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0.50   +0.005 (1.01%)  0.495 - 0.50  995,500
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Market Cap: 709 Million
NOSH: 1,418 Million
P/E | EY: -11.48  |  -8.71%
DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.6909  |  0.72
Avg Volume (4 weeks):365,360
4 Weeks Range:0.475 - 0.51
52 Weeks Range:0.47 - 0.60
Average Price Target: 0.60
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.10


Latest Headlines
20/01/2017  TRADING IDEAS - RSAWIT (5113)
23/11/2016  M+ Online Technical Focus - 23 Nov 2016
23/11/2016  Daily Market Update - 23 Nov 2016 (PRESTAR, RSAWIT)
14/11/2016  Daily Market Update - 14 Nov 2016 (RSAWIT, KAREX)
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micky92 Same goes to me Mango Juice managed to grab at 0.495.Price should go up anytime
01/12/2016 20:25
beanchan This counter will fly very soon.
07/12/2016 00:16
dentab how soon since 2 weeks passed by?????????????????????
20/12/2016 16:18
Sebastian Sted Power March 2016 CPO at 2600-2700, Rsawit 58-60cents
Jan 2016 CPO at 2300-2400, Rsawit 60-65cents

now CPO 3000++, Rsawit 50cents?? Doesn't make sense, confirm will back above 60cents!
21/12/2016 21:09
dreamer74 FM all gone for holiday liao nobody goreng
21/12/2016 22:39
dentab ya go go up up
05/01/2017 14:56
wploun Good support at $0.51 ?
26/01/2017 17:35
wploun Able move to $0.545 this week ?
01/02/2017 09:51
gupiao When the new quarter finance report release, price will be up.
07/02/2017 16:42
ryan7642 Just done bought rsawit n wait for the recovery report this mnth end due to high CPO ^^ gogo go more than 10% make in the move!!!happy investing^^
10/02/2017 10:39
ryan7642 2015 Oct Nov Dec TOTAL CPO RM
Crude Palm Oil 5048 4135 3990 13173 2172 RM28,611,756
Palm Kernel 1214 1002 1004 3220 2172 RM6,993,840
Fresh Fruits 43517 33696 31007 108220 2172 RM235,053,840
CPO Trend 2015 - RM2172 Data from MPOC RM270,659,436

Crude Palm Oil 4735 4584 4989 14308 2653 RM37,959,124
Palm Kernel 1039 918 1033 2990 2653 RM7,932,470
Fresh Fruits 35312 31856 30174 97342 2653 RM258,248,326
CPO Trend 2016 - RM2653 Data from MPOC RM304,139,920

Gain on the increase of CPO Price base on production data = RM33,480,484

2017??Even more bull~~~
10/02/2017 14:46
ryan7642 With the trend of kretam/klk/ioi etc all ad up more than 10% rsawit turn soon sure break 0.6 easily by mnth end^^ strong data show that palm production have reduce which indirectly cpo price increase n direct reflect on the report more clearly!!!happy investing^^
11/02/2017 23:20
ryan7642 wow not bad got show watch btwn kretam vs rsawit:p will rsawit chase up kretam???0.565 vs 0.55 come on gambate!!bigg % come come come^^
13/02/2017 15:32
ryan7642 Klk plantation surge more than 50%!!how about small player like rsawit/ketam (which biz mainly plantation not tat diversify as klk)? Don't miss the boat for even bigger margin!!
15/02/2017 09:01
ys13 No power...
20/02/2017 17:26
ryan7642 Ya bit lose steam compare kretam n others (")
21/02/2017 09:54
ryan7642 Cpo avg 2014 rm2382/tonne , avg 2015 rm2172/tonne, avg 2016 rm2653/tonne, avg 2017 rm2800-2900/tonne as u guys said I would said good buy for plantation sector for watever reason^^ **data from MPOC except 2017..planting n steel industry is big play role for 2017 I foresee^^
21/02/2017 15:01
ys13 any idea result out ?
21/02/2017 19:47
ryan7642 Shd be either this Friday or else fall to next wk d I guess..
21/02/2017 21:42
ys13 Thanks
22/02/2017 07:03
ys13 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/196433
22/02/2017 23:08
ryan7642 Good news out together wf report soon..double news b4 push up price I guess good move^^
22/02/2017 23:52
ryan7642 hmmm looks like the news is more favorable to Subur..anyway done buy some more today drawdown and lock the price 0.52^^ will wait for special div n good report perhaps:)
24/02/2017 13:33
wan161 result no good? price keep going down...
28/02/2017 14:51
ryan7642 ya result really unexpected>.< seem like have to hold little longer this round:p
28/02/2017 19:13
Sebastian Sted Power ppl plant oil palm, you also plant; ppl QR all bombard rocket up but your QR boom to shareholder all mati

Uselss Tiong family
28/02/2017 19:50
ryan7642 I think don't so worry first..for rsawit price still got space to move even company making lose..look at how armada shoot up from 0.58/9 to 0.75 b4 report announce?the report is more than 100x worst than rsawit but price stood much higher than rsawit..anyway just my point of view even making lose company price will shoot up still..
01/03/2017 01:19
ryan7642 Luckily manage buy some at 0.48^^ if let go now mean kena cheat by tiong family d cos obviously they manipulating the price n pressing it..
01/03/2017 15:17
wan161 515 before closing can?
01/03/2017 15:19
ryan7642 dunno but i got a feel surely close 0.5 at least n above..dont get cheat by the report cos if the CPO & Production data is huge improvement vs 2015/16 there is no way they can keep increase the cost n hiding the sales figures & manipulate profit..i monitoring the production & cpo trend closely so can confirm sales for 2017 will beat 2015-2016 if they didn play around via report..
2017 Projection of Production
% %
CRUDE OIL PALM 4,440.16 15.72 3,500.00 24.83
PALM KERNEL 948.51 18.41 900.00 40.99
FRESH FRUITS 28,572.31 12.76 25,000.00 19.19

CPO TREND 3,275.00 45.10 2,944.74 20.98
first 2mnths statistic for 2017 vs 2016 %

Happy investing^^
01/03/2017 15:38
wan161 thanks for the info.
01/03/2017 15:59
xjteh looks like a minor dead cat bouncing pattern. However, I see Rsawit is already long time building its base around 0.47. 0.47 serves a strong support. There is huge upper space for it to move but limited lower space. Worth to scope some.
02/03/2017 09:43
abcb RSWIT(5113)
NTA 0.48
PERatio 0
ROE(%) negative 9.08
Par Value 0.50

NTA 0.99
EPS 0.014
PERatio 48.92
Par value 0.20

NTA 1.53
EPS 0.066
PERatio 12.42
ROE(%) 4.34
Par Value(RM) 1.00

Base on Valuation and fundamental,CEPAT(2054) is the most cheapest and under-valued to invest.
CEPAT(2054) declared first and final dividend of 1.5 cents per share
RSWIT(5113) and TDM(2054) declared zero dividend for all shareholders

Price/Book value for CEPAT(2054) only 0.535,less than 1 time is the super under-valued stock compared other two stocks as mention above
02/03/2017 15:14
ryan7642 Wow cpo trend is moving up^^ now waiting for rsawit Feb production data to complete the next qtr prediction woohoo..I wonder where u wanna hide the sales for rsawit tiong~~该来的最终会来!!u can manage the company expenses but not the production n cpo movement!! I won't lose to u ^^
03/03/2017 20:32
Koh Wee Kiat Cheap sales to related party, heavy depreciation, heavy borrowing from bank, and the goodwill is super high. Nth to see at all
07/03/2017 18:57
nkk53 High debt,low cash holding and low productive cpo.Avoid this
08/03/2017 11:48
ryan7642 Anyway among plantation sector only 3 share below rm0.6 1)kretam-0.585 2)rsawit-0.495 3)aasia-0.245..so for me I would pick any of it while cpo avg is much higher than 2016 n looking good at 2017:) I don't really care how bad the internal company is..cos even lousy share also will shoot up so time will tell^^ the production shd be out this few days I can see more clearly how next qtr movement^^
09/03/2017 13:36
red_85 lol..u simply buy because of share price..share price is not the real value la....dutch lady rm70++ so it is bigger than maybank?=X
09/03/2017 14:24
Kinz even CPO price is higher than last quarter , RSAWIT profit will be eat by high finance cost . Next quarter EPS still will be negative for me .
09/03/2017 14:38
ryan7642 hahahahaha lolll..i more on the potential gap which will increase on the shareprice which will bring me higher % of margin^^ eg rsawit 0.49 increase to 0.55 n above not a hard thing (10%+) if for dutch lady etc 10% if too far away rm7 at least the gap:) for me i dont mind negative as we all know they manipulate the cost but cpo trend n production highly unlikely can manipulate much so turnover will show the fact:)
09/03/2017 20:05
ryan7642 i predicted the EL Nino effect cleared and production is improved the turnover for 2017 will be new high n break 300Mil at least avg turnover per qtr around 75Mil (Avg last 2 qtr showing above 75mil)..anyway just my point of view:)
09/03/2017 21:32
Koh Wee Kiat If u just wait for 10% then is ok long term holding really nth.. Result getting worse and worse
12/03/2017 19:58
ryan7642 I don't aim much 10% -15% is good enuf for 0.4-0.6 pyn type of shares..if below 0.2 easily more than 15%^^ anyway quite weird how come the monthly production data still haven out yet cant do my satistic..dam it wui tiong wanna hide production data till when?almost mid of mnth d I go report to mpoc/lhdn baru tau:p
13/03/2017 20:02
ryan7642 Yea awesome production as per predicted..here we go with the fact on Turnover Jan-Feb 2017 vs 2016....Jan production average for 3 types (Crude Palm Oil,Kernel,Fresh Fruit) increase 15%+ & CPO price increase 45% vs 2016 , Feb production avg increase 38%+ & CPO price increase 20+% vs 2016!!!whoever haven buy better buy now at 0.5 promotion price:) most of plantation stocks in uptrend rsawit will be too for sure^^
16/03/2017 19:42
Koh Wee Kiat I roughly read through the cash flow receivable impairment around 12 m book sit in 20m which means all only 8 m can collected . Based on the cash flow 76for armotisation +17m for interest expenses. Only with 100 m of sales the co barely made some profit exclude one off impairment of written off asset and receivable.
17/03/2017 07:53
ryan7642 Some companies don't really rely on report on the share movement rsawit is one of it..so don't put so big afford on the Net Profit which we all know is manipulate as per expected..so turnover/cpo trend/production data are those info that we need..anyway just my point of view la cos I saw many companies in red but still fly high wf no reason so Wat do u said n market is not 1+1=2 unless u go for blue chip^^
20/03/2017 19:51
kahsoon888 Ryan7642, should I invest Rsawit or aasia?
25/03/2017 13:01
ryan7642 Kahsoon : i wont said you should or not but for plantation is about the timing u enter..since i enter rsawit i wont hardsell it just that i would say plantation you may choose the lowest price stocks buy n hold bit:) from what i see cpo trend is high vs 2016 and also production overall improve vs 2016 so any plantation stocks buy surely will make profit:) plantation & steel for 2017 O&G perhaps trend coming too tats why i buy Reach Warrant (Holding) and Pantech previously (Technical play)^^
26/03/2017 09:58
kahsoon888 Ryan...thank..so I will invest Aasia since it is the cheapest one....if I earn some money sure I will treat u a meal if we can meet up...
26/03/2017 23:09
ryan7642 You are welcome:) I enter today too so let's earn some together lo^^
27/03/2017 12:21


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