklintan hello everyone. long long time no hear. haha :)
09/03/2018 19:24
jacklintan hello stkoay.
09/03/2018 19:25
stkoay hello jacklintan, when are you coming to my home town for holidays?
your good friend 119 is still very active at KSL......haha....:)
10/03/2018 01:30
Faiza Vomit blood
40 comin
10/03/2018 18:41
traderman lol. are you all kidding me? still keep till now.
10/03/2018 22:04
traderman still dream the CEO will share profit with you all?
10/03/2018 22:11
yychen88 40 cent... haihz... kahhoeng... I think I may average it down too... too much loss now.
12/03/2018 10:06
sitia CEO is dilemma. He won't think about not sharing profit with u guys.
He now need to start lawsuit asap to the ex-menteri besar selangor that have put him to sign the stupid contract.

with Rozali buying over TRIPLC at premium, I wonder what kind of contruction projects coming in for them
13/03/2018 10:32
rogers123 Rozali bought triplc because he wan cash to privatise puncak
13/03/2018 13:35
rogers123 Paid premium in order to get high dividend to privatise puncak at minimal price
13/03/2018 13:36
sitia wah..money laundering in Puncak????
14/03/2018 12:30
r°Moi .

Do a paradigm shift

Dont cling on on to that big 1b.. past is past already

Try to see it differently

See... Puncak as a born again virgin fresh company

Max 50m more kitchen sinking only... if any

Puncak shedding its old business legacies

1 2 or 3 new purchases/businesses real possibility

Puncak not a going under PN17 company

And with rosi you know wildcard post GE

16/03/2018 08:12
r°Moi Poll results predict Kelantan no longer under Hadi... post GE
16/03/2018 08:21
r°Moi .
Bring PAS 3 party fight strategy.... to Kelantan to use it on Hadi.... even 4 corner fight if necessary.... hand BN the victory...

Kelantan no more Hadi l.. post GE

Imagine the spoils for rosi......

16/03/2018 08:51
r°Moi No small fly Dr Gabriel Peter Salgo...
17/03/2018 08:23
Miz Raya Bloom to me moi like this, never mix business and politic, politic landscape selalu change, this company don't care shareholders lerr, so macam mana nak hidup lama, politik & X peduli minority shareholders, only when meeting kasi good makan, after that I X kenal you attitude, cari company lain, banyak ada bagus
17/03/2018 08:43
rogers123 I like Jadekind product. Another way to dump money
20/03/2018 21:47
firehawk rogers123 Kahhoeng loss until mun cant recognize her kid
06/03/2018 13:15

rogers123 1.80++ is kahheong price
06/03/2018 13:16

rogers123 If he cut loss at 1.00++ he will be vety happy now
06/03/2018 13:18

I think the other die hard supporter also suffer huge loss .... but she is good in hiding herself + good in rhetoric (posting rubbish but occupy lengthy place to show her outstanding personality)
30/03/2018 10:44
kahhoeng http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5753993

Pursuant to Paragraph 10.05 of the Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, the Board of Directors of Puncak wishes to announce that the Company’s wholly-owned sub-subsidiary, KGL Ltd. (“KGL” or the “Seller”) had on 10 April 2018 entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (“MOA”) with SOMAP International Pte Ltd (“SOMAP” or the “Buyer”) for the proposed disposal of KGL’s pipelay barge - DLB264 (“Vessel”) together with the open yard items by KGL to SOMAP for a total cash consideration of United States Dollars Three Million Three Hundred Nine Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Eight and Cents Fifty (USD3,309,458.50) only including 6% Goods & Services Tax (“GST”) (equivalent to Ringgit Malaysia Twelve Million Seven Hundred Eighty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Three and Sen Forty Six (RM12,782,783.46) only including 6% GST) (“Purchase Price”) (“Proposed Disposal”).
10/04/2018 18:40
rogers123 Dont Buy puncak. Is a trap
13/04/2018 14:45
kahhoeng good point...
13/04/2018 19:09
r°Moi .

Capitalisation now equals amout paid for TRIplc

Thanks to rosi for his brilliant strategy doing RPT

Else capitalisation equals absolute zero already

42.70%×499,284,000×(1.20−0.48) = 153,499,872 the loss of rosi

Biggest loser is rosi

14/04/2018 14:05
ttstay20031 rogers123 i will keep buying Puncak .Just like Saprng
16/04/2018 10:17
Lim Tek Wai Do a paradigm shift
16/04/2018 11:48
abcde12345 keep all of it
16/04/2018 13:22
Jessie Ng kkeeepep that
16/04/2018 13:37
rogers123 ttstay20031: Good job! Bought a company with no earning. No future. If Harapan win this time, uitm contract will review again. The second kahhoeng. No point to buy a company with continuously loss. There are many other good companies. If u wan to buy puncak u better buy Jtiasa
19/04/2018 01:14
rogers123 After election i will concentrate at Jtiasa, kps..... Under my watch list.
19/04/2018 01:15

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