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Avg Volume (4 weeks):626,894
4 Weeks Range:1.53 - 1.62
52 Weeks Range:1.37 - 1.84
Average Price Target:2.25
Price Target Upside/Downside:+0.70
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Latest Headlines
12/09/2016  Cash crunch further. Protasco reinstate cash position in account to significant lower value. 8Sep16
01/09/2016  M+ Online Market Pulse - Mixed-To-Lower Environment To Prevail - 1 Sep 2016
25/08/2016  PublicInvest Research Headlines - 25 Aug 2016
24/08/2016  Protasco quarter 2 net profit drop 23%. Cash and cash equivalent plunge 60%. Downgrades gloomy.
23/08/2016  Protasco Bhd - Prospects Still Firm Despite Weaker Results
23/08/2016  M+ Online Market Pulse - Still Sideways Consolidation - 23 Aug 2016
08/08/2016  M+ Online Market Pulse - Still On The Climb - 08 Aug 2016
08/08/2016  PublicInvest Research Headlines - 8 Aug 2016
30/07/2016  22 July 2016: Protasco Bhd to invest in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Share tanks. The Star
15/06/2016  15 June 2016 - Protasco cash call? Bursa Malaysia and SC raise red or white flag?
14/06/2016  10 Jun2016 : Protasco former Tun Daim nominated ED emerges in Reliance Pacific. Protasco next?
26/05/2016  Protasco 25May2016: Manipulation of information or money? Untung Sebelum Cukai RM23.14 Juta - bnm
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LouSiFuat Post removed. Why?
10/08/2016 10:12
LouSiFuat Post removed. Why?
10/08/2016 10:19
buddyinvest Good morning Datuk Seri Chong
11/08/2016 07:49
RotiChong Goat you want to sell what price? I buy. 50cents
11/08/2016 11:43
Icon8 Why i3 so lousy forum? When got 50 sen?

RotiChong Goat you want to sell what price? I buy. 50cents
11/08/2016 11:43
11/08/2016 12:47
Icon8 Among 3 forums I join member, lowyat the best.
11/08/2016 12:47
RotiChong 60 cents for u. Icon chong
11/08/2016 13:39
RotiChong 60 cents coming.
11/08/2016 17:51
Icon8 If 60 sen coming why directors subscribe ESOS RM 1.60?

Posted by RotiChong > Aug 11, 2016 05:51 PM | Report Abuse
60 cents coming.
11/08/2016 17:59
RotiChong So c2pid subsribe 1.60 drop 1.54. People Indian drama you believe? Even more c2pid. Lololol
11/08/2016 18:23
RotiChong Many plc drama actor also buy share lah, you also follow? 60 cents confirm. Mari mari.
11/08/2016 18:24
McaHantu 50 sen coming. Gone case. First drop 20% then 60%. See analyst.
26/08/2016 08:39
cfoong Kikikiki... no matter how the teh po yi gang talk bad on Datuk Chong
.... Bonus issue 4:1... this is the conclusion... kikikiki
30/08/2016 19:26
McaHantu Bad enough chong ket pen goes to jail crime so apparent. Don't need people talk.
31/08/2016 03:07
cfoong If chong go to jail... all other may hav tooo...kikikikiki....inc no.1 officer....
31/08/2016 08:17
cfoong Msia culture is u tolong me, I tolong u ma... To survive, all has to adjus and adapt to the msia boleh culture... kikikikiki
31/08/2016 08:19
cfoong Ok.. now datuk chong game plan is 4:1 bonus issue.... kikikikiki... buy, hold or sell... u choose!..
31/08/2016 08:23

Protasco Bhd has proposed a bonus issue on the basis of one bonus share-for-every four existing shares. The issuance of up to 85.0 mln bonus shares will be subject to shareholders approval at an Extraordinary General Meeting held at a later date and is expected to be complete by 4Q2016.


The above mentioned corporate exercise will not have any impact on Protasco's earnings going forward. However, we view this positively as not only will it boost the stock's liquidity, but also a decent reward to the shareholders.

We reiterate our BUY recommendation on Protasco with a unchanged target price of RM2.10 (RM1.70 ex-bonus issue). Our target price is derived from ascribing an unchanged target PER of 11.0x to its 2016 construction earnings, a target PER of 8.0x to its concession and engineering services’ earnings, while its education and trading earnings remain pegged at a target PERs of 6.0x respectively due to their smaller scale businesses. Its property development division’s valuation remains unchanged at 0.6x of its BV over the next two years.
01/09/2016 13:31
cfoong kikikiki... they said 2.10 now.... Tey Po Yi gang wanna join the game again!....
01/09/2016 13:31
cfoong momentum is building up....the prices may go up??? shall be JUMP up soon... very soon...kikikikiki
01/09/2016 13:32
Kipet Chong Ki Pet up up up 1 sen. Lololol. Fadt fast jump from 21 floor.
01/09/2016 19:40
Kipet Price better goes up and up as many stuck at high price. Dont need 21 floor, 18 floor also can already. Chong ki pet and gang better ask him jump 18 floor. Same.
01/09/2016 19:41
RichandRich bonus issue... hehehe
01/09/2016 21:17
Kipet Yes bonus. Buy more. Fast jump fast reborn. Jump to 21 floor.
01/09/2016 23:02
graceling hi s quite
08/09/2016 12:56
graceling any latest news?
08/09/2016 12:56
ooicy wait for the bonus issue n div in the next quarter..hopefully the company may declare more div..protasco is a cash rich company
09/09/2016 10:28
ooicy wonder y there r many people who bombard dato chong here?mayb sent by tpy
09/09/2016 10:30
ooicy whatever it is,it's a court case now..justice will prevail one day..
09/09/2016 10:31
BogelCung C K P there gone case. Hopeless.
10/09/2016 12:32
KhianatCina CH0NG penipu Cina masuk dulu baru ada harapan. Pengkhianat Cina tunggu hajal. Buat laporan tipu itu biasa je buat si CH0NG Khianat. Habis PR0TASC0.
10/09/2016 13:38
KhianatCina Habis loh PR0TASCO buat laporan tipu. Siapa lagi? Si CH0NG Khianat Cina. Baca sendiri http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5201273
10/09/2016 13:40
CiaKoPi Latest bursa announcement. Wrong accounting report.
12/09/2016 16:19
LJ999 Bought 1.58 hold or sell? Bursa reprimand?
13/09/2016 10:37
LJ999 Told you all ChKP will buy up price. Even if Bursa reprimand him he will still buy more. Expect 1.68 soon.
13/09/2016 19:36
HamKaChan Gone case.
14/09/2016 15:36
HamKaChan Look at cash position. Drain off cash-in-a-rush to pay himself dividend, later borrow money to pay dividend. Your 1.58 cost may ends up worth 0.58 looking at the speed of siphoning.
14/09/2016 19:14
Rasua401 Target price what now? 2.00 still can?
19/09/2016 17:23
CH0NGKlPET Buy Gadang made double. As long the CRlMINAL CH0NG Jl PET still alive, money would be all gone and no hope.
20/09/2016 09:39
CH0NGKlPET what a real CRlMINAL have done he cannot C0VER UP forever. Time has come. Roadcare the M0NEY SlPH0NING blind spot Bursa and SC fools public pretend didn't saw and CRlMINALS still doing CRlME, finally some higher authority is taking action. JKR is doomed but some scapegoat will takes the blame. Guess who?
20/09/2016 09:46
IgotCon9 Why company cash keep coming down big ways, and directors keep buying shares? How will SPRM investigation on JKR impact the company, and P is one of the largest JKR partner. Is that true?
20/09/2016 10:05
IgotCon9 I though those hundreds of million under table money is not crime and auditor can close eye signing as long as it's government related? So cannot blame the ex-JKR worker CH0NG KET BEN. He just cheat, not CRlME. He takes money buy company shares then shares can go up. Good for everyone.
20/09/2016 10:08
IgotCon9 Da smart investor Cfoong is correct. U tolong me, I tooling you. SlPHON money only mah, cheat only mah, liar only mah, BRlBERY only mah. No big deal. As long shares go up, nobody bother.
20/09/2016 10:12
cfoong kikikikiki... Terima Kasih lah No.1 officer.... more projects along the pipeline... and hold on yr breathe....
20/09/2016 11:10
OldDlCK Lolololol. No 1 officer CH0NG OLD HAl sure can one. Bribery and liar who doesn't know him. Own mother also he cheat, who are you wor small timer investors. Hope stock goes up, don't hope. No 1 officer is buying cheap. Slowly wait lor.
20/09/2016 16:41
cfoong if u know the actual meaning of chong ket pin in Mandarin... u know this guy can be trusted...kikikikiki... CHONG KET PIN (终給諞)。。。kikikiki
20/09/2016 16:45
OldDlCK Don't know what you mean but yea lor looks like your father lor. Curang Kecil Pendek. OldDlCK. Lolololol.
20/09/2016 21:08
cfoong kikikikiki... 终给骗。。you pun tak tau kah... ??? 好打有限!
20/09/2016 23:20
ChiKaPut KENNYCH0NG TlU HAl wants his old man seat. Hahahaha. Don't hope. Drink more susu first.
22/09/2016 09:31
yearight Con Ket Pen. Khekhekhekhe
23/09/2016 09:17


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