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Last Price Avg Target Price   Upside/Downside Price Call
2.18 2.63     +0.45 (20.64%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
02/09/2016 2.10 2.70 +0.60 (28.57%) HOLD ALLIANCE Price Target News
30/08/2016 2.03 2.20 +0.17 (8.37%) SELL TA Price Target News
30/08/2016 2.03 3.02 +0.99 (48.77%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
30/08/2016 2.03 2.83 +0.80 (39.41%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
30/08/2016 2.03 2.21 +0.18 (8.87%) HOLD JF APEX Price Target News
30/05/2016 2.50 2.40 -0.10 (4.00%) SELL TA Price Target News
30/05/2016 2.50 3.21 +0.71 (28.40%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
30/05/2016 2.50 2.43 -0.07 (2.80%) HOLD JF APEX Price Target News
06/04/2016 2.73 3.21 +0.48 (17.58%) BUY MIDF Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
02/09/2016  ALLIANCE SUPERMX - Earnings missed expectations
30/08/2016  TA SUPERMX - 2QCY16 Disrupted by Taxes
30/08/2016  MIDF Supermax - 18M16-Earnings hit by higher tax expense-MIDF-300816
30/08/2016  KENANGA Supermax Corporation - 6Q16 Whacked by One-off Tax
30/08/2016  JF APEX SUPERMX - Ended weaker on higher taxation
30/05/2016  TA SUPERMX - Setback by Production Losses
30/05/2016  MIDF Supermax - ASPs facing pressure
30/05/2016  JF APEX SUPERMX - Lower ASP weighs on the group
06/04/2016  MIDF Supermax-Expansion plan well under way-MIDF-060416

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Icon8888 Why so hot ah ? Any idea ? Anyway I very happy
27/09/2016 20:25
skyrocket Congrats to Top Glove up 18 cents (3.73%) today
And just FYI, Supermx up 3.76% today. So happy!
27/09/2016 20:27
smartly :) more show tomorrow....
27/09/2016 21:11
bracoli Icon 8888 still holding?
27/09/2016 21:18
Icon8888 yes of course. Why would I sell ? it has hardly moved
27/09/2016 22:51
KedahMalay gogogo
28/09/2016 00:20
Investo 早安 Wednesday...............mid-week aready:-)
Readers can see many of fradster gang = merck, waihang82, davidxxxx, skyz, skyrider, gogo, ETmoney, jacklintan, looney8 N kaiXXgang missing for many days aready. Now only 1 - 2 come back 2 attack only. Fradster know they cannot hide N readers now more careful of their scam. Hope even the 1- 2 will leave soon. Laugh

Supermx hope up more 2day. Yesterday up 4%! PE lowest. BWC is right, more N more ppl look at gloves, all up yesterday. AA up, i still hold most. My win-win plan working well. Laugh
28/09/2016 07:31
merck i am watching both investo and BWC, closely, everyday, although i didnt write any comment, so, both the fraudster, better behave
28/09/2016 09:28
dr_jogho in last a week ago top glove and hartalega show uptrend.. supermax follow it but its slow so far
28/09/2016 09:30
BuyWithConviction merck is old man, boring, lonely and too free, he said he has no comments to make but he is still watching forum closely everyday! Laugh laugh. So far only mainly merck has come back, most of the other fraudsters smart enough to leave this forum for now.

Ringgit at 4.14, again weaker a bit and may help sentiment on gloves. Top Glove is up another 1.4%, Supermax hopefully will follow soon. Hehe
28/09/2016 09:50
merck Everyone. please becareful of this BWC. Refer to his record.

Jan 28, 2016 03:59 PM | Report Abuse

RM5,00 still cheap for Supermax and could be reached once market stabilizes and the stock report good earnings.

Posted by BuyWithConviction

Feb 19, 2016 08:41 PM | Report Abuse

I believe 3,80 also cheap but lets wait for results first and see how. Their margins and efficiency have been lower than others, they can easily improve them

Posted by BuyWithConviction: Mar 31, 2016 08:41 AM | Report Abuse

I have downgraded Supermax and gloves since end March
28/09/2016 10:20
BuyWithConviction Fraudster merck back with fake ID again! As expected, he will try same trick again but it will just show readers who the fraudsters are. hehe.

TG up almost 2%, Supermax back to flat, hope will rise further in afternoon. Keep eye on big picture! hehe
28/09/2016 11:56
WB2F BWC u are women ? From the way you write it's look like u are a women. Coorect ?
28/09/2016 11:57
muscular selling never ends... terible counter...
28/09/2016 12:12
merck Posted by
BuyWithConviction Fraudster merck back with fake ID again! As expected, he will try same trick again but it will just show readers who the fraudsters are. hehe

Hi BWC, i have plenty of fact in hand, if i wanna attack u.
i dont need to use faked ID n vulgar word.

To all reader, now u can see who is the award winner movie director, who directing
a self abuse movie, what an interesting forum we have here in Supermx 7106
28/09/2016 12:47
BuyWithConviction merck, don't hide behind your fake IDs lah, don't be a coward. Plenty of facts? You can't even read properly lah as Investo pointed out. Most other fraudsters left already except mainly you and fake IDs which appear about the same time. Shows you are the one using with the fake IDs, cannot hide. Hehe
28/09/2016 13:06
speakup Stanley Thai is a liability to Supermax.
28/09/2016 13:37
WB2F Leader always will be leader for a reason.
Cheap always cheap for a reason. BEWARE
28/09/2016 15:20
BuyWithConviction Hehe. Admin doing good job to suspend comments by primary school dropout - he didn't learn how to read in school, now he is old man and only knows a few vulgar words. Laugh laugh.
28/09/2016 15:30
jacklintan BWC: You forgot to log out BWC account lah... U should use id name INVESTO to comment above ler.
28/09/2016 16:06
BuyWithConviction jacklintan, you forgot to log out account lah, u should use merck id name to make comment. Laugh laugh.
28/09/2016 16:10
pussycats Wow , cantik Super max. S lowly/ slowly swing. Swing, swing for me. I am loving it.
28/09/2016 17:10
Investo Going back time............busy busy day :-(
Plenty of fact in hand? Laugh. So far merck only can attack old coments in Jan - Feb N it is becost he dun know read them properly. That is why merck attack is use fake IDs N bad words. Laugh

Supermx not move but Topglove N Kossan up a bit. Supermx maybe will follow up 2morrow. AA up again. Win-win plan work well. Laugh
28/09/2016 19:45
Investo 早安 Thursday...............:-)
Wah, whole night fradsters no make any coment, this is big improvement 4 this forum. BWC right again, most fradsters left aready, except maybe merk using fake IDs 2 attack use bad words. Laugh

Why oil up so much last night? Will affect Supermx or AA or not? Hope both up again 2day. My win-win plan work well, laugh.
29/09/2016 07:47
rubberbocor yawn....it lags behind all other glovemakers. i already made so much $$ with topglov/harta/kossan. Better sell this useless supermax
29/09/2016 09:19
skylifttoptoptop good morning investo, what do you have for your breakfast ?
29/09/2016 11:13
dumaciibai Post removed. Why?
29/09/2016 12:18
BuyWithConviction Ringgit stronger this morning after oil prices jumped 6% overnight. TG and Kossan down more than 1% (they rose yesterday) while Supermax is unchanged. Keep eye on big picture. Hehe
29/09/2016 12:23
Investo Lunch time...........:-)
Admin do good job! Laugh. All these fake IDs is like made by merck. He dun finish school, never learn 2 read property, but now old, lonely, only know bad words N 2 scam. Laugh

Gloves disappoint again, no momentum. Hope afternoon Supermx up. AA down, my win-win strategy work well! Laugh
29/09/2016 12:30
BuyWithConviction Yawn, ringgit at 4.1180. Not much action on gloves today. Hehe
29/09/2016 16:36
jacklintan The most HATED commentor on i3investor.com . drum roll.~~~ INVESTO CUM BWC
clap clap
29/09/2016 18:29
Investo Going home time.........busy, busy day again :-(
The most HATED commentor on i3investor.com . drum roll.~~~ merck = jacklintan = fake new IDs = fradsters. laugh laugh Ha ha

Supermx down a bit, AA up a bit. My win-win plan working well. Laugh
29/09/2016 20:08
ImCK mark my word usd MYR will reach 4.4 next month start export stock theme coming back
29/09/2016 22:13
Investo 早安 Friday...............long weekend coming:-)
BWC is right again, he early say most fradster leave forum aready, now so many days only merck, jacklintan N their fake IDs use bad words got come out, Hope soon even merck N jacklintan will have forum, good 4 forum..Laugh

Supermx how 2day? Hope all glove up so Supermx also up. PE lowest. Laugh
30/09/2016 08:14
merck Good for the forum if BWC n Investo leave, instead.

U see Investo asking this in yesterday morning(Will affect Supermx or AA or not? Hope both up again 2day. My win-win plan work well, laugh)

In the evening Investo said this (Supermx down a bit, AA up a bit. My win-win plan working well. Laugh)

30/09/2016 08:32
Investo Again fradster merck shows he dun know how 2 read, merck fail standard 6 even.
I make good profit follow BWC calls, dun have 2 belief me, readers can easy check my trades in coment history - got give day N price buy or sell, cannot bluff.
Why merck dun talk his own track record? His track record shameful, no correct calls N only bad words! Laugh
30/09/2016 08:44
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes Dow Jones 18,143.449 -195.79 1.07%
30/09/2016 08:50
skylifttoptoptop good morning investo, what do you want for lunch later
30/09/2016 08:51
BuyWithConviction Keep eye on big picture. Ringgit sharply weaker at 4.15 this morning. May lift sentiment in gloves which have fallen a lot this year already. Hope for the best and Happy Investing! hehe
30/09/2016 09:17
BuyWithConviction All gloves green. As expected by big picture, more interests in gloves going forward. Hehe
30/09/2016 10:44
akpk88 BuyWithConviction -lover -investo soon will turn uo ,laugh
30/09/2016 12:05
akpk88 BuyWithConviction repeated -big picture ,curency ,don;t know why
30/09/2016 12:09
akpk88 BuyWithConviction -lover -investo ,repeat - morning ,lunch ,go home time ,bad ppl , don;t know why
30/09/2016 12:10
Investo Lunch time.....:-)
So many days most fradster dare not coment aready, only merck N his fake IDs using bad words. Good 4 forum. Laugh

All gloves up again, hope Supermx follow up afternoon. AA down, my win-win plan work well! Laugh
30/09/2016 12:38
amason Admin pl delete ciibai12 from this forum for using foul language
30/09/2016 15:11
BuyWithConviction TG and Kossan up more than 1%, Supermax hopefully will catch up soon. Hehe.
30/09/2016 16:03
rubberbocor u all still holding on this snail? kossan, topglov, harta already at finishing line!
30/09/2016 17:25
Investo Going home time......long weekend :-)
If finish line then cannot go more but Supermx just start line so lots of room 2 go up! Laugh
I check u new ID only, no coment in kossan, TG N harta. U act N talk like fradster, maybe fake ID by merck again! Laugh

Supermx N Harta flat, Kossan N TG up. Supermx i follow BWC big picture calls. So far BWC calls on gloves, AA, Padini, FGV, market N ringgit very good - see my coment history got give day N price trade done. Hope Supermx catch up soon. AA down, my win-win plan working well! Long weekend! Laugh
30/09/2016 19:57
merck Investo post many comment per day, to me, that.is rubbish.

Rubbish 1 ~ greeting ppl gd morning gd nite go lunch go supper
Rubbish2 ~ remind people on fraudster, but.the biggest frsudster is both him n BWC
Rubbish3~ his koyak win win plan, which everyday.report earning, regardless share price up.or down, very fantastic one, plenty monopoly money earn
01/10/2016 18:07
ImCK this will be black horse soon
01/10/2016 22:51

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