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28/02/2018 0.87 0.81 -0.06 (6.90%) HOLD MAYBANK Price Target News
24/11/2017 0.97 1.05 +0.08 (8.25%) BUY MAYBANK Price Target News
04/10/2017 0.945 1.05 +0.105 (11.11%) BUY MAYBANK Price Target News

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28/02/2018  MAYBANK Tomypak Holdings - Below Expectations
24/11/2017  MAYBANK Tomypak Holdings - Short-term Pain for Long-term Gain
04/10/2017  MAYBANK Tomypak Holdings - Plastic Is Fantastic

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DarKLoRD888999 You must be happy cause they haven't start promote Tomypak yet... They last time haven't promote Tguan the price is around 1.80 now they keep promote at 4.00
So give some time to Tomypak
29/01/2018 13:38
DarKLoRD888999 Promote for selling wahaha
29/01/2018 13:39
ozzie75 Ehhh.....capex for new factory...I thought is internally financed by shareholders via earlier rights issue? Got borrow from legal Ah Long meh? or I miss out something? haha!

pc_FA http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/335623/winners-and-losers-fro...
26/01/2018 18:55
01/02/2018 12:09
ozzie75 Aiyoo....that CIMB Fool...buay zun de. Last time wrote about IFCA till can see angels....scully hor...devil appeared leh. Aiyoyoyo..haha!

W16Y Lol ... Ya doesn’t matter. D Fool has been doing that every quarter for past few years. Results , Dividend & Price proved him wrong all the time.
29/01/2018 10:12
01/02/2018 12:10
ozzie75 Aiyooo....paid service mah. Victoria Secret lingerie has sexy design but people only know when models are paid to wear and catwalk around mah. haha!

DarKLoRD888999 Promote for selling wahaha
29/01/2018 13:39
01/02/2018 12:12
omgimnoob The current price is too pricey to enter, 3% dividend cannot cover the returns to the unit trust buyer?
02/02/2018 00:29
Kin Wing https://asia.nikkei.com/Markets/Nikkei-Markets/Malaysia-s-Tomypak-Aims-For-At-Least-20-Rise-In-Revenue-This-Year-Executive-Director

Malaysia's Tomypak Aims For At Least 20% Rise In Revenue This Year-Executive Director
By Chong Sin Hao
Nikkei Markets
KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 05) -- Malaysian food packaging firm Tomypak Holdings is aiming to grow its revenue by at least 20% this year on the back of capacity expansion although a stronger ringgit weighs on profit margin, its executive director said.

The company's new production lines are expected to start operations this year and handle additional volume of 6,000 tons on top of the current capacity 19,000 tons, Tan See Yin told Nikkei Markets. Tomypak may invest over 20 million ringgit to add capacity this year, he said.

"We are in talks to get more contract from an existing Japanese client, who is aggressively expanding overseas and require more packaging supply for their products," Tan said.

Tomypak's expansion drive comes amid a rise in demand for fresh foods and higher consumption of processed food across the world. The company gets about 90% of its revenue from the food and beverage sector.

Global advanced packaging market is expected to exceed $31 billion by 2019, growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 8%, according to research firm Technavio.

"We are still considering whether to invest in gravure or flexo machines depending on our clients; needs," Tan said. A gravure line could cost more than 20 million ringgit, while a flexo machine will cost about 10 million ringgit, he said.

Profit margin at Tomypak, which gets more than half of its revenue from exports, could face a squeeze if the ringgit continues to strengthen, Tan said.

"We are not fully naturally hedged," he said. "Still, we are trying to reduce our input cost to mitigate negative impact from a stronger ringgit."

In its most recent quarter, net profit declined 11% from a year earlier to 3.10 million ringgit although revenue grew 2.2% to 52.68 million ringgit. For its first nine months, net profit rose 11% to 13.43 million ringgit, while revenue slipped 0.5% to 158.91 million ringgit from the same period last year.

Shares of Tomypak, which have gained nearly 57% over the past 12 months, were trading 0.5% lower at 0.995 ringgit apiece.
05/02/2018 15:46
Kin Wing "Aims For At Least 20% Rise In Revenue This Year"...Looks like the utilisation rate for the first line is more than 50%, if the remaining 50% is fully utilised, then another 20% growth would be add-on. How about the second line to be installed in the second quarter? I hope this would add-on another 40% growth upon the full utilisation of the second line, then in total there's 80% growth, haha :P
05/02/2018 15:49
pc_FA Daiboci latest QR looks nice.
05/02/2018 17:24
Qintian record breaking earning for Daibochi according to report..
06/02/2018 08:55
ozzie75 And this means the expectations on Tomypak is heightened.

Qintian record breaking earning for Daibochi according to report..
06/02/2018 08:55
07/02/2018 13:56
R40s Daibochi get record earnings, but get mixed valuations by CIMB (Overvalued, Fair price RM2.02) and MIDF (Buy, Target RM2.59). BTW, Kenanga valued it at RM 2.51 in the last Q...
07/02/2018 19:06
R40s http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/daibochis-growth-seen-be-driven-malaysia-and-myanmar-plants
07/02/2018 19:13
DarKLoRD888999 Tomypak fast growth please haha
08/02/2018 07:30
DarKLoRD888999 Superb Lelong Liao who haven't on ride please fast haha
09/02/2018 11:14
ozzie75 Please fast what? Haha!
10/02/2018 11:08
omgimnoob The difference between Tomy and Bodaichi is MYANMAR market, Daibochi landed there, Tomy still a local boy? 50% export 50% local sales, which also good due to fair share of forex risk?
10/02/2018 12:44
pc_FA @omgimnoob,

Hope it clarify your concern.

"Export sales accounted for 52.9% or RM111.53 million; as was the case in FY 2015 where export sales accounted for 54.7% of total sales. These export sales are primarily in USD which provides the Tomypak Group with sufficient foreign currency to match import of major raw materials. Countries where Tomypak Group products are exported to include the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and Myanmar."

Detail can refer to Tomypak Annual Report 2016.
10/02/2018 12:50
W16Y https://www.nst.com.my/business/2018/02/338316/scientex-acquire%C2%A0klang-hock-plastic-industries%C2%A0-rm190m
24/02/2018 00:24
W16Y Flexible packaging industry in demand .. what’s next for TP ?
24/02/2018 00:24

Cosmo Scientex (M) Sdn, Bhd. is a consolidated subsidiary (Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. 70%, Scientex Incorporate 30%) specializing in manufacture and sale of urethane prepolymers for flexible packaging applications and provision of technical services.

Strong partner
24/02/2018 00:45
Qintian hmm.. i thought last weekend tomy is going to announce for dividend.. and based on observation that there is no movement for the share price at last week, i think nothing good is coming up for last Q of 2017..
26/02/2018 09:22
Kin Wing Don't expect good news for the forth quarter 2017, I look forward to first quarter 2018. Tomypak ED had mentioned "Aims For At Least 20% Rise In Revenue This Year"
26/02/2018 11:27
W16Y Look long term . There will be a revolution in the packaging industry globally .... starting in Asia ...
Malaysia is best place to start ..
26/02/2018 21:55
W16Y Maybank IB Retail Research

Scientex’s wholly-owned Scientex Packaging Film S/B entered into a sale and purchase agreement with several individuals to acquire the entire stake in Klang Hock Plastic Industries S/B (KHPI) for MYR190m cash, to be funded by internally generated funds and/or bank borrowings. The proposed acquisition is expected to be completed by 2Q

KHPI is principally involved in the manufacturing and selling of plastic films, bags, tubes, and other flexible plastic packaging products, with two manufacturing plants located at Klang, Selangor (99,000 MT annual capacity. It reported a PAT of MYR11.1m in FY3/17. There is a profit guarantee of MYR18m for FY3/19. At MYR190m, it effectively values KHPI at 8.44x EV/EBITDA, below Scientex’s 3-year historical average EV/EBITDA of 9.8x.

This acquisition is expected to generate synergistic benefits to the group. For a start, it would further expand and enhance its flexible plastic packaging products. The enlarged entity would also benefit from the increased production capacity and the larger customer base.

It seems that Scientex is accelerating its expansion plan. Although certain details are sketchy at the moment (such as gearing post acquisition, historical financial performance of KHPI, etc), management expects its manufacturing revenue to surpass MYR2b while its annual production capacity will rise by 30%, from 356,000MT currently to 455,000MT.

The expansion by its manufacturing activities makes sense as it would help to offset potential slowdown in the property market. At present, Scientex’s property arm is engaged in township development projects mainly in Johor and Melaka. Currently, it has projects in hand amounting to approximately MYR1.4b.

Prior to this proposed acquisition, the street is expecting a 17.9% 3-year EPS CAGR for FY7/17-20. Therefore, it is anticipated that research houses will be revising their forecasts higher going forward, and this could help to re-rate Scientex’s share price performance.

Brokers are mixed on the stock with one Buy and three Holds. The mean target price is MYR8.91 (likely to revise higher too on expectation of stronger earnings). At current price, Scientex is trading at 11.4x consensus FY7/19 EPS of 75.8sen, below its 3-year historical average P/E of 13.4x. The group has been actively engaging in M&A activities for the past few years.
26/02/2018 22:03
Qintian Dear W16Y, i could not find the collaboration between Scientex packaging acquired KHPI and Tomypak.. do you mind to enlighten me?
26/02/2018 23:48
DarKLoRD888999 GG result LOL
27/02/2018 13:15
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes Write a comment..Gap down
27/02/2018 13:36
PotentialGhost Najix say Malaysia economy very good , but most good company also post a shit result , check out all bursa Malaysia stock already know 。
27/02/2018 15:19
W16Y Look at the overall industry growth. Demand & Supply. Scientex are manufacturer & supplier to Felxible Packaging Companies. M&A to
Buy into their competitor , knowing there will be more demand ..
27/02/2018 18:35
necro TOMYPAK?...with the rise of crude oil...the impact will be huge...plus RM already strengthen...2 factor that will kill TOMYPAK...
its new line production will definitely unable to bring short term return desired...
my 2cents
27/02/2018 19:25
W16Y Lower Gross Profit margins due to an increase in Cost of Goods Sold arising from:
i) Increase in cost of raw materials during the year as compared to FY 2016;
ii) Increase in overall factory overheads as a result from the start-up of the new plant in Senai in the 2nd Quarter 2017. There were also substantial start-up costs including usage of raw materials, utilities and additional labour costs, to conduct trial production runs, incurred in the commissioning of the new plant and equipment acquired, installed and commissioned during the year. Such costs do not translate into sales.
In addition, there were also additional maintenance costs to maintain the old equipment, increased factory sundry expenses resulting from continuing on going rectification and upgrading works at both factories, which are expensed off;
iii) Additional depreciation costs recognised as the Group started to provide for depreciation of the new factory buildings in April 2017 and new equipment as and when these new equipment are installed and ready for commencement of operations, while full revenue from the new plant has yet to achieve fully pending final inspection and approval from major customers;
iv) Additional substantial costs recognised in FY 2017 as a result of the adoption of MFRS 15 which now requires that cylinder costs which forms a substantial portion of the production costs and which are unique to operations of gravure printing technologies, are to be written off instead of depreciated;
v) Additional transportation, security and other operating costs arising from the operations of 2 plants; and
vi) Provision for obsolete stocks and year-end stock take adjustments.
c) Lower other income resulting from a reduction in foreign exchange gains as a result of the strengthening of the Malaysian Ringgit against the US Dollar; and
d) Higher financial expenses arising from drawdown of loans to fund the purchase of equipment for the new plant.
27/02/2018 23:20
pc_FA Take profit of Tomypak (around 0.875-0.91) yesterday. I will buy in back once the report show improving later.
28/02/2018 10:16
pc_FA Quite disappointed result. I don't expect it will report lose at this quarter.
28/02/2018 10:31
Qintian i think the latest quarter result has break a lot of tomypak fan's heart
28/02/2018 10:35
pc_FA Agree. Including me :(
28/02/2018 10:37
hero666 Lesson, don't catch the falling knife. And I'm not making fun, I'm still fans of Tomypak, also lost huge amount in penta.

Just 2¢ of the lesson i learned lately
28/02/2018 16:15
khkyl Hero666, u still.holding tomy? I think it is overreacted as most of the cost is for new factory n depreciation?.
01/03/2018 13:41
hero666 khkyl, no, i didnt hold it, last year sold already. And no, its not an overact or panic sell at all. Now 0.795 is last year March pricing, wait till it breakout 0.75 last support then no need keep in watchlist at all. Now simply is investor had a total lost confident in tomypak, simple straight.
01/03/2018 15:24
kuanwah last year march price not 1.8 ?
01/03/2018 15:31
pc_FA I will join back once Tomypak prove their expansion plan is work.
01/03/2018 16:56
hero666 kuanwah, 1.8 is before bonus & split price, my price chart updated based on adjustment of the bonus and split. My suggestion same with pc_FA, no need visit this counter anymore until the company performing back..or no need buy back la, plenty counter out there outperform steadily
01/03/2018 17:06
01/03/2018 21:59
pc_FA The expansion plan seems like taking longer time than expectation.
01/03/2018 22:51
kuanwah Oh i see. Thanks for explaining :)
02/03/2018 13:32
Christopher Toh disappointed
02/03/2018 22:03
Christopher Toh still lose even got dividend.....
06/03/2018 23:47
shpg22 Looking ahead, its going to be tough. Downgrade to 0.40.
DPS is expected to be 2.00 cents translating to a DY of 5.0%. This will reminiscent sky diving stock like PERSTIM. Also used to be dividend darling for many years.
07/03/2018 16:07
leslieroycarter Tuesday, 27 Feb 2018

12:55PM TOMYPAK Interim Dividend T.E. 0.2 Sen
12:54PM TOMYPAK Financial year end net profit 9.579 million (decreased 47.88%)
09/03/2018 15:59
spectre007 Anything interesting? Price slowly climbing
14/03/2018 22:12

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