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Market Cap: 187 Million
NOSH: 3,399 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):3,730,435
4 Weeks Range:0.05 - 0.065
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.05 - 0.16
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 0.23
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.175
Stamp duty exempted for year 2018

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 31-Mar-2018 [#1]  |  31-May-2018
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 30-Jun-2018  |  30-Aug-2018
T4Q P/E | EY: 16.46  |  6.08%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.1399  |  0.39
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 9.59%  |  2.39%


Date Subject
27-Mar-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 27 Mar 2018
01-Mar-2018 Vivocom - Still In A Slower Billings Cycle
23-Feb-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 23 Feb 2018
06-Feb-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 06 Feb 2018
06-Feb-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 6 Feb 2018
05-Jan-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 5 Jan 2018
05-Jan-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 5 Jan 2018
04-Dec-2017 Vivocom International Berhad - Entering Slower Billings Cycle
04-Dec-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 4 Dec 2017
15-Nov-2017 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 15 Nov 2017
07-Nov-2017 CNQC International & Vivocom Berhad: A Partnership to unlock potential and multiply value?
20-Oct-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 20 Oct 2017
19-Oct-2017 VIVOCOM consortium eyes ECRL project
17-Oct-2017 怡丰国际 青建国际入股有利
16-Oct-2017 Vivocom Holdings International Berhad - Tapping Directly Into OBOR Network
15-Oct-2017 丑小鸭是天鹅吗?("The Ugly Duckling")
13-Oct-2017 VIVOCOM, from carbon coal to Hong Kong Jade GEM
27-Sep-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 27 Sept 2017
27-Sep-2017 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 27 Sept 2017
05-Sep-2017 Vivocom - Earnings Blip From Lower Progress Billings

Business Background

Vivocom Intl Holdings Bhd is an investment holding company. Its business segments include Telecommunication engineering services, Aluminum design and fabrication and Construction. The company undertakes various projects as well as provides construction services. In addition, it is also involved in the aluminum design and fabrication and other related activities. The company’s geographical area of operation includes Malaysia. It generates revenue mainly through its ventures related to construction segment.
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Darth Many ACE market counters like Vivocom being listed are full of Bullshit! Up and down like yoyo without backbone of being serious moving forward for everyone's benefits.
Please can go check, open the newspaper and have a look at the whole Ace Market counters, how many do you find or think it's worth buying or investing?
Question is, why in the 1st place get listed if not for growing forward?
06/07/2018 14:35
Darth My personal view on why ACE market counters like Vivocom needs to be delisted or ACE MARKET itself shouldn't exist is because they get listed thereafter no solid progress or seriousness of moving to MB.
Many do shark playing, propelling the price up than down like no ending.
In this kind of business, the loosing end are Retailers whom don't have much money in investing but buy because it's cheap and think one day they'll grow.
Retailers need to make changes in their investment pattern at the same time get rid of ACE MARKET counters which doesn't help the growth of small investors.
06/07/2018 14:49
Darth Or I can make a conclusion that today's ACE MARKET counters are here is only for Trading purpose.
Than this is the risk Retailers need to take when playing with counters like Vivocom.
Go play!
No one over here needs to be serious in defending this company!
Why need to worry what this company wants to do or accumulate projects of 2-5B for the future????
06/07/2018 14:58
Darth There's nothing solid in Vivocom future income.
There's no more 2-3B projects in hand.
Buy this company to invest for what?
Want to trade and play with shark-Directors 0.005-0.01 profits, please go ahead buy and accumulate.
Yes, shark-Directors can move again from 0.05 to 0.30 at any time.
This I cannot predict.
Welcome to the trading World of ACE MARKET counters!
06/07/2018 15:26
Darth Vivoforever1, Vivonewbie or 5354.
Just would like to know.
Buy or accumulate this company counter for what reason?
If can support with reasonable reasons, many over here also want to listen.
06/07/2018 15:53
Darth This company is going no where.
The Director and his shark already stuck!
09/07/2018 19:40
Darth 0.05 or 0.04 a fair value.
09/07/2018 19:41
Darth Let them be there for another 2 years.
No one is going to cry!
09/07/2018 19:43
Darth No one is bothered about future projects if any!
09/07/2018 19:44
Darth What RI, they want to issue and for what?
09/07/2018 19:46
Darth No need RI or PP.
No need Q results to be announced.
No one wants to know about Vivocom besides their stupid Director!
09/07/2018 19:50
Darth Many company's like Vivocom cheat Retailers, working with SHARKS cheating by being listed!
Get Rid of this kind of companies!
09/07/2018 19:54
Darth Tell Bursa. We don't need ACE MARKET!
09/07/2018 19:55
Wong Kah Wei Die die vivocom .no u turn
09/07/2018 20:44
ktsk88 A useless and crooks company. Just let it drift to 0.01sen n falls into pn category
09/07/2018 21:09
Darth This company can die with their Sharks in the ACE MARKET!
09/07/2018 21:31
Darth No need Rights Issue!
09/07/2018 21:32
Darth No need to show any Quarter Reports!
09/07/2018 21:33
Darth Before they keep cheating Retailers,
Might as well ask Bursa to delist this company!
09/07/2018 21:37
Darth Never mind, we Retailers loose buying this company share.
It's a lesson well learnt!
09/07/2018 21:39
Darth But lets make sure this company get delisted!
09/07/2018 21:42
Wong Kah Wei Fully agree and support darth
09/07/2018 21:51
peterchu lol hahahahahaha

still vivo ...
09/07/2018 21:53
RX350 sell now and come to DGSB, it is still not too late..........
09/07/2018 22:59
Vivoforever1 I buy more bec cheaper than DGSB. Wait for HK listing to get even higher price bec CNQC interested before.
10/07/2018 03:27
Vivonewbie Darth not posting today is thankful. Bec most of his posts will make Vivo drop or not moving up. Why must Darth post 5000+ pls answer me?
10/07/2018 17:00
mdesa5057 elo all Board of directors, your company name should change from VIVOCOM to VAVICOM la...
toilet paper this
10/07/2018 21:47
Vivoforever1 Why not have another listing in HK? Isn't CNQC interested in Vivo before? Like ourself do we buy S'pore or M'sians ctrs? Same answer CNQC will give.
11/07/2018 09:15
cheated kk1kk1 no need waste time promote here. GKent CG will become 0 for sure.
11/07/2018 09:53
Darth There's nothing wrong if this company share price can go up in The future.
The company needs to come clean with their dubious claims in regards to projects in hand, receivables, announcing true Q reports and their seriousness of moving forward.
If not, it's the same old story with Vivocom and many others in the ACE market.
Only difference is many Retailers today have awoken not to put most of their investment in ACE MARKET counters!
11/07/2018 14:36
Darth Our ACE MARKET and second liners in Bursa full of swindling by the company Directors to getting listed in the first place.
It's time for SC to regulate these companies if after one year cannot perform, get delisted!
Many company's before listing in the ACE MARKET show good results.
Make retailers to invest.
Thereafter within two years start playing with SHARKS or price head South.
What kind of companies are being introduced by our Bursa?
11/07/2018 14:44
apolloang no no no....ace market stocks must show good profits for 5 years before can get listing
11/07/2018 14:46
Darth Must understand.
Many ACE MARKET and second liners prices are low which is attractive for new commers and traders trying their luck for a spike to make easy money.
But in the end many loose out and start borrowing to gain back their losses.
Which most of the time end up loosing more!
11/07/2018 14:49
Darth apolloang, yes I agree with you.
Why if a company before getting listed can show 5 years of steady profits thereafter listing below 5 years cannot show the same results prior to their listing?
11/07/2018 14:52
apolloang all corruption lah,why can so easy list and cheat the rakyat money.sc should review listing procedure,banned call warrants,etf to improve liquidity for the old hag stocks in bursa.....hehe
11/07/2018 14:54
Darth apolloang, let's take a ride in today's all listed ACE MARKET counters in Bursa.
How many actually really progressed or in still in the mist of progressing?
Please pick 10 companies out of 100 which you think till today after their listing (some after more than 5 years) is worth for young investors to put their money?
11/07/2018 14:57
Darth apolloang, you're correct.
11/07/2018 14:58
apolloang I seldom buy ace stocks cos no profit forecast,few assets or cash,mostly tin kosong company depending on growth only
11/07/2018 15:00
apolloang sc should tighten listing laws so if a company intent to list in bursa can do a reverse takeover of many penny stocks in bursa.this can help many penny stocks on the market
11/07/2018 15:03
Darth One another note.
How many times have everyone seen cheap counters being manipulated (hardly any profits shown earlier) with millions being transacted in top 10.
Retailers and new commers will follow because cheap and try luck.
Is this the way we're supposed to move in the investment world?
11/07/2018 15:05
Darth apolloang, don't understand much about what you're trying to say about the reverse take over.
But you're one of the few trying to make some sense on what's happening in our Bursa ACE MARKET.
11/07/2018 15:14
Darth To the others.
This forum need not be about Vivocom.
Everyone is welcomed to open up on how better investment can be for new commers without much capital but would like to invest and make money instead of keep loosing.
11/07/2018 15:17
Darth Example.
Look today. Due to world market volatility, in Bursa top 10, we have call warrants like HSI making moves like nobody's business.
In one day can go up down 0.05-0.10 depending which call you buy.
This is your luck.
Either you make or loose.
Depending on your trading strategy. Nothing wrong if you know when to go in and come out.
Even any experts cannot know what's going to happen tomorrow on which call warrants you're going to buy today.
11/07/2018 15:25
apolloang the bankers idea is list new stocks and dump to the rakyat and move on to another new counter.that's it.old counters just like old ladies being push away
11/07/2018 15:27
Darth apolloang. Yes, you're right in a way.
The screwed up thing before that happened is our screwed up Bursa introducing ACE MARKET and not monitoring.
Anyway, it's a bit too late to rectify these idiot company's today.
Many lost because of manipulations by the company Directors instead of making an example of moving forward, they use the listing advantage to gain money for themselves.
15/07/2018 00:04
Darth It's about time Bursa needs to give early warning (much-much earlier) on ACE market counters when not performing after getting listed.
Even with the existing ones, time to flag them warning investors about their irregularities.
15/07/2018 00:39
Darth On another note, don't follow Brahmal news where he has invested!
Most of the time 2nd Liners.
The news always comes late after him buying, making many to buy.
After that a sell of.
This guy has got his timing nowadays.
15/07/2018 00:45
Darth The question to Retailers!
Can we stop buying small cap stocks today because it's CHEAP?
15/07/2018 01:15
Darth Many Retailers think when cheap it's a good Buy!
These companies are manipulating their Q results through out their listing and Bursa Malaysia knows what's happening!
15/07/2018 01:24
Darth Need a campaign.
15/07/2018 01:35


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