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01/06/2017 0.28 0.27 -0.01 (3.57%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
15/05/2017 0.285 0.32 +0.035 (12.28%) BUY HLG Price Target News
27/02/2017 0.33 0.35 +0.02 (6.06%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
27/02/2017 0.33 0.32 -0.01 (3.03%) SELL HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
01/06/2017  MIDF KNM - Tough Operating Environment Persists
15/05/2017  HLG KNM Group Berhad - Phase 2 of Thai ethanol plant
27/02/2017  MIDF KNM - UnexpectedDip Into The Red
27/02/2017  HLG KNM Group Berhad - 2016 in sea of red…

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newrookie This kind of stock to me is for mid term investment. Its take time generate profit. To me not suitable for contra player. Maybe next month or this August we can see the KNM profit at 2nd QR this month of August..
16/06/2017 15:31
Terry Sinclair Stocks don't care about advantages. Biodiesel wins when diesel is low.Ethanol fuel when otherwise. Good to have a healthy discussion which will benefit potential buyers of sellers.
16/06/2017 15:34
newrookie Terry Sinclair.. Yes indeed.. Stock market don't care about that. Its depends to operator & the master..
16/06/2017 15:40
richardlee Still a dong dong stock until it proves it can at last report earnings.
16/06/2017 15:46
newrookie richardlee.. Yes but normally the operator will rise up the price few weeks before QR release. So I decide jump to the boat first. If I've been dump, padan muka saya but if not ha... ha.. I will laugh to the bank. I already make a profit when its rise to 0.33 last month. So just pump a few thousand into the mother & son. Let see the result this August..
16/06/2017 15:59
riko goldentriangle Today will closed at 0.33 (+0.05)
16/06/2017 17:53
riko never learn what is shame
16/06/2017 19:09
richardlee newrookie, interesting idea. All the best and hope you can make in KNM.
For me I dare not take the risks, the fundamentals too weak for me.
16/06/2017 20:18
Terry Sinclair http://www.katzen.com/projectshowcase.aspx?p=1
Katzen and probably many other companies have been in this biofuel biz years ago in Thailand.KNM is a rookie compared to them.KNM is a small fish in this Thai pond.
There will be profits but not much for this year..I guess.
16/06/2017 21:08
snwong13 .
17/06/2017 13:33
goldentriangle KNM reinvents itself

General Lee nowadays frequently come out
into media to talk on KNM's bright future,
It's good sign for KNM under it's superb
powerful leader !

General Lee was so smart, can see what
industry will be making profits in advance,
he chose to enter renewable bioetanol
industry 3 years ago will be the most
right decision in his life !
KNM now is the pioneer & the only
big player in this renewable bioetanol
industry in Malaysia !
17/06/2017 18:31
1009 Few years ago, Lee have black hair.. now see him again all is white liao...
How about investors? Also black to white?
17/06/2017 18:34
goldentriangle So it means doing businesses was no easy,
But for a never give up and keep finding the
way to suceed in his business empire,
such spirit businessman will be the few who
excel and success in his businesses !
Weldone General Lee !
17/06/2017 18:40
riko the son of Lee with bad intention to lure you to buy ...
those think life too long ... please show hand on Monday.
17/06/2017 21:30
richardlee i am richard lee, not related. Think the stock is risky too.
19/06/2017 07:18
carilembu Askar General Lee kata naik 5sen ke 0.33 jumaat lalu tapi 1sen tak naik. Talak guna punya askar cakap kosong kasi rugi olang saja.
19/06/2017 08:33
1009 General Lee ada janji mesti boleh naik ke 0.33? Mahu berapa lama o? Ada raya angpao ma?
19/06/2017 10:32
Ghostliker Give it a bit of time. I believe it's at bottom already. Shall rise soon.
19/06/2017 12:14
amir187 General Lee is clever giving BS. Does not seem theres anything going on locally. Considering subsidiaries even got winding up notice. Guess they are not a good pay master.
People date does not pay their debt never a good place to put ur money on.
19/06/2017 17:30
richardlee Difficult to get catalyst for upside when news mainly negative.
19/06/2017 18:28
stonenut2 Rm1.50 coming soon.... trust me...
19/06/2017 20:08
richardlee Oil down again. Looks like more negative news only.
20/06/2017 07:25
geraldng01 Haha....stonenut2, I like the way you give us hope, obviously shale oil is flooding the world....
20/06/2017 14:16
richardlee oil down yet again
20/06/2017 22:07
yifie_911 goldensegi3 always bullshit here..
21/06/2017 01:03
richardlee oil sharply down again.
21/06/2017 09:05
stonenut2 Whatever going down will go up.. just like bouncing ball.
21/06/2017 09:38
peggylian yes. agreed with you,
21/06/2017 09:43
AzerothJr Yes, buy more go ahead.. We are happy for you if you can make money.
Well if rugi then don't come looking for us. You know who you should look for if that happens.
Well if have to hold 5years then continue to hold.. until KNM gone also have to hold right?
21/06/2017 15:33
ivan9511 knm really shit from 200 until 20 sen ,
the boss really dont care people die one , cool blood , careful for those still believe knm is a good counter .
anyway ,
i still hope all the best
if die better the boss die first la
22/06/2017 01:43
richardlee Oil down sharply again, more negative news for stock
22/06/2017 09:03
KingDavid I bought KNM @ RM0.38 believing in the potential of the company especially on it's Nett worth of >RM1. I sold all after the company announcement of net loss of >RM100+ million. I still believe in the potential of the company but I will wait till the quarterly financial result is satisfactory. The transformation of the company will take time and the projects on hand can be delayed due to lack of fund and so on. Once the company is in cash flow problem, those with money will take advantage of the company because you do not have any choice. This is my 2 cents opinion. Good luck.
22/06/2017 09:21
Terry Sinclair Start collecting at 25 cents .Knm will be making another announcement in early July.This is my assessment.
22/06/2017 09:41
BILLC So this announcement can makes price up or not?
22/06/2017 09:49
Terry Sinclair Statistics show knm price always rebound. But to play safe collect bit by bit.
22/06/2017 10:30
Terry Sinclair If one waits less than 25 ..may miss the boat. Boat only pick passengers once in 2 months. If lucky may catch a raft for less price but cannot carry many passengers. .. less volume.
22/06/2017 11:11
Ghostliker Good.. will find bullets to collect more.
22/06/2017 11:23
roxannel Possible rebound .45?
22/06/2017 12:00
smalltimer Ka Ni Ma...
22/06/2017 14:35
Ywchew8255 Coming soon 0.20,better run,no more profit
22/06/2017 15:18
AzerothJr Collect d hoping for a short rebound better go buy 4D your chance pf winning more higher in 4D. later you see this stock day day drop to 20c jialat lor.. alot of people say its cheap but often they get cheaper as well.
22/06/2017 15:23
KingDavid The best option is to wait for satisfactory quarterly financial result before you decide.
22/06/2017 15:49
riko mana itu bullshit rocket guy ? tell him now knm at 0.62 NOT 0.26.
22/06/2017 16:59
goldentriangle Have been top up today at 0.26
And my next top up will be 0.23
For KNM, i'm practising top up for it's shares
for each dropped of 3 cents till the record lowest price !
I don't know when will be it's record lowest price,
but i will make sure i got top up it's shares at almost it's record lowest price !
22/06/2017 19:05
goldentriangle In stock investment, if you want to making profits, you must:
1)Choosing the right company which must have the ability to generate profits and also with excellent future growth
2)Have enough patient to wait for the profits from your investment

Especially the 2nd point, once you bought at low price, you must patiently wait till got profits then only consider to sell it off !
22/06/2017 19:18
riko loser now can be a teacher... please learn
22/06/2017 21:30
AzerothJr Indeed marvelous. Well I congratulate you first. Probably your wish will come true, just a matter of time. You may be able to fulfill more wish list soon 0.23, 0.20 maybe even 0.10 if you are lucky.
Then you can definitely top up more and more units as well.
Speaking number #1, but in terms of making money or not then maybe also rank top but from the bottom la.
But good for you just those poor souls that had to go together with you to Holland, pity them.
22/06/2017 21:33
richardlee Goodness, still dropping? Fallen a lot already but with the risks of more bad news, i worry it can fall even more.
22/06/2017 22:05
richardlee although down half sen or 1 sen, in terms of % it is not small. and after a few times it can be really painful.
22/06/2017 22:07
bgt9963 Sooner or later the co will do a capital reduction...eg 10 for 1 ...really go holland!..my 2 sen!
22/06/2017 22:16

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