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1.46 1.56     +0.10 (6.85%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
22/11/2017 1.38 1.69 +0.31 (22.46%) BUY HLG Price Target News
14/11/2017 1.36 1.69 +0.33 (24.26%) BUY HLG Price Target News
06/11/2017 1.32 1.67 +0.35 (26.52%) BUY HLG Price Target News
30/10/2017 1.34 1.67 +0.33 (24.63%) BUY HLG Price Target News
23/10/2017 1.32 1.67 +0.35 (26.52%) BUY HLG Price Target News
29/08/2017 1.35 1.62 +0.27 (20.00%) BUY HLG Price Target News
28/08/2017 1.36 1.62 +0.26 (19.12%) BUY HLG Price Target News
07/08/2017 1.18 1.41 +0.23 (19.49%) TRADING BUY KENANGA Price Target News
31/07/2017 1.16 1.39 +0.23 (19.83%) BUY HLG Price Target News
25/07/2017 1.17 1.39 +0.22 (18.80%) BUY HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
22/11/2017  HLG Rohas Tecnic - 9MFY17 Results Remain Intact
14/11/2017  HLG Rohas Tecnic - Maiden Contract Since Acquisition
06/11/2017  HLG Rohas Tecnic - Aspiration to Double Job Replenishment
30/10/2017  HLG Rohas Tecnic - HGPT a Bargain Purchase
23/10/2017  HLG Rohas Tecnic - HGPT a Bargain Purchase
29/08/2017  HLG Rohas Tecnic - 1HFY17 Results Briefing
28/08/2017  HLG Rohas Tecnic - Tower-ing Up 1HFY17 Results
07/08/2017  KENANGA Rohas Tecnic - Breaking into previously untapped markets
31/07/2017  HLG Trading idea: ROHAS – Riding on the tower boom in regional markets; Poised for an ascending triangle breakout
25/07/2017  HLG Rohas Tecnic - Power-ing Up Future Prospects

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kurthd Hi, does anyone know when will the mandatory general offer take place?
13/01/2017 22:48
bleuerouge http://disclosure.bursamalaysia.com/FileAccess/viewHtml?e=2729236
15/01/2017 00:56
choop818 Unique situation. Current price is above IPO price by 16.8%. The market seem confident that the IPO price on opening will be better than current price?
25/01/2017 17:46
AK2899 what u mean IPO price by 16.8? this share ipo again? maintain listing status not mean will pay rm0.40 for us ?
16/02/2017 23:26
choop818 On completion of RTO and MGO, the company will undertake the Proposed Public Issue of 42m shares at RM0.63 each, by way of Private Placement and Public Balloting (only if required to address the Public Shareholding Spread Requirement). There is every possibility that there will be Public Balloting as the MGO and Proposed Private Placement will not reach the required Public Shareholding Spread Requirement.
21/02/2017 15:36
choop818 The market will go crazy should there be Public Balloting.
22/02/2017 14:33
choop818 With the MGO just concluded, new owners have only 88.72% of total shares issued. Even with Private Placement of 42m shares, the Public Shareholding will only increase to 20.20%, still short of the 25% spread required. Public Balloting on the cards?
24/02/2017 17:04
choop818 The share keep on inching up, short of crazy. One can only imagine the frenzy behind the curtain for a portion of the Private Placement. Previously, Rohas went private because they had problems with the Public Shareholding Spread Requirement of 25%. They are again facing the same situation. Is Rohas Tecnic Berhad going to be the darling of 2017.
01/03/2017 17:18
Gold1818 New board already in place. Will there be public balloting at RM0.63 issue price?
10/03/2017 21:53
choop818 Your guess is good as mine.
13/03/2017 16:18
choop818 Rohas Tecnic have one or two latest undisclosed quarterly results.
13/03/2017 16:33
choop818 In unchartered waters. Election stock?
14/03/2017 12:46
choop818 Confirmed no public balloting. Public Shareholding Spread after Private Placement of 42m is only 20.1% - still short. What now?
16/03/2017 13:00
zzzpk anybody going for this stock?
17/03/2017 09:37
Duitlai Why is the price dropping?
17/03/2017 10:15
OrlandoOIL Current price much higher than 0.63?
17/03/2017 10:39
choop818 Major holders selling in order to increase the Public Shareholding Spread?
17/03/2017 11:21
bisinglar eh why the share price drop? dont understand
17/03/2017 13:05
choop818 Former major owners of Tecnic owns 20m shares. Now may be a good time to clear out. Let's see how strong the support is at this level. Who are the buyers?
17/03/2017 13:21
OrlandoOIL Price now pe abt 10x no cheap d
17/03/2017 13:52
PlsGiveBonus Margin call
Run run
17/03/2017 18:17
choop818 Moving up again. Got news?
06/04/2017 10:36
soros90 oh wow. acquiring a new business.
11/04/2017 08:50
marketline https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/9741.jsp
11/04/2017 16:33
marketline http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2015/09/22/rohas-euco-plans-rto-of-tecnic/

proposed to buy in HG POWER TRANSMISSION
11/04/2017 16:34
bleuerouge steel counters are rising. how about ROHAS? tower business doing well?
03/05/2017 16:06
rubberlover http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/rohas-tecnic-bags-rm300m-epcc-contract-laos

Limit up! Good news and will contribute positively to the company this year.
15/05/2017 19:22
bleuerouge bingo...:-)
17/05/2017 08:18
wjboyz will up?
18/05/2017 10:23
Octopus uptrend percentage more than downtrend percentage.. uptrend maybe after T4 of today
and down trend need watch tomorrow..
18/05/2017 14:47
Octopus previously is dead counter
18/05/2017 14:48
zx08 anybody home???
20/07/2017 06:17
Chansey Just announced the hgpt acquisition. Huat ah!
25/07/2017 08:49
WM Niaga Dead counter
25/07/2017 08:51
soros90 Yea dead counter cause people don't realise its worth yet. Hong leong recently initiated coverage at RM1.39 TP based on 16x P/E


Taking this acquisition into account, the stock is trading at 13x P/E which is way cheaper than Pestech's 17-18x P/E.
25/07/2017 09:14
bleuerouge dead counter waking up
01/08/2017 09:33
e_yenn Keep?
03/08/2017 12:21
Lawrence Ho Cash in hand better than 2 in the bush
03/08/2017 19:27
bleuerouge finally a breakthru..;-)
15/08/2017 17:43
bryankhor82 The deal still in progressing between Rohas and HGPT?
03/09/2017 10:52
kaparseng @bryankhor82 what deal is that?
07/09/2017 16:13
bryankhor82 @kaparseng Rohas Acquisition 75% of HGPT share is expected to be completed in 4Q17.
08/09/2017 19:29
kaparseng @bryankhor82... got it.. mean wait until q4.. thanks dude
09/09/2017 23:39
Aliciabb no move today
11/09/2017 11:31
kaparseng it move little bit... i think like what bryankhor said need to wait Q4
11/09/2017 16:19
PYLINK HALO dealer rohas u siao ka ,keep on typing /void 1.40
07/11/2017 16:57
PYLINK sold @ 1.44 , 1.45
11/12/2017 10:54
kuah Sell too early
12/12/2017 22:52
kuah Tomorrow should move d
12/12/2017 22:52
kuah Watch out for waseong... akan datang...
14/12/2017 18:01

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