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0.375   +0.04 (11.94%)  0.345 - 0.38  140,419,100
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Market Cap: 650 Million
NOSH: 1,734 Million
P/E | EY: 4.86  |  20.56%
DY | Payout %: 2.53%  |  12.29%
NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.2293  |  1.64
Avg Volume (4 weeks):16,217,476
4 Weeks Range:0.27 - 0.38
52 Weeks Range:0.19 - 0.38
Average Price Target: 0.28
Price Target Upside/Downside: -0.095


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  5 people like this.
Nigel Low Gonna keep holding, bright future ahead. Got in at 0.255, only sell when there's a change in fundamental.
20/02/2017 21:13
John Lu If tomorrow limit up, I really dont know how to spend my profit. Scary
20/02/2017 21:16
nekosan john lu, is ok... confirm wont limit up tomorrow .... will open 39 cent and then close 36 cent.
20/02/2017 21:17
rosetan Keep! New P/E is around 3.26. So much more to move up!
20/02/2017 21:20
John Lu Haha Nekosan

Tonight I gonna do analysis other stock to buy because if tomorrow i sell all my Dnex at 50c...dunno want to put my money where...headace now

Really headace hopes Dnex dont up too fast. I not yet have any new stock to buy as at now
20/02/2017 21:23
faralenz77 Let the price fly tomorrow, then try sell at much higherprice day after.wont regret.enough profit already
20/02/2017 21:29
John Lu Tomorrow b4 9.30am sure panic buy
20/02/2017 21:30
VenFx John Lu geng.
Jump on boat juz rie on time.
This is really chun chun call from John Lu sifu... very Jealous me.
20/02/2017 21:33
thesteward keke stock pick 2017. hope will jalan more
20/02/2017 21:34
kytan http://www.theedgemarkets.com/my/article/%E8%81%94%E5%8F%B7%E5%85%AC%E5%8F%B8%E8%B4%A1%E7%8C%AE%E5%B8%A6%E5%8A%A8-%E8%BF%AA%E8%80%90%E6%9C%AB%E5%AD%A3%E5%87%80%E5%88%A9%E9%A3%99%E5%8D%877%E5%80%8D-%E6%B4%BE%E6%81%AF05%E4%BB%99?type=%E6%96%B0%E9%97%BB
20/02/2017 21:35
jl88 Look for censof to buy cheaper as it hold dnex shares
20/02/2017 21:36
GoodBoy After earned big money, donate some to the poor .... u will double your money in your next investment ..... cheers ....
20/02/2017 21:37
John Lu Venx sifu...haha...i super lucky in 2017

Buy hibi then all the way up
Buy VIS at 47 next day up to 64c
Buy Dnex at 28c withon 3 days up to 37.5c and now waiting tomorrow limit up after good profit today

Hoseh...hoseh until i scary now
20/02/2017 21:38
VenFx I'm so admire Jihn Lu sifu call..
From hibi, rgb, sendai, icon, VIS, ijacob and now Dnex, such hitting series of jackpot in 2 month horizon. Each of them at least can earn more than 20-50% .

This is irony true.
20/02/2017 21:40
lee77 Why rush for sell?? Why not keep if the company is good??
20/02/2017 21:40
ImCK tommorow start trade 0.400
20/02/2017 21:41
John Lu Venx sifu, calvintaneng say I am conman...haha

But I am sure whoever follow my call, by now your portfolio at least +50%
20/02/2017 21:42
VenFx Must donate some fry kueh tiaw with mata lembu to public.
20/02/2017 21:42
VenFx Aiyoh, don't angry with this Sgapore boss lar.
He juz to admire you like me.
20/02/2017 21:43
pc007 John Lu, Ven sifu....cheers
20/02/2017 21:43
John Lu Haha...Venx sifu, I headace now.

Still figure what else stock to buy

Now holding

Headace if i take profit dont know what else to buy. U have any idea?
20/02/2017 21:45
John Lu I am looking at Tagb and frontkn, dont know which sifu can give me advice on this 2 stock?
20/02/2017 21:46
VenFx Don't forget the dear brother's call ... COMel .
Singpore boss hate the most kakaka
20/02/2017 21:47
musangfoxking this counter is worth > 0.70!!!! now not even 0.40, want to sell????
20/02/2017 21:47
Howard Siow If tomorrow dnex fly how about dnex-wd?
20/02/2017 21:48
John Lu Haha...Comel let the singaporean lose his face so many times...sure he will keep attack
20/02/2017 21:49
John Lu Venx sifu...go analyse TAGB...Datuk everyday buy back so much...today bought another 3 mil
20/02/2017 21:49
VenFx Insas from lui gor also, early of March.
Parkson from moneykj sifu
Errr plantation , need wincloud's input
20/02/2017 21:49
ImCK wa this year just start eps already 1.77

0.0177( minimum eps & without growth ) X 4 quater same = 0.0708

0.0708 PE 10 = 0.70

wtf tommorow limit up ?
20/02/2017 21:51
ValueInvesting curent p/e 4.8
20/02/2017 21:53
Choon ハンター why limit up
20/02/2017 21:53
VenFx Thx for John Lu bro sharing, I hv a feeling thise old timer darling will come to join the party soon (insas / bjcorb / tagb / may be muil)
20/02/2017 21:53
ValueInvesting ock wa nxt week good result coming soon John Lu, buying interest emerged today. ki ki ki
20/02/2017 21:54
John Lu I not yet buy tagb because property not yet the time to play yet

But look at Datuk keep buying everyday, something is gonna happen soon
20/02/2017 21:55
John Lu Ock a good company and promote buy lota of research house since day 1 its listed...but the price didnt seem much movement...thats why i m not too keen for this stock
20/02/2017 21:56
grand Reach & warrant fly tomorrow.......
20/02/2017 21:57
John Lu Any...thanks for highlighted ock to me...but maybe mt decision will wrong
20/02/2017 21:57
grand Reach insiders got news next week Q results is superb!!!! Tmrw sell Dnex and buy Reach/WA......
20/02/2017 21:59
ImCK this year 1st quater just start eps already 1.77

0.0177( minimum eps & without growth ) X 4 quater same no growth no new project maintence current eps = 0.0708

0.0708 X PE 10 = RM 0.70 < value

Dont forget the calculation havent including the profit of new project they get recently yet
20/02/2017 22:05
20/02/2017 22:06
Anakku So tmr how
20/02/2017 22:20
sheep sell on news...
20/02/2017 22:23
SeeSky Wow!!!
20/02/2017 22:27
Steve902 Good stock
20/02/2017 22:28
GoodBoy At least double your money (100% profit) before thinking of selling n move on to other counter .... make sure that your next investment will double your money as well (100% profit) .... cheers ....
20/02/2017 22:29
ImCK economy no good IT wont die
petronas backup project and oil field business
unless oil drop back again but i sure oil wont drop again
this year is oil year this will make oil price fucking higher and higher
20/02/2017 22:38
Anakku This stock got v oil related?
20/02/2017 23:00
manji MYEGelated
20/02/2017 23:01
Erie i strongly believe after this IBs will start promoting this counter and predict higher TP.this company has healthy balance sheet and zero gearing in 2016.recurring income already secured tru gov projects and still getting new projects for IT whilst o&G biz also profitable.no surprise if it fly higher and give 100% profit if keep mid-long term..my nonsense 2 cents opinion only..
20/02/2017 23:09
Erie not to mention management is confident the 2017 prospect will be positive year for the company
20/02/2017 23:11
amyzo wanna to dreams 1st nite olz
20/02/2017 23:27


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