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ooicy wonder y there r many people who bombard dato chong here?mayb sent by tpy
09/09/2016 10:30
ooicy whatever it is,it's a court case now..justice will prevail one day..
09/09/2016 10:31
BogelCung C K P there gone case. Hopeless.
10/09/2016 12:32
KhianatCina CH0NG penipu Cina masuk dulu baru ada harapan. Pengkhianat Cina tunggu hajal. Buat laporan tipu itu biasa je buat si CH0NG Khianat. Habis PR0TASC0.
10/09/2016 13:38
KhianatCina Habis loh PR0TASCO buat laporan tipu. Siapa lagi? Si CH0NG Khianat Cina. Baca sendiri http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5201273
10/09/2016 13:40
CiaKoPi Latest bursa announcement. Wrong accounting report.
12/09/2016 16:19
LJ999 Bought 1.58 hold or sell? Bursa reprimand?
13/09/2016 10:37
LJ999 Told you all ChKP will buy up price. Even if Bursa reprimand him he will still buy more. Expect 1.68 soon.
13/09/2016 19:36
HamKaChan Gone case.
14/09/2016 15:36
HamKaChan Look at cash position. Drain off cash-in-a-rush to pay himself dividend, later borrow money to pay dividend. Your 1.58 cost may ends up worth 0.58 looking at the speed of siphoning.
14/09/2016 19:14
Rasua401 Target price what now? 2.00 still can?
19/09/2016 17:23
CH0NGKlPET Buy Gadang made double. As long the CRlMINAL CH0NG Jl PET still alive, money would be all gone and no hope.
20/09/2016 09:39
CH0NGKlPET what a real CRlMINAL have done he cannot C0VER UP forever. Time has come. Roadcare the M0NEY SlPH0NING blind spot Bursa and SC fools public pretend didn't saw and CRlMINALS still doing CRlME, finally some higher authority is taking action. JKR is doomed but some scapegoat will takes the blame. Guess who?
20/09/2016 09:46
IgotCon9 Why company cash keep coming down big ways, and directors keep buying shares? How will SPRM investigation on JKR impact the company, and P is one of the largest JKR partner. Is that true?
20/09/2016 10:05
IgotCon9 I though those hundreds of million under table money is not crime and auditor can close eye signing as long as it's government related? So cannot blame the ex-JKR worker CH0NG KET BEN. He just cheat, not CRlME. He takes money buy company shares then shares can go up. Good for everyone.
20/09/2016 10:08
IgotCon9 Da smart investor Cfoong is correct. U tolong me, I tooling you. SlPHON money only mah, cheat only mah, liar only mah, BRlBERY only mah. No big deal. As long shares go up, nobody bother.
20/09/2016 10:12
cfoong kikikikiki... Terima Kasih lah No.1 officer.... more projects along the pipeline... and hold on yr breathe....
20/09/2016 11:10
OldDlCK Lolololol. No 1 officer CH0NG OLD HAl sure can one. Bribery and liar who doesn't know him. Own mother also he cheat, who are you wor small timer investors. Hope stock goes up, don't hope. No 1 officer is buying cheap. Slowly wait lor.
20/09/2016 16:41
cfoong if u know the actual meaning of chong ket pin in Mandarin... u know this guy can be trusted...kikikikiki... CHONG KET PIN (终給諞)。。。kikikiki
20/09/2016 16:45
OldDlCK Don't know what you mean but yea lor looks like your father lor. Curang Kecil Pendek. OldDlCK. Lolololol.
20/09/2016 21:08
cfoong kikikikiki... 终给骗。。you pun tak tau kah... ??? 好打有限!
20/09/2016 23:20
ChiKaPut KENNYCH0NG TlU HAl wants his old man seat. Hahahaha. Don't hope. Drink more susu first.
22/09/2016 09:31
yearight Con Ket Pen. Khekhekhekhe
23/09/2016 09:17
gs999 See to believe. Price will goes up. Da CH0NG KET BEN is very good liar, so what? So hundreds of millions of bribery money also can cover up. So what? Bursa and SC also he made them pretend don't see the big CRlME in graft - those people of Malaysia's money. Illegal money he can pay good auditor and cover authority eyes. So share must goes up because so big CRlME also can cover up. 2.00 soon.
26/09/2016 11:30
graceling tell me whY cannot upppppp!???
27/09/2016 08:27
TanYiBoon Tatum Si Chong Kok pen old already jor. Slowly siphon money from protascu slowly wash bribery money from protascc slowly take off pants slowly mascubate etc etc, that is why slowly upppp Lor darling. Wait for your turn Jatuh Si sure slowly can uppp.
30/09/2016 07:49
TanYiBoon MACC calls 13 people to assist probe into alleged corruption involving Datuk Seri, Datuk
Published on August 19, 2016 23:16 MYT

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MACC calls 13 people to assist probe into alleged corruption involving Datuk Seri, Datuk
According to MACC, the 13 people were from the capital, Kelantan and Melaka. - Astro AWANI / Syamim Hasni
KUALA LUMPUR: Thirteen people have been called by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to facilitate in the investigations into the alleged graft involving three individuals, including a Datuk Seri and a Datuk.

MACC Investigation Director Datuk Azam Baki said the 13 people were from the capital, Kelantan and Melaka.

"They have been cooperating well with the MACC in the investigation.

"They were among 19 people who were being sought after to facilitate in the investigation. The remaining six were still being tracked down and we are confident that we can locate them in a few more days," he told Bernama when contacted today.

On a question whether the 13 people were working at the same place with the three suspects, Azam refused to comment.

Last Monday, three civil servants in their 50s were arrested on suspicion of involvement in corruption, abuse of power and money laundering.

READ: MACC detains 1 Datuk Seri, 2 Datuks, RM13 million in bank accounts frozen

The trio, who were attached to Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), Public Works Department (JKR) and Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), were arrested between noon and 2 pm in a simultaneous operation in the capital, Melaka and Kelantan.

Following their arrests, their bank accounts amounting more than RM13 million were frozen, including their savings and unit trusts valued between RM1 million and RM6 million per person.

MACC also seized several units of luxury condominium, a penthouse and a bungalow, luxury vehicles including Maserati, BMW and Audi, believed to be have been obtained through corruption and money laundering activities.
Cash of RM400,000, including in foreign currency, as well as several luxury watches were also seized during the operation.
30/09/2016 07:54
TanYiBoon See jatuh si got money. Have to slowly wash and slowly buy. People watching.
30/09/2016 07:55
RasuahBesar Besar wang rasuah protasco chong ket pin. Sprm tidak boleh buat apa apa. Lu mahu apa?
01/10/2016 21:29
RasuahBesar Itu Lim Chai Beng pun tolong ching ket pen. Dua dua makan protasco. Lu boleh buat apa? Irang tua kacau rasuah itu tidak apa apa percaya tidak? Wang sudah di makan tidak dapat cari lu cakap banyak pun tidak guna. Pergi lapor sprm sprm pun boleh dibeli. Lihat rasuah tutup mata saja. Terima lah hakikat budaya Malaysia. Rasuah bukan jenayah. Curi wang protasco beri chong ket pin bukan jenayah. Bohong dan tipu bukan jenayah. Habis cerita.
01/10/2016 21:34
MaccFinalDestination Hit left, hit right, chong in the middle, hademan as scapegoat. Its coming.

MACC arrests of Sabah officers give way to biggest seizure haul in history
Published: October 5, 2016 04:41 PM GMT+8
Latest Update: October 05, 2016 06:58 pm GMT+8


An array of cash both ringgit and foreign currency, gold jewellery, land titles and luxury brand watches and handbags were seized from two high ranking state agency officials in a graft investigation. ― Picture by Julia Chan
An array of cash both ringgit and foreign currency, gold jewellery, land titles and luxury brand watches and handbags were seized from two high ranking state agency officials in a graft investigation. ― Picture by Julia Chan
KOTA KINABALU, Oct 5 ― The arrests of two top officers of a state agency here have resulted in the biggest haul in the history of seizures from an individual by any Malaysian enforcement agency.

MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Datuk Azam Baki said a mind-boggling array of wealth were seized in a case which involves a director and deputy director of a utilities department, aged 51 and 54, together with the latter's brother ― a 55-year-old business man holding the title of “Datuk”.

The duo are allegedly involved in receiving some RM3.3 billion worth of kickbacks from awarding projects under their department to their cronies.

The agency seized boxes full of cash totalling RM52 million, foreign currency, bags full of gold and precious stone jewellery, luxury brand watches, 94 branded handbags, folders containing 127 land grants from the houses and office of the two officers, which were displayed to the media in a press conference here today.

“Of the RM52 million cash, RM45 million was in the possession of the director, and RM7.2 million was from the deputy director,” he said.

Nine luxury cars including a Range Rover, Mercedes, Volvo, Lexus, Mazda, Audi, BMW, Fortuner and Ford Ranger were also seized, some of which was found with bags of RM5 million in them.

Six safe deposit boxes were also seized from the two, one of which contained RM2.5 million while the rest have yet to be opened due to certain legal restrictions.

Several bank accounts belonging to the duo and their family members holding a total of RM23 million belonging to the director and deputy director, bringing their total cash seizure to RM75 million.

“We also believe they have stored money in at least one neighbouring country and we are determined to track them down and return the money to the people,” said Azam.

According to their year- long investigation, the duo gains abused their power by awarding federal-approved infrastructure projects worth some RM3.3 billion under their department to companies belonging to their family members since 2010.

The investigation was the result of public tip offs which alerted the Macc to the duo's favouritism, causing the loss of business for many contractors.

Their activities was further helped with the help of the “Datuk”, who roped in his accountant to help hide the ill-gotten gains.

“Another RM37 million was seized from the accounts of the a company linked to the duo, bringing the total about to RM112 million,” he said.

The two officials, along with the “Datuk” and his accountant, were remanded for seven days in court earlier today for money laundering and corruption offences.

“We won’t hesitate to extend the remand if we cannot complete our investigations within the seven days,” he said, adding that the suspects have been cooperative with the authorities so far.

“We hope that anyone with information will come forward to help us with the case, which involves public funds and government officers,” he said.

Yesterday, it was reported that the the two officials were detained at their office in Kota Kinabalu by a team of MACC officers at about 9.15am.

The team seized cash worth RM3 million which were found stuffed inside a safe deposit box in the office of one of the suspects.

----------- small fly ------------

Protasco 10billion projects. How many hundred millions dollar of people's money cause by these devils in their mask. Use your back side to guess.

After these few big flies capture. Many may ran away over sea before ones get it back.
05/10/2016 19:16
bigfishhere sabah? big fish is here, right in front of our eyes.
06/10/2016 20:53
bigfishhere if Sabah Dato also hundred millions. Protasco Dato Sri and Tan Sri here must be billions billions. MACC thinks public is blind or they are blind? Maybe eat the small Sabah fish then only big ones. Who thinks ill-gotten money from Protasco billions is small, ask MACC lor. Kills the ikan bilis, what about the sharks here?
06/10/2016 20:56
nocindycat ter poh yee employ people to create fake articles, I can't even google this news
07/10/2016 10:15
CBLimCaBoo Nothing to do with two jokers Ti Pu Yi or Chun ki pen. Above news on The Star. Its macc own action.
07/10/2016 12:06
CBLimCaBoo Lucky you cannot search. If many people knows then your share koyak.
07/10/2016 12:07
CBLimCaBoo Article written by julia chan. Who is julia chan?
07/10/2016 12:23
RealStuff Macc? No way
09/10/2016 11:29
RealStuff Lim yew ting covered well. Has Tan Sti Hadenan chairman cover macc. Salleh rasid cover polis. Muzzafar cover government. Nobody knows money goes where. CH0NG Ket Pen cover jkr. He works there while life as civil servant, knows how to close thing. Safe.
09/10/2016 11:34
Actually Actually protasco could have avoided if dato chong did not cheat ooi kwok on and tee poh yee to help him from lossing potasco and then cowardly stab their back to take control. Because of his now he highlighted potasco bigger bribe money secret to macc. Macc only intereted in protaco big money in bribery. Other story chong trying to paint they are not interested. More chong action cover the secret, more macc interested. Do the maths how much money macc could have recovered if rm3 billion contract already collected few hundred million illegal money in sabah. Potasco 10billion contract since Tun time. Big crocs are all in here, still inside potrasco. A faith cannot avoid.
09/10/2016 16:38
SprmKes Government gives greenlight to include A-G, MACC for projects worth RM500m and above, says Ali Hamsa

11 OCTOBER 2016 @ 4:34 PM BY AZURA ABAS PUTRAJAYA: The government today has agreed that all projects worth RM500 million and more should involve the Auditor-General (A-G) and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Ali Hamsa said the prime minister, the A-G and MACC have agreed to the suggestion which was aimed at curbing abuses and corruption.

"They have given their okay (on this matter). Similar practice (getting the involvement of MACC and the A-G) has been applied in the past for mega projects. "Now, we will proceed from mega projects to government projects worth RM500 million and above," he said.

Last Thursday, Ali reportedly said that the A-G and MACC's senior officer could be included as exco members in the meetings for certain government projects, adding that the involvement of both these agencies were necessary as a proactive measure to avoid abuses in the public sector. Ali was met today at Association of Wives of Civil Servants and Women Civil Servants (Puspanita)'s annual religious conference.

Also present was Ali's wife Puan Sri Rohani Abdullah, who is also Puspanita president. Earlier, he presented RM130,000 of Puspanita's welfare contribution to 41 old folks activity centres located nationwide, five secondary and four primary schools that had special education classes in the administrative capital and to students of Puspanita's Special Needs Children Al-Quran classes. On the Congress of Unions Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs)'s call to consider a posthumous promotion to Customs officer Anisah Ali who was killed while on duty in a road accident in Kelantan last week, the chief secretary said due processes to proceed with the move had commenced. "We will promote her posthumously from what have been suggested (by Cuepacs) from Grade 22 to Grade 26," said Ali.

Anisah, 54, and two other Customs officers were chasing two vans at 1.25am on Friday when a 4WD rammed into their vehicle from behind, causing it to crash into a tree in Kampung Banggol Chicha near Pasir Mas. Anisah suffered from internal bleeding and was in semi-comatose state. She died the next day. On Malayan Trades Union Congress' proposal to reduce working hours to six hours daily from existing eight hours, Ali said no move would be made to cut down on the working hours for civil servants. Cuepacs was also reported to be against the idea, stating the proposal to reduce the working hours was impractical and might create unprecedented issues including a reduction in income and pension.

NST news
13/10/2016 20:34
SprmKes Dr M admits corruption in his time, but insists policies still led to growth
Published: October 12, 2016 10:06 AM GMT+8

Dr Mahathir, who helmed the country from 1981 to 2003, told the portal that he did have some regrets during the time, including his 'failure' in being unable to 'change' the Malays. ― Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 12 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad admitted that his 22 years in office may have been marred by corruption, but the former prime minister contended that the country still flourished under his policies.

In an interview with news portal Malaysiakini, Dr Mahathir admitted that he may have had some bad policies during his time as Malaysia’s prime minister but insisted that it did not stop the country’s development.

"There was corruption, for example, but not to the extent that it stops the development of this country.

"The country grew much faster during my time than before, and that was because some good policies were implemented," Dr Mahathir was quoted saying.

Dr Mahathir’s administration saw a wave of privatisation in the 1990s, which detractors said have caused cronyism and corruption to flourish among those connected to the status quo.

The longest-serving prime minister said that although he was criticised, most Malaysians still appreciated his work.

"I think while I may have, in the eyes of some people, done something wrong, but in the eyes of the majority, I think they appreciate what has happened to them.

"People tell me that they benefited, they still say 'thank you' to me,” he said, adding that some even asked him why he had stepped down so soon.

Dr Mahathir, who helmed the country from 1981 to 2003, told the portal that he did have some regrets during the time, including his “failure” in being unable to “change” the Malays.

On whether Malaysia was on track to becoming a developed nation as in his Vision 2020, Dr Mahathir said that the country may have lost its focus to put emphasis on becoming a high income nation while other advances, such as sciences, research and industrialisation were not addressed.
13/10/2016 20:52
Cipet Potasco may be in the want list but Cipet chong cheat jkr and buy potasco shares using dirty money they take time to check. Sprm are very slow, so you can buy shares now safely before price run up. Lim chai beng want face sure goreng up even though knowing chong dirty money may get sprm probe. Safe bet.
15/10/2016 14:23
speakup Prtasco a dirty counter either cause of Chong or Tey. But surprising this dirty counter isn't dropping. Investors seems to sweep this bad news under carpet.
20/10/2016 09:21
CheongKwokFui Wow gotcha.
20/10/2016 10:18
CheongKwokFui Turtle head out. Not me, the other clone cheong. Afraid show name. Do a lot of crime meh?
20/10/2016 10:19
CheongKwokFui August is a bad month. Many running dogs. Lololol
20/10/2016 10:20
ooicy protasco is surely one of my favourite stocks..it offers quite high dividend..traders win big in this counter..so i find no reasons to despise this money-spinner counter..
20/10/2016 13:46
AugustoneJiong Protasco is my only investment. I become running dog so chong & hadenan can cover up bribery and steal money to buy protasco shares. Price sure goes up. Money spinner yeah. Buy more.
21/10/2016 08:01
AugustoneJiong I am running dog licking chong d!ck. protasco bribery only. Has hadenan covering up. Authorities are stup!d. Protasco money spinner can pay them. No worry. Buy buy buy!
21/10/2016 08:05


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