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Market Cap: 482 Million
NOSH: 3,115 Million
P/E | EY: 8.75  |  11.43%
DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.14  |  1.11
Avg Volume (4 weeks):16,059,236
4 Weeks Range:0.155 - 0.175
52 Weeks Range:0.155 - 0.37
Average Price Target: 0.46
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.305


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traderman prince4 CKNYAM don't worry you Q first later big holder will sell for you....

so you thinking buying from big holder is good ?
23/01/2017 17:16
traderman darth, will the 3 billion order books turn into profit ?
23/01/2017 17:26
traderman bina puri, mrcb
23/01/2017 18:08
ONE_IS_ONE Next month end, could be soar higher.
23/01/2017 18:44
MissElizaClarke just sense some eathquake 0.05 magnitude so i come out from my cave to see is there anyone i can welcome......Anyone ? if not i back to my cave
23/01/2017 20:14
Erie Me :)
23/01/2017 20:30
Orga shark 10 step ahead us.. no chance we will win.. want to make 0.01 cent profit? tadaaa.. they trapped u guys like always.. later say 0.155 is the bottom.. later they push to 0.135.. how to win? con main land company..
23/01/2017 20:47
hafizzuddin42 To play with this stock. Try to make some case study. See what happen to Global oriental.
23/01/2017 22:15
zul tembok 0.155 memang kukuh dan kuat
24/01/2017 10:38
prince4 zul this dam load too many water very heavy, wall crack...water ...
24/01/2017 10:56
kentg03 0.16 alot now, no body wan
24/01/2017 11:19
papaya Not nobody want....but since many millionaires here willing to sell at loss better wait cheaper price....haha
24/01/2017 11:28
BN_menang If support BN HSR is on and Vivo to get it?
24/01/2017 11:49
Penang_lang Support DAP can get Penang Tunnel project?
24/01/2017 12:29
prince4 support vivo will sleep coffin....
24/01/2017 13:49
ktsk88 what is wrong sleeping on coffin?...............eventually you're going to sleep on one too one fine day unless you're Muslim.
24/01/2017 13:55
prince4 ktsk88 died sleep coffin no wrong but now u still alive sleep coffin that mean you will die soon
24/01/2017 14:13
ktsk88 die or not, we never knows until you can't sound anymore.

in investment you can't pronounced your investment is dead based on current status................even those under PN17 still listed until a white knight coming to the rescue or delisted forever.

What more the company is making profit for few rolling quarters.

I don't know what is wrong with your judgement.
24/01/2017 14:19
Jal 贾彬得 WHAT happen t this counter!!!!!
24/01/2017 14:21
Penang_lang Nobody sue brokers who cheat us(unreasonable TP) so they keep bully us.
24/01/2017 14:30
ktsk88 no ones can answer you what happened to this counter just that i knows it was being controlled and subdue for whatever reasons known to some big players.

There is nothing wrong with the company so far as revenue, profits and projects are concerned.

Even Management are busy delivering the results and projects are ongoing on schedule.
24/01/2017 14:32
ktsk88 why sue the analysts when they are forecasting the results and it was still in line with their projected figures for full 2016 results and 2017 is going to be in full swing when all the projects starts kicks in.
24/01/2017 14:34
ktsk88 just that many of you are inpatience and treat the investment in the company as casino for fast bucks.
24/01/2017 14:36
papaya You're right ktsk88....
24/01/2017 14:39
VivaVivo2017 Ktdk88 agree with u..dont let the speculators eat your lunch. I just checked Neata's outstanding projects. Ongoing ones are Eclipse Cyberjaya/KL Gateway Bangsar South/Tamarind Square Cyberjaya/3rd Avenue Cyberjaya.
Future projects in hand Novum Bangsar South/Stonor 3 Lorong Stonor KL.
24/01/2017 14:48
Pohsee This counter has just too many shares floating in the market and well with just a few percentage of weak holders who will let go when they cannot tahan that's it the counter will stay as where they are.
It's time for the shares be consolidated into higher denomination like 10 to 1 only then there will be serious investors looking at the counter.
Until then Kiong Hee Fatt Choy to one and all. :)
24/01/2017 14:57
Apple888 Very huge sell queue
24/01/2017 15:14
adamdacutie well, if got ppl sell lower, i will buy if i hav money lo... and wish them gong hei fatt choi ... anyway cny is real close , hope u hav done final shopping including at vivocom counter , blessed cny everybody
24/01/2017 15:24
zul ada bomoh ibrahim sekarang nampat 155 tembok memang kukuh
24/01/2017 15:33
Chang206 If the company is serious in moving to MB, I belief Management will propose consolidation of shares, either 5 shares merge into 1 or 10 shares merge into 1 before they apply to go to MB. But for the company to qualify to move to MB, share price must maintain at 0.16 or higher so that market value is at least 500 millions.
24/01/2017 15:36
jackyle The sell queue can cancel anytime...... they parked a dinosaur there then can make it dissapeared whenever they want.
24/01/2017 15:37
adamdacutie targetted move to mainboard is by q3 2017 right?
24/01/2017 16:04
zul ada bomoh ibrahim sekarang tembok memang kukuh
24/01/2017 16:36
doitanyway ktsk88, very well said and fully agree with your thoughts. One cannot hope to be always lucky and hope to make money by being short term player. It is most risky and stressful.
24/01/2017 17:05
Penang_lang Funny i3 people like ktsk88. Stock down also happy. Next time before buy any stocks ple make sure already drop to rock bottom not said good at 20, 25 sen.
24/01/2017 17:06
Penang_lang I doubt ktsk88 only in Vivo now.
24/01/2017 17:11
confuse Why nobody admit they cut loss at 15.5 sen? If directors sold they must announce how abt i3 members sold?
24/01/2017 17:13
Eatenbyshark raising star...with the awards f contracts...bet now on WB....sure 100% return...
24/01/2017 17:23
richardcslim Penang_lang I doubt ktsk88 only in Vivo now.

I oso doubt ktsk88 have more others blue chips share than u.
24/01/2017 17:43
MyView ktsk88: just that many of you are inpatience and treat the investment in the company as casino for fast bucks.

24/01/2017 14:36
Agreed KTSK88.
24/01/2017 17:49
YF24 If can stand 0.155 for 3days rebound should be no problem , immediate support at 0.145 they try to press down the price scare u all to sell low lose money play this kind of courter must have strong holding power : )
24/01/2017 17:55
heng0202 patient will be rewarded.
24/01/2017 17:56
jackyle Still holding vivo here.
24/01/2017 18:09
CKNYAM Great to see many still positive and holding the share tightly. If got Bullet buy those 0.155 and below to grab sharks share. Keep averaging down and take advantage on current weeks price.
24/01/2017 18:28
CKNYAM Fundamental remain same. All awards contract is legal bidding and progressing. Year 2017 revenue will be key results for main board listing. Till today non LOA projects has been cancel or terminated. On January 2017, Vivocom again collect two new projects for Rm71mil. Oriental mace projects was earlier award to Versatile bhd but the company unable to take up the job. VIvocom come in as project saving contractor as its core natural of business.
24/01/2017 18:32
CKNYAM If u ask why share price still downtrend even last 4q with rm379mil revenue with eps 2.1 cents and rm3 bil orderbook, it's very easy to spot that the share price been manipulate since bonus issue.
24/01/2017 18:36
CKNYAM If u want to counter them, u need to be patient and keep buying at low. EPS soon will hit 0.300 by FYE 2017 or even more.
24/01/2017 18:39
Erie Can u enlight me why they want to manipulate n press down the price..what benefit is there?
24/01/2017 21:34
Stanley Hong Press down more for me to collect more. I finish my money this month.. continue next month
24/01/2017 21:41
CKNYAM http://neataaluminium.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Neata-Company-Profile-SEPT16.pdf

Vivocom not only have Construction division making good revenue, in addition neata aluminium division who are manufacturing aluminium fabrication and building civil works . It's a growing business with increasing revenue every year .

Thus, telco division still produce steady revenue till 2018.
24/01/2017 22:35



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