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Market Cap: 718 Million
NOSH: 482 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):2,475,878
4 Weeks Range:1.42 - 1.61
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.90 - 1.79
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 1.57
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.08

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 31-Mar-2017[#1]  |  24-May-2017
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 30-Jun-2017  |  22-Aug-2017
T4Q P/E | EY: 99.66  |  1.00%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 1.0842  |  1.37
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: -1.81%  |  1.38%

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Date Type Subject
23-Jun-2017 Blog [转贴] JAKS捷硕 - 第15届股东大会 - RH Research
23-Jun-2017 Insider MR ANG LAM POAH (a substantial shareholder) acquired 300,000 shares on 22-Jun-2017.
23-Jun-2017 Insider MR ANG LAM POAH (a substantial shareholder) acquired 100,000 shares on 21-Jun-2017.
21-Jun-2017 Insider MR ANG LAM POAH (a substantial shareholder) acquired 100,000 shares on 20-Jun-2017.
23-Jun-2017 Insider ANG LAM POAH (a company director) acquired 300,000 shares on 22-Jun-2017.
23-Jun-2017 Insider ANG LAM POAH (a company director) acquired 100,000 shares on 21-Jun-2017.
21-Jun-2017 Insider MR ANG LAM POAH (a company director) acquired 100,000 shares on 20-Jun-2017.
22-Jun-2017 Meeting Outcome Annual General Meeting on 22-Jun-2017.
24-Jun-2017 Forum 8 New Comments


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Business Background

JAKS Resources Berhad is engaged in investment holding and is a general contractor. The Company operates in five segments: manufacturing, which consists of manufacturing of pipes, ductile steel pipes and steel hollow section; trading, which consists of trading in sheet piles, steel bars, mild steel and special pipes, other steel related products and supply of products for water supply industry; construction, which consists mainly of provision of sub-contracting activities, general contractor and supplier of building materials; investment, which includes investment holding, and Property Development, which includes development of residential and commercial properties. Its direct subsidiaries are JAKS Sdn. Bhd., Pipe Technology System Sdn. Bhd., JAKS Steel Industries Sdn. Bhd., Surge System Sdn. Bhd. and Empire Deluxe Sdn. Bhd. On July 12, 2011, the Company acquired 51% stake in JAKS Offshore Sdn Bhd.
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CharlesT Correction:he didnt dump xinquan..instead he bought more n more till the co suspended....
22/06/2017 23:12
Oldhand88 ANG will find ways to dilute KYY. Only way out for KYY is to trigger a GO. Does he have the appetite to run the company?
23/06/2017 00:32
notebook kyy stock , dont touch, that's all
23/06/2017 00:36
KingOfLeons Waiting for the drama to unfold.....
23/06/2017 07:13
wotvr JAKS should be in panic selling today
23/06/2017 07:30
bjgdila123 selllllllllllllllllll
23/06/2017 07:54
r°Moi .

Rather close votes...

1st time... show of hand.... Mr K has friends....

1st time... show of force

23/06/2017 08:04
r°Moi .

Close fight

Gotta buy.............................

23/06/2017 08:06
kyaputencom major cloud support broken, i will wait at rm1.25 level to reconsider later.
23/06/2017 08:17
RoseMallow Selling down to trigger some people's margin call, because their shares are all pledged. They will struggle and feel the pain. Do they have money to top up their margin account? If they really have money, why they only have share holding of below ten percent? These people are not controlling the company in terms of share holding/ownership. Eventually, they will give way because KYY has too much money to simply beat them badly. ANd Jaks owned by KYY now. He has closed o 30%. KYY is the boss. ANd KYY has money. KYY will do whatever necessary to get rid of people blocking his way to make the company better, e.g. completing project on time to avoid penalty.
This company's share price will go down unless some people are willing co-operate with KYY to make things better for the company.

KYY likely regret he didn't place his representative in XIng Quan to get a clearer picture of the company financial position. you think he will repeat his mistake?
23/06/2017 09:01
RoseMallow You can always buy back at a lower price tomorrow. Better sell fast now. price is going to be lower later today.
23/06/2017 09:02
RoseMallow Due to ego, some people might not give up easily. They will find ways to support their margin accounts, likely. But, do they have as much money as KYY?

Now, even if these people call KYY early morning to offer co-operation, KYY's assistant will let them wait to make them feel the anxiety.

"Sorry, KYY isn't available now."

KYY will teach them a lesson for humiliating him during the AGM. THis will make these people to be more compliance and co-operative later.
23/06/2017 09:07
AhMeng Uncle is a businessman. Do not make a mistake to assuem that he will be bully by jokers this time.

Do you not know he is the owner of the company or you still think the jokers are?

What is his options? Do not think that he just an old feller that can be push aside.

This is a game of money and money is what he will mobilize to obtain his objective.

Run if you still can or be victim of this war....
23/06/2017 09:14
RoseMallow beating down the share price, KYY will buy low, buy more shares. He will find support of institution supporters, calling EGM and push down the current managemet. And you think some people want to lose their salary?
23/06/2017 09:16
paktua73 old man win bet 25k at 1.44
hold on hand share 30k unit at avvrge per share 1.453
23/06/2017 09:31
Vc Looi KYY is rich man but not GOD la..talk like he is capable of anything..
23/06/2017 09:37
AhMeng If you are owner of a company and your staff treat you like nobody, what would you do? Are you just quite walk away?
23/06/2017 09:45
CharlesT Then launch MGO at RM2.00 to teach them a lesson?
23/06/2017 09:50
CharlesT Money is not important but face is...
23/06/2017 09:51
CharlesT Show them who the Boss is and the power of money......
23/06/2017 09:52
eshadgupta1234 Please be patient.This is knee jerk reaction after agm.Just wait till end of the day.
23/06/2017 09:55
AhMeng MGO at RM 2 is not teaching them a lesson, it is helping them.

MGO maybe will come but with lower price..

Everyone just need to think why share price drop 5% yesterday
and make own conclusion. Who did that sell down?

A better way for teaching them a lesson, if you know your staff are depending on bank margin, you just let them pop up the price with whatever money they can find now, then only you do the regular sell down. How long can they tahan?

Remember sell down does not mean you will sell away your shares to others, you can sell to your buddy, your girl, your ex- etc
23/06/2017 10:01
stncws Ah meng shuld be not so good in investing and share market ! Name like Ah Meng Ah Kow,,normally PHD!
23/06/2017 11:20
RVI123 KYY is putting himself into trouble. Just like Xingquan, he bought into this company without doing careful research. He is not following his own rules of investing. There is so much problem in this company. Shopping Mall is not doing well and still making losses at least for the next yew years. Pacific Star is not selling well, the project is delayed and Jaks has to pay a lot of penalty to the buyers. The Vietnamese power plant venture may not be a smooth sail. Jaks may say that they are enjoying 20% profit from the construction work. I am quite reserved with this. There are a lot of uncertaties with both the Vietnamese government and the Chinese partner. Bare in mind that Xingquan is a Chinese company, Jaks' power plant venture partner is also a Chinese company. There is not much information about the JV available other than the announcement that Jaks is owning 30% of the venture. In fact, the profit during construction period is a self-declared profit. There is no actual profit until the power plant is completed.
23/06/2017 12:09
r°Moi .

Ang Lam Poah.... buy... or.... cease being CEO

23/06/2017 12:10
money888888 apa jadi ni? kyy punya kaunter
no more support? used up margin?
can go in or not?
23/06/2017 12:36
notebook if the company is good, kyy terus buy all share, make jaks delisted and untung sendiri.
23/06/2017 12:40
stncws maybe he buy bad company to make it good compny, anyway most of his share is up.. he controls
23/06/2017 13:36
Sslee Dear Tapdance,
I absolutely agree with you that JAKS’ business prospect is of better quality than the management/BOD (strange). I am lucky enough to be able to talk to the man behind the Vietnam IPP and also make some verification with the external Auditor on the signed contract. As I put it previously if Vietnam IPP project progress as plan, definitely it will be a game changer for JAKS.
Mr. Koon definitely know what he is buying into, he even advice the board no to tender any more construction contracts in Malaysia but to concentrate on producing electricity business. Will his JAKS investment (Exception from his golden rules) reward him handsomely in the long run? only time can tell?
Thank you.
23/06/2017 13:42
RoseMallow There is a LTIP. The exclusive ESOS for privileged 3 staff that intended to subscribe discounted 10% cheap shares (RM1.40). THe price was determined based on the price of the stock at the closing of RM1.58. SO, if they subscribe the shares at RM1.40, and if the shares maintain and rise a little from RM1.58 to 1.60 or maybe, happily 1.70. Wah... can make quick money by disposing their cheap shares from this exclusive ESOS into the market, just for this 3 people. ANyway, the amount engaged was in total 12M shares. This is a RM16.8M.

SO, now, have they got so much money? If they had, then their should have held more shares compare to thier current stake of less that 10% each. So, where did they get this 16.8M?

If the RM16.8M is margin facilities or OD or whatever, interest is imposed. Now, the share price is RM1.45. Not much gain of subscription of 1.40. If share price goes lower, rugi-oh... how much do they need to fork out to pay interest everyday?

Now they have fully accepted this offer, (please refer to bursa anouncement), their shares are no listed yet. If by the time listed, share price lower than 1.40, macam mana?

Of course, KKY not happy these people get to subscribe cheap shares lah. KKy lowered the price for them to make it difficult to dump shares into the market. ANd if these people forced to release shares into the market because of heavy interest expenses, oiyo... share price goes where?
23/06/2017 14:07
AhMeng This 3 people has commited RM 16.8M to subscribe 12M shares under LTIP.
The same people also need to spend to maintain the existing share price to avoid
margin call. How much they still have ?

If uncle not buying, share price will not move up.
23/06/2017 14:15
DK66 LTIP are share options. No need to subscribe immediately. Normally given a time period of 5 years .
23/06/2017 15:54
RoseMallow oo... thanks for the reminder. THen if KYY manages to kick them out of the company later. No more ESOS.

WHen the share price rises to RM1.80/RM2.00 later, are you as a minority shareholder happy to see this 3 people buying at RM1.40, then, dump it into the market to dilute the share price later or not?

Are this 3 people worth the reward, so far, judging by their performance, i.e. Evolve Mall, and Pacific Star Project, incurring penalty by inability to complete project in time. Are they efficient and capable?

How do you justify this reward for these 3 people with thier performance?

I hope the power plant construction won't delay by their current style management.
23/06/2017 16:20
r°Moi .

Sslee.... did you ask person in charge of IPP...... under the EPC..... if JAKS just do back to back billing only..... ie.... all works sub out to China companies...

23/06/2017 16:25
r°Moi .

Sure or not?

Sell his shares.... he dares?!?

Ang Lam Poah.... while no need to go.... will cease being CEO

23/06/2017 16:43
Sslee Dear AhMoi,
I am not from construction industry and I am not very sure what you mean by “back to back billing only”.
Anyhow from the conversation I have with the Auditors and the person in-charge of Vietnam project. JAKS was able to get a very favorable Power purchase agreement signed with the Vietnam government for 25 years and Coal supply agreement signed with local coal suppliers hence JAKS was able to get CPECC as JV partner and also as EPC contractor. With all this lose end tie in the JV able to secure banks financing for the whole project. As construction progress the JV will be able to draw down the finance from banks to pay CPECC and JAKS. JAKS will be able to recognize this payment as construction profit after substances the expenses incur. So do CPECC after paying all the suppliers and sub contractors.
JAKS roles during construction period is as project manager (make sure project is on time and of correct quality and specification) and also as contact point between local authorities/regulatory and JV.
After project completion (certain agreed fixed period) then only JAKS need to recognize his portion of JV financial and depreciation cost. By that time the JV power plant should have generated and sold the agree quantity of power to the grid and get payment from the power sold at the agree price per KWh.
From this income then only JV will start to pay back the bank loan principal and interest to the banks.
Thank you.
23/06/2017 20:07
DK66 Sslee, thank you for the insights. Do you know the progress of the construction ?
23/06/2017 20:18
musangfoxking Sslee, so can buy to invest?
23/06/2017 20:19
limsaykin buy 1000 units@rm1.49,=1490. kept it like fixed deposit for two to three year, you should knowthe result.should knw tge
23/06/2017 21:30
Sslee Dear all,
From the short period of time I speak and listening to what the auditors and the Person in charge on the Vietnam project have to say, they give me a very good impression as men of passion and loving their works.
The IPP site civil pilling completed and Jetty pilling in progress. The CPECC contractor is very capable and can quickly mobilize whatever machinery, manpower or material that local unable to provide from china.
The PIC jokily told me the only things that can slow down the CPECC are if they hit landmines. PIC is not worry about project progress but more in ensuring the machinery and civil work done with right quality and specification.
I still think JAKS is for long term, it is still at early stage of transforming itself to a significant power player. If JAKS able to get this one done right the potential for more power plant is always there.
After saying all this I still personally prefer to follow what Mr. Koon Golden rule preach: PE below 10 and with business sense that earning will keep increasing due to favorable external business conditions. (Raw mat price, selling price, market demand, currency exchange rate and etc)
I will buy some small quantity of JAKS and keep JAKS at KIV and do not mind buying later at higher price if JAKS is proven it can deliver.
Thank you
23/06/2017 21:56
limsaykin tqvm Sslee
23/06/2017 22:37
HebeiFortune Mr K ask his followers take profit..... Drop soon..... RUN
23/06/2017 23:15
aliyusof Thanks SSlee. But today Starbiz shows PE of Jaks at 876 times. For it to go near 10 or 20, its EPS should be very very greatly improved or jumped and this is anchored on now on the realization of success of the so called game changer or Vietnamese IPP project . Personally think it is having a very long term hope with quite a lot uncertainties in it. Invest in a future hope, basically. Right, must assess own risk profile and appetite before invest in Jaks. What now with two major shareholders at loggerheads , seemingly so from the AGM.
24/06/2017 11:13
gohkimhock I will endorse Jaks only provided the Ang faction is removed from the Board.
24/06/2017 11:33
tomwah more to up after hari raya ???
24/06/2017 15:04
nekosan yes. tp 3
24/06/2017 15:43
rogers123 I am with KYY, waiting the price to surge.........Hahahahah. Another Iwcity soon
24/06/2017 16:31
rogers123 bought 0.85++ for IWcity, sold at 2.80++
24/06/2017 16:31
rogers123 Jaks...... Plz fight for the shares holding. I am waiting to sell u at 2.50
24/06/2017 16:32
rogers123 Huat ar......
24/06/2017 16:33


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