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KLSE: ECOWLD       Eco World Development Group Bhd
Last Price Avg Target Price   Upside/Downside Price Call
1.34 1.65     +0.31 (23.13%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
18/12/2017 1.49 1.60 +0.11 (7.38%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
18/12/2017 1.49 1.60 +0.11 (7.38%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
15/09/2017 1.58 1.64 +0.06 (3.80%) HOLD UOBKayHian Price Target News
15/09/2017 1.58 1.70 +0.12 (7.59%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
15/09/2017 1.58 1.72 +0.14 (8.86%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
18/12/2017  MIDF Eco World Development Group - FY17 Earnings In Line
18/12/2017  KENANGA Eco World Dev Group - A Prudent FY18 Sales Target
15/09/2017  UOBKayHian Eco World Development: 3QFY17: Below Expectations
15/09/2017  MIDF Eco World - Affected By Financing Costs And JV Initial Losses
15/09/2017  KENANGA Eco World Dev Group - Expecting Stronger Sales

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Roger Lim Tau Kiat 刘老板说Eco world这两年 18~19年会交出好成绩。刘老板说Eco international 要过了2019才会有成绩,所以就把一些钱当作定存放在Ecowrold了。再过四到六个季度才转定存在Eco international.
15/12/2017 22:35
Roger Lim Tau Kiat Eco international tp rm1以下是可以理解的,毕竟还要等18个月以上才会看到成绩。
ecoworld tp rm 1.30只会错失涨到rm3 的顺风车
16/12/2017 13:43
Roger Lim Tau Kiat Yongch ,看来你是对的,今天跌到够力。不明白为什么会这个样。两个星期前也是跌到1.42
以前Sp setia 也是这样,股价十年如一日,现在ecowrold还是这个样就没有力了。
19/12/2017 21:49
Roger Lim Tau Kiat 真要跟你多多学习。
20/12/2017 13:21
Roger Lim Tau Kiat 如果到1.30我就住高级套房了,不到一个月五万
20/12/2017 13:23
Roger Lim Tau Kiat 买的时候,我担心的是pe太高,现在放心了,pe 低了,因为股票跌了,赚也没有多
20/12/2017 13:32
marcofu88 无药可救的股
20/12/2017 15:05
Dave Jet 这么厉害讲,你应该是Tun level 了。。。
20/12/2017 15:38
nick_ck wow drop so much, drop in sales target pasal....
nvm, just hold for long term...cheers
20/12/2017 16:50
Roger Lim Tau Kiat 住套房了,伤心了rm1.39.我也不会讲了。
Yongch,我不得不佩服你的预测rm 1.30
没有本了,等到1.30再margin 150张.
20/12/2017 18:15
Roger Lim Tau Kiat Yongch,Eco international 你怎样看.我觉得18个月里面,会跌到rm 0.80甚至rm0.70
因为Ecoworld这里待了15-18个月就会转去Eco international
20/12/2017 18:30
Roger Lim Tau Kiat 是的,已经不年轻了,36
我看好Ecoworld 两只股是因为都在成长
21/12/2017 10:06
Dickens Tan Support 应该在1.35..... 希望不要底过这个价咯...
21/12/2017 11:39
thek Share price drop, sale target drop... Very sad that nothing is great about this Tan Sri anymore, it seems like his career peak time is over. Just see he sets his sale target for 2018, its dropping, less than 2017. He is definitely going down path. Tan Sri u just disappointing your loyal investors.
22/12/2017 00:58
alenac Its the downtrend of property industry.

25/12/2017 22:14
marcofu88 Die
26/12/2017 12:38
Dickens Tan http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2017/03/22/buying-a-rm500000-property-better-to-rent-says-expert/

Rent better than buy? wat a lousy expert said.... lol
I agreed 2018 is a challenging year... but tis lousy expert article....
26/12/2017 14:48
JS135 When market up, it drops... when market drop, it drops further.. my dear ecoworld, what's wrong with u..
26/12/2017 16:52
thek JS135, I believe they are running out of cash, try go to their sale gallery to ask for 2018 calender. U may find the answer.
26/12/2017 22:29
Bianca Klse increase so much today. Eco world still no movement . Target for 100% return. Curious how long to wait. 2018. Please add oil . ECO WORLD.
29/12/2017 17:15
marcofu88 Tak boleh pakai....better give up early
29/12/2017 20:34
nick_ck Definitely long term investment, be patient, SP setia RM4....
30/12/2017 09:35
thek Tak boleh pakai, window dressing pun takda.
31/12/2017 04:03
31/12/2017 07:15
Zack Chim Xj thek.. you would prefer management to window dress their accounts to satisfy short term investors needs... ? what ???
01/01/2018 18:42
bluebiznet haha window dress like igb reit? buyer at rm 1.60 and seller at rm 1.80
01/01/2018 21:02
bluebiznet shock sendiri looking at your portfolio paper gain? haha
01/01/2018 21:03
k6ii is it start rebound?
02/01/2018 13:51
Myeye ~.~
02/01/2018 15:34
thek Short or long term, this stock is game over if u look back the performance last year. I hv been holding it for more than a year and i gain zero from it. They hv cash flow issue. I don really like cosmetic window dressing though, but look, they don even bother to hv it dress up. U know what i mean. U will need to hold it for long long long term.
03/01/2018 22:43
marcofu88 Death counter, little rebound and go further drop
03/01/2018 23:46
tuapuikia making billions, but counter sleeping
04/01/2018 12:30
Annetan bought mother shrs,warrants and call warrants ck and cm
04/01/2018 19:29
limiklimik Hmmm, not understanding why the counter's sluggish performance also. Clearly, it is making money http://www.thesundaily.my/news/2017/12/15/eco-world-q4-net-profit-148
05/01/2018 11:38
kcwong too much debt and the sales are unbilled. dont hope for short term for this counter. it would remain this range for 2018. no dividend and no short gain...
05/01/2018 17:45
Roger Lim Tau Kiat If the net profit coming all 4 quater is 35m, then share price now for the p/e is 29. So the share price is high
07/01/2018 10:53
marcofu88 Dead fish rebound...dont trust
09/01/2018 18:03
tuapuikia Coming soon!!
10/01/2018 09:39
edison8404 Hopefully
10/01/2018 23:12
k6ii is this accumulate state?
11/01/2018 11:05
Myeye ~.~ steady
11/01/2018 15:43
kevinobc TP 1.70
11/01/2018 16:40
prudentinvestor EcoWorld has been in the doldrums for far too long. Its only way is up, up, up.
11/01/2018 16:48
limmy yongch where got bosses throw ticket? Seem like seller less? Investor buy stock becos of future ! A best company i can said!
14/01/2018 12:01
marcofu88 Sell la....this is a trap
15/01/2018 08:29
Robin Ong This is not the time to invest in property stocks. Plain and simple. Oil and gas is the sector to make money for 2018.
25/01/2018 22:26
Vin Chuah no power
09/02/2018 01:44
hehehehuhu this shares can buy one meh
09/02/2018 09:08
contrarian Ijok residents want developers to pay penalty fee for late delivery
20/02/2018 04:53
propsushi Continue lower, no good will be worse
20/02/2018 10:14

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