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3.29   0.00 (0.00%)  3.29 - 3.30  137,500
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Market Cap: 632 Million
NOSH: 192 Million
P/E | EY: 7.32  |  13.66%
DY | Payout %: 1.22%  |  8.90%
NAPS | P/NAPS: 3.8953  |  0.84
Avg Volume (4 weeks):294,495
4 Weeks Range:3.28 - 3.48
52 Weeks Range:3.17 - 4.54
Average Price Target: 2.50
Price Target Upside/Downside: -0.79


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KLCI King Seem like my friend having joke with me
24/02/2017 09:42
cariyoyo Charles T,

I see. I wasn't aware of the Annual Report. I have just went through it and going by the report, Mr. Koon and parties related to him would have 19,398,700 shares. But in any case, my source said he has 16,000,000 shares. Be that as it may, Canone should be interesting going forward as it may attract further interests from the general investors out there.
24/02/2017 10:37
Artemis Kian joo faces decrease in demand for their products, milk powder price up, sugar price up, tin price up, aluminum price up
24/02/2017 11:07
derrick8228 just follow Sir Koon.
24/02/2017 17:16
Whey Whey KYY start to promoted this counter!!! Better get ready to dump the share once it go up...
25/02/2017 20:01
popo92 how i wish mr koon is not canone substantial shareholder...
27/02/2017 23:19
princehero just wonder y a person wanna post a negative article.... is it really due to his concern or have any other hidden agenda......
28/02/2017 00:04
princehero positive article is posted definitely aim to encourage more buyer as he himself had accumulated this stock,,,
28/02/2017 00:05
baiyuensheng KYY donated RM50m, among others, and he is now in the 'prime' age...... - why do you guys still think of him having sinister view on money? I think he has lived beyond that already whereas it is us that are still latched on to money and greed. My 2 cents.
28/02/2017 09:24
baiyuensheng i bought 10 lots...
28/02/2017 09:24
yeekarwai 95 outstanding result!
28/02/2017 18:17
princehero vy good.............
28/02/2017 18:32
lcng123 excellent result !!! eps 12.9sen.
28/02/2017 18:38
popo92 100million next year coming soon...
28/02/2017 19:29
ahcheng12 KYY had said many times his blog, he wants you guys to make money by learning his skills and knowledge of picking the right stock, he can't keep feeding us fish, we must learn how to catch our own fish. He is old now and money to him is meant different from our perspective now, he event donate hundreds of millions to build hostel for USM students...he is generous enough...Hope we respect him and not keep thinking he has motive or any.....
28/02/2017 21:35
CharlesT Ahcheng12 u only 12 years old ah?
28/02/2017 21:41
Cherrie Well said, ahcheng12. I give you a like.
28/02/2017 22:06
yinyin99 for those who talk bad about KYY, please donate first RM 50 million, else please do not talk so much
01/03/2017 06:50
sayyouloveme im confident on canone.
01/03/2017 09:40
firehawk kyy said some of the ppl in this forum are very rude ... at least, this is true!
01/03/2017 20:54
LOHAS Goof profit, but why trading volume so low? Anyone can explain? Today T3, will the price be push higher in the afternoon?
02/03/2017 10:27
CharlesT Koon owns quite a lot of canone since 2 to 3 years ago...at first i think he tried to push for bonus/split/free wa,however it didnt happen as boss may not buy into all this...now price drops to rm3+ now...i think as long as koon is still around we may not see much price movement in canone
02/03/2017 13:04
YC_Ma good day all can-one big boss
02/03/2017 14:39
YC_Ma im new here
02/03/2017 14:39
YC_Ma what tg for canone
02/03/2017 14:39
LOHAS You may refer Mr. Koon Yew Yin's blog, he is quite optimistic in this stock. He show a graph on this. In fact, the result is very good, but the volume is not as hot as others (to my surprise). I bought at 1.40 last week and sold at 1.47 this week because i need cash. Otherwise i may still hold. I am also new here.
02/03/2017 15:00
princehero better not too believe in any person... he may have good intention but bear in mind he can be wrong oso....
05/03/2017 21:37
Up_down this counter is traded at PER 7.7x but not many interested in it. Is it people scare of kyy?
09/03/2017 09:46
CharlesT Koon started to dispose canone....he bought a lot since 3 years ago n try to makan lunch with boss for corporate games but boss no diu him...just like latitude...
25/03/2017 09:50
CharlesT I think we can only see some excitement after he disposed all his shares in canone
25/03/2017 09:51
cheated Not con stock? Why dividend only 4 sen?
25/03/2017 09:54
CharlesT This is oldman's cari makan formula..
Acquired a large stake of co shares n then proposed to boss for corporate games...anyway sometimes work sometimes dont work...
25/03/2017 09:56
cheated KYY last disposed at 3.33. Will he dispose more?
25/03/2017 09:57
cheated KYY losing money here by cutting loss.
25/03/2017 09:59
cheated Will the same repeat in Jaks?
25/03/2017 09:59
CharlesT I dont think canone is con stock...just that boss is also very kwailan person....he doesnt buy oldman's idea...oldman also sien waiting for so long with little div...cant ever service his margin interest....

Looks like oldman surrendered finally...
25/03/2017 09:59
CharlesT As for latitude,oldman also surrendered to kwailan taiwanese 2 years ago i think....likely to lose money too
25/03/2017 10:01
CharlesT If jaks boss also kwailan person,oldman can lose badly...
25/03/2017 10:02
CharlesT But i still think jaks boss loves makan lunch with oldman n then goreng goreng....
25/03/2017 10:03
CharlesT Fyi oldman bought mcfb many years ago aiming for their power plant project...however it was a painful waiting n oldman has not much patience (oldman 80+ oredi...) n he surrendered after a few years then...anyway we only see the stock moves up last 2 years
25/03/2017 10:06
abangadik lolz..Sometimes when Oldman selldown liao, it is really a great time to buy into.. I make a handsome profit on MFCB warrant over the course of 1-3 months...you need to know how to play his game :D
25/03/2017 10:29
CharlesT Mayb after oldman disposed all boss will then declare bonus,shares sply n free wa....lol
25/03/2017 10:34
abangadik Actually most likely..hahhaa...14mils (7%)share to go for Uncle.. hahahahhaa..I am going to park all the way down there to get some windfall angpau from Uncle Koon..
25/03/2017 10:38
abangadik ON average is every 800,000 drop 1 sen..14 mil left..Do your own math..lolz....
25/03/2017 10:38
Up_down Uncle is dumping his old darling Canone, Liihen, Flbhd... to support his new mistress, Jaks. lol
27/03/2017 14:53
PlsGiveBonus Annualized profit is so poor compare to 2015 to 2016
What a useless company
27/03/2017 15:17
CharlesT I will only buy when Koon dispose all or most of his canone
27/03/2017 15:19
princehero many got caught with huge loses cos following mr koon....
27/03/2017 20:58
Ethan Cheong I tried to hold my self back but still im sorry to say that KYY sucks!
29/03/2017 14:17
Xu Yu Fu KYY is Malaysian version of George Soros, dracula!!!
30/03/2017 10:24


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