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ivan9511 hi TEam ,
I really need your help please :
I really appreciate :
I just bought this counter 1000 units share :
However I dont know how to see the dividends issue as belows:

26/11/2015 Income Distribution DISTRIBUTION 0.0192 09/12/2015

If I only got 1000 units of this counter, do you think how much ringgit I can get from this time dividend ?
27/11/2015 03:30
Yipp Jeffrey Why profit negative so much?
27/11/2015 09:31
Coldman ivan9511, u can get RM19.2 b4 tax deduction
27/11/2015 09:43
MirageHotelPD RM0.0192 DPU. withholding tax in Malaysia for individual is 10%. net distribution per unit is RM0.01728 for 1st Quarter
27/11/2015 10:16
gimeng is this a good counter to masuk and hold for long term period?
27/11/2015 12:00
ivan9511 coldman - thanks you so much .
based on your advice , let say 1 units= rm1.00
this counter give us around 9% profit a year from our capital.
Then thiis counter consider high dividend counter

Am I right ?
27/11/2015 12:45
Powerman1971 Losses due to foreign exchange. I thought by right they should be making profit as they have properties in Australia and Japan where their currencies are appreciating against RM!
27/11/2015 14:40
Alphabeta Forex gain or loss has three parts, translation gain or loss in consolidating foreign subsidiary, valuation gain or loss due to foreign currency loan and transaction gain or loss. The first two are unrealized gain or loss unless there is a disposal or repayment of loan, whereas transaction gain or loss is realized gain or loss.

In the case of YTLREIT, in term of consolidating the Aussie and Japanese subsi, there is a translation gain but this go direct to reserve in Balance Sheet. Whereas the valuation loss of the AUD 262 million loan is charged as unrealized loss in P/L.

Overall the is a net gain and resulted an increase in Net Asset Value compared to last year audited account ended 30/6/15.

Take note that the management plan to raise RM 800 mil to repay debt has again not successful and application to Bursa on 20/11/15 to seek extension of time of six months from 30/12/15 to 29/6/16 to complete the placement to increase fund size still pending approval.
27/11/2015 22:00
ivan9511 thanks for infor , guys .
i learn a lot .
28/11/2015 01:12
ivan9511 And one questions guys ,
Normally the selling price is higher than buying prices , that is because people want to sell at a higher price instead of lower price. this is reasonable , I know .
But why during break session 12:30pm until 2:30PM , the selling and buying prices Turned around。 Selling prices cheaper than buying , why got people want to sell their share at a lower price ?
28/11/2015 01:17
Powerman1971 Thanks alphabeta for your clarification !
30/11/2015 10:54
Coldman ivan9511, yes this counter give well dividend among REIT company (correct me if I'm wrong). invest at your own risk.....
01/12/2015 13:21
MirageHotelPD Ivan9511, the yields of YTL REIT has been around 6.5-8% for past 6 years. Last net after tax given out was around 7.25 cents. If the price is 1.06, it translate into 6.83% yields. This year, the first quarter distribution stood the same, which means high change it will at least the same yields like last year.
01/12/2015 20:11
MirageHotelPD ivan9511, During the first 30 minutes before 9am. 2.30pm and 5 minutes before 4.50pm. Is called matching time. Buyer will call an offer price and sellers will put a price. The lowest and the highest will start matching and decide the optimum price. So, the lowest seller price has a priority to sell compare to other who call a higher price. The same to buyer who call highest price has the priority to buy first. Normally the transaction will match in within.
01/12/2015 20:34
MirageHotelPD this is beauty of investment in REIT, which you will enjoy reasonably stable income. When REIT have positive cash flow, they have to distribute at least 90% eventhough they have deficit in P&L. Last quarter, YTL REIT has gain in foreign valuation in Subsidiaries (hotel valuation increase mainly due to Australia Assets) from 1.3509 in June to 1.4089 in September. But at the same time also loss in foreign currency due to AD262 million loan which cause them owing higher on book. 50+ million losses in Foreign exchange translate to about RM0.039 per share. Which means YTL REIT still have net gain of RM0.018 during last quarter due to Currency fluctuation. However, these changes will not affect their cash flow since both are unrealise gain and loss. Threfore, their distribution is carry out as usual.
01/12/2015 20:58
IVKLSE Post removed. Why?
03/01/2016 20:52
ejtic Another steady dividend to be declared very soon..
18/05/2016 13:13
bktay123 Hopefully
24/05/2016 10:42
ejtic Heading for another good dividends payout soon
06/07/2016 13:08
ejtic Well done BNM!
13/07/2016 19:07
Coldman dividend again....wohooo
29/07/2016 09:30
ejtic Sui Sui boh chow chooi!
29/07/2016 11:39
jacklintan Is it too late to enter this REIT?
30/07/2016 21:50
CLho never late as it still have 6% of dividend yield..hahah..if you look for stable income..then just sit and take money...hahhaaXD
31/07/2016 01:32
keanhee I wanted to buy this stock for long time but the news below worry me. Or should i be worry?
The amount of new share is VERY significant.

01/08/2016 11:41
ejtic NAV is RM1.3384. Certainly heading towards RM1.28 direction
01/08/2016 17:18
wei007 The placement news keep on extending and extending. I bought 2 years ago when everyone said this placement will dilute shareholder equity. Well...after 2 years, my average cost already reduce to 0.87 just by receiving the dividends only.

Dun wait when you feel the price is reasonable else you will never get anything by listening to others.
01/08/2016 20:47
Abraham David Placement of 800 million new units will certainly dilute the shares. Then price will come down. Payment of 2.143 cts as dividend on 30/8. What would be the effect? The question now is whether sell now or after lodgement date of 12/8. Will some one answer me please now.
09/08/2016 17:55
bktay123 Usually price will fall by the same amount ex div. But YTL reit instead is moving up. Uptrend seems intact
10/08/2016 10:00
gforce2 Most of the MREITs are being played up, with the lower BLR and falling bond yields around the world. Combine that with the proposed SC changes to MREITs (allowing them to allocate some % to property development), and you have some interesting times ahead!
10/08/2016 18:20
Yippy68 Anywhere , ytl reit is one of the highest among first five on yield...when you own this reit, you own some share in some of the hotel in bukit Bintang,,pulAu pangkok, Japan Australia,,,,,
31/08/2016 19:24
Yippy68 When you are sleeping, they are working for you. Better than FD, if you trust a piece of ;FD receipt, you should trust a company own property at prime location.. The value will go up.
31/08/2016 19:29
Abraham David I understand YTL REIT has relatively high debt though its dividend pay out is indeed very good at 7.0% pa. I wonder if I can continue to buy more of this REIT? Please advise.
09/09/2016 17:32
keanhee I decided to wait till the issue of new share is over, which will be the end of this year.
14/09/2016 15:02
Eric Fong Yeah me too
14/09/2016 23:11
omnigunk Doing good today
29/09/2016 12:13
gimeng have been contemplating to enter at around 1.11 to 1.13. I guess it might start to get harder now to go in in that range.
29/09/2016 12:42
omnigunk I offload all.
29/09/2016 15:42
Parttimer good. pls offload more... FD rate slowly moving lower...

u sell more i can buy more at better yield when my bonus come in this year end...
29/09/2016 16:27
Parttimer we have broken the all-time-high... now it looks like this stock is going to chart a new range.....
29/09/2016 16:36
Yippy68 Read my comment on 31 August.... Reits" has made me very very comfortable especially today....
29/09/2016 17:18
Yippy68 Off load some at 1.20 tomorrow my be down due to profit taking
29/09/2016 17:20
gforce2 http://www.theedgeproperty.com.my/my/content/903614/ytl-hotels-acquires-three-properties-uk

It's anyone's guess when they'll inject these assets into YTLREIT, but that will most likely entail a rights issue.
29/09/2016 20:47
Money168 how come YTLREIT bought property din make announcement?
30/09/2016 11:37
gforce2 It's not under YTLREIT yet...
30/09/2016 21:22
Jian Bin Siew In my opinion, better sell first. They will issue new share soon. Usually, company will push up the price so that can have better price to list the new share. Ytl can inject the new hotel in starhill global reit in Singapore as well...
01/10/2016 12:13
ejtic NAV as at Sep 30 up to 1.48
04/10/2016 22:39
Yippy68 another good day, hope it break 1.30..anyone know why surge
06/10/2016 22:53
MirageHotelPD NTA 1.48, rental in Msia stable. Japanese Yen surge 20% and Aussie 10% over last one year plus over night banking rate drop 0.25%. This could be part of the reasons trigger buying. Expecting rental revise in Nov for Msia & Japan Hotel also could be another reason.
09/10/2016 22:55
kuihmoi possible Bank negara to cut rate by another quarter
15/10/2016 16:29


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