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Market Cap: 383 Million
NOSH: 161 Million
P/E | EY: 16.94  |  5.90%
DY | Payout %: 2.11%  |  35.73%
NAPS | P/NAPS: 1.1  |  2.15
Avg Volume (4 weeks):29,700
4 Weeks Range:2.37 - 2.52
52 Weeks Range:2.37 - 2.87
Average Price Target: 2.96
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.59


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08/01/2017  合成可趁低买入?
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rikki Last year dec quarter result was on 11/2, hold on tight :)
05/02/2016 15:13
cstrader No volume. Cornered. No players. Easy to retest 3.30. Let's see next week.
06/02/2016 14:47
cstrader Thank you bro
10/02/2016 20:50
cstrader Once market stabilizes - retest 3.29
11/02/2016 22:22
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes quarter report out. net profit up
18/02/2016 17:48
warrantKing It is only 3++ sens ....@@ ,
Even double up =6sens x 4 = 24sen...
PE= 12 ++ ,
is this good quarter report??
18/02/2016 17:53
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes good. price open gap up
18/02/2016 17:55
warrantKing Hi Fahmi ,

Hopefully it gap up ...
But somehow it give me a kind of feeling , smtg like Johortin Qr @@
18/02/2016 18:01
nakata Wow, 215% revenue increased with profit before tax 189% increased, the edible oil demand really there :)
18/02/2016 18:15
red_85 Buy 288
18/02/2016 18:36
Sean888 Edible oil business profit margin drop from 7% to 3
18/02/2016 19:51
nakata The EPS down was due to lower foreign exchange and admin fees, the revenue is stronger 33% compared to previous quarter in fact.

Anyone know what is the transaction currency about?
18/02/2016 21:02
nakata by the way, I believe tomorrow will shoot up :)
18/02/2016 21:04
nakata Thanks MoreSilents for enlighten!

Could you please share what is means by contract and fair value means ?

Type of Derivatives
Forward Contracts (US Dollar)
Contract/Notional Value 139,715 17,508 240,579 51,126
Fair Value (6,876) (1,314) 907 (1,961)
18/02/2016 22:08
wan7075 thanks mr silent
one thing I don't understood is currency only affected one month result (JAN), somemore cihldg has hedge USD currency for 3-6 months, so is not a big issue.
the usd only drop from 4.3x to 4.1x now, but how come got so big impact to the profit?
and the financial result is only up to 31 December 2015, may i know why you related it to Jan 2016?

19/02/2016 10:31
nakata No choice, have to let seller calm down :(
19/02/2016 11:20
yinyin99 buy back at 2.50
19/02/2016 11:45
Pavillion I think Ringgit will be around 3.90.
19/02/2016 11:53
KG1967 what happen today?
19/02/2016 11:53
ruby828 nxt monday....predicted...going down again..
19/02/2016 14:17
rikki Review of Performance for 2nd Quarter as at 31 Dec 2015 ( Revenue growth was good but profit after tax was below expectation).

Financial Performance :-

A) The Group performance for the quarter under review against the corresponding quarter of the previous financial :

For the current quarter, the Group recorded revenue of RM346.54 million, an increase of 215% compared to revenue of RM110.13 million recorded in the corresponding quarter last year. The higher revenue for the current quarter and the increase in the profit after tax of RM7.58 million as compared to the profit after tax of RM2.27 million was mainly attributable to the edible oil products division.
Included in other income is an amount of RM1.14 million arising from the net realised and unrealised gain on foreign exchange.

B) Variation of Results Against Preceding Quarter

For the current quarter, the Group posted higher revenue as compared to the preceding quarter mainly due to an increase from sales in the edible oil products division. The decrease in profit after tax of RM7.58 million as compared to the preceding quarter profit after tax of RM13.80 million was due to lower foreign exchange gain during the quarter under review and higher administrative expenses attributed to higher banking facility fees, agency fees, patent registration fees and professional fees.

Current Year Prospect :-

The Group will continue with its expansion plans for revenue growth for its edible oil operations and with smart partnership tie-up with property developers for the tap-ware and sanitary ware divisions to enhance shareholders' value .
19/02/2016 16:25
Kumi_duit Forex market is very profitable if we know all tactics
19/02/2016 16:41
nakata @KG1976, shareholder expect more earnings from CI holding even sound revenue has been delivered, caused by lower currency gain and higher misc fees.
19/02/2016 17:42
cstrader Game over some time. All time high 3.29 the peak already. Will drift lower.
20/02/2016 19:10
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes carefull to all counter. quarter out, net profit up, price down = sell on news
21/02/2016 09:29
nakata Thanks Silent to bought this up, the fact is that the revenue seem promising, it increased quarter per quarter, distribution cost have been lower, however administrative cost remain high, if they can remedy this, it could give us better EPS
22/02/2016 00:24
nakata Hi silent,
I also feel disappointing on the result as you, may be i'm too optimistic as new acquired business need sometimes to settle down.

If they can keep the admin cost as Q1,

**Assume the admin expense is one-off as due to patent and etc and it keep the same value of Q1

Admin expenses (7,943) (5,114)

The differences of admin expense compare to previous quarter is 2829

Current quarter net profit = 6415

Current quarter EPS could be

(6,415 + 2,829) / 162000 = 5.7
22/02/2016 19:39
nakata @Silent, That's another translation , so sad :(
22/02/2016 21:03
cstrader Correction over. Next test 3.28.
23/02/2016 22:40
More Silents USD:RM = RM4.05, Ringgit more stronger; FCPO (Palm Oil) keep going up till RM2647 (El Nino Dry Weather); if CIHLDG fails to lower down the Cost of Sales, next coming quarter result (MAY) will gap down the share price again.
17/03/2016 18:08
Pavillion In feb. I predict USD1 to RM2.90. Strong RM would not good for co.
07/04/2016 22:55
nakata These few days seem sliding down gradually, and report have been delayed...is a sign?
11/05/2016 22:47
More Silents This coming result sure no good. If net profit less than 6 mils, this counter boleh buang, poor management.
13/05/2016 09:52
nakata was delayed more than a week, hopefully not turn to negative this quarter :)
21/05/2016 14:42
More Silents nakata, you know i know lo... this kind of management, wordless. But anyway, i sold all it shares.
23/05/2016 16:00
nakata Silent, sound like you also lost the confident ..giving me a lesson too, good business must run by good management too..
24/05/2016 21:43
wisdomtot Even with 6mill net profit, current share price is still on the high side
25/05/2016 18:08
More Silents 2 words, lousy management... revenue keep growing but net profit less like hell.
26/05/2016 16:49
More Silents Last 2 quarters they said to spend 10 mils to upgrade the existing machine (automated) to lower down costs, money spent but no improvement? Who going to CIHLDG AGM, please ask this question for me. Thanks!
26/05/2016 16:52
cwt006 directors have collected share since last month, good sign
19/08/2016 22:54
1901 slow-slow go-go
24/08/2016 12:50
yk1188 Review 2015 news :
CIHLDG (2828) - 扩充食油业务 合成实业争庞大商机







20/10/2016 20:56
yk1188 http://www.enanyang.my/news/20161020/%e6%af%8f%e5%b0%8f%e6%97%b6%e8%a1%a5%e8%b4%a7%e4%b9%9f%e4%b8%8d%e5%a4%9fbr-%e9%9c%b8%e5%b8%82%e6%9d%82%e8%b4%a7%e5%ba%97%e9%a3%9f%e6%b2%b9%e6%89%ab%e7%a9%ba/
20/10/2016 21:00
yk1188 http://www.enanyang.my/news/20161020/%e5%85%ac%e4%bc%97%e6%b6%8c%e5%95%86%e5%ba%97%e6%89%ab%e8%b4%a7br-%e4%bb%b7%e6%a0%bc%e5%96%8a%e6%b6%a8%e7%96%af%e6%8a%a2%e9%a3%9f%e6%b2%b9/
20/10/2016 21:04
yk1188 May be CI Hldg can this opportunity to boost the edible oil domestic market percentage......
20/10/2016 21:08
kakashit agree
21/10/2016 10:14
More Silents Say too much is useless, prove that on financial report, else better keep quiet.
25/10/2016 18:25
kakashit actually sub removal not impact, cuz local sales only 10%, 90% export to mid east n africa, I juz attented the agm.

The good news, 80% trade receivable has been collected right after the end of the quarter report, Im relief n would like to hold longer
31/10/2016 10:58
monsieurFG Ini kaunter/ company belongs to ayah 2nd Ministry of Finance Malaysia maaa...apa mau helan!
19/02/2017 23:47
cwt006 earnings out today, got hope?
22/02/2017 19:31


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