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0.685 1.03     +0.345 (50.36%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
06/06/2018 0.695 1.10 +0.405 (58.27%) BUY Malacca Securities Price Target News
22/05/2018 0.75 1.10 +0.35 (46.67%) BUY Malacca Securities Price Target News
02/03/2018 0.80 0.95 +0.15 (18.75%) BUY Malacca Securities Price Target News
23/02/2018 0.78 0.95 +0.17 (21.79%) BUY Malacca Securities Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
06/06/2018  Malacca Securities Mplus Market Pulse - 6 Jun 2018
22/05/2018  Malacca Securities AWC Bhd - Improved Margins, But Delays Weigh
02/03/2018  Malacca Securities AWC-Bhd - Trackwork Acquisition to Boost Earnings Prospects
23/02/2018  Malacca Securities AWC Bhd - Still Hampered By Delays, Playing Catch Up

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Bluey I like to read different views, but raytheclay your second sentence conflicts with the first. PR is a key management function for AWC. It is not evident.
13/03/2018 09:52
Andrew62 Volume picked up yesterday.Potential uptrend in coming days.BUY on weakness.
15/03/2018 07:13
dusti CEO must be like Tony, see wonderful piece by Tony today. Cheers
20/03/2018 10:22
hng33 bought AWC at 70.5sen
04/04/2018 11:19
hng33 Add more AWC at 69sen
04/04/2018 15:23
hng33 bought last batch at 65sen
04/04/2018 16:36
genesic hng33, good prospect ? why keep pumping in.. ?
04/04/2018 18:57
hng33 genesic

You can refer to AWC website to learn why it have good prospect and potential
05/04/2018 14:52
Yael Jasper thanks for share
05/04/2018 15:03
LimKT Damn!Shit!
05/04/2018 15:06
LimKT Damn!Shit!
05/04/2018 15:06
Vnew Why keep dropping
07/04/2018 15:39
mf Dow Jones 23,932.76 -572.46 2.34%
Nasdaq 6,915.11 -161.441 2.28%
07/04/2018 15:52
hng33 recovering
09/04/2018 15:06
hng33 continue rebound
10/04/2018 10:48
hng33 sold partial AWC at 76sen, locked profit, free up capital first.
11/04/2018 09:30
hng33 sold back balance AWC at 75-76sen, locked profit, free up balance capital
11/04/2018 11:39
raytheclay Watch the technical signs. Barring any unforeseen negative news on company or quarterly earnings, the signs are positive.
29/04/2018 19:10
Vnew QR still good
21/05/2018 17:54
raytheclay Agree - Looks good this quarter. Much improved QoQ. Share price should head upwards tomorrow. My concern is on their outstanding orderbook. The company needs to replenish them this year and hope with the new Government there’s better transparency in contract bidding.
21/05/2018 22:10
Davidl Slowly accumulate now!
22/05/2018 09:12
gayinvestor Buy buy buy
22/05/2018 16:11
gayinvestor gonna shoot to the moon today guys
23/05/2018 09:20
Gn021 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/383153/govt-guarantees-help-for-bumiputera-contractors
24/05/2018 21:40
Gn021 KUALA LUMPUR (May 24): The Council of Eminent Persons (CEP) has given assurance that Bumiputera contractors will continue to be assisted under the new government, said Malaysian Malay Contractors Association president Datuk Mokhtar Samad.

He was among those summoned by the Council to identify improvements that could be taken to assist the Bumiputera contractors.

“The CEP, chaired by Tun Daim Zainuddin, has guaranteed that the new government will help Bumiputera contractors using better ways than what was done before.
24/05/2018 21:40
Gn021 As the reported earnings were below our expectations, we adjust our full year FY18 estimated net profit and revenue downwards to RM21.0 mln (-14.3%) and RM259.4 mln (-20.1%) to reflect slower revenue recognition, while tweaking our depreciation and net interest assumptions slightly. Further, we keep our FY19 revenue unchanged barring further updates on project progress, although net profit was adjusted higher to RM22.8 mln (+4.6%) on lower depreciation costs.

Consequently, we maintain our BUY call on AWC with a higher target price of RM1.10 (from RM1.05), due to slightly better margins. Our target price is arrived by ascribing an unchanged target PER of 13.0x to AWC's FY19 EPS of 8.5 sen and also remains at a discount to AWC’s nearest competitor, UEM Edgenta Bhd due to the former’s smaller market capitalisation.
24/05/2018 21:51
raytheclay Good to see EPF buying this week. Reflecting some level of confidence in the company post election.
25/05/2018 19:07
gayinvestor Target 1.10 guys
28/05/2018 20:21
gayinvestor watch this counter for next week
30/05/2018 16:42
Vnew Any good new?
30/05/2018 21:04
KLCI King This one also gone case
31/05/2018 14:55
RVI123 @KLCI King, Why you said gone case? This counter also has some Najib connection?
05/06/2018 15:37
gayinvestor This guy tokok he dunno anything
05/06/2018 17:03
GG_Liang 呵呵
05/06/2018 17:53
Fantastico haha get ready for AWC
05/06/2018 19:16
Vnew any news?
05/06/2018 20:08
SC23 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5816485
05/06/2018 21:28
Vnew Will this effect on tomorrow price?
05/06/2018 22:03
raytheclay May be better on hindsight since there’s so much of negative news on rail business with HSR scrapped and uncertainties on ECRL
05/06/2018 22:55
gayinvestor Hmmmmm
06/06/2018 07:28
gayinvestor The deal isn't off yet, we'll see we'll see
06/06/2018 07:30
L2earn https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/06/05/awc-purchase-target-hit-with-rm19m-demand-letter/

image: https://cdn.thestar.com.my/Themes/img/chart.png

Bhd's acquisition target, Trackwork & Supplies Sdn Bhd, has received a letter of demand from a customer for a sum of RM19mil.

The demand letter claims that some of the machines the customer received from railworks company Trackwork are defective and is seeking liquidated agreed damages, cost of rental and expenses for replacement machines.

AWC is in the midst of a proposed acquisition of three million shares or 60% equity interest in Trackwork for a cash and share deal worth RM43.5mil.

The group said it is currently assessing the implication of the claim with regards to its purchase proposal.

image: https://content.thestar.com.my/smg/settag/name=lotame/tags=Int_Automotive,all,Demo_Gender_Male_enr,Demo_Age_25to34_enr,Demo_Gender_Female_enr,Int_Entertainment

"The Board has decided to only proceed with the completion of the Proposals when the Sellers and Trackwork are able to settle the aforesaid claim without any material negative impact on the financial performance of Trackwork.

"In this regard, and if necessary, the Company will seek to include the settlement or resolution of this claim to the Company's satisfaction as a condition precedent to the SSA vide a supplemental SSA.

"For the avoidance of doubt, the Company will not assume any liability arising from this development," it said.

AWC added that the development would be discussed at the extraordinary general meeting, which was slated for 2pm today.

A successful completion of AWC's stake purchase would see Trackwork contributing more than 25% to the group's net profits, resulting in a diversification of its existing core business to include rail-related works.

Trading in AWC shares has been suspended since noon for the remainder of the day's trading session. The counter was trading unchanged at 69.5 sen a share on volume of 112,000 shares prior to the suspension.
Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/06/05/awc-purchase-target-hit-with-rm19m-demand-letter/#IdPyO4Lv1TcDG7tK.99
06/06/2018 07:32
Bullshit dah discount ni, beli jer
07/06/2018 12:52
Vnew based on chart, going to rebound soon.
07/06/2018 13:19
Lukesharewalker this company is a beneficiary of umno contracts...next to crash? especially now aiming to go into rail business. supposed nepotism from HSR and ECRL
07/06/2018 14:18
Fantastico Rail business deal off, and technical state going to rebound now, time to buy
07/06/2018 14:40
raytheclay Positive to see EPF continues to buy and accumulate this company.
07/06/2018 18:15
ddd ccc Technical analysis.....bullish
21/06/2018 22:21
Fantastico get on the ship or it's too late faggots
23/06/2018 11:25
freddiehero is time to collect some..
23/06/2018 11:58

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