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Market Cap: 696 Million
NOSH: 1,741 Million
P/E | EY: 5.21  |  19.20%
DY | Payout %: 2.35%  |  12.29%
NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.2285  |  1.75
Avg Volume (4 weeks):56,898,150
4 Weeks Range:0.38 - 0.45
52 Weeks Range:0.19 - 0.45
Average Price Target: 0.28
Price Target Upside/Downside: -0.12


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thinkfirst If not good people already trow it out, but look like waiting some fresh news to boom the share up.
30/03/2017 09:54
thinkfirst maybe tomorrow after 5 some news will out.
30/03/2017 09:55
traderman ya, more ESOS news hahaha
30/03/2017 10:00
Chang206 Approved Permit (AP) applications (ePermit) for the importation of vehicles and heavy machineries to be implemented by MITI and also the ePermit Online Payment (eOP)to be introduced by SIRIM will both start this weekend (1st Apr). Both I think will benefit Dnet.
30/03/2017 10:10
traderman chang206 can you stop posting those old news, sharks wont use old news to goreng up dnex unless dnex is 20 cent now.
30/03/2017 10:12
zoomsbooms traderman, can u stop posting comments here, as u don't have a trust in dnex. or do u actually waiting for dnex to go down so u can collect? dats y u make a lot of noise here..
30/03/2017 10:15
Loy88 thinkfirst..why tmr after 5pm got new come out? good news or bad news or old news like what trademan said? hope dnex will fly
30/03/2017 10:16
Loy88 chang206..yes its a good news.. but it will be shown in next QR as the news is quite some time already..hope next QR shoot up
30/03/2017 10:17
traderman zoomsbooms traderman, can u stop posting comments here, as u don't have a trust in dnex. or do u actually waiting for dnex to go down so u can collect? dats y u make a lot of noise here..
i only say the true. old news wont boost the price.
30/03/2017 10:20
emil Let's see Appasia or Dnex reach 50cent first? both also around the same price.
30/03/2017 10:25
Chang206 SOme of those staff acquiring ESOS shares with loans might be disposing their acquired ESOS shares this morning to pay back their loans. Nothing to worry, number of ESOS shares issued not big, can be absorbed easily and share price will go up soon. Be patience and optimistic. Don't get influenced by the clowns.
30/03/2017 10:29
jpl1234 a word of advice. never ever pin too high hopes on a specific counter. going by its trend there is nothin much to shout about. frankly speaking u slowly going to lose confidence . no wonder some are calling quits and search for greener pastures.
30/03/2017 10:38
Cikam Trademan cakap pun ada betol..lets releks..once dia mau naik..dia akan naik..analyse macamana pun takdak guna..
30/03/2017 10:44
thinkfirst @loy88 I not sure but something brewing inside according to some news not confirm true my friend. I we can get insider news sure everybody rich already. I enter this counter base on fundamental and very good management team.
30/03/2017 10:46
Spiderman2 Why so quiet today ?
30/03/2017 11:01
YF24 oil price drop ma whole malaysia also quiet la : )
30/03/2017 11:34
Shamsaidi "The Stock Market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient" - Warren Buffett
30/03/2017 11:40
Chang206 I guess trading for Dnex today is affected partly by issuance of ESOS shares. Big sharks also smart, they don't want to push up Dnex share price for ESOS share holders to sell high. Probably tomorrow will be the same. Be patience, just wait for next week lol.
30/03/2017 11:49
thinkfirst I don't think @ that way, offer price only 0.245 so big money already if they want to sell they can do it.
30/03/2017 12:05
Chang206 The newly issued ESOS shares are listed on 28th (Tues), Many of those ESOS share holders who want to take profit probably have disposed off their shares yesterday when share price went up to 0.410. Total number of ESOS shares issued is about 10 millions.
30/03/2017 12:23
Loy88 thanks chang206 for the info...
30/03/2017 12:26
Chang206 Total number of ESOS shares newly issued so far is about 10 millions. More may be issued soon as some of the Directors I think have not taken up the ESOS shares allocated to them yet. But I belief most of the directors will keep their acquired shares for long term until they have to acquire with loans. Good to see that the share prices for both Dnex and son so far still very stable. Cheers.
30/03/2017 12:42
traderman Shamsaidi "The Stock Market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient" - Warren Buffett
haha simply quote warren buffet ...

then ask yourself before apply the above

1. is dnex current value more then or less then it's intrinsic value ?
2. is dnex product unique compare to it's competitor ?
30/03/2017 13:08
isano YES,是的.
30/03/2017 13:15
Grow1 Thursday, 30 March 2017
Local funds to the fore? Poised to invest RM4bil on Bursa

Sources said local institutional funds are expected to invest RM4bil in the equities market in the next few weeks.

“Firstly, a local fund is expected to invest RM1bil in the local bourse starting next month to mainly buy the big-capitalised stocks. Apart from that, there is also another RM3bil of “fresh money” to be invested by government-linked investment companies (GLICs) in small and medium-cap stocks over the next few weeks,” said sources.

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/03/30/local-funds-to-the-fore/#TkgTtF2xx3w3WKgJ.99
30/03/2017 13:32
bluemoon22 ya. pls sell and go to others counter that can bring more profit to you
30/03/2017 13:57
Alex Chong Jack Ma left, now no more momentum for this stock. Sell before it too late. The share price already hit the target price from Kenanga about 40% higher, this is don't make sense, investors who chase high will regret.
30/03/2017 13:57
traderman Lol alibaba has no relevant with dnex at all
30/03/2017 13:59
Hunter2016 Lol alibaba has no relevant with appasia at all as well.
30/03/2017 14:02
thinkfirst Wow many crazy ghost appear flying around ha ha,
30/03/2017 14:07
traderman opps


more to come
30/03/2017 14:10
bluemoon22 last year punya news also came out...
30/03/2017 14:11
Chang206 Dnex, formerly called Time Engineering is a GLC, controlled by government-linked funds, namely, Khazanah Nasional Bhd and protected by the Government. Khazanah had disposed of Dnex stake in 2013, I think to Censof (probably Dnex MD also acquired some of the shares). The company then renamed to Dnex, diversified and restructured under the present management helmed by MD. In view of improved fundamental and growth potential of Dnex, I belief Khazanah (a member of ValueCap) likely to reinvest in Dnex. Please correct me if I am wrong. Cheers.
30/03/2017 14:12
Hunter2016 oh..really got relevant wor..but traderm cut lost already, wasted..
30/03/2017 14:12
derrick8228 so how? what is the conclusion?
30/03/2017 14:14
traderman bluemoon22 last year punya news also came out...
haha i learn from you all mah

drag out old projects for dnex ... nsw lar, sirim lar ... all old news
30/03/2017 14:15
thinkfirst don't argue with crazy ghost lo
30/03/2017 14:20
Chang206 Why wasting time arguing with the clown. Just relax and watch the clown show better.
30/03/2017 14:25
traderman ya , dunno y u all still entertain me ... may be my post make sense
30/03/2017 14:28
Hunter2016 because we are children, feel excited when see clown..
30/03/2017 14:29
forgot090 he he .395 lo muack
30/03/2017 14:32
emil Let's see Appasia or Dnex reach 50cent first? both also around the same price
30/03/2017 14:43
traderman start name calling. karma soon
30/03/2017 15:14
Chang206 Aiyoyo.. A very boring trading day for Dnex & son, closing flat. Hope to see more interesting trading tomorrow. Good luck. Cheers.
30/03/2017 17:02
thinkfirst Crazy Ghost not happy today ha ha
30/03/2017 17:23
Shamsaidi Sabar Chang.. esok show time :)
30/03/2017 17:50
traderman ya limit up
30/03/2017 18:21
Henry Chan is dnex still undervalue?
30/03/2017 18:21
traderman yes, seriously ... 1.0 stock
30/03/2017 18:22
hisehatu agree with traderman. RM1 stock
30/03/2017 18:38


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