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market colonese u sure bo will rebound next month
17/10/2014 15:17
colonese sure. oil price will back to normal n this happen because panic sell. our economy strong enough. our gavernor datuk zeti still cool. just oil price drop many investor panic. no brain
17/10/2014 21:36
stainlyho37 yes...add 300k units for mother & son...hope for tp 0.35/0.25 next week.....
18/10/2014 10:52
4u2c weak rebound.....Monday maybe stronger !!
18/10/2014 21:33
colonese buy before foreign investor come.
19/10/2014 20:19
SeriousInvestor1945 Nikkei up almost 4%, US sure up tonight
20/10/2014 14:40
stainlyho37 the WA very attractive....tp still remain 0.60 for Zelan......
20/10/2014 14:43
peacemaker Good morning to all,
Peacemaker is hereby presenting the ultimatum to the market at large. You are required to read this carefully and remember forever whatever I say today...because I only say it once....
What causes the share investors to be so fearful of Financial Crisis every now and then? Is our world sicked? ~ reasons being :-
1) Bull has been there for a while....and we're edging closely to the 10-year economy cycle where CRASH is poised to happen...ie, 1998, 2008, 2018....
2) The spread of "CRASH" mentality via media ~ carefully tailored by and planned by share market dominators....and further spread by either "brainless" people~ economists and stock analysts...or opportunists whom they have their own hidden agenda...which is to create opportunities to buy at low and sell at high!!
3) LIES - people like to exaggerate and there is where lies and rumors are always in the making.....
4) Media HEADLINES & BREAKING NEWS on Global issues....which are over-exaggerating all the time...why? ~ that's what readers like....to be busybody or to have something to talk about..."add more spice and they will buy!".......truth is boring...lie is eye-catching!
What are the current Global Financial issues?
~ Mediocre growth all over the world? ~ no issue...it's still growing anyway, why panic? ~ there's always economic stimulus programs in place... or worst....Delay QE...or negative Interest rates....plenty of financial tools to apply......if growth slows down and having a down turn...who's the idiot to under-estimate the capability of human in problems solving...thus...we should never doubt humans' ability but only worry about fraudulent act of individuals....anything like that at the moment ~ NO !
~ Europe the main concern?...never under-estimate Angela Merkel (the prime minister of Germany) - this Lady is "gang-ho"...though she is being a little conservative in ruling Germany... but I tell you...she's got many weapons not show up yet....if she wants to........it's Not a problem at all !
What are the Global Issues in General?
~ EBOLA? - can't you see a lot of experts are involved in the day-to-day dealing with it? It's just matter of time...the "cure" will finally be found!...if fail? what if Ebola spread all over the world?...you and I can die anytime...if that's the case...will you still worry about market CRASH? or you should be more worried about "End of World" OR "End of human kind".....
~ ISIS? - US airplane not enough....then send ground troops...game over! trust that human can work that out...there's no reason to be panic!
~ What else? ~ Nothing Else really, right?
For KLSE - what's all the fuss about our economy...wasn't it a 5-6% growth this year?....for 5-6% growth now 2014 to anticipate a 0% growth next year 2015~how and why?....you must be extremely MAD AND INSANE!....KLSE? ~ only spread of FEAR can smash down KLCI.....so...to all Malaysian.....wake up and be matured in share investment please.....I urge you to learn more about share investment before you start to "click" BUY button....how can you treat Share Market like CASINO....if you want to gamble...go Genting Highland casino where you can find the excitement you want! Why I say that?...I know a lot of people who simply don't know "why they buy" and "why they sell"....what the heck is this haa!!! Die standing !! What NOW?.... business back as usual....fear over....Our prime minister's "economic transformation" has been so far so good....I rate highly what Najib Kor is doing....good job so far!......Period.
my final conclusions as follows: -
1) Market over-reacted ~ "FEAR FACTOR" is the main reason behind these sell-down!
2) We are no way near vulnerable CRASH!~ perhaps in year 2018.
3) Market to turn around heading north on gradual pace...and to hit the all time high in 6-months time...
4) Hold share...do nothing...need not be over-pessimistic
5) Buy-on-weakness...it can never go wrong!
This is all I want to say.....if you willing.....spread this message everywhere.......Have peace and Be Good !
21/10/2014 12:41
BuLLRam time to dip ur toes in..but slowly..kikiki..1770..1750 1720 1700..broken..wtffff...go for a long holiday lohhhh...kikiki...
21/10/2014 13:29
John1234 Yes, buy on weakness. Dow looks supported at 16,000 points level...
21/10/2014 19:33


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