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Avg Volume (4 weeks):4,364,815
4 Weeks Range:0.165 - 0.18
52 Weeks Range:0.13 - 0.26
Average Price Target:0.17
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goldeneyes007 more room to go...
10/10/2016 08:28
kerelbort go to where?
10/10/2016 12:57
joe8032 Not moving since 2weeks ago
10/10/2016 14:26
flytothemoon bruce disappeared,lol
10/10/2016 20:41
Apple888 Tht why i suspect bruce is the syndicate hired.saw him in other forum also keep saying up up.
But price down for so long time. Somemore he got allnew bruce id...haha
11/10/2016 12:31
0008 Haha ! I say price wont up , ask u all dun buy ! U all
dun believe ! Happy trading ! Haha !
11/10/2016 19:22
Lim Soon Chai Apple888, you tak prespct cinta dan yakin ini counter punya orang. up up up adalah bruce punya slogan. dia semua counter pun up up up. lain forum orang sama sama respect, tak rasa apa tak betul. awak suspect ini suspect itu........
11/10/2016 20:59
greatful Chai, you are in iris too huh. Rich guy!
11/10/2016 21:08
0008 haha ! Where is the Bruce up up ? Give
Fake energy ! Happy trading !
13/10/2016 17:26
Flybythenite Haha! Bruce MIA liao ka? What happened? Missed his up up up! Kikikik....
13/10/2016 20:51
Flybythenite When will up, this share?
13/10/2016 20:54
flytothemoon TSJ resigns surely RM1
13/10/2016 23:40
27055825 Fuck TSJ son of a gun
14/10/2016 02:58
flytothemoon sounded like smart move, but also like playing fire, got many ppl did same thing like you when it was 0.4, 0.3, especially 0.26++ as many ppl will think it shall not lower than the price felda buy iris, but now the price below 0.2.... of course, current price risk is very low, unless TSJ really a rubbish that cant even send for recycle
14/10/2016 10:28
Pavillion Should be 2sen. Look @ extremely high valuation !
14/10/2016 10:50
vinvin Skng Keong, don't buy now n u can sit n dream every day................n don't cry when the price keep on flying up to the MOON!!!
15/10/2016 08:04
vinvin N Pavillion, what r u talking about 2 sen???
15/10/2016 08:08
vinvin As for flytothemoon, at least u r more reasonable now!
15/10/2016 08:13
flytothemoon vinvin is the best sample of "thought of was the cheapest price for iris already"
17/10/2016 10:56
Lim Soon Chai iris tidur sangat lena, tak tahu bila nak bangun.
17/10/2016 18:40
0008 Haha ! Lim , I oledy tell u all about trader not in
this counter anymore , they oledy run at the price
0.20-0.24 , now who going to push up the price ?
u ? Or u all ? So if will sleep and go down
slowly the price ! Happy trading ! Haha
19/10/2016 16:54
Apple888 Haha...lim soon chai is bruce laaa....hehe
19/10/2016 22:28
goldeneyes007 0008. Dont get wrong..
19/10/2016 22:49
goldeneyes007 Betul kah apa itu Apple888 ckp? Same person ka?
20/10/2016 11:42
damansaraeagle Lim Soon Chai , looking at IRIS trading at its support of 0.165. Some expert saying that this support level will hold & should take but we will not see Iris jump to RM1 in this 4th quarter unless again their fake game. My take : Hold
20/10/2016 11:50
Lim Soon Chai damansaraeagle, ada duit lebih simpan tak apa, ini iris skg tak ada trend(no direction), (jika berita baik naik, berita tak baik turun), tak ada volume, tengok pun tak ada jerung main, simpan sampai bila? market banyak uptrend punya counter, cari lain lagi baik, satu hari iris ada tanda tanda mau jalan baru beli lebih bagus. pandangan saya shj.
20/10/2016 12:09
Skng Keong Iris coming..
20/10/2016 12:19
damansaraeagle Yes Lim Soon Chai, no direction memang. Now 17 cents & i might sell my units at 19 cents. Keep moving forward S.C. Lim.
20/10/2016 12:26
Skng Keong Macam ayam very fast... kikikikik
20/10/2016 12:30
BLee https://www.digitalnewsasia.com/business/budget-2017-focus-malaysia%E2%80%99s-digital-economy. This could be one of the reason Iris is moving. Let see what happen tomorrow, budget day. Hope it will be more project for IoT company, no need all the 'cutting throat' among competitor.
20/10/2016 14:05
Lim Soon Chai damansaraeagle, jika boleh naik balik 0.19, tak perlu jual dulu, sudah ada trend, uptrend!
20/10/2016 14:39
damansaraeagle Lim Soon Chai, ada baru director, itu org juga AKEPT (Board of Higher Education Leadership Academy). Chairman NanoMalaysia. Director CIMB , iCIMB & Mesiniaga,Bumi Armada dan Commerce Asset Ventures.
20/10/2016 15:07
0008 Haha ! Dun dreaming , this counter price won't
up ! Believe me ! Price Will down slowly and
sleep few years time ! Happy trading !
20/10/2016 15:08
0008 Haha ! If u not believe , u please buy more !
later the price will drop and lock your money
Many years ! Haha ! Happy trading !
20/10/2016 15:19
damansaraeagle Lim Soon Chai, ye, MA20 to break. Volume 7m now. 0008 beli kat 16.5 , bukan beli lagi.
20/10/2016 15:32
Lim Soon Chai selepas sideway, hanya 2 jalan, tak ada jalan ketiga! samada naik atau turun, biar tengok dulu.
20/10/2016 15:39
damansaraeagle Datasonic boleh mahal, Iris tak. 27 negara sudah biz iriz & datasonic local only. Datasonic RM1+++ , Iris struggle 10 cents to 20 cents
20/10/2016 17:24
Pavillion Bukan macam itu kira kawan. Iris P.E 230, Dsonic 28 only. Iris gila gila mahal. Iris should just 2sen only.
20/10/2016 19:04
Lim Soon Chai share preice/eps= pe, jika next qr iris keuntungan naik, pe akan turun.
20/10/2016 19:28
flytothemoon jika next qr iris keuntungan naik, tapi biasanya akan turun lagi banyak, PE langsung tak boleh dikira sebab negative profit
20/10/2016 23:37
Pavillion Some co....insider makes money from their contracts and market.

I give you example....last time..Malaysia Airlines....their nasi lemak cost them RM60 and RM115 (economy and biz class) (few yrs ago....now equal 2x with current inflation).....and they have to buy for all seat...fill up or not......so somebody jack up their cost .... no wonder bankrupt....the end shareholder and staff suffered.
21/10/2016 00:05
damansaraeagle Yes Pavillion, if Iris doing the same thing, marking up thing , then every one of us kena tipu dengan dia.
21/10/2016 09:05
flytothemoon you only, many ppl here knew TSJ is cheater already
21/10/2016 09:53
Skng Keong I had aiready sold my IRIS going to JOHAN more hope. Just look at GKENT u will understand... bye-bye....
21/10/2016 11:49
Skng Keong MAMA ( GKENT) will give some $$$ project 2 children.
21/10/2016 11:59
0008 Haha ! Skng Keong ! U r smart investor ! Happy trading !
haha !
21/10/2016 12:44
0008 Haha ! Skng Keong ! U r smart investor ! Happy trading !
haha !
21/10/2016 12:44
Pavillion 120 school using ibs?
21/10/2016 21:16
891088 Good news..more job coming..more right issue coming
22/10/2016 00:37
flytothemoon million jobs also useless, some jobs loss money , most job earn RM 1, dont do better
22/10/2016 11:51


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