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Latest Headlines
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09/10/2014  Protasco lodged a police report against Tey Por Yee and Ooi Kock Aun
09/10/2014  Protasco Bhd - Lodged Police Report Against 2 Directors (HOLD; PT: RM 1.80)

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86868 Yeah...TPY naughty boy.....Tell him to sell all Protasco Shares and Push Up NG again......
27/11/2014 23:15
86868 Both Naughty Boy........Sell you Protasco shares and Buy Back NG Shares

Tey Por Yee 44,649,015 13.36 (Direct)
14,500,000 4.34 (Indirect)

Ooi Kock Aun 12,492,000 3.74 (Direct)
27/11/2014 23:27
Antz TPY, 95% of share holders on Protasco do not suppprt you...why still want to stay. Go back to NG take care of your supporters.
27/11/2014 23:29
86868 Yeah, Both combine are holding 71,641,015 Protasco shares = RM 118 million.....Just sell Protasco shares and buy back NG shares
27/11/2014 23:37
86868 Yes TPY.. We support you 1000 %.....After you sell your Protasco shres...Give us some dividend in NG lah.....Haiyaa.
27/11/2014 23:40
groundnut Lets Balance the lies of Chong Ket Pen to mirror his lies:

1. Protasco’s allegation against Tey Por Yee and Ooi Kock Aun in their lawsuit are that the two directors try to deceive Protasco and making secret profits by establishing an Indonesian companies (PT Anglo Slavic Utama/ASU and PT Anglo Slavic Indonesia/ASI) and inducing Protasco to buy ASU’s shares in ASI without disclosing that they are the owners of ASU and ASI.

>> everything lead back to 3 nov 2012 Chong Ket Pen sign an agreement to engage GCap, a HK nationality advisory firm, like Goldman Sachs or CIMB to source, restructure and advise on Oil Asset to fit investor favor in oil & gas stocks. The 2 consultants (who presume carry CIMB name card if they work there), based on client (protasco & vendor) source, structure and manage the project. So this is all advisory firm does, and Chong Ket Pen lie that "he dont know about it?" Chong Ket Pen further claims the "CIMB name card holders consultants doing project are Directors and owners of CIMB.
Chong should show SSM record document to substantiate if true. Show 3 Nov 2012 shareholders agreement to substance his claims.

2. Tey Por Yee’s lawsuit through Kingdom Seekers are vexatious at best because after Dato Chong’s last press conference, Tey finally admits that the RM 10million wired to Dato Chong’s bank account was actually part of a payment for a RM 20million loan received by Tey so he would be able to finalize the purchase of Protasco’s share. Larry also said to media, to the effect that he refused to return the rest RM 10million he owed to Dato Chong.

>> which newspaper did Chong Ket Pen read his victim "admits" that the RM10mil wired to Chong bank account was part of a payment of rm20mil loan? Chonglier Press? The fact is Chong denied and lied to newspaper he "is not owner of maha niaga and he deny receive rm10mil, then days later found out excuse he admit to press he took the rm10mil, and it’s a loan repay.
Ask Lier Chong: show the loan agreement? The term as per victims press statement "loan to one of his victim’s company (like security deposit) and repay only after oil transaction is completed. It’s not completed so no release.

3. It is not that Dato Tan Sri takes side with Dato Chong, but he acted as what he did because Larry Tey/Tey Por Yee failed to produce any documents evidencing Dato Chong’s wrongdoing when he was given chance to during the board meetings.
>> Hard evidence given to the media, as well as to the board, and was given excuse going to investigate and question Chong on such documented evidence, the conspired board did not act on it; contra to what Chong did to his victims using fake verbal allegation, was acted immediately without even questioning them. So this is obvious not about taking side. It’s organized crime to scam and blame his victims.

4. The website angloslavic is registered under Abamon Technology Sdn Bhd who shares the same address as Nextnation Communication Berhad, the former name of Nexgram, where Tey and Ooi are substantial shareholders. Abamon is wholly owned by PT Inovisi through Code Wireless PTE LTD.
>> Most abc com my are register under few IT companies in Malaysia, and using Telekom services, and sharing Telekom Building, even inside their office, and all having shareholders as EPF, Khazanah, etc, and Tey & Ooi are also own shares in TELEKOM, GENTING, and CIMB, so they are owners of TELEKOM, GENTING and CIMB, common shareholder of EPF, Khazanah, so they own the country? What nonsense is this? When a client engaged an advisory firm like CIMB, they use all their trusted associate services – bank, brokerage, secretary firm, stationary supply, office boy service etc. So? Such conspiracy shows how brainless and dirty Chong Ket Pen is, using all sorts of no standard allegation trying to made up his “lack of documented substances” to even validate his lies. Should ask Chong Ket Pen to show the service agreement he signed dated 3 November 2012, which he knowingly engaged advisory firm for their services.
5. PT Green Pine who owned 60% of PT Inovisi’s shares is an alter ego of Tey Por Yee and Ooi Kock Aun. PT Inovisi is the subject matter of security.
>> Another typical Chong Ket Pen’s Modus operandi, open allegation without documented substance to defame his victims. Show SSM record before talking nonsense.

6. Modern Profit LTD, a company owned by Tey Por Chen, the brother of Tey Por Yee is a subsidiary of PT Inovisi.
>> Never heard off and laughable nonsense! Should show this “Chong Ltd, a company owned by Tey, owns Genting Bhd shares, made him owner of Genting bhd.” So? Another typical Chong Ket Pen’s Modus operandi, open allegation without documented substance to defame his victims. Show SSM record before talking nonsense. On the other hand, Maha Niaga (which chong denied and later admitted is his company) owns Protasco shares. So? Sicko.
28/11/2014 02:30
groundnut 7. Ooi Kock Aun is a finance director fo PT Inovisi.
>> So? Ooi was a director for Inovisi for years, before even met Chong Ket Pen. So Chong Ket Pen’s Modus operandi mental illness again “I don’t know until only yesterday”? He knew it and so what's wrong with this B.S.? Sicko.

8. The sole director of Acclaim is Lim Sue Fern, the wife of See Poh Yee who held substantial shares in Nexgram and together with Tey Por Yee graduated from the University of Manitoba, Canada, 1998. Acclaim is the third party security provider.
>> Another Chong ket Pen type of modus operandi illness. Show SSM record if this company has only 1 director, or even if the victim is the director at all. Chong Ket Pen engage advisory firm to do project for him, and asked for reference to source, restructure and process an asset, and ask for reference for a third party charge. Advisory firm find him trusted third party charges to help, this is how he does to innocent people. No wonder, as he does to his own savior which he cried for help before his deadline in 31 December 2012, claims he will be “eaten, diluted, allowing his boss to inject asset etc 4 letters words”.

9. Tey Por Yee, Tey Por Chen, See Poh Yee are the founders of Nexgram and all of them currently offloading their Nexgram’s shares to the market. Nexgram’s directors resigned when Protasco filed it lawsuit against Tey and Ooi.
>> So? Another Chong Ket Pen’s type of Modus operandi trying add another line of rubbish to substance his “baseless allegation”. This kind of mental illness which regards innocent people being pulled to build his self-defense, is same as saying “UOBM Nominees is the pledged securities account of Penmacorp Sdn Bhd, an investment holding company belonging to Chong, his wife Datin Hoo Chit Neo, and their sons Chong Ther Nen, Chong Ther Zern, Chong Ther Shern and Chong Ther Vern.” So? Angry Chong Ket Pen? Whatever you do to people, KAMA will pay back. Use some brain before you do thing, don’t use your reckless temper.

10. Protasco has lodged two lawsuits against Tey and Ooi, the first for contempt of court on grounds of tempering with witness, second for Ooi’s attempts to make secret profits from Protasco’s dealing with PT Goldchild Integritas Abadi, which should be add is another alter ego of Tey and Ooi.
>> Yet another Chong Ket Pen’s type of Modus operandi trying to add yet another line of lie to substance his “baseless allegation”. Next thing you know, he will sue your office boy, tea lady, toilet cleaner, dog, cat, worm and “himself” before vacated to Mental Hospital!
>> The Vendor after found out their staff being threaten, later miss leaded, and brain planted false story by Chong Ket Pen & gang*, and conducted a staff disciplinary action and questioning. The consultants engaged are responsible to understand what happen. Ethically they could have SUE the bunch of lunatics (note below) for all kinds of nonsense claims, but moron use dirty way doesn’t mean they do the same. The staff was last known fired and reported to relevant authorities on serious misconduct and given false and baseless allegations.

*Note: his son Kentucky, their lawyer Donkey, Monkey and Cowboy, staff, Charles, Santa Claus, Alibaba, etc, went through the process. (see? Leave some dignity if you still consider yourself human being, fight like a man 1 to 1, drag innocent people in to build perception is ill. Watch out for your last few years. Leave some future for your son and hairs. Hard temper idiot.)
28/11/2014 02:30
groundnut The scam by Chong made the EGM totally illegal as his shares are of dispute of his own scam. His abuse of EGM to put allegation with nonsense and hide his lies he himself in breach of fiduciary duty and insider trading, may mislead investors for short while, he will go to jail eventually to serve justice. Spam all he likes, he cannot cover up his mistakes.
28/11/2014 02:35
groundnut This total lie of cover up, all go to drain with the fact of Chong's wrong doing of not breach of agreement dated 3 November 2012. The more he push, the closer he get to jail pushing this to be exposed against him.

Chong not only inviting a lawsuit that he is the culprit deceive Protasco and making secret profits by signing private deal and did not disclose to the board on 3 November 2012, and inducing Protasco to buy ASU’s shares in ASI without disclosing that he has private interest in the deal. He breach his fiduciary duty, cheat company, scam investors and cover up when deal turn sour.

All going straight to jail. The more he push the more he gets to blow himself up. So keep spamming. It'll get closer to his faith.
28/11/2014 02:41
MGhazali Haha investors beware of syndicates roaming in the market place waiting for opportunities to take advantage of. The past depicts the future. There is only so much and for that long evil deeds can be covered up. Social media is free information and cannot be trusted most of times. Give a person a phone in jail with wifi, imagine that. A criminal's comments or even better cell mates comments. Justice prevails
28/11/2014 05:05


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