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1.28 1.24     -0.04 (3.12%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
01/06/2018 1.25 1.24 -0.01 (0.80%) HOLD JF APEX Price Target News
27/02/2018 1.23 1.24 +0.01 (0.81%) HOLD JF APEX Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
01/06/2018  JF APEX HCK Capital Group Bhd - Slow Start to the Year
27/02/2018  JF APEX HCK Capital Group Bhd - Earnings Lifted by Fair Value Gain

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suregain up until i cant believe... everyday in top gainer
12/04/2017 12:18
suregain y designate? cannot designate la... volume so low.. means the gila speculator buy and shiok themselves... no retail folow ma
12/04/2017 12:19
Apollo Ang then make it to 10.00 lo....let bursa jealous
12/04/2017 14:23
Apollo Ang 6.50 already,no buy tomoro 7.50
12/04/2017 14:48
nick51 cnfirm? 7.50
12/04/2017 15:08
Apollo Ang dia punya suka lah if no UMA TRUMAN 10.00 pun boleh....haha
12/04/2017 15:09
Apollo Ang the car nobody control one.......bursa boleh aku buat sampai 15.00? tiap tiap hari naik 1 atau 2 ringgit
12/04/2017 15:16
Apollo Ang huat chu kang.....huat ar 6.54 already
12/04/2017 16:00
Flintstones Everyday up on low volume. The shark wanna con who?
12/04/2017 16:01
Apollo Ang UMA THURMAN sudah mai,limit down tomoro.....haha
12/04/2017 18:22
suregain At last, UMA
12/04/2017 20:03
Apollo Ang the director should reply he already cornered the stock.what bursa gonna do about that
12/04/2017 20:16
Flintstones lol uma thurman
12/04/2017 20:18
Koon Bee Own goreng?
12/04/2017 23:47
Apollo Ang u also can goreng, wanna buy 1000 share buy 10 times 100 share....haha
12/04/2017 23:48
Blacksails Vol. so low, should be delisted. Okay?
13/04/2017 11:34
pang72 The game is just started.
1st job is to launch the property project which is done.
2nd job is to create liquidity for buaya to goreng. It is doing now.
3rd job is to place the share to investors..not yet
4th job is to goreng kau kau...not yet
13/04/2017 14:18
pang72 Wait for durian jatuh!!! Trust the top team by Mr Hii
13/04/2017 14:25
pang72 Catching cheap fish today...
13/04/2017 17:08
pang72 Cheap fish limited, Shit!
14/04/2017 14:42
pang72 Still patiently catch
14/04/2017 14:42
Apollo Ang this is 100 share counter.....haha. every day all 100 share trades only
14/04/2017 14:43
pang72 Good la...I can make it limit up mah
14/04/2017 14:48
Apollo Ang now eat lo 5.60 only got 100 shares then eat 5.65 200 shares then eat 5.70 100 shares.....400 shares can make it up to 5.70 only use 2k over only
14/04/2017 14:50
Apollo Ang sendiri pump.....haha
14/04/2017 14:51
pang72 Hihi..
14/04/2017 15:00
pang72 Today just catch cheap fish..not for pumping
14/04/2017 15:39
pang72 Because UMA, need to show respect to SC...make the price down
14/04/2017 15:42
pang72 Next week only can do the project
14/04/2017 15:43
pang72 kenapa misai belum kasih push!!
18/04/2017 19:56
pang72 besok pushing pushing !!
18/04/2017 19:56
Dunhill 再来一次大涨
03/05/2017 12:20
CharlesT 30 shareholders own 98% of the co shares....No need to comply with min 25% public spread??
16/06/2017 14:20
Apollo Ang this stock wanna buy 1,000 units only also hard
16/06/2017 14:22
Chanteckfai CharlesT, sell JAKS already?
27/06/2017 21:58
Dunhill 买入
24/07/2017 09:52
Blacksails Right issue of warrants coming up soon? When? Anyone?
05/08/2017 04:34
apolloang just sold the last 2 days,very hard to sell at average 96cts only now whole market down this counter limit up. sharks been up to no good again
10/08/2017 15:11
apolloang no sell no up, sold boleh jadi miracle whole market up tapi dia pula boleh limit up......all control,apa saham pun sama
10/08/2017 15:13
apolloang bursa mata buta kah? no UMA....whole market down HCK limit up
10/08/2017 15:22
Lonewolfie http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/bursa-queries-hck-after-stock-hits-limit
10/08/2017 16:37
Lonewolfie theres your UMA
10/08/2017 16:37
apolloang better reply back to bursa, the sharks from hck.......these 2,3 days we been collecting those sold for us around 90 something cents,so we have to push up in order to let retailers buy so we can disposed the stocks we bought.don't reply you not aware of anything
10/08/2017 17:08
apolloang they are cornering the stock cos very few shares in the market. same like SCGM-WA
10/08/2017 17:10
apolloang don't buy this stock,cornered stock.the sharks is either the boss cos he hold a lot or moneygame operators.they bought from me now put a lot of sellers to dispose.....beware and don't support the crooks
15/08/2017 14:19
winston1 There are some stupids who think they know everything. Those who bought at 26 sen is already making money. Now 32 sen
30/08/2017 17:39
ChloeTai I don't know there are people who are willing to take the risk to trade HCK-WR with only 4 trading days available, i.e. 29/08, 30/08, 5/9 and 6/9. I thought the purpose of warrant rights is for investors to subscribe its HCK-WA with an issue price of RM0.05 per WR.

I got buy AEONCR-LR but I subscribe for AEONCR-LA with an issue price of RM1.00 per LR. AEONCR-LA will be listed on 21/09/2017.

In March 2016, I got buy Gamuda-WR but I paid RM0.25 per share to convert it to Gamuda-WE and I have gained a lot as the price of Gamuda-WE now is a whopping RM1.36.

Both AEONCR-LA and GAMUDA-WE are fundamentally sound counters but I do not think HCK is a goof FA counter. So I prefer to ignore its WR.
05/09/2017 00:58
SaraInvestment http://www.utusan.com.my/berita/wilayah/kl-putrajaya/projek-remix-usj-lewat-rancangan-pembeli-tergendala-1.527876
21/09/2017 12:03
SaraInvestment PETALING JAYA 18 Sept. - Lebih 100 pembeli kediaman Remix USJ dekat sini mengadakan bantahan aman berhubung kelewatan pemaju menyiapkan projek berkenaan yang sepatutnya siap pada tahun lepas.

Seorang pembeli, Nizam Shoib, 30 berkata, perancangan untuk membuka syarikat di bangunan itu terpaksa ditangguhkan ekoran masalah tersebut.

“Saya membuat pembelian pada tahun 2013 dan kebiasaannya ia hanya mengambil masa hanya empat atau lima tahun sahaja untuk siap sekali gus boleh digunakan.

“Selain itu, kami juga lebih terkilan apabila pemaju tidak membayar Skim Berjajaran Kepentingan Pemaju (DIBS) selama empat bulan dan kesannya perlu ditanggung pembeli seperti disekat daripada membuat pinjaman,” katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini. -UTUSAN ONLINE

Artikel Penuh: http://www.utusan.com.my/berita/wilayah/kl-putrajaya/projek-remix-usj-lewat-rancangan-pembeli-tergendala-1.527876#ixzz4tHb0ZcSs
© Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd
21/09/2017 12:04
Kays How does The Duo affect HCK earning?
27/03/2018 17:50

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