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Market Cap: 87,542 Million
NOSH: 10,179 Million
P/E | EY: 12.98  |  7.70%
DY | Payout %: 5.97%  |  77.49%
NAPS | P/NAPS: 6.7217  |  1.28
Avg Volume (4 weeks):11,553,582
4 Weeks Range:8.12 - 8.65
52 Weeks Range:7.50 - 9.20
Average Price Target: 8.43
Price Target Upside/Downside: -0.17


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Trade this stock for as low as 0.05% brokerage. Find out more.

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Beza see its revenue up from RM40.55 bil to RM44.65 for full financial year. Good sign. How could HLB and PBB achieve this revenue.
23/02/2017 14:47
Beza Can kudamuda make more RM4 bil revenue for yourself a year?
23/02/2017 14:48
kudamuda hahaha.. @Beza.. good point
23/02/2017 14:50
Ong Kiam Yek HLBB EPS 26.89 in Q416 vs 26.53 in Q316 vs 19.43 in Q415
In %, 1% over Q316; +38% over Q415
Better or not, depends on how we view it. The latest QtoQ comparison, MBB showed a higher rate of improvement.
23/02/2017 14:43
Zea XG actually I think it's worth to buy at this price, kinda regret did not buy when it was $7.50 a few months ago.
23/02/2017 16:46
Beza HLB made RM5.26 bil, PBB made RM 20.16 bil for revenue in a year.
23/02/2017 14:57
prudentinvestor Another 32 sen dividend announced. Total dividend for this financial year amounts to 52 sen, giving a dividend yield of over 6%, more than EPF is paying.
23/02/2017 14:59
lck1300 how ironic EPF sell alot maybank and give you all 5.7% P.a , lol
23/02/2017 15:46
Beza EPF is a trader, cannot make much money.
23/02/2017 16:09
kudamuda @ongkh98, yes you're right. QtoQ, MBB is much better, thus this would be the plus point compare to HLB. This echo @Beza's view. Thanks for the insights.
24/02/2017 17:02
wildkid where u all see declare dividen 32cents?
23/02/2017 19:55
ExLaSalle84 RM 0.32 (Total dividen RM 0.52)
23/02/2017 21:21
ExLaSalle84 Wildkid....Thestar.
23/02/2016 17:38
ahbah epf board - not a trader but a weed gardener who throws away the flowers and keeps the weeds in his garden !

Please don't do such thing. Thanks.
23/02/2017 21:36
hoheho divi 0.32 declared
23/02/2017 22:12
1009 Tell EPF buy MBB below 9.00 la..
Year div. 0.52 also over 5.7%... hahaaaa
28/11/2016 12:32
ahbah EPF board sells MBB below 9.00.

Maybe EPF board will buy MBB above 9.00 ?
23/02/2017 23:15
Junichiro I do not share the view that EPF is selling its shares at a loss. EPF got the shares very very cheap decades ago. Thru bonus, rights & special issues - their cost is very cheap.

An ex MBB staff friend of mine, purchased its rights in 1999 at $4.28 per share n later sold it at $15.60

EPF is doing trading - buying n selling to make $$$ to pay its dividends to its members. After creating some black candles on the charts, it would buy back again in time for MBB's dividend. Its ex date is months away.
23/02/2017 23:23
Beza EPF must have regretted a lot today as MBB is going up.
24/02/2017 09:04
Junichiro Why must EPF regret? They are playing with your money and my money. If they make less, they give us less dividend.
24/02/2017 09:13
Beza Ha! Ha! You got a point. But then members scold EPF for making less profit. It is totally useless when its performance cannot beat a retail investor.
24/02/2017 10:25
Beza To me, EPF has been trusting wrong guys (remisers of various banks) to trade for it.EPF should hire retail investors like cold eye, OTB, etc to manage the stock investment in Malaysia for better profit. Am I right?
24/02/2017 10:29
prudentinvestor EPF got more than 30 million Maybank shares at RM 7.25 each in the latest DRP. If it had opted for cash, it would have received much less.
24/02/2017 10:35
Beza Imagine if EPF never sold as before, It could earn more for members. Since it sold a lot, what to say? members get lesser div.
24/02/2017 10:46
SY12 when is the ex date for div?
24/02/2017 11:27
Stanley Sim Fantastic Price Action !! Congratulations to all holders !!!
Great to share with i3community as I wrote this article on 21st Feb Before earnings release !


Once again, Congratulations !! Have a great week ahead :D
24/02/2017 14:53
kny123 Harimau sudah mali...:D
24/02/2017 21:08
gusheng @lol.. Stanley Sim.. you alos wrote on TEK SENG. But now jatuh gao gao...hahaha
24/02/2017 15:06
kudamuda Wah.. harimau kuat..
24/02/2017 15:06
chin79 maybankc24 0% premium...far undervalue now
24/02/2017 15:09
Stanley Sim Some Members exited at 0.80.
24/02/2017 16:24
Frontline MBB TP 9.00
24/02/2017 16:36
Amit Khindriya Stanley - please check on your chart data and facts. I believe sometime early last year (Mar-Apr) Maybank was upto a high of RM 9.17 before going down to RM7.5 later in 2016.
24/02/2017 16:38
Zea XG Long term TP should be 11.00 or more.
24/02/2017 16:39
Beza PNB can jack it up to RM12. (5% div) or even higher at RM 18 (3% div equivalent to PBB) if the Chairman want to.
24/02/2017 17:04
bsngpg I love PNB then.
24/02/2017 17:18
Stanley Sim Dear Amit, the chart in my article is adjusted accordingly to dividends, bonus issue, etc. I put in hours of research into the markets and I am confident of my analysis before making a statement here. I know my stuff and facts well. The price action of Maybank proves it.
24/02/2017 17:49
philip31 Should break the Rm9.00 price by April.
24/02/2017 21:07
M16s @ Stanley SIM, ur analysis on Tek Seng is totally wrong . Still mentioned u r confident on your analysis?
24/02/2017 21:09
M16s The price and action of Tek Seng can proves it.
24/02/2017 00:12
shortinvestor77 If Chinese can jack up PBB to RM20, I can't see why not Malay jack MBB to RM18 or more.
24/02/2017 21:33
Stanley Sim Tekseng Wrong?
Then what about MAYBANK, ARMADA, SENDAI, KAWAN, LCTH in which members had the time of their lifes in these rallies?
Why just focus on one bad counter? Did you not have a stop loss rule? Then I cant do much about it :(
As a trader and investor, a 70%-90% win rate looks great to me ;)

Im sorry i cant meet your 100% win rate requirement :(
24/02/2017 21:49
Junichiro What is MBB & PBB's standing in the international investment arena? MBB is way behind PBB.
24/02/2017 22:37
shortinvestor77 Bullshit. How many countries PBB has branches in compare to MBB? Even 2016 the largest capital money was MBB when its share price pushed up to RM8.30. Now it is RM8.60
25/02/2017 00:11
shortinvestor77 MBB made RM44 bil revenue with RM6.5 bil profit last year while PBB made RM20 bil revenue with RM5.5 bil profit.
25/02/2017 00:15
shortinvestor77 MBB has 10.19 bil units of shares while PBB has 3.19 bil units of shares.
25/02/2017 00:18
nissan so what are you waiting for
25/02/2017 12:58
Amit Khindriya Stanley, firstly thank you for contributing and sharing. I am sure you put in a lot of hours and hard work.
However, take my feedback possibly. Do not be defensive. If your charting is with the adjustments and some assumptions just stare it so the reader is clear about what your saying.

Keep it up.
26/02/2017 17:04
share2014 Tomorrow 8.80
26/02/2017 23:29
Stanley Sim Thank you for your positive comments Amit. Hearing positive words from you really made my Monday blues go away! Thank you, as I really appreciate it. Sorry for any prior misunderstandings. Lets profit together !! :D
26/02/2017 23:55


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