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Market Cap: 64 Million
NOSH: 2,134 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):9,743,431
4 Weeks Range:0.02 - 0.03
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.02 - 0.04
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
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Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 30-Jun-2017[#2]  |  28-Aug-2017
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 30-Sep-2017  |  07-Dec-2017
T4Q P/E | EY: -8.98  |  -11.14%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.05  |  0.60
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: -15.93%  |  -6.69%


Date Subject
09-Aug-2017 Evening Market Summary - 9 Aug 2017

Business Background

Compugates Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based company engaged in investment holding and the provision of management services. The Company, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in trading, marketing and distribution of imaging, information technology and communication based products. Its subsidiaries are Compugates Sdn. Bhd., Compugates (S) Pte. Ltd., Compugates Marketing Sdn. Bhd., Classic Distribution Sdn. Bhd., Compugates Development and Mining Sdn. Bhd., Compugates International Sdn. Bhd., Compugates Perak Sdn. Bhd., Compugates Sabah Sdn. Bhd., Selama Muda Jaya Sdn. Bhd., Compugates International Limited, Compugates International (BD) Limited, Compugates International (Bangladesh) Limited, Compugates International Limited (Cambodia) and PT Compugates International. Operations are carried out in Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, British Virgin Islands, Cambodia and Indonesia.
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this boss sale cake. RM2/pcs, the cost was RM1. and they pay the staff RM3 commision. him self claim RM5 on company.

now he tell u he got 1 machine on 2008, worth RM50. market value now is RM1000

now he offer u to become his business partner.

03/03/2017 18:25
kimtan50 3.8m to 58m (15.26 times in 5 years)
5.6m become 100m (17.85 times in 5 years)

A land increase 17.85 times in 5 short years a bit unusual

Even the property in sri petaling also cant triple in 5 years time, dont say 17 times.

possible of fake account?
04/03/2017 16:17
kingsuft hehe... that i dont dare to guarantee. Maybe another bomb set? Trap? judge your self

what i want to say is, this boss is brilliant and very smart. If you want to earn money from him, you must smarter than him.

what i feel sick is the way they run the business. I dunno whether they hire 3 person to do 1 person's job or they go pay triple the salary for all his staff higher than market price.

For how many years d? How come they allow this continue happen? The recent cut down of admin expenses is from disposal of CIL not because of the efficiency of management.

Year 2016 (RM'000)
revenue: 79,108
cost of sale: 76,596
profit: 2,512
admin expenses: 8,696
Year 2015 (RM'000)
revenue: 117,794
cost of sale: 110,973
profit: 6,821
admin expenses: 11,479
** i lazy to type all detail out, for full version pls go read financial report ur self

Another problem is here.

stock on hand: 4.6m
cash on hand : 2m
dealer owe him: 7.7m
he owe supplier: 24m

wtf is this... zzzz

means if u sell all the stock in your store, collect all debt from dealer, used all the cash on hand... u still owe supplier 10 million

is for sure up coming years is on loss too..

plus, this company had no fund to run the development. Will they request top up fund from shareholder? Will you dare to borrow him money to run the business ?

later they tell you the admin fee is higher than profit again?

or maybe they will set a nice show says the JV failed, some trouble on the land, then set the company to PN17, pull down the share price to 0.020. then they start to buy back shares. lastly come out a white samurai, price shot back to 0.50.. they fat fat

for those who bought at 2014 or earlier dont cry. maybe you can get back 80% of your investment capital after 10 years become shareholder with Mr GOH.

The risk is there bro.. many possibility can happen. take care

be smart#
be cautious#
Happy trade#
shadowseeker# Orson chin#
04/03/2017 19:11
Orson Chin Bro... Thanks for sharing.
Lucky I hold abit. ..
06/03/2017 13:37
kingsuft Year 2012
company loss 7.6m, but the directors get paid 5.1m.

Year 2013
company loss 3.4m, but the directors get paid 6.6m

Year 2014
company loss 33.4m, but the directors get paid 5m

Year 2015
company finally get small profit RM445k.. haha
how come? because this year they only took away 2m.

see.. they can actually able to play upside down on the company. whether want it to be green or red. Is all under their control.


lets see something interesting,

From 2012 - 2014 (within 3 years)
2012 - 4m - 4.5m
2013 - 1m - 3.5m
2014 - 4m - 4.5m

In 3 short years, the ED alone (1 person) already took away 9m - 12.5m from the company which is suffering loss.

is it miracle? the company suffer loss almost every year. the ED still able to took away about 10m in just 3 years.

see the main problem that cause "operation and administration fee" far higher than profit?


Lets think,

Question 1
Do you think the ED very concern about the dengkil project? must speed up the progress and make the company stop suffering loss?

Question 2
If the project success, you sure he will share the profit with you?
If the project fail, you think he will suffer together with you?


he eat meat, you eat bone#
shadowseeker# Orson chin#
06/03/2017 19:45
kingsuft Buy or sell at own risk.

i just share little bit of my view. because too many of you did not aware on this. too much focus on land. Hope it help.

06/03/2017 20:41
kimtan50 if 4.5 million 1 year, means the executive director took away RM375k/month even the company suffering loss. haha...
06/03/2017 20:48
3101575000 Thanks for all the info. Hope ED can take note on the comment.
Please don't eat all the meat, otherwise one day you will suffer a lot.
Please be kind heart a bit.
06/03/2017 21:01
3101575000 Pity those who invested in this share fews years back.
They suffer so much.
ED : if you really eat all the meat, make all the 'ikan bilis' suffer; that is too much.
06/03/2017 21:05
kimtan50 haha... fck shit

i bought at 0.045

07/03/2017 14:14
kimtan50 sad sad sad... until when i need to wait?

how can the management keep suck blood when company is running bad?

company lose money also he can claim few million bonus? making it more heavily loaded on operation cost?

can we sue him? fck
07/03/2017 14:26
kimtan50 the deeper i go study, the more fear i gain.. very scarry!!
429,004,410 share he holding is only worth 15m if counted in 0.035, but his payout is 9-12.5m in just 3 years only.. almost can cover up all the share he own. no wonder he can buy high and sell low. madar faakar !!!!!
feel like same boat with big big vampire.. other company with bigger size than this and with earning also dun take so much fee!!
09/03/2017 16:31
kingsuft yes.

He lose all the share on hand also not a big deal. because already withdraw out from company in several years.

since you already in, sell or not sell, you are also a loser. Just pray hard.

"one day" might up.
14/03/2017 13:37
tomwah when can this counter fly ????
17/03/2017 14:35
kimtan50 haha
"one day" will. i want my cash back only. profit u can take.
20/03/2017 21:09
rsimmy67 I have long time dump this sick company..useless with useless BOD
21/03/2017 10:08
kimtan50 haha
useless? i dont think so.. u think everyone can back-step own company? he is very smart bro... just we stupid dump in for him to suck blood.
21/03/2017 13:02
rsimmy67 any idea what is the fair value of compugates? maybe 2 cents?
21/03/2017 18:10
garygee77 still are sleeping beauty.
26/03/2017 22:08
Orson Chin All penny stock kena goreng ..... This 1 no ppl want to push .... Damn lousy stock
16/04/2017 00:50
blurG Worst balance sheets I even studied. Just studied 2 years already found out the figures simply plug in, sometimes goodwill sometimes security value but bank cash deposit never show up to taller back figures and the land value is ridiculous. Suck beautifying skill. I though tat a good opportunity to buy at first. BOD is important to invest too.
18/04/2017 18:31
Orson Chin This rubbish stock. No one dare to invest it
18/05/2017 03:25
Lantoi Lantoi Where is the CEO? R u still in Venice..come back la see your company
22/05/2017 15:33
Nigel Low http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5432953
22/05/2017 17:11
Lantoi Lantoi Wonder how many people trapped in here with me?
23/05/2017 09:55
Orson Chin Recently no news from this company.... All mgt sleeping
07/06/2017 00:09
Lantoi Lantoi Latest news the mgt not sleeping..they r dying
07/06/2017 12:17
kimtan50 lolz.. u guys still here? i sold all on march d. already gain 12% from other counter lo... slowly recover the loss on here. the management is enjoying life somewhere around the city center.
08/06/2017 15:45
stteck This counter only announced positive results when the company wants to convince the approving authorities and shareholders over its restructuring plan. Once plan is approved, the company continues to announced loss result.
25/06/2017 11:40
3101575000 I sold all with a lost of RM1,500; no hope for this share( I hold for one year plus)
shifted to buy insas and now paper gain RM1,200.
25/06/2017 21:09
kimtan50 yea.. i cover all the loss d... I invest in GCB after sold off this counter. now also paper gain d.. hehe

thx to mr kingsuft... ur point of view wake me up
03/07/2017 17:45
TrippleZ Good decision to sell this super lousy counter.
03/07/2017 18:11
smartbeng anyone who still keep this SHIT counter...did you guy got to the AGM KAAANNN that DIRECTOR CEO kao kao??
04/07/2017 21:11
anonboy Dufu is a tech stock with a low P/E, which has much to do with smart phones, clouds and data centers. Buy Dufu as well.
10/07/2017 23:24
stteck relunctantly, but can't help myself, after many years of holding, no more confidence to the management, decided and sold all.....bye bye Szetoo and Goh
18/07/2017 17:54
Orson Chin Shit counter. ....
Don't know what they doing .....
30/07/2017 00:26
archibald ............................................
31/07/2017 12:49
stteck See Thoo Chan was fined in Nakamichi in the capacity of finance management

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 4): Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd has publicly reprimanded Nakamichi Corp Bhd and four directors, who were also fined a total of RM545,600, for breaches of the Main Market listing requirements.

Executive director Darren Solomon Low Jun Ket, and independent non-executive directors Goh Tai Wai and Mak Siew Wei were fined RM99,200 each, while its chairman See Thoo Chan was fined RM248,000, Nakamichi said in its bourse filing.
04/08/2017 20:36
kimtan50 21 july 2017
Transfer of 8,000,000 ordinary shares from Mr Goh Kheng Peow's son, Mr Keane Goh Yan Han to Mr Goh Kheng Peow

smells like something bad blewing. soon his son will separate from this company and set up a new one outside with "free bullets". and this company will bankrupt and delisted very soon. next quater result 99.5% will be red red sea as well.
05/08/2017 15:59
kingsuft yes.

that's the thing i trying to bring out.

do not INVEST on those management which is lack of trustworthiness. unless u wan to GAMBLE.

no matter how much assets or even cash that company own. they wont share with u. only leak to own pocket. that is the only thing they concern. they never treat shareholder as partner. they don't even treat the company as responsible.

some more company is losing money for many years. failed to operate.

#dangerous game
#Orson Chin
06/08/2017 20:39
Jihad Abdul Rahman today compugt goreng
07/08/2017 10:54
Lantoi Lantoi Kingsuft u r the man
07/08/2017 15:36
anonboy Post removed. Why?
07/08/2017 16:16
kimtan50 left hand to right hand only. i not regret to sold. in fact, i already gain a lot using the capital here and gain a lot from GCB d. i agreed to kingsuft view. this counter is not for invest, is only to goreng or gamble. happy gambling lantoi lantoi.. hope u dont lose all ur capital in the future.. keke.. and pls dont tell me ur buying price is 0.055 or above...

im happy that i sold, if not i still suffering loss and keep waiting durian drop. and i will never never come back to join this family management ever again. NEVER join.. no matter how!!
07/08/2017 16:22
magnificent2 Low Risky Buy signal..
14/08/2017 22:47
BigBang 0.015 very soon
17/08/2017 14:18
johortiger Post removed. Why?
18/08/2017 10:26
T1T4N http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5535701

No money to pay salary...
07/09/2017 17:05
geraldt9 The EMDee is a smart crook ....like many out there !
07/09/2017 20:23
djibaok ilu balang sulah yatoh, mau kasi anggat bwangggg
09/09/2017 00:11


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