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0.905 1.50     +0.595 (65.75%)
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26/10/2017 1.23 1.50 +0.27 (21.95%) BUY JF APEX Price Target News

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26/10/2017  JF APEX Gadang Holdings - Eyeing on Better Margin in Construction Segment

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kancs3118 People come and go....CEO stay ....
17/03/2018 13:04
kancs3118 CEO is also very hands on.... Like the taukeh of a restaurant....this taujey knows how to cook.....so, he is not scared if his top chef cabut.....he cook himself....
17/03/2018 18:43
uptrending Hohup is way away from Gadang...
17/03/2018 22:43
seanlee16834 Me too.... stuck there with both GADANG N HOHUP counters
18/03/2018 13:39
18/03/2018 13:52
uptrending Real Cheap
18/03/2018 21:15
Larrytrader NTA 0.99 now strong undervalued
18/03/2018 22:44
yeekarwai 95 cheap cheap!
19/03/2018 07:01
amet2017 sudah sangat oversold kaunter ini..haiya
19/03/2018 07:20
yeekarwai 95 collecting warrant
19/03/2018 07:25
Dylan Yong Hua Tai Lanjiao stock. Never up one.. pui.
19/03/2018 10:52
ck77 Non stop esos exercise with thin profit, will left after sold off.....more to come in 2nd year :(
19/03/2018 11:37
Takashi 失败 pui
19/03/2018 14:40
huatzaiah TP 0.5
19/03/2018 15:09
Dylan Yong Hua Tai The operator really want Gadang die... keep sell down, management also dont care... 2nd Hohup in making.... pui.
19/03/2018 15:09
Muarmali where got operators? today volume is small. no operator. free fall.

i think it is partly due to the additional 1.76 million shares. all employees want to take profit first. you can't blame them.

if employees still want to exercise their ESOS when the price was below RM1.0 that means the confidence is not there.
19/03/2018 15:55
Dylan Yong Hua Tai Look into the trade details...the operator is there.... purposely sell down and keep the price at low.
19/03/2018 16:05
ck77 totally loss the meaning of esos. sad
19/03/2018 16:19
Zai Zai sweat =.="
19/03/2018 16:29
Muarmali the purpose of ESOS is to reward the employees with the proceed from the shares disposal.
how to realise the reward without disposal?

in fact the subsequent buyers from the open market are the one rewarding the employees :)))
19/03/2018 16:35
HuatRex Cb gadang. Loss making company perform better than you
19/03/2018 20:37
iyin666 Result coming out. Heard it's good
19/03/2018 22:51
19/03/2018 22:54
Larrytrader Lanjiao stock RoI 1 year negative pui...
19/03/2018 22:56
Dylan Yong Hua Tai Just my opinion, coming result EPS > 4.3 cents.
20/03/2018 07:22
Muarmali ESOS has been fully digested?
20/03/2018 10:25
Muarmali frankly speaking, when you know the owner is stingy don't hope for good dividend.

the purpose we are here is to look for opportunity.. :)))
20/03/2018 10:27
Dylan Yong Hua Tai Muarmali, sound like you are well know about Gadang and the owner. Are you work there? If not can you share more... thnx
20/03/2018 11:40
Dylan Yong Hua Tai The operator take action just now... sell down again. ...T_T
20/03/2018 11:42
Larrytrader When ESOS finish?
20/03/2018 17:34
Patrick13 Tan Sri Kok Onn continues to accumulate more while you people continues to shoot them.
20/03/2018 17:58
chongmike Gadang share to keep for long term investment..
21/03/2018 12:05
Muarmali instead of spending own money buying shares to support the price, onn zai should hire good people to run the business
21/03/2018 14:13
wcting sentiment very weak, nobody dare to buy. only tan sri dare.
21/03/2018 14:25
Muarmali buy or bet? :)))
21/03/2018 14:52
21/03/2018 14:56
Muarmali buy more good horses to run the business :)))
21/03/2018 15:30
xperia sell
21/03/2018 16:52
uptrending 笑。。。
21/03/2018 18:00
uptrending Tan Sri is laughing...
21/03/2018 18:00
pc_FA Capital 21 Mall will open on 8 August 2018.
21/03/2018 23:23
uptrending Yeah...
Tan Sri is laughing...
22/03/2018 10:00
Squirtle Open Mall w indoor theme park very keng meh
Now online shopping tapao retail biznes
Gadang any experience running shopping mall?
Summore dividend less no wonder downtrend la
Who wan help TS Kok support price
22/03/2018 12:16
Muarmali got good people to run the mall business or not?

nowadays good horse is the key factor to ensure profitability of a company.
22/03/2018 13:20
uptrending Please do your homework lah....
The Capital 21 Mall does not belong to Gadang lah... Gadang only sold the land on a JDA, to collect 16.7% of the GDV of rm1.8 Billion.The cost of the said land was only rm31 million. Up to date Gadang has only collected rm60 million...

Once the mall is up, Gadang will be paid the balance and can book in the profits

Tomorrow panic buy lah..

Nah... Read this...

22/03/2018 18:45
Muarmali trump paint the sea red today :)))
23/03/2018 09:49
Dylan Yong Hua Tai Hahaha... drop more. Can buy at cheaper price.
23/03/2018 15:37
Muarmali keep dropping.. want to buy also got no stable entry point. :)))
23/03/2018 15:47
kancs3118 waiting to breach RM0.90
23/03/2018 23:14
ihelpyouUhelpme @muarmali... "instead of spending own money buying shares to support the price, onn zai should hire good people to run the business"... He is using his own money to buy not company's money
24/03/2018 13:08

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