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Avg Volume (4 weeks):943,238
4 Weeks Range:0.035 - 0.04
52 Weeks Range:0.035 - 0.055
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surewinz distribution suspected...(1)strong buy queue at 3.5...(2)buy 4sen then attract retailer/trader to buy...(3)then slowly dispose when 4sen hit the buyer side..(4)then buy again to make it looks like strong buying interest and dispose at the same time..(5)repeat this for days and ta daaaa u can read director dispose millions unit at 4sen ..who buy and who is left behind?
(6) WHAT'S NEXT? up or down??

I might be wrong..jz purely my observation
07/06/2016 17:15
3101575000 what's the fun ??? directors buy the shares off market @ 0.10 & 0.11 ,why buy so high price???
10/06/2016 19:58
Ring Aahttp://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/list-of-companies/plc-profile.html?stock_code=5037
11/06/2016 01:32
Ring Disposing land to reduce debts.Unlocking land value n got logging in New Guinea, some news must be coming.
11/06/2016 13:11
yeohhh I think error in reporting lah. Impossible 0.11
11/06/2016 15:09
3101575000 if you checked the previous yr, they did buy the shares much more then mkt price; ppl also
kept comment why so silly. Till today can't find the answer??? (Off market transactions)
11/06/2016 15:22
yeohhh Hope for the best, still holding mine at @0.045
11/06/2016 16:02
Ring Ditectors do buy @ off market price @ a higher rate, anyway confirm with fund mgrs
11/06/2016 16:03
yeohhh Just couldn't think of any reasons. Why dont just open market purchase ? They are 20000000+ selling at @0.045. Illogical to me
11/06/2016 16:10
Ring This is happening becoz the minority shareholders r not protected by Security Commission, its time, we write to d SC officer n complain. There was always talk of protecting d minority but nothing seems to happen. What is hoing on is ridiculously nonsense but it may be within d law but where is d logic....!!!???
12/06/2016 13:26
stteck Anyone can interpret this? Any violation by this Company on off-market transaction?

(from the extract of RULES OF BURSA MALAYSIA
DERIVATIVES BERHAD) - http://www.cftc.gov/idc/groups/public/@otherif/documents/ifdocs/bmdbursamalaysiaderivativesbe.pdf

As at 9 April 2012
Rule 700D-1

Rule 700D.1
Prohibition on Off-Market Transactions
Except as provided in Rule 700D.2 or otherwise determined by the Exchange, a contract or transaction effected by a Participant otherwise than in the normal course of trading on the Market is prohibited.

Rule 700D.2
The prohibition in Rule 700D.1 does not apply to the following transactions:
(a) any Exchange of for Related Positions made pursuant to Rule 700B;
(b) any Negotiated Large Trade made pursuant to Rule 700C.

Rule 700D.3
Deemed As Principal
(1) A Participant is deemed as a principal to a transaction made pursuant to Rules
700B or 700C and neither the Exchange nor the Clearing House is obliged to recognise the interest of any third party.
(2) Nothing in Rule 700D.3(1) shall affect the rights of a Client to take any action or
commence any proceedings against a Participant.
12/06/2016 20:45
yeohhh I wonder who always throw at @0.04 ... non stop throwing. Nvr pass @0.05.
19/06/2016 14:24
3101575000 maybe right hand to left hand (same person???), if you look at the volume for trading @0.035
only very small volume done.
For me , I think the value for this stock should be more then @0.045????!!!!!
19/06/2016 15:55
3101575000 I still look positive for this stock, must have patience :ha,ha , one day may fly;
hope for the best.
19/06/2016 15:58
question_mark ya.. one day may fly.. this sentence suit for ALL the stock in bursa

go buy now and throw to me @ 0.02 or below... hehehe... :P
19/06/2016 20:06
3101575000 brother, you look for lower price to enter ; I hope for higher price
let's see how the stock react ???
I intend to hold, my 1st batch entered @0.045 ; 2nd batch @0.040
if happen it goes down, I won't buy ; but I want to hold
19/06/2016 21:04
yeohhh My 1st batch of enter also @0.045. I still +ve with this stock as I see the intense pressure from the management to improve their financial position. By cutting down administration cost and etc. Unlock 100m land value. Lets see lah. Invested nearly 6k only. worth to risk
19/06/2016 23:21
question_mark i observed this for my final year project since the price in 0.055 - 0.060.

i knew they r trying to trap ppl's money by putting little "news" which let u see hope each time. after so called "investor" / "gambler" go buy.. they will press down the price by stage...

0.060 - 0.055
0.055 - 0.050
0.050 - 0.045
0.045 - 0.040
0.040 - 0.035

"one day sure up", it depends on how big the fund is trapped. I JUZ NEED YOU TO BUY MORE !!!! if not they wont have enough motivation to goreng !!

i know their formula very well bro... they doing this not to let u earn money... they want to earn from u !!

PLS BUY MORE!! few k is just to little... = ="
20/06/2016 18:50
Ring http://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/anpth/1165247.jsp
28/06/2016 21:43
Ring http://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/anpth/1165246.jsp
28/06/2016 21:48
Ring http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5143837
09/07/2016 08:38
Ring http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5143837
09/07/2016 12:59
Ring http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5144365
11/07/2016 15:52
ycliang89 Reduction of par value, is it good or bad???
12/07/2016 11:28
Ring Reduction is not good news but also got good news but on whole looks good.
12/07/2016 11:31
ycliang89 you means the joint venture part?
12/07/2016 12:29
Ring Yes
12/07/2016 14:28
Ring http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/#/?category=all&sub_category=all&alphabetical=All&company=5037
12/07/2016 18:37
zamriia so slow...ma this counter
12/07/2016 18:58
zamriia brp lama mau tidor ..time to wake up
13/07/2016 23:11
stteck the counter seems like waiting for the outcome of EGM
14/07/2016 10:55
zamriia ooo, could be la , that y sideline
15/07/2016 07:23
Jerry Teebs last 2 qrts is in profit position,can accumulate cheap nw wait for another 2 qrts to see the results.Any idear! !
25/07/2016 08:33
yeohhh 160m debt is really worrying... Even 10 years project just enuf to pay back
25/07/2016 09:05
Jerry Teebs tq for the information br
25/07/2016 09:43
Jerry Teebs cash flows is it ok
25/07/2016 09:51
Orson Chin Worry this company going to bankrupt
25/07/2016 12:59
Jerry Teebs hv some assets in hand
25/07/2016 16:54
3101575000 don't worry lah! refer to the coming EGM proposal:-
The co intends to use the PAR VALUE REDUCTION to reduce the accumulated loses
of l60m. (once offset, noneed to wait for ten yrs)
Details pls refer to page 17

Then the future balance sheet no more accumulated loses.
25/07/2016 21:13
联欣 bad news,still need hold ?
27/07/2016 00:03
travoltakeong buy apft.........
29/07/2016 14:29
Jerry Teebs the major share holder keep buying back
05/08/2016 11:23
3101575000 How‘s the EGM?
05/08/2016 13:04
ORGS2013 http://www.thesundaily.my/news/1926234
06/08/2016 04:40
3101575000 Thanks for the info
06/08/2016 09:29
bravotwozero any updates on this counter guyz...will it spike again with the incoming quarterly result end of this month?
14/08/2016 17:05
jamestan15 any update on the quaterly result?
06/09/2016 16:53
stteck 0.035 seems like another con game engine starts LOL
15/09/2016 09:06
nazmanz need advise,hold or sell this counter
19/09/2016 15:12
Orson Chin They got big land in dengkil ...... If u got extra cash, can buy some keep it .
21/09/2016 01:43


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