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mabaker My description of this company directors is still true:

"They are worst than samseng people."

Create so many dupe accounts, talk vulgar words all the time and accuse others for all their dirty work.
21/10/2014 23:10
mabaker apaloocakap >> Are you trying to say by cheating you self declare that you're smart? Pure shiok sendiri style la.

Where did I say anything about prices dropping and rising?

I only suggested prices to go in or sell with supporting news of the electronics industry.

Tell you a better idea that'll save you more time. Go spend more time, bribe, threaten or sleep with the securities directors la. You'll get better hints and advises that way. Don't waste ur time trolling on message boards.

Ask Warren Buffet or Soros about insider trading? Will they ever admit that they slept with your wife even if they did? Are you really smart? Your intelligence is really contradictory to ur words.
21/10/2014 23:20
apaloocakap tell you what..if thurs unisem shoots to 160 up why dont you ask your momma,,your papa or even your daughter to be casual workers in unisem..
want a bet idiot
21/10/2014 23:20
apaloocakap i am enj0ying my bet on dow index ..so i see on thurs whether you family wants to be in unisem as casual workers
bye for now.. and try to think of something to make the market down...i have my hands on inari and mpi as well..so think about it
21/10/2014 23:22
apaloocakap by the way jolie felt ashamed and hid inside her hole that is her poosy..do you not feel ashamed and yet still want to make a bet ..betting your mother and daughter on you ego ..hahahhhaah.hehehehe/.moron and idiot
21/10/2014 23:23
mabaker Dont have to tell me this and that la. Just ask the managers and directors inside the security firms.Bribe, threaten or kiss their rears all you want they can give you solid and live results all you want to be rich and retire for life.

Insider trading will go on as long as casinos and gaming lotteries continue to exist.
21/10/2014 23:27
apaloocakap even tabung haji sees value in unisem..3 cheers to our malays friends..they are smart and clever..and idiotic chinaman like you can go no where..when i sell my shares on unisem...your mother and wife go and work in chow kit for 50 years opeinning legs 50 tiemes a dayat rm300 also cannot beat me..say you correct ah
21/10/2014 23:32
mabaker1 my brother is banging his balls seeing apple and texas instruments jump so VIOLENTLY up..he says stock market no good..bcos my mon hid the apple i phone in her poosy...
now my brother will only feel VINDICATED if the world market crash..
he is and egoistic idiot..plse bear with him
he is also shameless
and in one breath can change what he says
full of contradiction
he was nearly sacked from his job but his wife slept with the boss and they allow him to work
so plse
forgive him
he is irrational..he lost alot of money..some borrowed money..so be
MAGNANIMOUS and forgive him..if you like just GO AGAINST HIS ADVICE and you will make money
21/10/2014 23:39
mabakerpapa Hello coward mabaker..it would be futile or useless to try n block me by complaining..we have a few hundred thousands mobile devices...try asking i3investor to block us
jolie has confided with us she can give blowj@#$/ n admitted her blinkered view...thays why she is not using her poosy to talk

mabaker u boast u can think 2 steps ahead of me..how come u predicted wrongly n then try to cover up..now iam telling u ...unisem 1.6 n above on thurs...n if not I wont f@#$%your wife n mom...u want w bet coward
22/10/2014 01:23
yennie1125 pls hormat each other before give comment, why must bring family and talk rubbish
22/10/2014 03:54


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