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voon1900 weird...when people earn,they never write any to sc...when lost they blame n write to sc..which i think is NO USE AT ALL!ADMIT FAILURE..ANOTHER SELLDOWN TO 80sen,U WIL BE THANKING ME INSTEAD OF RIP!
08/12/2016 10:02
08/12/2016 10:27
voon1900 hng lately x gud really...ta,puncak,jtiasa all becum long term invest!lol
08/12/2016 10:28
steveooikp voon-san

all counters drop lah.... wtf can we do?

o & g counters can collect a bit loh....

cheap... so long as wont bankrupt...

I am still collecting coastal.... keep on collecting...

good cash position, good order books and good mgmt.
08/12/2016 10:34
voon1900 hw count as collect?1lot2lot?lol
08/12/2016 10:52
steveooikp voon san
such difficult time in o&g.
coastal can still maintain profit, consider as not bad, honest and reliable mgmt, no hanky panky in their mgmt.

then wat do you expect? when up then chase?
08/12/2016 11:02
voon1900 if kyy in tis ,sure it wil up
08/12/2016 11:30
steveooikp voon san

90 sen in puncak is cheap lah.

so much cash on hand....

if the mgmt is sensible, just close 1 eye to buy some profitable listed companies can aldy sustain and turn the QR into black.
08/12/2016 11:33
steveooikp even osk.

next QR, pjd profit will reflect in OSK's QR....

then you can see the EPS increase and NTA increase.
08/12/2016 11:35
voon1900 who r u to say tat?u oso wanna profit a few cent n dump to other...bt difficult lo
08/12/2016 11:43
voon1900 i guest when it go up to 95cent,u alr cabut lo
08/12/2016 11:45
voon1900 pray for u
08/12/2016 11:45
kahhoeng haha... Puncak needs to only buy back shares, the company has over 1.1 billion cash but the market cap is less than 420 million. Buy out all shareholders, including Rozali, and the management is getting 700 million cash plus lands for free. Luckily, I am not selling my shares...
08/12/2016 12:52
Up_down Sad to say.... no action has been taken to support the share price even though plenty of cash is available. It seems that Rozali is very happy to see the share price keeps hitting lower.....non of his business.
08/12/2016 13:03
steveooikp supported at 0.90.
08/12/2016 14:52
steveooikp a price lower than the cash level.
08/12/2016 14:53
kk1234 Con stock. Why only loss QR but no dividend?
08/12/2016 22:11
steveooikp kk1234


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Dec 8, 2016 10:35 PM | Report Abuse

Con stock.


Dec 8, 2016 10:34 PM | Report Abuse

Con Cold Eye stock.


Dec 8, 2016 10:11 PM | Report Abuse

Con stock. Why only loss QR but no dividend?


Dec 8, 2016 10:10 PM | Report Abuse

Con stock. Never pay any dividend but only have loss QR.


Dec 8, 2016 10:09 PM | Report Abuse

Con stock. Never pay any dividend but only ask for money(RI).
09/12/2016 07:19
steveooikp kk1234 - all are con stocks....
but there are still a lot of ppl here
09/12/2016 07:19
steveooikp tahan at 90 sen
09/12/2016 10:01
steveooikp this stock worth more than RM 2.50
09/12/2016 10:01
hng33 buying momentum return back :D)
09/12/2016 11:11
steveooikp hng33 -- you are back...
let me know when you sell.
09/12/2016 11:16
hng33 I am holding Puncak at average cost RM 1.01+ , i will wait and hold tight for outcome deal between Puncak and triplc.
09/12/2016 11:21
steveooikp ok. hng33.... let me know when you sell...
09/12/2016 13:09
moneycashrich Welcome back hng33. You are the more talkative one.
09/12/2016 14:57
rogers123 Hng33: dont lie again. Ur cost wont be 1.01. Hahaha u buy at 1.20++
09/12/2016 16:30
rogers123 My cost is 0.925
09/12/2016 16:31
voon1900 my cost is 80sen
09/12/2016 16:33
rogers123 Wondering how is ur iwcity? Called to buy at 0.92 but now only 0.80. Just in one month. Wat is ur average cost? Hng. Sorry i forget something. U have an infinity money to average up. Syok sendiri
09/12/2016 16:37
rogers123 If people who followed ur talk in this forum. 80% of people knew that u r lying. Plz la. Dont talk sh*t here. Is guilty.... Singkalan
09/12/2016 16:40
voon1900 roger dun be fxxking bark here
09/12/2016 16:42
steveooikp roger125.

iwcity .... you must be patient...

plenty of landbanks.... hehehe.... you know who is iwcity background boss?
09/12/2016 16:45
rogers123 Voon: Check my previous comment for puncak before accusing me.
09/12/2016 20:29
rogers123 Hng: U have been calling many many people clown. Hahahaha. Plz don fool people again. Buy call from 2.80++ until 0.90++. So funny
09/12/2016 20:31
rogers123 I can tell u i have bought 0.925, Waiting to sell at 1.00. Hahahaha
09/12/2016 20:32
rogers123 Voon is just a new comer in puncak. One day he will know Hng33 theory. "Averaging Down". Will learn the lesson
09/12/2016 20:33
rogers123 stevenooikp: Ibrahim Ismail
09/12/2016 20:35
rogers123 The problem is there is an oversupply in Johor. Iwcity is making loss every quarter. Who cares how many lands u have
09/12/2016 20:50
hng33 Hahaha, pity clown roger123, continue live under denial state, what a low life lolllll
10/12/2016 11:01
hng33 :DDD)
10/12/2016 11:02
steveooikp hng33 is merely telling what is he doing.
either we follow him or not, that is our own wish.
roger123 - hng33 is not a god, not every time win, right?
kyy is so rich and powerful, you think he wins everytime?

maybe overall, kyy lost a lost.

not to be forgotten - kyy got xinquan.....
10/12/2016 11:21
steveooikp puncak got so much cash....
more than RM 2 cash level....
very obvious.... any price below RM 1.50 is worth buying for puncak...
not to be forgotten, puncak also got other assets other than cash....

9x sens... is definitely is worth buying.... of course, nothing is absolute....
10/12/2016 11:27
steveooikp puncak got so much cash....
more than RM 2 cash level....
very obvious.... any price below RM 1.50 is worth buying for puncak...
not to be forgotten, puncak also got other assets other than cash....

9x sens... is definitely is worth buying.... of course, nothing is absolute....
10/12/2016 11:27
firehawk expert is very knowledge loaded + far-sighted ... while some are losing confidence, expert retreads the TP= 2.30 - 2.80, which is more 100% -200% return ... this would firming the investors confidence, is very important to do so .....

TP =2.30 -2.80!! (remains intact even after losses reported, bcos cash is still about 2.50)

when u reap huge profit, pls don forget to do some charities, show some cares to our soceity ....
10/12/2016 11:44
firehawk if u sell too early, u can't reap the 100-200% return .. pls remember expert endorses tp =2.30-2.80!
10/12/2016 11:47
steveooikp down time...
most counters .... profitable but price up 2 sen... then down 5 sen... 10 sen...
wat can we do...
wait only.... bcos there is no foreign speculators in bursa..... local retailers and sharks here...
10/12/2016 11:51
firehawk expert feels lucky .. not selling his shares earlier

(those sold earlier, pls don regret)
10/12/2016 12:19
rogers123 Hahaha. U dont understand who is hng. One day u will know.
10/12/2016 19:44
bracoli Hng is fast furious trader?
11/12/2016 01:29

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