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Market Cap: 54,790 Million
NOSH: 9,366 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):10,214,495
4 Weeks Range:5.65 - 6.00
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:5.21 - 7.39
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 7.21
Price Target Upside/Downside: +1.36

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 31-Mar-2018 [#1]  |  30-May-2018
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 30-Jun-2018  |  28-Aug-2018
T4Q P/E | EY: 11.91  |  8.40%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 4.14%  |  49.28%
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 5.0131  |  1.17
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 26.96%  |  9.80%


Date Subject
13-Aug-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 13 Aug 2018
01-Aug-2018 Banking Sector - Surge in applications and approvals of household loans
31-Jul-2018 What Are the Impacts of Khazanah Board’s Resignation?
27-Jul-2018 MQ Research Maintains Outperform on CIMB
27-Jul-2018 CIMB - Anticipating a Better Outlook in 2H18
26-Jul-2018 CIMB Group - Potential Earnings Risk Priced In
26-Jul-2018 CIMB Group - Challenges to loan growth, NIM in Indonesia
26-Jul-2018 CIMB - ROE Target Within Grasp
26-Jul-2018 CIMB Group Holdings - Challenges Coming from Indonesia
21-Jul-2018 联昌国际 泰业务走低影响微
20-Jul-2018 CIMB Group - CIMB Thai 2Q18 Earnings Impacted By Lumpy One-off Loss On Disposal Of Assets
20-Jul-2018 CIMB Group - Higher operating expenses dampen CIMB Thai earnings
20-Jul-2018 CIMB Group Holdings - CIMB Thai: No Impact from the Expanding Economy
19-Jul-2018 热门股:联昌国际上挑RM6.03
17-Jul-2018 BNM May Stats: What Are MQ Research’s Banking Stock Picks?
03-Jul-2018 Technical View - CIMB Group Holdings Berhad
02-Jul-2018 CIMB Group - Potential Early Resignation By Nazir Razak As CIMB Chairman?
02-Jul-2018 Banking - Beware of Headwind Signals
29-Jun-2018 热门股:联昌国际上挑RM5.60
20-Jun-2018 See Highlights From BNM’s Financial Stability Report

Business Background

CIMB Group Holdings Bhd is a full-service bank based primarily in Malaysia and other Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The bank’s offerings include consumer banking, commercial banking, investment banking, Islamic banking, and asset management products and services. Most of the bank’s income is derived from net interest income. The vast majority of the bank’s earning assets are in loans, advances, and financing, while its portfolio of financial investments constitutes the next largest portion. The bank’s strategy emphasizes cost control and digital banking.
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risktransformer @victory015:


victory015 good profit , where do you see it?
10/08/2018 11:30
10/08/2018 11:55
BetorInvest @risktransformer thank you for answering all my question, it is very informative.

Newbie always full of question i think hahaha. I will try to learn the chart pattern of Public Bank and Cimb, however the rising price of Public bank make me scare to enter because it is keep rising. While for Cimb i still can make a wild guess for the weakness and strength level..
10/08/2018 12:39
Jonathan Keung always think of the downside before the upside. just my personal view
10/08/2018 15:49
risktransformer Downside risk for CIMB is it may drop to its first support at RM5.77 or all the way down to its 2nd support at RM5.21. So, if anyone bought at RM5.93 ..... be prepared to cut-loss if it drop below RM5.77, don't wait till it drop to RM5.21. TA wise, it is more likely to move higher next week but no matter how good the chart of CIMB is at the moment, things can suddenly change without warning. That's y no guarantee given & buy at your own risk.
11/08/2018 13:32
shpg22 2. The price of Public Bank is around RM24.00 (way too high from the other 2 banks) whereas CIMB & MAYBANK's prices are closer to each other (only a difference of a few RM).

Comparing the price shows that u dunno what u r talking about bank valuation.
12/08/2018 13:02
risktransformer Please go ahead & enlighten us more about bank valuation.... if your explanation is correct then we all can learn something from you (no harm with that).
12/08/2018 13:29
Balan211072 Thank you Bro shpg22, bro jon choivo and bro calvin for all of your analyses
12/08/2018 15:28
shpg22 The most basic lesson is stock price is not an indication of its value, in fact it tell absolutely nothing about its value. A 24.00 stock can be cheaper in term of valuation compare to a 0.25 stock. Most beginner do not comprehend this, thus end up buying all the penny stock thinking its cheap.
12/08/2018 15:49
risktransformer I can agree with that.... continue (give us more of what u think is the true value of CIMB... it will be more useful for us to know).
12/08/2018 15:53
shpg22 Looks like u like to be spoon feed.
Bank valuation got alot to do with its ROA. Rule of thumb is the higher the ROA, the higher its P/B value. By saying so, book value is not key to valuing banks. Earnings still are key to valuing banks.
12/08/2018 16:14
risktransformer Those r valuation ratios for all businesses in general, we r talking here about bank valuation only (but of course those ratios u mentioned r also helpful partly).
12/08/2018 16:18
risktransformer So, please answer BetorInvest's question: can compare CIMB with Public Bank or not?
12/08/2018 16:20
shpg22 What is it to compare? Both have different ROA, of coz different P/B also.
12/08/2018 16:34
risktransformer The discussion among Jururawat, jiunn, BetorInvest, Johnathan Keung & myself was about using Maybank's price (not Public Bank's price) to give us an idea of where CIMB's price should be to reflect its true value. Can u use your bank evaluation expertise on this discussion?
12/08/2018 16:39
shpg22 You can never use stock price to compare value. As I said b4, price tell absolutely nothing about its underlying value. For bank you need to use ratio like ROA, P/B to compare value. Other industry, you normally use P/E ratio, DY. I think i just repeated what i had explained earlier. Pls try to understand it or else we ll stuck in a circle.
12/08/2018 18:00
risktransformer O.K. Got it. As for my answer number 2, I was just giving a simplistic answer to BetorInvest.... something like saying u can't use a RM3 million bungalow to compare the true value of a RM150k low-cost terrace house. It doesn't mean I know nothing about bank valuation.

When u talk about bank valuation, I was expecting u to use CET1, Cost: Revenue, % of non-performing loans for bank-to-bank comparison (other than those general valuation ratios) because those were the performance measurements used by banks themselves. And if u really want to go into true value of any stocks (not just banks) u should use the profitability index derived from their net present value (NPV).

My point is, my answers in response to other people's comments were catered to their discussions (since their discussion was about price patterns). They were talking in terms of price changes (chart) with a little reference to TA and volume analysis. Anyway thanks for your enlightenment.
12/08/2018 18:02
shpg22 Ok...looks like u know alot more than i think.
12/08/2018 18:19
risktransformer Thanks for the compliment. ^^
12/08/2018 18:26
Cockroach Paul Lee wow....interesting discussion....shpg22 n risktransformer
but i left ear in , right ear out......cant digest
i better play coc... headache lol
12/08/2018 18:29
risktransformer I think for most people here, it is easier to focus on the first support at RM5.77 and the 2nd resistance at RM6.56. Sell if drop below RM5.77 (cut-loss) and sell when almost reaching RM6.56 (take profit).

But for long-term investors, they may buy more if price drop all the way to RM5.21 (average-down) and hold on even when price breakout above the 2nd resistance (RM6.56).

Take my suggestions at your own risk (no guarantee given).
12/08/2018 18:52
shpg22 My analysis with ROA & P/B is sufficient for me to estimate CIMB price. When it was traded near 7.00 earlier this year, I had issued a downgrade to 5.00-5.50. Price did fall to a low of 5.25 before recovery.

May 21, 2018 11:20 AM | Report Abuse

CIMBs ROA of 0.88% is almost similar to RHB & AMMB but valuation wise command a high premium. I reckoned the premium is given due his relationship with Najib as PM previously. Hence due to changes in gov, it may face heavy selling pressure. May drop to 5.00-5.50
12/08/2018 18:57
risktransformer Good! We have many experts here... so we sure make profit one, hahahaha!!
12/08/2018 18:59
shpg22 Let's hope so. The thing with many experts is there will be many mouth and different opinion.
12/08/2018 19:10
SensitiveIdeas http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/cimb-gets-bank-negara-nod-completes-final-piece-cimbchina-galaxy-stockbroking-jv-0

We are democratic
12/08/2018 20:32
Jururawat History stock price dispersion with the cimb and Maybank, excuse me...

Non-compared single stock price surely can't measure the value.
12/08/2018 21:04
Jururawat Adj. Close Asj. Close
........................ KLCI CIMB
1/6/2017 1763.67 6.58
1/7/2017 1760.03 6.55
1/8/2017 1773.16 7.08
1/9/2017 1755.58 6.3
2/10/2017 1747.92 6.14
1/11/2017 1717.86 6.05
1/12/2017 1796.81 6.54
1/1/2018 1868.58 7.25
1/2/2018 1856.2 7.19
1/3/2018 1863.46 7.19
1/4/2018 1870.37 7.2
1/5/2018 1740.62 5.9
1/6/2018 1691.5 5.45
2/7/2018 1784.25 5.84
*1/8/2018 1805.75 5.93



Dispersion between cimb and Maybank RM3. 00
12/08/2018 23:08
enning22 there is only two experts /camps here, one is right , one is wrong.
13/08/2018 07:29
SensitiveIdeas Wow Jururawat, salute...
13/08/2018 09:01
SensitiveIdeas If the price not equal the value, ask Warren Buffett go back home, hahaha

shpg22 You can never use stock price to compare value. As I said b4, price tell absolutely nothing about its underlying value. For bank you need to use ratio like ROA, P/B to compare value. Other industry, you normally use P/E ratio, DY. I think i just repeated what i had explained earlier. Pls try to understand it or else we ll stuck in a circle.
12/08/2018 18:00
13/08/2018 09:04
SensitiveIdeas Remember what Benjamin"s, Warren mentor said, the MR MARKET...
13/08/2018 09:05
BetorInvest i learn plenty from the exchange of views, will look into ROA, P/B CET1, Cost: Revenue, % of non-performing loans and profitability index in comparing bank's stock. The price is reflected by the value and also the growth rate perceive by the share holder, which translated into the different chart pattern of both PBB and CIMB.
13/08/2018 09:25
risktransformer @Jururawat: I can see y u r so sure that the price of CIMB will go up to RM11 in 18 or 24 months. However, I think your correlation coefficient calculation may be misleading for the following reasons:

1. Using beginning/end of monthly closing prices is less accurate than using daily closing prices.
2. I hope u personally use more than 15 data bcoz in statistics we normally use at least 30 data (closing prices); anything less than 30 data will be misleading.
3. Professional analyst use the % of price changes instead of raw prices of KLCI & CIMB to calculate their correlation (I use the daily % changes in KLCI & CIMB for past 60 days which show a covariance of 0.000109 and a Beta Coefficient of 1.454297).

For comparison purposes: Public Bank has a Beta Coefficient of 0.922029; that means Public Bank is more correlated to the KLCI than CIMB bcoz 0.922029 is closer to 1 than CIMB's 1.454297. As u can see the following price changes this morning:

KLCI: 1,789.45 (-0.86%)
Public Bank: 24.36 (-0.16%)
CIMB: 5.87 (-1.01%)
13/08/2018 10:47
shpg22 Does it need to be so complicated ?? Sometimes thing is simpler than it look.
13/08/2018 11:28
risktransformer Not really complicated. They r calculated automatically using computer (no need to do anything personally). Just need to refer to them once in a while & interpret correctly.
13/08/2018 11:38
Jururawat @risktransformer percentage?!? Wah.. Like that I bang sai dou boh eng :}
Anyway good idea. I need to think it over. TQ
13/08/2018 11:42
risktransformer Yes, go to internet & google "Beta Coefficient" for the correct formula to use.
13/08/2018 11:44
risktransformer Here is a good one:


13/08/2018 11:47
risktransformer @shpg22: As u can see.... accountants and professional financial analysts also use price changes for equity valuation (click the link below for explanation).


Hope this settles the debate on the importance of prices (and comparisons).
13/08/2018 11:57
shpg22 Ya it is good to improve our analytical knowledge on the financial.
But the so called professional financial analyst, did their estimate target price accurate or even near ? The above target price list from IB analyst may be a good reference.
13/08/2018 13:03
risktransformer IB financial analysts TPs cannot be trusted (based on past performances of many stocks). That's y we need to do our own analysis (though we may use the same tools or formula as them).... we will usually get a different TP from IB analysts. Even among all the different IB analysts their TPs also different from one another.
13/08/2018 14:14
risktransformer Hope today's KLCI plunge more than 20 points will not turn into the beginning of its trend reversal, otherwise CIMB will also plunge kaw kaw.
13/08/2018 14:56
risktransformer Looks like Turkey's banking crisis going to affect banking stocks worldwide.


This is what I meant when I wrote: "....no matter how good the chart of CIMB is at the moment, things can suddenly change without warning. That's y no guarantee given & buy at your own risk."
13/08/2018 17:47
Kendo Ken Hz 10 ml dollar man still not resign?????
13/08/2018 18:07
Jururawat China Yuan May Stabilize From Here, ANZ's Goh Says https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2018-08-13/china-yuan-may-stabilize-from-here-anz-s-goh-says-video
13/08/2018 23:54
risktransformer Yesterday's drop of 4 sen was nothing to worry about, but today have to watch the market carefully..... if drop another few sen still can hold on (hope won't suddenly drop too much).
14/08/2018 08:17
Jururawat I see...
But I did not worry so much about it. Even the cnbc Jim said avoid banking sector I just ( oh, oh? )
14/08/2018 10:11
Jururawat No wonder why my coo and coe screamed yesterday. Now I know liao


IHH Drop so much
14/08/2018 10:23
risktransformer Thanks for sharing the above additional info. In that case, it looks like our KLCI will more likely have trend reversal starting from yesterday.
14/08/2018 10:36
risktransformer Now we have a few warning signals about the direction of CIMB's price:

1. It failed to breakout above the RM5.99 resistance last week and started falling below RM5.90 as I predicted.
2. Turkey's banking crisis broke out yesterday affecting EU banks & a few Malaysian big companies, bringing down the KLCI.
3. KLCI showing sign of trend reversal & CIMB extended its price fall from yesterday to today.

Make your own decisions at your own risk.
14/08/2018 10:56
victory015 cimb lost power, climbing down
14/08/2018 13:25


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