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0.83 0.47     -0.36 (43.37%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
03/03/2014 0.645 0.53 -0.115 (17.83%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
29/11/2013 0.435 0.40 -0.035 (8.05%) SELL MIDF Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
03/03/2014  MIDF KNM - Bleeding under control, silver lining seen
29/11/2013  MIDF KNM - Narrowing losses from the Americas

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Alexofb2b Bro valuemaster , any reasons for higher high??? TA,FA, or any Crystal ball used for Guessing ?? Thanks.......
23/04/2014 22:31
Alexofb2b Not only Contra players, All traders may kena hantam betul betul....... by KNM
23/04/2014 22:34
Optimus1 laugh die me

Posted by valuemaster > Apr 23, 2014 10:28 PM | Report Abuse

buy la brothers and sisters, knm will go higher high and higher high
23/04/2014 22:34
keladi IMHO will go up tomorrow due to the share buy back proposal, trade with caution
23/04/2014 22:46
squirt Pick up and ready to launch. Ship preparing to sail
23/04/2014 22:48
MatIsa IsaOrca tomolow bestbuy 0.80-0.83...n agooo ggooo...
23/04/2014 23:21
Ryan Tham Just finish read their financial reports fy2012. They really aimed this rapid project for few years already. Some words taken from their annual reports.

Further in respect of this business segment, the Group is aggressively prequalifying for the Petronas’ Refinery and
Petrochemical Integrated Development (“RAPID”) EPCC Projects on the Refinery and the Cogeneration Plant with
reputable partners such as Sinopec, HQCEC, Mitsui and GS E&C and will also continue to prequalify for other
24/04/2014 00:29
Ryan Tham As far as the market for our product and services are concerned, the oil and gas industry outlook remains positive
with sizeable investments being made by major oil and gas players to cater for the growing demand. The RAPID
project is one that is poised to become a major oil and gas hub in the region. Located in Pengerang, the South
Eastern tip of the State of Johor, RAPID is a prime project on 2,000 hectares of land which will be larger than all
the other PETRONAS hubs in Kerteh, Melaka and Gebeng combined. With KNM’s comprehensive knowledge and
capability coupled with well-versed international experience, we believe that KNM is well positioned to capitalise on
arising opportunities from this mega project as well as other opportunities around the world.
24/04/2014 00:30
文耀 Ceo sold potion of share.....this counter still got creditbility? Lolz punter and spectacular can inter this game...long term investor can say 88 to this co...
24/04/2014 01:02
MatIsa IsaOrca wowww...betull ke bohonggg...
24/04/2014 01:09

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