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2.96 4.50     +1.54 (52.03%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
23/02/2018 3.13 4.18 +1.05 (33.55%) BUY HLG Price Target News
15/01/2018 3.44 4.27 +0.83 (24.13%) BUY HLG Price Target News
09/01/2018 3.44 4.27 +0.83 (24.13%) BUY HLG Price Target News
24/11/2017 3.60 5.04 +1.44 (40.00%) BUY HLG Price Target News
30/10/2017 4.05 5.04 +0.99 (24.44%) BUY HLG Price Target News
19/09/2017 3.41 5.04 +1.63 (47.80%) BUY HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
23/02/2018  HLG Lii Hen Industries - FY17 Results – Within Expectation
15/01/2018  HLG Lii Hen Industries - Fire Insurance Claim
09/01/2018  HLG Lii Hen Industries - Fire Insurance Claim
24/11/2017  HLG Lii Hen Industries - 9M17 Results – Above Expectations
30/10/2017  HLG Lii Hen Industries - Factory caught on fire
19/09/2017  HLG Lii Hen Industries - Solid as Rock

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WiseVictor Those people who said bad result and sell, they seems like buying after told sell call lol
23/02/2018 09:20
darkstar Haha this is interesting..
23/02/2018 09:22
Beza Will wait at 2.2-2.5 after Exdate.
23/02/2018 09:24
Beza Not now!
23/02/2018 09:25
darkstar Sien
23/02/2018 09:37
Lanesra there are times where i dont even bother commenting in the forums anymore, but i cannot tahan
these trolls haha. good job.
+ 1 for Patrick123 comment
23/02/2018 09:46
apple168 Very interesting day.. shareholders hv strong faith on Liihen..
23/02/2018 17:07
Aries Sure we have.
23/02/2018 17:08
DkNY Latest TP 4.18
23/02/2018 17:22
darkstar We continue to like Lii Hen due to its strong balance sheet (net cash per share 29.6 sen as at 31 Dec 17), generous dividend payout (dividend yield of 7.5%) and ongoing efforts to adopt effective cost management. Moreover, we expect stable growth in the global furniture market due to growing real estate industry and increasing number of global retail stores.

Reiterate BUY with a lower TP of RM4.18 based on 10x FY18 EPS of 41.8sen.

Source: Hong Leong Investment Bank Research - 23 Feb 2018
23/02/2018 17:47
mmm222 Eps of 41.8 sen is history ,future earnings more important.
23/02/2018 18:00
darkstar 1USD: 3.92MYR
23/02/2018 19:35
kahsoon888 Buy and keep. Miss the boat when drop below rm2,
23/02/2018 20:05
geary http://www.valuewalk.com/2018/02/difference-great-traders-good-traders-art-totis-porcis/
24/02/2018 18:45
ongmari they want to control the price....what to do..else, pe at 10 at RM 4 is a matter of time..next quarter results will provide clearer pictures
26/02/2018 16:53
ongmari go and find other industry who can generate same pe,, top glove running at pe 20 still ppl buying....why pe 10 is not good....some no pe also trade multiple times....only short sighted investor will put negative comments on this counter....
28/02/2018 10:57
omgimnoob Apr - Sep results normally at the lower end.
01/03/2018 18:44
geary https://www.thebalance.com/making-money-with-the-dividend-growth-investing-strategy-357877
03/03/2018 23:08
ongmari 3 years consistency in PAT of EPS 35 to 40 cents should bring the price back to 4 to 4.5
05/03/2018 10:44
ongmari will Ringgit retest 4.3? after election
05/03/2018 10:45
geary https://corporate.morningstar.com/us/documents/Indexes/DIVGROWTH_2017.pdf
05/03/2018 13:30
Aries Geary, thank you for all the sharings. Learnt a lot from them.
05/03/2018 13:40
ongmari retest 3.3
05/03/2018 14:18
BursaTornado At last, up liao. I wait until my neck also long liao. Hahaha.
05/03/2018 15:13
BursaTornado My personal view.
In the long run ringgit will depreciate.
Because gov bo lui.
Inflation will up.
But not short term.

ongmari will Ringgit retest 4.3? after election

05/03/2018 10:45
05/03/2018 15:29
DkNY http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/announcements/view/28828813
05/03/2018 19:58
Patrick13 Liihen made a good deal. The agriculture land is for factory expansion purpose, and just opposite the newly developed furniture estate of Bukit Bakri.
And cost only RM15 per sqft, is quite cheap.
06/03/2018 08:54
czhen11 finally fly?can up to 4 with weakening usd?
06/03/2018 10:57
huahtai98 Business is still expanding
06/03/2018 13:25
darkstar Good move by Liihen
06/03/2018 18:13
grong Finally...Lii Hen is coming back
06/03/2018 18:54
chandra54 looks like sinking downwards!! hell!
07/03/2018 09:42
BursaTornado Thanks for sharing.

@Liihen made a good deal. The agriculture land is for factory expansion purpose, and just opposite the newly developed furniture estate of Bukit Bakri.
And cost only RM15 per sqft, is quite cheap.
07/03/2018 11:08
Ivan89 Buy try ,enjoy 8 cents dividend. Ex date tmr
08/03/2018 10:59
Slash_13 if I sell today, still entitled dividend?
newbie here
09/03/2018 10:10
Kensington Hi Slash, yes you're entitled to the dividend as the share is trading ex-dividend today. I suppose you do not want to hold on to your share and wait until end of April for the announcement of a final dividend before you decide to dispose it.
09/03/2018 10:30
hebeds y today gap down? cus of dividend?
09/03/2018 14:40
Slash_13 hi Kensington... I plan to hold it long term since the company are doing well n expansion plan.
09/03/2018 15:28
Slash_13 jz always confused with ex-date n entitlement date
09/03/2018 15:30
Slash_13 I stuck at 3.60 now...but still given me a 7% dividend
09/03/2018 15:33
Slash_13 thanks for ur advice Kensington
09/03/2018 15:34
tancl85 Low p/e ratio 7-8, consistent dividend payout for past 3 years 0.2x. Worth to hold for long term. If p/e 10, it is worth 4.xx
09/03/2018 16:05
geary http://www.morningstar.co.uk/uk/news/165611/how-to-spot-value-traps.aspx
11/03/2018 14:26
Pgraduate Past 3 years record may not reflect current sentiment.
These days is Trump, GE 14, trade war
12/03/2018 13:32
Pgraduate Don't know why after factory fire..things turned south esp share price from 4.30 to now
12/03/2018 13:34
BursaTornado USD depreciated.
Liihen and other company which earning in USD will be affected.

12/03/2018 16:06
Investor1688 Check out this review on Lii Hen - https://www.facebook.com/HoKokMun.StockInvestment/posts/225369671373725
15/03/2018 21:53
BursaTornado My think Donald Trump will not include furniture in the trade war. He is targeting commodities which are identical. Example, steel made in US is same with steel made in China. If one day he is targeting imported car, then the game is changed.
17/03/2018 14:54
omgimnoob Thanks to Ho Kok Mun, Liihen reaches RM2 level. Entry point is very important as he says :)
18/03/2018 09:41
RainT Still have people said low PE , high dividend , good FA ....Liihen is a buy

But they don't know Liihen price never up and forever also stuck there

Plus with current bad furniture sector .....Liihen will stuck in the price even longer
18/03/2018 12:03

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