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Market Cap: 277 Million
NOSH: 2,218 Million
P/E | EY: -11.37  |  -8.79%
DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.2466  |  0.51
Avg Volume (4 weeks):16,164,789
4 Weeks Range:0.105 - 0.15
52 Weeks Range:0.10 - 0.24
Average Price Target: 0.19
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.065


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Zillions http://www.theedgemarkets.com/en/node/328386
20/01/2017 15:16
BabyTA bye bye guys, free fall coming soon
20/01/2017 15:17
Goodluck888 Soon!
20/01/2017 16:37
vinvin Now the company can make better profit................no need to share!!!
20/01/2017 16:56
vinvin Other directors of this company in charged of projects n other businesses also have to be checked of their activities so that profit must not be misused!!!
20/01/2017 17:06
Apple888 This stock really capable...well supported even director in court.jack in the making
20/01/2017 17:24
leslieroycarter It was once traded 60c , now it is a real penny stock of 10c....
20/01/2017 17:30
Flybythenite So this case, the MD damn innocent? Even if 1-2 kakitangan korup, they still
can't manipulate the co profit. Where the millions go? MACC kena dig deeper lol...

Best change the whole Board of Directors! Clean start.

Posted by vinvin > Jan 20, 2017 05:06 PM | Report Abuse

Other directors of this company in charged of projects n other businesses also have to be checked of their activities so that profit must not be misused!!!
20/01/2017 18:22
Pavillion According to news the kickback is 2.5% of gross sales that could equal to more than 12% of net profit. That why got contract also no profit. Now without TSJ .....don't think anybody there capable to secure big contract. TSJ = Iris.
20/01/2017 18:36
Flybythenite What for get big contract, no profit! Btw, No one is irreplaceable. And this is a public co.
20/01/2017 19:23
Apple888 Tsj....will be bek with another new advisor...dun worry
20/01/2017 19:26
Flybythenite Btw, according to this news
It does not expect the remand of Hamdan to have any implications on the validity of the contract and the e-passport project nor any material effect on the earnings and net assets of the company for the financial years ending March 31, 2017 and 2018.
20/01/2017 19:27
Flybythenite Also, according same news above.

Pending the finalisation of the investigations, COO Choong Choo Hock will take over Hamdan's duties and responsibilities as acting CEO of Iris Corp.
20/01/2017 19:31
Pavillion Sure no impact on FY, corruptions is their own doing unless MACC investigate and find out it with co blessing/approval......then different story.....even cos like Rolls Royce, Airbus are doing.

The main issues is leadership and continuity of co growth....sure they will find replacement.....but that will take some time...Choong ...
.emmm you can judge by his performance in Koto.
20/01/2017 21:20
Zillions You should see hamdan wearing the "Lokap" orange t-shirt in the news hahaha
20/01/2017 21:53
ryan7642 http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/01/20/iris-corp-deputy-md-arrested-over-epassport-project/
feel bad to recently investor on this share may get trap soon.
20/01/2017 22:09
ryan7642 for short term impact perhaps at range 15-20% drop..technical play to cut short the trap time perhaps..good luck folks..
20/01/2017 22:10
27055825 This is the tip of the iceberg Hamadan issue alone cannot cost the company huge loss
With so many big projects announced in the last 3 years Papua New Guinea, mining ,felda agro , fertilizer plant and the list goes on TSJ was in charge and he has made many statements to the press
So who ???? Is actually responsible???
20/01/2017 23:21
27055825 What about all the hype of PNG project that TSJ is so proud of!!! Who is his right hand there??? Where is all the money??
Come on guys nothing came out of the projects What happened to all the investment
The CEO TSJ should be accountable to all investors!!!!
20/01/2017 23:28
cooling all these cronies...avoid putting your money here
21/01/2017 00:10
CUTLOST Get ready to to BOD
21/01/2017 07:27
Haha pemangku CEO kena tangkap SPRM ka?
21/01/2017 10:52
27055825 dont be distracted from Hamdan's case which is only few hundred thousand from bribes. The multi millions operational loss of Iris is still during the helm of TSJ!!!!!!!!!!!!and his cronies.
Hamdan is not the man responsible for Iris big loss and share price drop,his case is only the New Guinea project. Do not forget, Iris lost money in many other projects!!?????????????
21/01/2017 21:13
flytothemoon since years ago I non stop saying tons of projects but pitiful revenue and profit iris sure got ghost, now proved that not ghost but bribe... vinvin, you just never want to accept the truth
21/01/2017 22:18
27055825 The bribe doesn't hurt Iris cash flow and revenue
It's the investment losses ??? Let's hope macc will dig deeper into Iris other projects to
Expose the real culprits
It's not fair for Hamdan to take the whole blame His problem is only taking bribe from third party There is a bigger fish with cronies doing the job!!!!
22/01/2017 11:41
27055825 The edge is passing judgement without going deeper into Iris operational losses and who should be responsible.!!! The edge report is bias and not responsible as there are still a lot of explaining by Iris on the losses not transparently reported!!!
22/01/2017 11:49
27055825 i.e. The PNG project , the mining licence , the Solomon projects, the felda agro n housing project , the Bangladesh projects , the tax refund contract and the list goes on .....
22/01/2017 11:54
27055825 Also the Versatile Creative deal ????
22/01/2017 11:55
27055825 So easy for TSJ just go on leave and sell all his shares Like that everyone in this forum is qualitied to take the CEO job!!!
22/01/2017 12:16
vinvin Yes 27055825, u r really right n I'm giving u my full support!!!
22/01/2017 12:53
27055825 lets hope for further investigation.
22/01/2017 20:08
Apple888 New blood will boost it to 50c
22/01/2017 21:11
Apple888 Many still very confident iris...good sign
23/01/2017 08:45
Pavillion Last Friday it hold because co support .....anticipating of market respond negatively. ....we shall see this week....I think people will sell to avoid long holiday risks.
23/01/2017 08:52
Skng Keong Rooster coming a big boost for Iris, HAUT LAH!....
23/01/2017 12:06
Skng Keong Chong Choo Hock taking over Hamdan place at the moment. Should be good news.
23/01/2017 14:43
Apple888 CCH is one of the best leader in malaysia...he sure can help iris
23/01/2017 15:03
23/01/2017 15:44
azizankb slowly2 collect....later fly...:)
23/01/2017 15:51
Apple888 Yea...mr jack still dun willing to announce
23/01/2017 17:12
kakashi http://www.theedgemarkets.com/my/article/iris-corps-ceo-sells-4-mil-shares-open-market?type=Corporate
23/01/2017 19:30
27055825 Lets hope Tan Sri Shahrir order further investigation into Iris losses before the real culprits get away free and enjoyed their ill gotten gains from manipulating all shareholders for the last few years.
Its all written on the wall!!!!!
24/01/2017 08:59
Apple888 Up up up soon.
24/01/2017 09:13
vinvin Yes, Tan Sri Shahrir can do it...............full investigation for the failure of Iris inspite of having so many projects!!!
24/01/2017 09:55
Apple888 Once break 13c...will shoot up 20c
24/01/2017 10:14
Apple888 Still very solid at current price....iris at its top form now
24/01/2017 13:22
samchua1001 fas fas up!!!!!
24/01/2017 17:40
flytothemoon wah, vinvin, you sleep with TSJ last time, now you betray him?
24/01/2017 19:47
vinvin flytothemoon, I'm a man n I prefer u to be my partner than TSJ, hahaha, no offence .......joking only!!! Anyway, nice to hear from u again.
24/01/2017 21:24
cariwang888 i seriously beg you all to let go of this share
24/01/2017 23:37



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