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SaturnReturns Operating ownership charges in Malaysia is cheap esp for foreign buyer. This operating ownership include maintainence charged, assessment, quit rent, rental tax and so on. While ringgit is easily suppressed at will, this makes Malaysia a real investors haven. This is because, foreign property investors only need to worry about inflation in Malaysia (which is happening all around the world anyway) and they can compensate it with their stronger foreign currency.
As Hse or property are ongoing, and foreign property investment for outsider must top RM2 Mil, more and more developer with premium land will engage luxury category while those others which hold less premium land banks will opt for volume sales against a more affordable housing backdrop.
In short, judging from the difficulty to secure loans locally, 2015 will be marred by high purchases by foreign property buyers vs volume buyers for outskirt property of lower cost. This may play in handy for developers who wants both end of the pie to start acquisition to ensure expedited growth
21/10/2014 07:33
samsung555 Eastern & Oriental Bhd (E&O) has proposed a corporate exercise, involving a bonus issue, free warrants and the issuance of up to RM500 million private debt securities. E&O said it had proposed a bonus issue of up to 114.098 million shares on a one-for-10 basis and the issuance of up to 228.18 million free warrants on a one-for-five basis. The warrants’ indicative exercise price is assumed at RM2.90 each, representing a premium of 4.6 sen, or 1.61 per cent, to the five-day volume weighted average market price of RM2.854 up to and including Thursday’s closing price
22/10/2014 15:00
gweilo Max Keiser, Stacy and Helena Norberg-Hodge BLAST the TPP !!!

TPP allows benign dictatorships !


Investment becomes LAW ! Democracy becomes a JOKE !

Listen to Max Keiser discuss the takeover of governments by
trade treaty with Helena Norberg-Hodge.

29/10/2014 13:08
SaturnReturns Remember when we were young and we watched Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee ? What was your impressioned after the show? Of course this question goes to the 70s and 80s baby.
All we could remember was Bruce Lee right? All we could remember was how he whipped the bad ass with his snazzy moves like the hands and legs resembling the dragon's movement. But the jezz of it is that we remember Bruce Lee more than the show itself and the ......
Sometimes and somewhere, there always is a person larger than life, or larger than the things that propel him into stardom and Bruce Lee was one of them and there are many more examples. Having said that, what we are saying is we identify him as the movie rather than vice versa. Similarly the Internet maybe the epitome of the early 21st Century where in future ppl may refer to this as a evolution of the modern world where information is at their finger tip while tomorrow they may even be able to link our thoughts and question to our brain by just thinking and all the information will be there.
29/10/2014 14:37
SaturnReturns Ok, we understand what I m trying to impart here, however the point I m really getting at is what defines Malaysia at this point of our life, at this century, at this era, that is bigger than the everything else? If you have the answer, and you have the facts, the MONEY is already your pocket.
29/10/2014 14:42
SaturnRises Took a bit of time to realign all my holdings as some have peaked while others have dropped a significant % in recent market anticipation and consolidation and exacerbate by the QE ceasing. EnO was one of them that dropper from 2.9x to 2.3x a whopping 60cents. In % that would mean almost 20% while some of my other holdings sustained quite well eg Axiata.
To most,mth is is the time to throw however for most investors myself included, this is the time to swap shares.
How? My shares are divided by ratio. Example Axiata to EnO ratio is 2.5. That means that if the ratio increases significantly EnO would to me be a very very good swap from Axiata and similarly other stocks like Huayang to L&G in the same manner. However stock that this is to be play must have true potential of catalyst or growth.

When a share is swap, you have to be very certain the % will be higher than the swapped share. Example if share X is 50cents and share Y is rm1 and the ratio is 2 to 1 right? And if share Y drops to say 80censt ie 20% drop that ratio would have a large impact assuming share X sustained. Hence if such is the case the share that is swapped must have the potential to grow 2 times that of the former. Example if share X after the share swap incline 10cents, share Y that you have swap to, must incline 20cents or more.

So this execise has helped me to move stagnant shares and limit my holding to lesser and focus more on moving ones. So far my inclination on recovery has been encouraging at 15%. The next question however is whether this would sustain and we should play. For me a 25% gain is a must to release/sell unless it's those counter that I have already hold more than 100% gain. As I mentioned earlier, I am expecting November financial report, and December window dressing to come into play although many are against it as the QE question and Fed rationale is still looming and begging for an answer. Again play it to the % you have targeted and keep taking profit as this is the best time once those criteria have been met
30/10/2014 15:07
SaturnRises Market is difficult animal to tame. For instance, the recent respond of the market on global issues which was long accepted however the market responded hugely negative! Why? Always remember the market is Malaysia is one which will find reasons to consolidate and to perform correction even though sometimes situation may not warrant. This is partially because the coincide a correction to a long bull run or the market perceive the run has been halted too long and the only way is to perform correction before further uptrend. A good point would be that the market did not respond to the ECB bank stress test after this recent major correction.

So the question is really whether the market will do a real year end closing in style? October hasn't been overwhelming however it is to be expected and Novemebrr in my opinion should pick up and end 2014 with a fireworks blast!! What say you?

Good Luck and God bless!!
30/10/2014 16:49
SaturnRises When tomorrow come!......

Firstly for all those who are worried about tomorrow, the situation is this
1. QE to be remove
2. Weaker U.S. dollar expects to suppressed oil price
3. Greece zero in again - ppls will be unsure of this effect because it is couple with 1 and 2

The rest on Q3 GDP growth in US can be read from all business website.

Now the point highlighted here is not really 1 or 2 because Removal of QE has been in the talks for a while and real concern is upping interest rate. If they up interest rate, there will be a reshuffle of market just like the example I wrote earlier of realign my stocks during the Oct downturn. However upping the interest rate maybe TOO EARLY because they cannot assume a Quarter result performance to up interest rates since they are already removing the QE. It may spell DOUBLE JEAPORDY.
What I assume will be likely to happen is upping the interest rates may take another quarter result while they proceed with the QE removal.
The market is weary of the ICBC situation currently while at the same time concern about Greece again. Note each is on a different continent. Imagine this ICBC will affiliate bad loans that may affect the countries where Chinese are given loan on project while the Greece situation is known on the EUrope front with a general inflation globally , what do you think will happen if they raise interest rates of one of the 3 economic power ie US. It will be disasterous.

So have a thought, because my opinion is interest rates will NOT be raise a not at such a vital time when they are removing QE.
30/10/2014 21:32
SaturnRises So in short, tomorrow if the market responds again, be ready to pick your stock and practice ur avging to get ahead.
30/10/2014 21:36
SaturnRises For those who are not in the know, each time the MRT route is announce there is an auto revaluation of the Landbank or location where the landing will be. As we know Sime has applied for Mrt to City of Elmina. While this is only anticipation of approval, there is also a report that property prices In Malaysia currently continues to escalate. When you add anticipation + fact of the price increase, you will get a situation whereby the govt needs to think of how to moderate the loans in other ways rather than suppressing them to prevent NPL.
I have said this many times that in a global inflation, nothing much can be done to suppress prices unless they produce sub quality end product
30/10/2014 21:47


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