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1.32 1.74     +0.42 (31.82%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
06/12/2017 1.47 1.51 +0.04 (2.72%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
30/11/2017 1.54 2.07 +0.53 (34.42%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
30/11/2017 1.54 1.65 +0.11 (7.14%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
30/11/2017 1.54 1.51 -0.03 (1.95%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
30/08/2017 1.30 1.65 +0.35 (26.92%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
30/08/2017 1.30 1.51 +0.21 (16.15%) BUY HLG Price Target News
25/08/2017 1.39 2.03 +0.64 (46.04%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
25/08/2017 1.39 1.65 +0.26 (18.71%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
06/12/2017  HLG Uzma - 3Q17 Briefing
30/11/2017  PUBLIC BANK Uzma Berhad - A Stronger Quarter
30/11/2017  KENANGA Uzma Bhd - Disappointing Results
30/11/2017  HLG Uzma Bhd - Weak 3Q17
30/08/2017  KENANGA Uzma - Attractive Entry Level
30/08/2017  HLG Uzma - 2Q17 Briefing
25/08/2017  PUBLIC BANK UZMA - Pick Up In 2H Onwards
25/08/2017  KENANGA UZMA - Unexpected Losses

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King Musang No news since Nov16, this counter so cold....let't put some flame here...mali mali....TP2.05
09/03/2017 22:31
AhSeng AI Lai lioa . Keep going coming soon uzma
13/03/2017 13:56
Frederick Foo ya, buying signal..
24/03/2017 09:05
Frederick Foo Write a comment..Uzma receives fishing services award
TheEdgeFri, Mar 24, 2017

This article first appeared in The Edge Financial Daily, on March 24, 2017.

Uzma Bhd
(March 23, RM1.80)
Outperform reaffirmed with a target price (TP) of RM2.03: Uzma Bhd has received another award from Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd via its wholly-owned subsidiary, Uzma Engineering Sdn Bhd, for the provision of fishing equipment and services.

This two-year contract with an extension option of one year is on call-out terms, and therefore does not constitute a commitment for any specific work. The award nevertheless reflects potential work orders and thus continues to reaffirm our “outperform” recommendation with a TP of RM2.03 based on a 13 times multiple to financial year ending Dec 31, 2017 forecasted (FY17F) earnings per share (EPS) of 15.6 sen

The contract will run for a duration of two years, from February 2017 to February 2019, with an extension option of one year for fishing services across Petronas Carigali’s area of operations.

Fishing services refer to well workover and intervention activities. It is the application of techniques, tools and equipment for the removal of debris or excess material from a wellbore. The fishing operations include an understanding of the dimensions and nature of the “fish” to be removed, the wellbore conditions, tools and techniques employed, and the process by which the recovered “fish” will be handled on the surface.

The execution of the contract depends on work orders to be issued to Uzma when services are required. We therefore maintain that our order book replenishment assumptions of around RM70 million per year at this juncture has sufficiently provided for this contract.

We are encouraged that Uzma’s activities pickup is a signal of recovery for the group, reaffirmed by a slew of new awards which the group has secured to date in 2017. We maintain our “outperform” call on Uzma with a TP of RM2.03 based on a 13 times price-earnings ratio multiple to FY17F EPS of 15.6 sen.

The group’s performance continues to be supported by its around RM2.6 billion order book and tender book of around RM2 billion to last up to 2019. — PublicInvest Research, March 23
24/03/2017 11:52
Frederick Foo http://www.malaysiastock.biz/Blog/BlogArticle.aspx?tid=5111
28/03/2017 14:24
arman70 The stocks mostly owned by CEO/MD and wife. It will collapse one day.
03/04/2017 09:47
Alex™ today breakout. but i dun dare in, this counter so many shark playing (institutional investor/trader)
12/04/2017 20:23
Apollo Ang yeah sharks, no buy will up when buy they purposely withdraw the buyer and throw 100 share and press it down
12/04/2017 20:25
Junhao KUALA LUMPUR (May 5): Uzma Bhd has proposed to place new shares to third party investors to be identified later to raise up to RM50.62 million mainly for capital expenditure and future developments and/or investments.

The remaining proceeds will be used for bank borrowings repayment (29.63%), working capital (9.63%) and estimated expenses relating to the proposed private placement (1.48%), said in a bourse filling today.

The private placement will involve up to 29.09 million new shares or 10% of its total number of issued shares, at an issue price to be determined and announced later, said Uzma.

As at April 21, Uzma has a share capital of RM145.47 million comprising 290.94 million shares.

Uzma said the issue price of each tranche of the placement shares shall be based on the volume weighted average market price (VWAMP) of Uzma Shares for the five market days immediately prior to the Price-Fixing Date, with a discount of not more than 10%.

For illustrative purposes, the five-day VWAMP of Uzma Shares up to and including May 4, 2017 is RM1.8329 per share, said Uzma.

“The illustrative issue price of RM1.74 per placement Share represents a discount of not more than 10% to the five-day VWAMP of Uzma Shares,” said Uzma.

Subject to the relevant approvals being obtained and barring any unforeseen circumstances, the company expects the proposed private placement to be completed by the third quarter of 2017.

Shares in Uzma closed up four sen or 2.27% to RM1.80 for a market capitalisation of RM523.68 million.
05/05/2017 22:01
paktua73 Post removed. Why?
25/08/2017 15:02
paktua73 Post removed. Why?
25/08/2017 15:52
Kabali Dont miss the boat .....
25/08/2017 18:44
Tripaka Uzma later become uma....
25/08/2017 18:59
arman70 going down to RM0.80 .. CEO/MD spending too much money on perks to top management.
11/09/2017 11:27
Kabali So high the pp issue price?
13/09/2017 13:26
King Musang Those subscribed to the pp now crying like a baby...OMG!
13/09/2017 23:22
abdrahib maybe is the right time to chip a bit this time @ 1.4
21/09/2017 07:24
King Musang Oil stock all going up lately with fundamental change after 2 years slump..it can only go up from here..TP 1.85 by UOB last week.
24/09/2017 21:39
Goh Chee Siong Yes. Slowly moving up.
26/09/2017 12:47
King Musang Chart TA indicating good sign from here. break 1.46 should be hitting 1.65.
26/09/2017 13:48
davors will consolidate at 1.65-1.75 range... buy more?
26/09/2017 15:29
davors at least gonna get above private placement gua... hahaha~
26/09/2017 15:30
King Musang davors, good point, those who subscribed to PP will curse to hell.. LOL
26/09/2017 16:47
scottybang looking good, 1.60 likely coming
02/10/2017 07:56
scottybang time to explode U-Z-M-A
05/10/2017 22:54
King Musang Looks like rinning out of steam liao... Cabut...ahhh
15/10/2017 15:51
davors reaching 1.65 within 2 months? :D
01/11/2017 20:41
13/11/2017 09:32
13/11/2017 09:41
Goh Chee Siong In my opinion, I think the reversal trend is gaining momentum with stronger price movements and volume.
14/11/2017 11:40
spiderman49 cantik :D
14/11/2017 12:15
spiderman49 will broke149 soon :DD
14/11/2017 12:16
Goh Chee Siong Once 1.59/1.60 is cleared, that will reinforced the uptrend. Let's see by the end of trading today.
14/11/2017 12:32
spiderman49 purposely park extra ordinary high vol is to shake out some retailer and collect :DD
14/11/2017 12:46
paktua73 Post removed. Why?
16/11/2017 16:02
spiderman49 yups :)
16/11/2017 16:44
paktua73 Post removed. Why?
17/11/2017 15:12
davors i thought old man lock the door wait for one year tut tut? :) haha
17/11/2017 15:47
paktua73 Post removed. Why?
17/11/2017 16:23
Goh Chee Siong Let's see if they have the muscle to break above $1.59/$1.60 today.
27/11/2017 12:23
687423 When is next quarter result out?
27/11/2017 13:14
687423 Do expect a surprise for last qtr we shall see soon
27/11/2017 13:17
davors hope it is a SURPRISE and not a SHOCK... ^_^|||
27/11/2017 16:43
sohaitrader d operator just too tricky and pro .. i guess will wash out alot of weak holder .
29/11/2017 12:22
Goh Chee Siong Profitable 3rd Qtr
29/11/2017 21:53
davors Kenanga - Disappointing Results
- we downgrade the stock to MP with unchanged TP of RM1.65 pegged to 1.0x FY19E PBV.

Public Bank - A Stronger Quarter
- We continue to retain our Outperform recommendation but with a TP of RM2.07 based on an 11x multiple (13x previously) to a rolled-over FY19F EPS of 18.8 sen.

Mau dengar siapa ni?

30/11/2017 16:41
spiderman49 haha , dengar sendiri bought back 1.44 :DDDDDDd
04/12/2017 23:47
billy10 can this counter survive or not. looks like doesnt move much in these past few days.
06/12/2017 09:28
billy10 why this counter so quite...nobody interested with uzma?
14/12/2017 14:18
davors already keep on falling since 2015... so most retail already run away~ or holding but asleep~
14/12/2017 14:45

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