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FBMKLCI2015 good job, justbuyanddoitanyway.
30/09/2016 16:58
vvv1 aiyoyo...0.2 ahh....

okok....so last week was syndicate playing....share collection...now is weak market sentiment, ppl throw....what else?

vivoinvestor, clap for what? clap yourselves for stuck in this counter? hahahahaha

oh well....told you earlier already don't want to listen then now turn the gun on me?

continue your own imagination please, think of more creative reasons please...I am sure one day you will realise even you yourselves also can't lie to yourselves anymore.
30/09/2016 16:58
traderman tuesday 0.2 will be the sell queue ... queue now if you wanna buy 0.2 ... ahahahaha
30/09/2016 17:10
Tomato915 Give..... Up
30/09/2016 19:12
FBMKLCI2015 Those gave up lose.
30/09/2016 19:20
FBMKLCI2015 https://youtu.be/-p2IKwAGjEA
30/09/2016 19:20
FBMKLCI2015 Believe in vivocom!
30/09/2016 19:21
papaya traderman tuesday 0.2 will be the sell queue ... queue now if you wanna buy 0.2 ... ahahahaha
30/09/2016 17:10

no need la....queue at 19sen...then wed..queue 17sen....then thurs...queue 15sen..then by end oct...you will get 2 sen....hahahaha
30/09/2016 20:14
papaya 1st nov..... 0.005sen then tutup kedai......then only traderman happy....hahaha
30/09/2016 20:17
Tomato915 Hahaha
30/09/2016 20:24
Tomato915 Please give .... the price .... up
30/09/2016 20:27
goldentriangle traderman is a clever guy, after he buy and dump which try to create panic selling
to press down the price, then he will collect as much as he can Vivo shares at low low price,
he will just waiting the right time to push up the share price high high to make hansome profits!!!

so, dun listen to any bad comments from him and hold tight tight and keep
park low low to buy more Vivo shares if got extra bullets
and don't let him achieved his greedy intention !!!
30/09/2016 20:47
allnew_bruce5113 tomato915, treat me a bowl of tomato soup, next tuesday vivocom price turn 0.300...up up up...vivocom... :-D :-D :-D
30/09/2016 22:23
allnew_bruce5113 vvv1, right now vivocom price is just slightly below my cost, so no need prepared bullet... :-D up up up...vivocom... :-D :-D :-D
30/09/2016 22:25
SingInvestor Thanks FBMKLCI2015

A reminder to all to watch the Youtube and keep the FAITH on why you buy this Vivo.


30/09/2016 22:53
nocindycat con counter, don't be silly, looks like 20cent will be broken soon, a distribution sign
01/10/2016 00:05
CKNYAM79 Thanks guys for been positive... Price eventually have to be up before q3. What we can do to counter syndicate play is any price drop below 0.200, can grab for long term investment. Contra player again not advisable. Invest at own risk.
01/10/2016 06:42
goldentriangle http://www.seattletimes.com/business/how-the-dow-jones-industrial-average-fared-on-friday-34/
Deutsche Bank AG (USA) (NYSE: DB) CEO John Cryan reassured investors that the German mega-bank was stable as it prepares to reach a settlement with the Department of Justice.

Dow Jones rebound to closed at 18,308.15 (+164.70 points)

And Oil price continue it's bull run with Brent oil price breaking $50 a barrel
US Nymex settled at $48.04 (+0.21) (+0.44%)
Brent $50.01 (+0.20) (+0.40%)

Oil price will break $60 a barrel soon and it is good for our economy,
I believe our economy will start booming when enter the year 2017 !
01/10/2016 09:15
Leong Tan hoseh liao. oil stock and retailer oil stock
01/10/2016 10:28
spw65 Coming Tueday Huat ah!
01/10/2016 11:12
Tomato915 Happy long weekend to all of you.....
01/10/2016 12:02
CKNYAM79 Tomato I spend u tomato soup later when Vivocom up. People please don't use tomato if to make joke.
01/10/2016 12:46
traderman Means tomato won't receive the tomato souo
01/10/2016 14:54
bkt2008 Anyone sell 0.19?
01/10/2016 14:58
Tomato915 Hahaha...

No one will know which company share will goreng up at the moment.
Even though TA or FA sifu....
We are making our own decision to invest some company which we are predicting it can growth up in future.
That is call investment.
If every time you buy in some shares and wish the share price will go up quickly after you bought, this is call gambling.
No matter investment or gambling, the final goal is to earn money in the share market.
So, please don't ridicule or blame each others who is different way with you.
Just sharing our options or useful comments here for discussion.

I think this is the main purpose for this forum platform.

Thank you
01/10/2016 16:06
stiudentz Agree with tomato. Don't waste your time with non sense comments.
01/10/2016 17:46
MyView Vivocom will be going up because the Q3 result will be announce soon. Good luck.
01/10/2016 18:28
jjasonlim Q3 result annouce end of november, two month to go
i think this stock only will up a lot after HSR award to CRCC
01/10/2016 18:40
Vivocom International Holdings Bhd: Construction our main driver for 2016
By The iProperty.com News Team on Apr 04, 2016

116 Read

KUALA LUMPUR, April 4 : Vivocom International Holdings Bhd, which targets a revenue of RM760 million for this financial year ending Dec 31, 2016 (FY16), expects the construction business to contribute 70-75% of its revenue, mainly driven by projects from China Railway Construction Corp Ltd (CRCC).

Executive director Choo Seng Choon said the group, which was formerly known as Instacom Group Bhd, was predominantly driven by its telco tower builder business. Now, the group is backed by three businesses, which are telco, aluminium and construction following acquisitions over the last two years.

“(For FY16) We hope to do RM600 million for construction, RM80 million for telco and RM80 million for aluminium. That’s our target. That will bring us to RM760 million revenue, which will be an achievement and will be quite comfortable for us.

“The main growth driver will effectively come from construction, by the sheer value of each contract and the volume that they take on,” Choo told SunBiz in an interview recently.

He said Vivocom, which prides itself with being one of the biggest market capitalisation on the ACE Market, aims to transfer to the Main Market within a year, after it delivers its FY16 results.

“2015 revenue is telco-driven so we’re not proven as a construction group yet. This year will be the first year we need to deliver. Once we deliver the results, next year we can start looking at it (moving to Main Market) already.”

Choo said while construction is expected to contribute the bulk of the group’s revenue, the remaining 10-15% will be split between aluminium and telco.

“Currently the bulk of our (construction) jobs is from a mixture of building and infrastructure projects but our main client CRCC is giving 40-50% of the current order book that we have,” said Choo, adding that the remaining portion comes from private entities and public companies.

He said Vivocom’s order book stood at RM2.7 billion and can keep the group busy for three years. Of this, construction makes up RM2.4 billion.

It is bidding for RM2 billion worth of construction jobs, including the M101 SkyWheel in the redevelopment of Kampung Baru, the Gemas-Johor Baru electrified double-tracking project, the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail project, as well as the Tropics in Kuching by the Regal International Group.

“We hope to get an average of RM1-2 billion a year (order book replenishment) but depending on margins, track record payments and clientele. We do not have the cash muscle to fight with the big construction groups. We have to choose clientele that can pay us on time and that will allow us to roll,” said Choo.

Transforming from a telco tower builder to a construction firm, he opined that Vivocom’s change is not huge and that the skillsets are similar.

“When you’re a telco contractor, you also build and manage projects. The way we run the project is similar to construction. Only difference is the timing, scale and the duration is smaller. In telco, tower sites project takes six to nine months but for construction, each project is two to three years.”

Choo said the recent spectrum reallocation for telcos brings more work opportunities in terms of infrastructure change and upgrades, such as the change of equipment, rebuilding of towers or repositioning of sites, which could convert to an additional revenue of RM20 million to RM30 million per year for the telco arm.

Despite this however, Choo said the focus is still on growing its construction business which is a cash driven one.

“For telco, you lock in for five years with fixed rates but the volume can fluctuate. Because of the fluctuation, I don’t have economies of scale and I don’t have bargaining power for suppliers to get a cheaper rate,” said Choo.

On paying out dividends, he said it will likely come in 2018 once it has built its war chest.


Read more at http://focus.iproperty.com.my/news/1074/vivocom-international-holdings-bhd-construction-our-main-driver-for-2016#W3iMfhewhxC2H5Yo.99
01/10/2016 18:48
CKNYAM79 http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2016/04/03/china-is-forerunner-in-hsr-project-in-just-13-years-since-rolling-out-its-first-high-speed-train-the/
01/10/2016 18:49
traderman Still post the same super old news
01/10/2016 19:16
bkt2008 anyone sell 0.19?
01/10/2016 19:53
goldentriangle Monday our market is closed, all asian stocks will rebound strongly!
And Tuesday our market definitely will 'Fill Increase' from Monday not trading!
01/10/2016 19:57
Darth Only way this stock is going to move up and stay up is by moving to MB or either declare dividends. To MB, maybe need to wait after 4 Q's of profits above 20mil. If be live going to move to MB than buy, accumulate and keep.
01/10/2016 20:27
sayangawak Tired of it,fck vivo!
01/10/2016 20:53
Darth Yes, agree with many. If tired just leave. Nothing wrong. It will be difficult to make a quick buck from this stock.
01/10/2016 21:51
Darth A quick assessment. The company is making money but why the price is not going up?
A quick answer will be, someone is manipulating (could be insiders).
Don't get me wrong, it's a good stock but without directions.
01/10/2016 21:56
Darth You need to go MB to get genuine investors to come in. Till than play their game of buying and selling.
01/10/2016 21:59
Darth Where is this company getting money sponsoring their jobs?
Private placements? Once they get their money than they bring down the price. Looks like their modus operandi.
01/10/2016 22:02
Darth The company knows what's happening. Taking retailers for a ride, I think it's about time everyone realizes that.
Giving out bonus issues, doesn't reward anyone.
01/10/2016 22:06
GoodBoy Germany Deutsche Bank issue settled ... Banking worries settled ... Global equities would rebound next week ... Vivo would rebound as well ... cheers ...
01/10/2016 22:07
Darth Sincerely, at the moment, what has the global issues should be bothering this stock?
01/10/2016 22:11
Darth At the moment, most likely it's being manupilate by their own people. Get real about this.
They also cannot bring this stock that low with all their projects.
So, play their game until MB.
01/10/2016 22:18
Darth Myview, trader, Cy, and many others. All are right and wrong.
Should we invest or trade with this stock?
If these idiots have a hand in manipulating retailers to sponsor their jobs than all of us are at the losing end for their benefit.
01/08/2016 11:46
01/10/2016 14:06
CKNYAM79 Anyway traderman, I won't argue with you anymore. Actually waste of time too. I just invest my own money. And I can wait till next year 2017. Cause I want to see through q4 result. If really not good then I can move on. But RERating or share price adjustment can be one day or 3 months. Share price can suddenly surge 100% for any share. So if u can wait and got faith, stay on. If not and want fast money u can move on. I m here because I confident on Vivocom transformation and rebuilding company. Look at revenue, eps and Pe improvement show Vivocom is changing. So if those really not interest you can always feel free to put negative comments and bad input. Tqvm
01/10/2016 22:51
CKNYAM79 I withdraw my Becareful on the road to you too traderman. But I not agree on what you have do by change people ID to fake a comment. I forgive you.
01/10/2016 22:53
CKNYAM79 Darth, with no offense to answer ur question. I have same views with you about all good things about Vivocom. But not only Vivocom Stock been manipulated by syndicate, there are plenty of other stocks in ACE and MB out there too. The reason why syndicates been heavily involved in Vivocom because they been attracted too by Vivocom potential. Vivocom not only attracted retailer but as well syndicate. Cause only stocks play with retailer that they can make money. So we much always buy low and able to hold longer term to see through your investment capital gain. If a company continue making revenue and increase orderbook, are u believe Vivocom share price will continue go south? Even they manipulate and pressing the price now, they eventually has to push up to pair value against the Eps n PE value. If this kind of company share price also cannot go up, I think we can forget about invest in share. Regard the insider trading, we can't prevent it to be happen, as many other share also has similar problem. Sometime it's could be also from bursa insider too. So let focus on company performances and future earning rather than been negative thinking. Tq
01/10/2016 23:59
bkt2008 Forget and forgive !
02/10/2016 00:06
bkt2008 Tuesday will uptrend
02/10/2016 00:16


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