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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
26/08/2016 0.41 0.80 +0.39 (95.12%) BUY MAYBANK Price Target News
14/06/2016 0.45 0.59 +0.14 (31.11%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
27/05/2016 0.46 0.80 +0.34 (73.91%) BUY MAYBANK Price Target News
27/05/2016 0.46 0.49 +0.03 (6.52%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
23/05/2016 0.465 0.62 +0.155 (33.33%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
23/05/2016 0.465 0.80 +0.335 (72.04%) BUY MAYBANK Price Target News
23/05/2016 0.465 0.49 +0.025 (5.38%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
16/05/2016 0.465 0.62 +0.155 (33.33%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
16/05/2016 0.465 0.80 +0.335 (72.04%) BUY MAYBANK Price Target News
16/05/2016 0.465 0.49 +0.025 (5.38%) HOLD HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
26/08/2016  MAYBANK KNM Group - 1H16 a miss
14/06/2016  MIDF OG-Stress on utilisation rates and dayrates persist-MIDF-140616
27/05/2016  MAYBANK KNM - Building a renewable energy (RE) base
27/05/2016  HLG KNM - Still waiting…
23/05/2016  MIDF KNM-RM326m worth of contracts announced ytd-MIDF-230516
23/05/2016  MAYBANK KNM Group - Secures MYR175m EPC job
23/05/2016  HLG KNM - Another EPC contract clinched
16/05/2016  MIDF KNM-Strong contract flow from RAPID-MIDF-160516
16/05/2016  MAYBANK KNM Group - Secures financing for Peterborough’s WTE project
16/05/2016  HLG KNM Group Berhad - The wait could be extended

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pt tey I believe crude oil price won't immediately make knm price up. operator hold too much KMN share. unless operator wanna move up price. otherwise. just can advise, either buy n hold. or shift out your fund for others share short-term investor. if u are base share price up to make profit type.
14/10/2016 09:55
callme777 KNM is shooting like rocket dy. 0.42 back to 0.405. KNM is shooting down! Woohoo
14/10/2016 10:31
alexwest tis counter sleep so long le...
14/10/2016 10:37
goldentriangle Not me the only one that estimated oil price can go above $70 by end of this year!
So faith, my prediction of $70 was come into my mind before I saw below article!
14/10/2016 15:25
riko wow wow wow $7000 end of the year ... KNM still 0.41.
14/10/2016 17:05
Samuel Ang Hi nomanland. I am still here. remember me? what do you think ? warrant from 0.12 to 0.04
14/10/2016 21:41
nomanland @Samuel Ang, Warrant A from 0.12 to 0.04!!! I really don't have any clue. But, I am still have the optimistic attitude towards the Warrant A that it will goes back to that level, around 0.10 to 0.14 range, with a possible higher. This is just my optimistic attitude towards KNM. Why? Foreign funds and institutions are buying and collecting, where we small investors are selling! That's where we lose in term of investing.(gambling)

KNM is a good for medium to long term investment. Not for contra purpose. Based on the news I read about KNM, there is a good future. They did the right move on joint venture in UK, and Thailand. Investors need lots of patience.

As for oil, I am optimistic that by year end, with in the range of 55 to 60. Next year, 2017, oil price may be higher than 60 to 70 range. Sure? Well, I did a lots of reading oil research articles by the expert in oil industry, not those CNBC, CNN, ABC or xyz news reports on oil.

Just my humble opinion. The risk is yours if you decide to take the challenge. ;)

Have a good evening and weekend.
14/10/2016 23:21
aleo66 Sell wa
Knm going 0.36
At that point wa shouldbe 0.000-0.005
17/10/2016 20:28
aleo66 Run now before too late
17/10/2016 20:30
char1234 u cld be wrong........they cld be on uptrend...
17/10/2016 20:42
riko up or down ... you need to check on whether got rocket or not
17/10/2016 22:08
yifie_911 useless if engine is missing
17/10/2016 23:11
Aleo Low 100% going 0.36
18/10/2016 00:31
mililia Alex Low: I like your confidence. Your profile with aleo66. How many accounts you have created and all your comments are negative. Why are you even here?
18/10/2016 07:34
Aleo Low Hey mililia cry less.. not all my comments negative coz right now no positive news
Look at the share heavy selling now...sell now acq later any problem?
Or what should I write- patient ? Buy on weakness? Buy knm great potiential com? Knm now undervalue buy more?
Wake up dude !!! Stop cheating urself
Next year wa will exp ver ver soon all the bosses sold already their wa
18/10/2016 16:01
Aleo Low Seller more than buyer now !!
Need more 3 Q report for positive
Sell now acq next year
18/10/2016 16:09
nomanland KNM Funds and Institutions Share Holder - updated as of 2016-10-18

18/10/2016 18:59
mililia Alex Leow:- I really like how you argue your case. If your argument is all the owners already sold the WA, then isn't it a good news instead of bad news? If they sold all WA and the share price is at current level, in what situation will make it worse than now? That also only if WA has impact on mother share which I highly doubt. So isn't it worse is over based on your argument?
19/10/2016 08:02
AzerothJr Only time will tell, maybe both is right at some point of the time. (though unspecified time frame).
If we all really can predict the future good lor, already become rich no need to invest in stock that is high risk / huge downtrend where one by one defaults is popping up.
19/10/2016 10:07
huruhara park at 41
19/10/2016 10:15
goldentriangle As at 5.30pm, crude oil price continue it's uptrend!
US Nymex at $51.06 (+0.77) (+1.53%)
Brent at $52.47 (+0.79) (+1.53%)
19/10/2016 17:31
riko rocket lai liao ... run !!!
19/10/2016 18:09
goldentriangle US crude surges 2.6% on EIA data to settle at $51.60, best close since July 2015

US Nymex settled at $51.60 (+$1.31) (+2.6%)
Brent settled at $52.57 (+$0.89) (+1.7)
20/10/2016 07:23
snwong13 Write a comment...
Good news!
Oil break record high since July 2015!!
Lets see how far it goes...
20/10/2016 07:37
riko very far ... 41
20/10/2016 10:44
yifie_911 Rocket ah
20/10/2016 12:51
riko wow ... shooting like rocket today.
20/10/2016 17:43
aleo66 Ok no change run now..... 0.035 no more supporter
Keep dreaming militia ...
20/10/2016 23:10
goldentriangle As at 5.50pm, oil price continue it's uptrend!
US Nymex at $50.84 (+0.21) (+0.41%)
Brent at $51.69 (+0.31) (+0.60%)
21/10/2016 17:52
riko today also shooting like rocket.
21/10/2016 18:01
goldentriangle 【2017預算案】首購族買30萬以下房屋 豁免印花稅



Property sector will get booming and our economy will be getting better and better
and KNM will start it's uptrend next Monday onwards!
21/10/2016 18:48
yifie_911 ?? Question marks ???
Any relationship between property and KNM???

21/10/2016 23:44
nomanland @goldentriangle, thank you for sharing information. Your optimistic attitude towards KNM is great, but you need to be pessimistic and careful when projecting the share price direction.

It is good to be optimistic when others are pessimistic. Still, you need to protect your investment.

Remember, do not over optimistic or positive attitude towards any share counter.

Just my simple humble opinion.

p/s: in the i3investor forum, we all share information that can assist us to invest wisely.
22/10/2016 08:34
peterwinwin yifie i think we can sell our house in good price then got money to top up KNM share.
22/10/2016 12:29
goldentriangle yifie_911,
Property sector get booming and our economy will be getting better and better
and it's good for all sectors including O & G sector, Industrial Products and so on...

If more houses or properties being sold and the property sector was booming,
then all peoples no matter working or doing business will get the benefits,
because their wealth will be increased !
When peoples got monies, does it good for KNM too?
22/10/2016 19:41
goldentriangle peterwinwin, Agreed with you!
22/10/2016 19:48
goldentriangle Oil Prices Rise Despite Stronger Dollar

Us Nymex settled at $50.85 (+0.22) (+0.4%)
Brent settled at $51.78 (+0.40) (+0.8%)
22/10/2016 20:20
goldentriangle nomanland, Tq! you're welcome! And I'm thank you for your advice too!
All the best in investing in the stocks!
22/10/2016 20:43
goldentriangle OPEC Will Drive Oil Price Up To $60 And US Shale Players Would Bank It

Like it or not, looks like the oil price is heading towards $60 per barrel, driven on by OPEC with more than tacit support from Russia. If soundbites received at the conclusion of the International Energy Forum in Algiers on 28 September are to be believed, the cartel is on course to cut production to a range of 32.5 to 33 million barrels per day (bpd) led by Saudis, in a move likely to be supported by the Russians with some action of their own.

Since both the Russians and Saudis have started talking about “prices” rather than production levels, the coming together of Moscow and Riyadh – who between them are pumping over 20 million bpd – along with the rest of OPEC for some good old fashioned market tinkering appears inevitable.

Of course, the so-called lowering of OPEC production – details of which we are unlikely to receive before the conclusion of the cartel’s next summit on 30 November – will most likely exclude Libya, Nigeria and Iran for multitude of reasons ranging from an improvement in security situation in Nigeria and Libya to Iran’s unwillingness to cap its production until it reaches its pre-sanctions level of 4 million bpd.

The illogical assumption is that the Saudis would unilaterally cut their production to make room for OPEC’s first cut since 2008, or Middle Eastern OPEC heavyweights Kuwait and United Arab Emirates would make minor contributions in sync with a bulkier Saudi reduction.

Nonetheless, the market senses it will happen because OPEC’s policy of keeping the taps open, in place since June 2014 when the Saudis insisted on it, has failed to land a fatal blow on US shale players. Bjarne Schieldrop, Chief Commodities Analyst at Nordic bank SEB says, “With several market references to ‘$60 is what US shale oil needs’, it seems OPEC is now naturally aiming for this. Not only has OPEC’s verbal intervention so far lifted crude oil prices higher; by indicating that it is willing to freeze or cut and stabilize the oil market, it has also re-implemented the ‘OPEC put’, taking care of the downside risk.

“With all the pre-negotiations now going on and all the different supportive statements from both Saudi Arabia as well as Russia, it now looks like a fair chance that there will actually be an agreement in Vienna on 30 November.”

However, with the downside risk being taken care of, among those smiling the most are the very shale players stateside that OPEC attempted to knock out of the game. Agreed the oil price, using Brent as a benchmark, is still significantly below $60. However, US shale oil players and Canadian upstarts can lock in new, planned production on the forward curve. This is already reflected in the gradually rising North American rig counts.

Expect more, with perceived reduction in the downside risk as the implementation date of the ‘OPEC put’ draws nearer. From a low of just north of 300 US rigs in May, by the time OPEC’s next summit convenes, we could well be above 500 rigs based on the anecdotal evidence I have from selected law firms in Chicago and Houston, central to the paperwork for drilling permits.
22/10/2016 20:50
goldentriangle Guys, get ready for the after budget bull run start from next Monday onwards! Cheers!
23/10/2016 19:31
yifie_911 I really speechless. I put up my white underwear...
23/10/2016 19:46
goldentriangle 預算案利好助興 馬股有望維持升勢
23/10/2016 20:51
riko too many rockets on weekend . run as fast as possible.
24/10/2016 00:03
mushimushi Knm tak boleh stim dah, oil price naik, knm no feeling.
24/10/2016 11:54
yifie_911 riko, dun worry, property price will boom soon, den everyone will be benefited. And then all will go buy KNM products and shares and KNM will rocket later, show is will prepared, still awaiting it to be started..
24/10/2016 12:17
riko shoot to moon today.
24/10/2016 12:30
goldentriangle very simple only, got patient just wait, no patient just sell it off !
24/10/2016 13:47
goldman_trader From the new RM3 billion small and mid cap fund, I wonder how much will the GLCs investment allocate to KNM...
24/10/2016 16:06
Haha crude oil just maintain...
25/10/2016 10:21
riko today shoot to mar
25/10/2016 12:35

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