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Market Cap: 69 Million
NOSH: 435 Million
P/E | EY: -2.35  |  -42.52%
DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.12  |  1.33
Avg Volume (4 weeks):1,543,061
4 Weeks Range:0.105 - 0.165
52 Weeks Range:0.09 - 0.165
Average Price Target: 0.27
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.11


Latest Headlines
02/08/2016  M+ Online Market Pulse - Profit Taking Likely - 02 Aug 2016
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speakup if good, share price drop.
since it go up, means COO was lousy.
17/02/2016 14:05
Ivan89 Result good or bad?
29/02/2016 07:51
pdchs i think is bad,,, unti now no news.
29/02/2016 13:06
Ivan89 OMG
29/02/2016 18:41
Franky Foo just sell it, no hope for this counter. it might enter pn14 soon
04/03/2016 17:35
bozchry hahahahaha...apa maciam kawan kawan...sudah cut win ke belum?
02/04/2016 02:31
Franky Foo i think all in hell adi... ><
04/04/2016 20:21
Ivan89 Wat happen tdy
06/05/2016 09:25
Wei Jie Yau Can buy?
06/05/2016 09:27
SHERYN1 i buy at .12...will hold up to .20
06/05/2016 09:44
JTJL any news?
06/05/2016 09:45
Wei Jie Yau When will 200?
06/05/2016 10:01
otb88 gluck...this is one day show
06/05/2016 14:14
Wei Jie Yau Tmr up?
06/05/2016 15:40
MaBadri trap or reward
06/05/2016 20:29
davidkkw79 Very good result coming out, http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5099537
23/05/2016 18:14
Ivan89 LoL haha
23/05/2016 18:22
keluang_man apa macam kawan2 sudah kaya ke belum?hahaha...ini company bila nak lingkup lah..tipu duit orang saje
26/05/2016 21:13
Topnews The s counter is already a dead duck the day the current ceo took over. No new product or solution. Announced in Star 2014 & 2015 China exploration of R&D is the way I fact his ideology was disaster. Placed blame to previous coo and all those who left where he appointed them in the very first place. Makes matter worst chairman of the board Larry has no clue how to stir the ship around with current puppets on the board. Indonesia sudah mampus, Thailand hanging just waiting time to pass by, Singapore a puppet hired by ceo that has no management or business experience and depleting market share there, China, whole bunch of overpaid joyful hooligans there just passing time waste shareholders investments. So still want to place your bet in this I'll fate company. They better file for bankruptcy and save shareholders money.
25/06/2016 11:30
battle Emmmmmmmmmmmmm.........
28/07/2016 09:13
mamafarah upppp.....uppp
28/07/2016 10:12
faizkl Buy! Buy! Buy!!!
28/07/2016 11:01
raynman major client signed in china. stock being sapu-ed by internal ppl today.
28/07/2016 17:14
Manapergi 2012 shares at 0.40 plus/ 2013 shares hanging at 0.35-0.30 until 2014 Q2 / 2014 Q3 to 2015 shares at 0.25-0.20. By mid of 2015 to Q1 of 2016 shares was around 0.20-0.15. By early March 2016 shares drop from 0.12 to 0.09. This counter is dying of cancer!!!. Internal cancer. China win what Deal???. Says who?. 2013-2014 ceo admit burning public money in China and burnt 25% when everyone was making money in China. They can gain profit by just one deal?. How stupid if you thinks so. China is big hence they have no more cash reserves to play even in Indonesia, Singaoore and Phillipines. All deal won using cheap selling tactic. Using cheap tea sight licenses and piss off even their own Middle East clients and competing with their partners. Big customer like Starbucks, marry brown, old town Kopi, KFC all use below market price for licensing. Which means it hurts profit margin. No good sales team because as Topnews said, all cronies of chairman and ceo. No good talent and worst product in the post industry. Call customer service no respond. Call sales they don't even know what price was quotes year before. Only when time comes hungry for sales, they will get be cheap. My advise for you bunch of fools that still think got hope, think of your jobs and think of your pocket... Jump ship and jual apa yang ada bukan beli. Looks like they will go broke soon.
31/07/2016 21:28
i3investorGuest It's REV
01/08/2016 09:31
PenguinDad FYI
02/08/2016 08:00
PenguinDad Looking from the annouements, the margin is thin. RMB250mil for 6 years of 25,000units of REV. That is about RMB10,000 for 6 years per unit or RMB1,700 per unit per year. Convert to MYR will be RM1,000. The costs of such installation wouldn't be that cheap and likely the margin is also thin. However, still need to see the coming QR.
02/08/2016 08:05
raynman Doubt the REV hardware and software will make any money. But getting a device onto every table in every Ajisen outlet in China and being able to sell media advertising on it? Now... that could be worth something. Whether they can execute or not....
02/08/2016 09:52
STUPIDPUNCAKKPS DATO LARRY GAN well connected figure with low taek jho and justin leong genting founder grandson
02/08/2016 11:03
STUPIDPUNCAKKPS whether this deal can push cuscapi back above 0.40
02/08/2016 11:04
STUPIDPUNCAKKPS only time will tell
02/08/2016 11:05
rocketaz @STUPIDPUNCAKKPS In few years to come I really hope to see it hits above 0.40
02/08/2016 17:40
PenguinDad Hopefully, the REV project in China will generated more advertisement income rather than the rental of the units. That is something that is more difficult to predict the outcome.
03/08/2016 09:26
Justcurious Well if the entire company depends just on one product and being a public listed firm with so many coverage in the region, I doubt they can progress. Rev have been dead do a Ling Long time. Even CEO admits the lack of progress in 2015 press release. Looking at this forum rev was talked about in 2014 and where are they today?. All hopes in one client Ajisen versus competition of thousands in ipad you know there isn't must hope. Ask yourselves when you eat out how many time you see an ipad versus a rev?. iPads came in like a storm with multiple companies participating with different user interfaces.
05/08/2016 17:35
sminvestor The rev seems to have taken a long time to take off, but then again, at least there is progress? I am hopeful.
05/08/2016 18:52
sheep 1H net loss 7.303 million (increased 125.12%) Another quarter of loss. So many quarters losses.
10/08/2016 20:49
sheep Usually announce last week of Aug. Why so early? something wrong or good?
10/08/2016 21:43
sheep next q result still negatif
11/08/2016 11:00
prescott2006 this counter no hope one. I cut loss long time ago, you're wasting your time capital if still keep hoping for it.
11/08/2016 13:03
raynman @sheep heard from insider the ceo and his sidekick larry gonna take the co private. so sure announce big big losses and push down the shareprice then sapu all the money from rev
11/08/2016 14:52
memangbetul @raynman, aisay brother if that is true then it's like a deliberate sabotage for share prices?...Daylight robbery (buy back cheap) ?. Let's see what is the movement from now. Interesting...
15/08/2016 15:13
hotdogge bought 0.130
28/09/2016 10:40
SUMATECRM1 this company help kfc count money?
29/09/2016 00:11
supernova81 Break down 0.115 cut loss
07/10/2016 22:06
supernova81 Result come out, make lose again,tomolo sure drop again
24/11/2016 21:44
lewis27wong Cuscapi today move up. Is time to jump in
28/12/2016 10:22
pdchs Lewis, do you know what happened?
28/12/2016 10:24
BigPro REV hardware and software project in Ajisen outlet in China start in 2017...
28/12/2016 17:49
HeartBreakKid Does this company has anything to do with Jack Ma?
17/01/2017 10:33
BigPro Jack Ma want to know how this company get the REV project in China.
17/01/2017 22:35


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