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confuse Myself confused why PM Najib dare to call early GE 14(next year?) when not due until Aug 2018. Our stock market actually is very bad since GE 13 which BN won with very slim margin. Even Vivo shareholders anyone want to vote BN for causing our loss?
07/12/2016 16:29
Sephy because if he wait. Economy will get much worst and Mahathir will gain power. So better now than later.
07/12/2016 16:32
DoraCuties Darth, that is not all my money. I have other portfolio as well. Not to disclose here.
07/12/2016 16:33
Mdnizam Darth look RGB and VIVO is over ...now coming connect?
07/12/2016 16:34
DoraCuties I listen a lot too Mr MyView and found he have long gone. Look like Auntie Disagree was correct and she told us real thing,
07/12/2016 16:36
DoraCuties Actually the team who scold me the most is still from Mr MyView team. Each time when we comment negative on Vivo, this team will scold us with all kind of good and bad language
07/12/2016 16:38
DoraCuties Who is angel and who is evil, i think now is more clear
07/12/2016 16:38
DoraCuties Good ... 0.155 again.
07/12/2016 16:38
goldentriangle making profits or losses shouldn't blame to others, and Invest at your own risk !
you're a man should dare to bear at your own wrong doing!
07/12/2016 17:07
goldentriangle wow, market +2.74 points! the nearest to year end, the more green on KLSE,
it's a good sign for our economy and stocks included Vivo !
keep your good works Vivo... Cheers!
07/12/2016 17:08
kser wah, vivocom-wb up with strong vol. something is coming....
07/12/2016 17:08
goldentriangle me also incurred hugh paper losses also keep quite and facing the pressure everyday,
but I'm ok and keep leveraging down when price give further discound
and keep talk out something which is positive on Vivo !

what I'm so sure and believe is Vivo will be come back one day!
so, just be patient waiting the good news announcements from Vivo,
believe in what you invest and if not believe just don't invest and exit, that's all !
This is not a buy or sell call and trade at your own risk!
07/12/2016 17:17
traderman strong buy 15.5 cent now. strong order books and ringgit.
07/12/2016 17:32
Darth No one can do anything about the price today or tomorrow.
Let's the management come out.
07/12/2016 17:42
Darth The management itself not bothered.
07/12/2016 17:43
goldentriangle All Asian bourses are so green !
Nikkei closed at 18,496.69 (+136.15) (+0.74%)
Hang Seng closed at 22,800.92 (+125.77) (+0.55%)
Shanghai closed at 3,222.24 (+22.59) (+0.71%)
Taiwan closed at 9,263.89 (+13.12) (+0.14%)
Singapore STI closed at 2,959.84 (+10.72) (+0.36%)

All Asian bourses are closed high or almost near their new high!
Our KLSE currently still left far behind, still got plenty space to goes up...
by end of this year should break above 1680 points or 1700 points!

Market sentiments become better and better,
Just be patient, it will be uptrend for Vivo in soonest of time!
07/12/2016 18:01
Theoldinvestor Dora & golentriangle, you are not the only losers ìn this counter. All those who came late are definitionly losers in this crazy counter. Don't regret. Time has come to average buy up . You all should be OK by end February when the company releases its next quarterly report.
07/12/2016 18:02
goldentriangle Oil continue it's uptrend,
as at 6.21pm
Nymex at $51.16 (+0.23) (+0.45%)
Brent at $54.19 (+0.26) (+0.48%)
07/12/2016 18:21
Darth This company has nothing to do with oil.
Everyone is stuck for another 5 years.
07/12/2016 19:00
Darth Can hold for 5 years?
07/12/2016 19:01
Darth Hold for 5 years.
07/12/2016 19:02
Darth What's so great about Vivo?
07/12/2016 19:03
Darth Sorry Guys. We retailers loose out. Can keep another 5 years?
07/12/2016 19:07
Darth CEO, gave wrong information.
07/12/2016 19:09
Qwertyuiop hahaha you guys so funny la, don't forget this company is aiming to transferr to main board, there were examples that transferred to mainboard, you can see how bullish the share price were prior to transformation. see weekly chart then you'll see the funds have been accumulating since years ago, don't put your eye on daily movement. lol. be patient la dik.
07/12/2016 19:37
CKNYAM Wah sickness come back. Better eat medicine
07/12/2016 19:56
investor001 For those of you who don't know the history of Instacom acquiring Neata Aluminium and Vivocom, go read this article.

p/s: Mr.Choo looks handsome in this interview xD

07/12/2016 20:43
CKNYAM Well said qwerty and investor001. Has fate what you invested
07/12/2016 21:26
CKNYAM I think many people mistake DS Yeoh running the main show for Vivocom. But instead DS Yeoh is more to proxy to CRCC to get projects for Vivocom. I believe Mr Choo is the key person running daily affair and company future now. Read back this Focus article, at last pages again highlighted PENANG tunnel project Vivocom is still waiting the BOQ finalize package. I believe this award would be announcing soon as Mudajaya has received their package award.
07/12/2016 21:58
CKNYAM Approximately penang tunnel package between rm350mil to rm500mil. Another awards would be CRCC Gemas estimates rm800mil to rm1bil. both projects will add up minimum rm1bil sales. So total orderbook in hand will easily hit rm3.5bil to rm4bil. Financial year 2017 will be great benefits.
07/12/2016 22:01
Sephy http://www.theedgemarkets.com/my/article/jomo-loss-confidence-government-key-dampener-ringgit-performance
07/12/2016 22:34
Tomato915 Thursday is a magic day...
08/12/2016 00:32
goldentriangle Tomato915, Agreed with you!
Today both KLSE and Vivo will have a big jump up!
08/12/2016 07:32
5c0160 Vivo game over oledi will drop to 0.12
08/12/2016 07:48
goldentriangle wow, dow jones settled at 19,549.62 (+297.84) (+1.55%)
what a superb good news in the early morning!
08/12/2016 07:51
dodos Vivocom long correction over oredi........now start to turn bullish.......buy low sell high !
08/12/2016 08:43
FBMKLCI2015 Golden...why talk about dow jones...oil prices...those are all external to this counter.
08/12/2016 09:22
FBMKLCI2015 Should share something related to this counter..
08/12/2016 09:23
Sales If oil go up, we got more benefits.
08/12/2016 09:54
Chang206 Vivo so quiet... no show today. Looking at the seller volume, do not expect the share price to go up today.
08/12/2016 10:04
tsh123 most trades r selling at higher than yes closing price tody..buying vol shifting to higher price too..think ppl r betting on the hsr deal now..
08/12/2016 10:20
goldentriangle FBMKLCI2015, you're wrong, all the external or internal good fundamentals also will
benefit our economy and stock market...
wow, as at 10.57am market was so green at 1638.50 (+6.03) (+0.31%)

all the world bourses shooting up and since our stock market still quite low and cheap,
now seems like foreign funds already started to buying into our equities and bonds already!
there will be uptrend for our KLSE started from today onwards,
just be patient, Vivo definitely will be goes up too in soonest or time!
08/12/2016 10:58
FBMKLCI2015 Golden, those external news normally influence blue chips only. Small cap not so much
08/12/2016 11:06
Tomato915 Yup, now just good for Index Constituent stocks...
08/12/2016 11:11
goldentriangle FBMKLCI2015, do you think that when blue chips all shooting up,
total volume increasing, number of counters up is greater then down,
market sentiements become better and better, everyone got more jobs,
everybody earning more monies and etc, do you think that Small cap will it be up too?

Now the operator is purposely block the price up, good market sentiments and company's
good profitable results will talk the price, i believe that they will remove the road block soon,
so just wait and see lor !
08/12/2016 11:20
FBMKLCI2015 Okay..you win liao lor..
08/12/2016 12:16
traderman golden already talk the same thing from 22 cent to now 15.5 cent. hahaha ... keep it up golden
08/12/2016 16:38
goldentriangle traderman, ha..ha.. no worry, I will...
08/12/2016 17:37
BN_menang Next week M'sia and S'pore will sign HSR agreement. Hopefully Vivo can move after that.
08/12/2016 17:40
FBMKLCI2015 Traderman, golden the best. never give up since price is high
08/12/2016 17:48


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