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1.50 2.03     +0.53 (35.33%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
01/03/2018 1.56 1.75 +0.19 (12.18%) BUY MAYBANK Price Target News
13/02/2018 1.50 1.75 +0.25 (16.67%) BUY MAYBANK Price Target News
09/01/2018 1.73 2.25 +0.52 (30.06%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
23/11/2017 1.53 2.25 +0.72 (47.06%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
29/09/2017 1.61 2.10 +0.49 (30.43%) BUY UOBKayHian Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
01/03/2018  MAYBANK Yong Tai - Waiting for the Show to Start
13/02/2018  MAYBANK Yong Tai - Reliving Melaka’s Glory Days
09/01/2018  PUBLIC BANK Yong Tai Berhad - Growth Prospects Solidified
23/11/2017  PUBLIC BANK Yong Tai Berhad - All Plans On Track
29/09/2017  UOBKayHian Yong Tai - Time To Impress

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lohpeiyee Rm2 Coming soon, then will move toward Rm3 is just the matter of time, I have the confidence the company will be doing very well.
04/01/2018 17:13
skywolf i doubt can reach rm4. i guess this yr rm2, next yr maybe rm3 the max.
05/01/2018 16:48
Impression Impression City GDV of RM7B project is developing over a 10 years period. And everything is tourism related like The 400M Impression Theatre, Canal Cuise, 800M Terra Square Shopping Mall and The Yatch Club. More join venture announcements soon and sooner or later the RM4 will be a reality. Don't regret if you take profit now.
06/01/2018 23:38
lohpeiyee Charging up again today, very strong momentum, don't miss the boat before too late
08/01/2018 12:33
skywolf @Impression, why PA didn't follow mother and wa to move up?
08/01/2018 13:56
ironmania Some one recommend this counter..should go for or the other way round..hmm
09/01/2018 10:55
Ray Chong Worth to buy at this low price 1.63-1.65
09/01/2018 12:58
superbull08 70 % of 2018 Impression Melaka show ticket ..... SOLD

09/01/2018 13:29
1nv3st0r One day show?
09/01/2018 16:33
stockistlearner today mainly is sell on news. looks like there will be correction after the rally from 1.40, no need to rush in at this stage. based on it previous pattern, every time it breaks previous high, it will have a deep wash before spike again.
09/01/2018 21:56
superbull08 http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1718054/300%E4%B8%87%E5%BC%A0%E5%85%A5%E5%9C%BA%E5%88%B8%E8%8E%B7%E5%8C%85%E9%94%80%EF%BC%8E%E6%B0%B8%E5%A4%A73%E5%B9%B4%E8%90%A5%E6%94%B6%E7%A8%B3%E5%AE%9A

TP= RM 2.10- 2.36
11/01/2018 09:12
ksh9394 can som 1 share som info abt the agm?
12/01/2018 15:05
skywolf agm less ppl attend and only 2~3 ppl ask question.this year should be able to reflex something in the financial.

this stock like to wash people, lol. i am guessing 2018 RM2, 2019 RM3.
12/01/2018 15:29
skywolf no dividend in 2018. maybe got dividend in 2020. this is just my guessing.
12/01/2018 15:30
ksh9394 This is due to its agm is held at melaka. Holidays and closing many ppl cant attend
13/01/2018 11:40
stockistlearner the boss still need alot of cash to fund his projects. i dont think there is any dividend in near term.
15/01/2018 22:19
Lew Chin Hoong "Impression-Miss Liu Three Sister" Holding Bankrap - http://new.qq.com/omn/20171228/20171228A11EY2.html . anyone can comment about the success rate of Impression - Melaka?
17/01/2018 13:52
stockistlearner As i can understand the company bankrupt due to the high debt. This is different scenario to Yongtai.
I think not many can comment on the success rate of the coming Impression Melaka, unless you watch other Impression series in China.
17/01/2018 22:08
Impression Liu Sanjie series is own by an individual company. And the other 8 Impression Series are own by others. And totally not related to Impression Melaka.
21/01/2018 10:07
Ratman I am new , is it advisable to buy this yong tai ? Pls comment. Tq
21/01/2018 18:50
Lew Chin Hoong @ratman, dude.. u have to study, this is conceptual stock which circle around Impression Melaka Theater .
22/01/2018 10:49
Ratman Tq,Lew.
22/01/2018 20:15
Joshk Lets see if this is a gem in the making.
23/01/2018 16:27
jonathan_wong Very confident to yongtai for long term basis and it future potential.
24/01/2018 12:58
cn21 ***印象·刘三姐”破产:公司估值1.7亿 债务达15.8亿****

24/01/2018 13:55
cn21 impression city project may not be that successful............China tourist may not find the show that spectacular and eye opening.... And, can local tourist appreciate the impression series...??
24/01/2018 14:38
cn21 BUT....just to "goreng" the shares....may be it is OK!
24/01/2018 14:39
jonathan_wong Cannot judge earlier. Impression series melaka merge with local culture. Would special n attractive.
24/01/2018 15:29
skywolf AllianceDBS Research TP RM2.10
24/01/2018 15:38
Invest_168 Once it goring..it will fly to the sky...as this is related to fund from china.
24/01/2018 15:39
skywolf Ticketing sales agreement:This serves as a significant milestone for Yong Tai as the
collective Encore Melaka’s ticket sales of 1m has already
made up 91% of our annual assumption of 1.1m which is
based on 75% occupancy rate.

This is actually a good news...
24/01/2018 15:43
Impression http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/334797
24/01/2018 22:16
skywolf ceo did mention the delay caused by immigration matter during agm. :)
25/01/2018 09:13
stockistlearner yongtai during retrace can try some. when shoot up can sell. can try some at 1.50.
25/01/2018 14:19
Lew Chin Hoong the most safer entry point should be 1 week after the theater operate, by that time we can see some comment from social media and news.
25/01/2018 15:00
Invest_168 这印象马六甲如开始演出的话,一定会是马六甲必看必到的景点之一。这将是马六甲(也是大马)非常有代表性的文化歌剧表演。来马六甲的游客之多,冠全马第一,那肯定不在话下。所以可以肯定的,剧院一开演,一定会连连爆满!永泰这项投资看来能为公司带来滚滚财源。
29/01/2018 11:43
seius 1 week after theather operate? u gotta be kdding me, this is investing, lets see how much u going to buy if you see good comment and news release
30/01/2018 21:17
Impression Should buy before Theatre 's opening.
30/01/2018 22:06
stockistlearner buy on news? hahaha....
02/02/2018 09:53
fattie what's happening for yong tai... when all company rebound he silent... when other drop he follow drop....
09/02/2018 16:53
stockistlearner it is not abnormal for yongtai. the tickets mostly in the hands of the bosses. and when price rally for sometime, they will wash for a long while.
13/02/2018 11:00
verbatin1969 what is the interest yield for the PA? went to Bursa website and could not find anything. it only mention

"The Company have the sole discretion to decide whether to declare any non-cumulative dividend to the holders of ICPS. They do not have the right to participate in any additional distributions declared for ordinary shareholders"
16/02/2018 23:52
verbatin1969 meaning this is not usual type of PA where no interests will be paid? and only dividend and this is at the disretion of the company (meaning no dividend as well)
16/02/2018 23:54
trulyinvest Hl recomend buy... uptrend soon
24/02/2018 21:30
trulyinvest Engine started
26/02/2018 20:34
jumbojet up down up down counter
27/02/2018 14:56
fattie almost 11am but 0 volume?
28/02/2018 10:47
stockistlearner yongtai is not a buy now. market is turning to bearish. even yongtai got good news also can't stand the golbal selling pressure.
those buy at low can hold. those intend to buy in, better wait. could tren below 1.50 if market really negative.
05/03/2018 16:01
Lew Chin Hoong you can sell... i waiting to collect below 1 ~ 1.4, the theater going to open at May.
i wonder before/after election will drop or not, just standing by.
06/03/2018 21:49
trulyinvest add some at 1.50
13/03/2018 13:51

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