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1.53   0.00 (0.00%)  1.52 - 1.54  5,807,000
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Market Cap: 16,693 Million
NOSH: 10,910 Million
P/E | EY: 19.06  |  5.25%
DY | Payout %: 5.93%  |  113.06%
NAPS | P/NAPS: 1.3778  |  1.11
Avg Volume (4 weeks):6,905,211
4 Weeks Range:1.50 - 1.58
52 Weeks Range:1.44 - 1.82
Average Price Target: 1.50
Price Target Upside/Downside: -0.03


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leelc70 kentooi, yes
04/10/2016 18:53
Chieng Yon Ooi Thanks leelc70
05/10/2016 09:25
leelc70 what to say? getting near the ex div date price getting drop :(
24/10/2016 12:15
drkervokian looks like this year all the bullets on ytlpower instead of ytl. profit taking so early .
24/10/2016 17:10
malaysiaku memang bagus...makin jatuh makin untung...kasih peluang untuk ikan bilis ikut sama sama kita orang.. macam ini baru adil.....kalau boleh jatuh 1.60 masa ex-div date....macam ini baru ada peluang ikan bilis tambah modal....
24/10/2016 17:18
MuttonCurry Interesting ... today i cherry pick this counter. I think oversold ...
24/10/2016 18:31
malaysiaku biar betul ini...dapat dividen sempena deepavali...kalau jatuh 1.60 lagi bagus....
28/10/2016 11:02
malaysiaku makin jatuh menjunam....memang hebat YTL !!!
28/10/2016 15:06
chew2226 give us 0.095cent dividend, now want us vomit 0.16 cent back...Mr. Yeoh, Mr. Yeoh....
28/10/2016 15:15
dompeilee I bought my YTL @ 1.60 just before last yr's entitlement date.Now they shortchange me on $25 dividend per lot by taking over YTL-e at the cheap price but doubling my YTL holdings.

Hopefully they don't shortchange shareholders of the $50 voucher at the coming AGM as well!
30/10/2016 08:51
malaysiaku pagi-pagi orang dah beli 1.60.....lepas ex-date...
31/10/2016 09:43
rainbowyen got dividend... then the share price drop as usual for YTL......
31/10/2016 16:43
yongch AGM on 22nov,free voucher free tea n kopi...but changed to hotel majestic very inconvenience lo!!!:(
31/10/2016 20:23
pooter 1.45 coming
03/11/2016 17:34
malaysiaku paling rendah YTL nak bagi kita orang 1.50...memang saham boleh jatuh, tapi kalau paras rendah dari 1.50, nanti banyak ikan bilis yang berebut macam aku nak beli...tunggu peluang yang bagus macam durian runtuh.
04/11/2016 10:58
Witty good fundamental share, later one news, it turn corner back. just matter of time.. share always up and down la.
04/11/2016 11:33
Money See u in rm1.45 ......
Im waiting...slow slow down please.
04/11/2016 19:31
malaysiaku tak dapat jumpa kat 1.45... paling rendah 1.50....cuma masa yang akan menentukan nya....YTL trend sentiasa "upward" lepas jatuh dan "sideway momemtum"....ambil masa juga.....
07/11/2016 10:46
Witty Reversal so soon.
07/11/2016 16:23
malaysiaku ya... jumpa kat 1.60 reverse gear, dah nak mula....
07/11/2016 17:01
rainbowyen 1.60 touched already !!.....
09/11/2016 01:23
malaysiaku masih lagi dalam reverse mood gear range 1.52~1.59......
12/11/2016 20:37
Newbie9 Hi ... need advice , I miss the convert of ytle to ytl so what can I do with my ytle share ? Thanks
13/11/2016 23:42
smartly when was it ?
14/11/2016 00:01
Money168 Will convert to YTL automatically and will received in december. The convert ratio is 1 YTLE : 0.3537 (Include YTL dividend)
14/11/2016 09:00
rainbowyen YTL dividend payout one a year... need to wait next year, for dividend announcement...unless got special dividend which i think unlikely this year...YTLE share confirmed to be converted to YTL automatically....since no more listed in bursa malaysia....
14/11/2016 10:32
Newbie9 thanks Money168 and rainbowyen ,scared me , thought the share will be burn like keep in the :)
14/11/2016 12:00
SecretOne Convert automatically??? You need to transfer your YTLe shares to them first. But it is past expiry date now, not sure how you can do it now.
20/11/2016 22:40
Saberspreez why this counter like this one.....
21/11/2016 16:52
yongch Today AGM...tan Sri Francis said ytl-e still valid to convert it to ytl...kikiki....
22/11/2016 12:19
leelc70 wow cheap sell at 1.49 now
29/11/2016 17:29
leelc70 even cheaper now
30/11/2016 16:41
skay It keeps going down :(
30/11/2016 17:12
looyee If there is no bad news..it's opportunity to collect during weakness
30/11/2016 17:43
smartly agreed. should sapu more today.
30/11/2016 22:42
yongch Hahaha..kul-sin PM going to sign on 21dec...ytl still got chance meh???kikiki...
02/12/2016 08:31
malaysiaku kalau dah confirmed nak bikin HSR, saham YTL pasti nak...lagi cepat sign dan bikin HSR, lagi cepat aku boleh naik keretapi eletrik......PM lee cakap HSR akan mula pembinaan mulai tahun 2018... dijangka siap tahun 2026.....
02/12/2016 11:03
malaysiaku EPF Disposed YTL on 28 nov, 2016 for 1,277,800 and 25 nov for 300,000
but on 29 nov, 2016 acquired for 3,000,000 and 28 nov for 3,000,000..... satu hari dah jual syer, tapi keesokan hari beli syer double double pula...
02/12/2016 14:41
rainbowyen YTL is one of my favourite stock....long term investment is better suited for this stock.
04/12/2016 11:32
malaysiaku memang sudah dijangka.....berita baik, maknanya ada wow surprise......
05/12/2016 09:07
Capayam Gemas - Johor Bharu double track project.
05/12/2016 14:23
wynwyn Anyone knows if the high speed rail is still on for ytl?
05/12/2016 18:34
rainbowyen not so fast bro, process selection will begin soon. maybe late 2017...HSR still relevant to YTL but competition also on the card...china and japan also competing for HSR...one project but two developers between singapore and malaysia governments....http://www.financetwitter.com/2016/07/singapore-kuala-lumpur-high-speed-rail-here-are-ten-things-we-know-and-dont-know-so-far.html
09/12/2016 11:47
malaysiaku Malaysia, Singapura bersedia untuk menandatangani perjanjian Keretapi Berkelajuan Tinggi projek esok (13/12/2016)...sekarang.dah "confirmed' keretapi elektrik akan dilaksanakan...sama ada YTL akan terlibat atau tidak, cuma akan diketahui selepas 'tendering selection" bermula tahun hadapan 2017/2018......
13/12/2016 00:30
Newbie9 I am stil having ytle share , what can I do with it ?
13/12/2016 22:06
Newbie9 Need advise . Thanks
13/12/2016 22:06
Money168 Newbie9, no need to do. It will be convert to YTL automatically in December.
14/12/2016 09:16
rainbowyen Newbie9, are you sure not knowing about the announcement? YTLE no longer listed in bursa... you are YTL shareholder now... due to take-over and mergers with YTL...http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5290813
16/12/2016 15:22
rainbowyen Newbie9, you need to check with your broker if you have any doubt or enquiries about stock market..... don't just keep silent and make yourself blur.... good luck, bro.
16/12/2016 15:30
malaysiaku saham YTL sedang berkembang walaupun ambil tempoh yang agak panjang......yang pasti, dividen pun boleh tahan dan profit margin yang konsisten....
16/12/2016 21:47


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