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1.17   -0.01 (0.85%)  1.16 - 1.18  1,842,900
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Market Cap: 496 Million
NOSH: 424 Million
P/E | EY: 8.01  |  12.48%
DY | Payout %: 5.44%  |  43.53%
NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.9559  |  1.22
Avg Volume (4 weeks):1,645,288
4 Weeks Range:1.16 - 1.26
52 Weeks Range:1.12 - 1.84
Average Price Target: 1.65
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.48


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spynews404 Here is another one more exposure. Was chong removed by his former boss? He tried to cover up this part. Why cover up? He cannot answer. https://borneostreetnews.wordpress.com/
03/01/2017 12:58
siamdog f protasco without chong ket pen can be better? As far as I can see last 10 years, all chong ket pen investments all fails. Except Protasco survive on old boss time road concession, ah-neh no education also can maintain. 根据10年财务报道,富达protasco如果张吉平chong ket pen有三长两短没有什么影响。张吉平chong ket pen从来就是protasco的累赘,除了久老板的马路合约没读书的都会看管之外,其它张吉平chong ket pen经手的项目十赌十输。脸皮衰到全世界(叙利亚,非洲,印度,海南),输的是股东的钱。张吉平chong ket pen对公司和股东没有多大作用。
03/01/2017 13:55
HantuRasuah 虽然很喜欢他的高股息,但有张吉平Chong Ket Pen, Hadenan, Tan Yee Boon, Tan Heng Kui 这批问题董事在公司里搞鬼,还是暂时别碰,除非全被踢出董事局换批新人可能会廉政一些。公路维修合同不必天才管理,只怕贪心小人拖家带口吞吃公司。像张吉平这种,最好避而远之。
04/01/2017 00:44
Ckp99 TQ ckp for buying up. When price drop just kick his back side, he will buy up to save face. Sold 1.19 made 4sen.
04/01/2017 09:31
hotdogge buy prtasco 1.21 tp 1.30
04/01/2017 15:04
sosfinance Besides "Misappropriation in 2014", investors must be mindful of:

1) Total debt increased 572m vs 336m
2) ROIC is about 7% only
3) Yes, current DY is 5%, but prior to 2014 average DY is 9-11%.

(limited review only)
05/01/2017 14:18
stockmanmy stay way from con man stock
05/01/2017 14:40
Greener wow 1.25 from mine 1.13 in 4 days, who cares CKP or CPK? ........green & greener everyday :)
05/01/2017 16:08
Angielim9955 steveooikp , why you like this counter?
05/01/2017 16:49
Parkson So i3 is a forum to fight? Pity you Angielim9955 I think you ask a hater.

Angielim9955 steveooikp , why you like this counter?
05/01/2017 16:49

steveooikp this company I don't think got any prospect.
he has been exposed!!
03/01/2017 08:26
05/01/2017 23:00
Cpk99 骗子。ckp is cpk 死扑街。还魂还清人民债务再上路。
06/01/2017 07:44
joni look like profit taking today
06/01/2017 09:58
ryan_och this is just a short rebounce
06/01/2017 10:02
CIPuKi CKP is not CPK 死扑街,he is 张鸡皮。鸡年杀鸡还神,张他鸡的皮。天下太平。张鸡皮清了,还富达protasco一个清白肉身。
08/01/2017 21:40
PLC17 Top 10 stock picks for 2017 - protasco in the list
09/01/2017 10:16
OriginPKisStillPK Chong Ket Pen on promotion hard sell also no use. Thief is thief promote corruption still corruption. Dirty people with dirty money, smells rat.
09/01/2017 19:41
Ckp99 spynews404 Real stories exposed. Chong is fraudster, avoid.
03/01/2017 12:55

Yes CKP liar covered his shameful history. He was out power by Tun people and later cheated the whole world and stolen money to get control of Protasco. He lied, cheated, stolen, bribed, and maybe killed, and raped, but he uses the stolen money keep buying protasco shares and borrowed bank to give dividend. Yes many dividend goes to himself because he bought so many shares but other investors also get dividend. if he doesn't rob we won't get dividend. What's wrong follow fraudster if he shares the illegal money with small shareholders?
16/01/2017 08:29
Ckp99 spynews404 Here is another one more exposure. Was chong removed by his former boss? He tried to cover up this part. Why cover up? He cannot answer. https://borneostreetnews.wordpress.com/

CKP is called a liar so he has to lie all the way until he dies. He will be like Tan Sri Rashid Hussein which RHB being taken by government. Difference is RHB got paid good price because its private company; protasco shares got confiscated because its business is contradict to national interest - making profit from people of Malaysia.

Hold on to protasco shares. One day when government confiscated the major shareholders, hopefully may buy up small shareholders higher price.
16/01/2017 08:34
Ckp99 This company is ran by rats and thieves. The criminals are running the board. Gone case.
19/01/2017 08:52
lwyy60 Can accumaulate around rm1. Now still in distribute mode
31/01/2017 15:02
nkk53 i think i quit this cunning stock this yr
01/02/2017 10:18
Anson Ang Finally good news for prtasco.
18/02/2017 12:44
Im Leng good timing now
20/02/2017 11:14
ChuiSui Push news gam gam push report. Pattern looks like brokers churning to sell shares. Stuck a lot meh?
20/02/2017 18:04
ChuiSui Con people no matter how much money company made all being con. Dividend not enough cover capital lost. Rubbish.
20/02/2017 18:06
ChuiSui Con man chong ket pen showing off Protasco which he stolen. A liar and criminal. Pathetic.
21/02/2017 09:47
ChuiSui How chong ket pen a staff sag by his boss on 25 June 2012 as per Bursa Malaysia announcement printed money to cheat his boss' Protasco shares is plain crime. Company ran by criminals. Recorded every seconds on Bursa announcements. Gone case.
21/02/2017 09:50
RichieNexus With news of contracts announced these few days, Prtasco may likely make a bullish reversal for an uptrend. Accumulate now before its price start moving up!
21/02/2017 10:11
RatsInside Insider tips. Brokers are stuck, company fake and serious bribery case, directors under authority investigation. Gamble at your own risk since brokers want to sell shares.
21/02/2017 10:26
RichieNexus The brokers will not want to sell at a loss. They will push the price up.
21/02/2017 11:06
OSKTips RUn before TOO LATE.
21/02/2017 15:29
OSKTips Dealers Leak. Hadenan chairman and Chong Ket Pen MD screw up. News coming up. Boh Cao Si,
21/02/2017 15:31
OSKTips Pump and dump, but pump so many news still drop, nowhere to dump. Dump to who? Leak news in days and dealers knew it. Who buy and sell these few days sure insider trading. Tighten your seat belt!
21/02/2017 15:33
OSKTips Holly! Pump so much news drop 1.25 to 1.18. Pump more news soon, easier for dealers to sell. Maybe 1.10 closing? If really big sheet, see you all below 1.00
21/02/2017 15:36
FakeNews True or not? If Hadenan and Chong really have problems, then Chong will buy more shares to save his face. Let's see who is right. Chong will buy up closing 1.20 and higher. OSK tips never accurate.
21/02/2017 15:41
RatsInside People really blind. Coming. True or not ask chong the master mind. If news so good then who is selling?
21/02/2017 16:07
RichieNexus Panic petty traders were selling. Though so many shares sold but why there were people buying if the company is so bad?
21/02/2017 16:23
RichieNexus Strongly supported at 1.18. Malacca Securities is calling for BUY with TP 1.75. Right timing to Buy at Low and Sell at High as per Warren Buffett.
21/02/2017 22:16
Im Leng Human society makes unceasing progress.
People are keep improving. The past is the past.
Let's see the show. Who are right.
22/02/2017 00:14
ZooKeepa Human progress, animals don't, at least not in your life time. Especially snakes. If you believe in sleeping with beast, buy lor. At least chong is buying as he needs to hide his tail. No choice. If believe in human, avoid animal intercourse. The old whore brokers got bitten and selling, new prey buying. That makes Zoo relevant. Nice show.
22/02/2017 09:20
ZooKeepa By the way, knowing animal instinct, the snake sure will dance for you to attract new prey. Faster buy else no new prey to feed the snake.
22/02/2017 09:21
FakeNews Look at all the fake promotion above, and Chong Ket Pen also shows his face everywhere. Spread news in brokerage and financial news, not even pump yet, already dump. Why?

Chong and Hadenan the sleeping brothers keep on buying Protasco shares. How come price still can goes down to 1.16? Already -10 cents. Cut or hold?
22/02/2017 12:05
ZooKeepa Will go up just wait. Many good news.
22/02/2017 17:18
ZooKeepa Snake is still dancing, show is still on.
22/02/2017 17:19
RichieNexus As long as it is supported at 1.18 (Support), we can look forward for a rebound. Today's formed a long legged doji at the bottom of the long black candle may signal for a bullish reversal. Buy at Support & Sell at High/Resistance.
22/02/2017 19:47
ZooKeepa After breaking support 1.15, on Jan3-4 some broker churn and sell 1.12-1.14. Then pump and dump. Pump up 1.25 else no gap for speculation.

If company cooking good news means recent churning is to prepare for a pump before dump.
The snake dance won't end so soon until music stop. Watch the show these few days.
23/02/2017 09:07
RichieNexus Agreed. Enter now at 1.18 before missed the ship!
23/02/2017 14:35
sasword So many ppl wan to get to one way voyage...
23/02/2017 15:37
Zenithopia Good counter?
23/02/2017 15:38
ZooKeepa Cunning counter. Business ran by snakes. Either you bite or they will bite.
24/02/2017 10:30


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