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bbc99 i always wonder did fairfax asia send someone to do some research in india before investing or they just dump the money by just look at the figures
02/09/2016 11:40
leelc70 holding this counter really need high level of confident and patient to wait its turnaround. If worry and no trust on it better selling off now instead of can not sleep well
02/09/2016 16:21
400523 h
02/09/2016 17:10
400523 Short term MTN borrowings of RM300m due within 12 mths. Refinance?
02/09/2016 17:13
400523 Revolving credit of RM140m granted was there end DEC'15 now only at RM70m. Will they have to provide funds to keep their Indian counterpart afloat? It is not a public listed company in India.
02/09/2016 17:15
400523 Ystock says borrowings paid down...voluntarily? Also mentioned "non-cash items" The accounting standard is there for a reason. Depreciation of investment buildings can be revaluated to get the actual value...what about power plants? What is the financial cost incurred by the power plants since now?...When I try to calculate and convert CRORES to US $ I get scared. Nobody wants to talk about borrowings and how much to repay banks...with current cash flow plus RM35m from the 2 plants operating for full year...How about the Indian partner's losses and loans to pay?
02/09/2016 17:21
400523 Funny how I sound like Grace123!
02/09/2016 17:31
400523 Who is the guarantor for RKM Powergen?
02/09/2016 17:37
Penta123 if you are not interested in this stock why talk so much kok ?
02/09/2016 17:37
Penta123 better sell, it will drop to 0.10 your mother
02/09/2016 17:39
400523 If the 2nd Q results was shocking...wait till year end...with not much contribution from the power plants. Even with full projected RM70m per annum..I dare not figure out
02/09/2016 17:44
400523 Now with hindsight...it was crazy to pump so much into a venture that can kill all they built. From a staunch supporter I became a strong critic
02/09/2016 17:47
400523 Just my 10cts worth
02/09/2016 17:48
chinaman Maxis- Ananda; AAX-Tony; Mudajaya all having bad dreams doing business in India with high red tape and bureaucracy, inconsistent rules and regulations, over patronage system, caste system, over state power, cultural clash. RKM is in Chennai with state chief minister, J. Jayalalithaa. Will Mudajaya build up a strong rapport with her to breakup this hurdle? Not many Malaysian corp. can make money in India. bear in mind both Ananda/ Tony with Indian roots
02/09/2016 17:49
Penta123 it will bankrupt soon, better sell before it drop to 0.
02/09/2016 17:54
chinaman India also have state TREE AUTHORITY. To cut off one tree, one must get approval prior to any development. Does Malaysia have such local council regulation? Malaysia local council is completely different who like to cut off all trees instead.


As per the provisions of the Maharashtra Act,t No.XLIV of 1975, the Tree Authority was constituted in the year 1976, by the Corporation. The amendment enacted to the Tree Authority Act, vide Maharashtra Act, No.VII of 1996 brought changes in Chairing the Meetings of the Tree Authority. By virtue of this amendment, the Municipal Commissioner of Brihanmumbai Mahanagarpalika has to Chair the Meetings of the Tree Authority instead of the Mayor. After the General Elections, the Corporation had reconstituted the Tree Authority as per the aforesaid amendment by appointing 13 Councillor Members and 10 Nominated Members.

The Chairman, Markets and Gardens Committee is an ex-Officio Member on the Tree Authority as per the convention established under Corporation Resolution No.1047, dated the 27th November 1975.

The Tree Authority helps in regulating the felling of trees and providing for planting of adequate number of new trees through Garden Department. On or before the 31st day of October every year Tree Authority prepares budget estimate and forwarded the same to the Corporation for their final approval.
03/09/2016 15:36
jacklintan wah, this counter so jialat meh? By reading all your comments here, I just want to shun away from here
03/09/2016 23:51
fankim India Central Electricity Authority just released for July Report - http://www.cea.nic.in/reports/monthly/broadstatus/2016/broad_status-07.pdf.

Please refer to page 59 & 60. :)
04/09/2016 20:32
400523 Org.Est. cost / latest cost ( Ph-I- 148750 lacs/ 263835 lacs Ph-II – 516611 lacs / 914616 lacs )
: Rs. 665361 Lacs /1037733 lakhs/ 1178451
Latest cost
: Rs. 1037733 Lacs
Exp. During 07-08
: Rs. 1270 Lacs
Exp. During 08-09
:Rs. 12311 Lacs
Exp. During 09-10
: Rs. 37363 Lacs
Exp. During 10-11
: Rs. 67641 lacs
Exp. During 11-12
: Rs. 153338 iacs
Exp. During 12-13
: Rs. 277291 lacs
Exp. During 13-14
: Rs. 255521 lacs
Exp. During 14-15
: Rs. 119057 lacs
Exp. During 15-16
: Rs 99890 lacs
Exp. During 16-17
: Rs 7172 lacs
Cumm Exp. (Up to 05/16)
: Rs.1029954 lacs

Can somebody please convert and find the total cost of the power plants so far?
05/09/2016 10:35
400523 Derived from the CEA report given by fankim
05/09/2016 10:47
chinaman 1029954 lacs= 10.299 crore= USD1.548million?
05/09/2016 10:52
400523 Yes only till May 2016...should be around 7/8 billion ringgit at the end. I think overshot by a billion or 2. Moratorium on interest and principal pymts over I think for the early units 1 & 2.
05/09/2016 11:01
400523 Uchpinda TPP
R.K.M Power, Janjgir Champa District, Chhattisgarh
28.02.15 (A)
Boiler: Boiler erection started on 03.09.11. Boiler drum lifted on 22.04.12. HT test conducted on 07.09.13. BLU done on 08.11.14..SBO completed on 03.01.15. Unit synchronized on 28.02.15. Consent to operate received on 17.07.15. Full Load achieved on 28.10.15. COD on 27.11.15
TG: TG erection started in 10/12. TG box up completed on 02.09.14. TG oil flushing completed 07/14. TG barring gear on 09.12.14..
Boiler: Boiler erection started on 12.12.11 .Boiler drum lifted on 30.04.12. HT conducted on 07.11.13. Non drainable HT done on 27.03.14. BLU done on 17.04.15. SBO completed on 25.10.15. Unit Synchronized on 07.01.16. Coal fired on 07.01.16. . Consent to operate received from State Govt. 01.01.16. Full Load achieved on 28.01.16 and COD achieved on 12.02.16.
TG: TG erection started on 16.03.14. TG boxed up in 04/2015. TG Oil Flushing Completed in 07/15. TG on barring Gear in 07/15.
Boiler: Boiler erection started on 12.01.12. Boiler drum lifted on 19.05.12. HT (drainable) conducted on 22.08.14. BLU expected in 09/16. SBO expected in 10/16. Syn. Expected in 11/16.
TG: TG erection started on 11.10.14. TG –LP final box up completed. HIP temporary box up completed and final box up under progress expected in 8/16.
Boiler: Boiler erection started on 30.04.12. Boiler drum lifted on 26.01.13. HT conducted on 20.01.15. BLU expected in 01/17.SBO expected in 02/17. Syn. Expected in 4/17.
ESP: civil work completed except grade slab.
TG: TG erection started on 25.11.14. TG box-up expected in 03/17.
07.01.16 (A)

Thanks fankim...lots of info in the report.
05/09/2016 11:05
400523 Now almost completed...cost at least RM6 billion...India sure needs power...banks clear winner at this stage..huge losses price only RM1...very very complicated investment
05/09/2016 11:11
400523 Banks now hold the trump card
05/09/2016 11:17
400523 Power oversupply at the moment...coal supply problems...vultures flying overhead
05/09/2016 11:40
johnny cash 400523 can i have your whatsapp no please, mine is +60193629402, please add me ok, thanks
05/09/2016 11:57
400523 Nobody said it was easy to make $$$
05/09/2016 11:58
400523 Final analysis...plus points..near completion with about RM7 to 8 billion invested. India needs power in future. Negative points...costs overruns..long wait for income...huge payments to be made. Your guess is as good as mine.
05/09/2016 12:03
400523 Johnny Cash...will do. Sorry if I bothered anybody...think I am going mad...
05/09/2016 12:08
400523 Even if Fairfax takes over....it will be on their terms not Mudajaya's...
05/09/2016 12:23
400523 Is it a case of last straw breaking the camel's back?
05/09/2016 14:17
solvent coming back
08/09/2016 11:53
bbc99 today sin chew daily, mudajaya wanna sell india power plant
11/09/2016 11:12
buddyinvest Should have been done 10 years ago
11/09/2016 11:13
Orson Chin Who want to buy? 1MDB?
11/09/2016 12:02
limweebeng Thanks God as long as can sell with market price,
11/09/2016 23:12
Orson Chin Mgt give up the india project.
11/09/2016 23:46
Kian Kwok Lim At this time, who wants buy?? Unless sell cheap cheap la...
12/09/2016 18:46
bbc99 http://www.enanyang.my/news/20160913/%e6%88%90%e8%8d%a3%e6%8b%9f%e5%94%ae%e5%8d%b0%e5%ba%a6%e5%8f%91%e7%94%b5%e5%8e%82/
13/09/2016 10:11
bbc99 maybe ah nene wanna buy ,this is what they want..100%own..haha
13/09/2016 12:35
Lim Ken rubbish stock
13/09/2016 18:16
limweebeng rubbish CEO...
13/09/2016 18:28
kuengkucheng is the disposal of power plant a worth decision instead of getting the 30Mil per year which is expected only in 2017? the different of book value and current valuation is stated 0.4 Bil and this is already closer a lot to the current market cap of 0.5B...someone may be can enlighten me.
13/09/2016 23:10
leelc70 previously buy this counter due to their determination to stabllise their income source by diverting to power plant. Now intended to sell when the plant almost start to generate income?? what type of decision making of management team?
14/09/2016 16:57
limweebeng useless CEO
15/09/2016 12:07
davidkkw79 Another value trap company.
15/09/2016 12:10
papaya even stock price also manipulate by insiders.....ehhmmmmss
22/09/2016 09:08
limweebeng Don't know whether can award mrt2 viaduct package or not.
22/09/2016 20:37
limweebeng Insider surely manipulate the share price again.
22/09/2016 20:37


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