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Market Cap: 1,361 Million
NOSH: 5,339 Million
P/E | EY: 27.50  |  3.64%
DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.53  |  0.48
Avg Volume (4 weeks):3,108,710
4 Weeks Range:0.24 - 0.29
52 Weeks Range:0.215 - 0.29
Average Price Target: 0.32
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.065


Latest Headlines
21/11/2016  TA + TAGB:第二代接班 川普总统加持
10/11/2016  TA Global, TA Enterprise shares open higher on Trump victory
10/11/2016  TA and TAGB: The 2 stocks that took the brunt from Trump's almost failed election - felicity
09/11/2016  Perhaps the one Malaysian company that gains the most from Trump's presidency - felicity
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Lele Total no of securities ( as at 10th Jan 2017 )

a ) In TA
~ Datuk Tiah Thee Kian ( 31.778% )
~ Datin Tan Kuay Fong ( 0.3094% )

b ) In TAGB
~ TA Enterprise Berhad ( 60.1748% )
~ Datuk Tiah Thee Kian ( Direct 7.568% / Indirect 19.1223% )
~ Mr. Tiah Joo Kim ( 5.003% )
~ Datin Tan Kuay Fong ( Direct 0.1269% / Indirect 0.1861%)

10/01/2017 17:37
Lele Before the Chinese New Year 2017 the unit price of TAGB will exceed RM0.30 and is not expected to go down.
10/01/2017 18:01
christophertopher 我只想简单地说一句:
把TAGB 看成一门生意来投资。(1年至4年@2017-2020)
10/01/2017 20:12
singh1 Yes, it is good to hold for medium to long term.

Lele I feel the same, the price could be above 0.30 before CNY. A few years back Tony continuously bought Tagb and within less than a month went up about 10 - 15 sen. Yesterday he bought 4.5 million shares at 26.8 sen.
11/01/2017 07:07
Lele TA Global Bhd is rich in valuable assets, most of these assets in the Klang Valley and in several countries are undervalued as they have not been revalued in 11 years. That explains why the share price is undervalued compared with TA Global’s real net asset value (NAV) per share, while its NAV per share as of 30 Sept 2016 is 53 sen. This net asset value per share would be higher if the group were to revalue all its properties and lands.
11/01/2017 07:47
chang24 Lele & singh1, is that we are eyeing? He he...
11/01/2017 11:09
singh1 Totally agree with that. Very good point.
11/01/2017 11:11
Lele Despite the undervaluation, the group faces a lack of short-term catalysts for its earnings and this may dampen shareholder confidence.
11/01/2017 12:25
mlike if dividend 2% give, who benefit? how much if 100,000 share holder get?
Tony get how much?
TAE get how much?
You get how much?
11/01/2017 14:03
sctan if company not enough cash flow, how to give profit
11/01/2017 14:08
sctan sorry. how to give dividend
11/01/2017 14:08
mlike KUALA LUMPUR: TA Global Bhd will realise a bulk of its profit from the successful construction of the Trump Tower in Canada in the financial year 2016 ending Dec 31 (FY16).
“We practise a progressive recognition of profits and we follow the Malaysian style.
“The project is 50% geared,” the company’s director Datin Alicia Tan Kuay Fong (pic) said at a press conference after its AGM.
11/01/2017 14:56
mlike what i said is "IF".
11/01/2017 14:56
Bull13 Tonite, President elect and TAGB customer Trump will give his first press conference. Markets will be watching...DOW may break 20,000 if its good..
11/01/2017 16:21
funitec What catalyst.who needs catalyst when reaction is bubbly. More bubbly than good champagne for CNY. YAMMM SENG! TO THE YEAR OF THE COCKEREL.
11/01/2017 22:11
funitec Just saw video of Flying Cock...I mean cockerel. Hope it goes to 33-36.
11/01/2017 22:13
singh1 Can go higher than that IMO. If you look at all the hotels in all the countries (Singapore, thailand,china, australia, canada) all these countries currencies have gone up by about 30% since the hotels were bought. That is not taking into consideration the price appreciation of all these properties as many were bought at very good prices. A good example is swissotel merchant court singapore was bought for S$ 260M in 2009 during market crash. Now the hotel is worth much more in price as well as exchange rate appreciation. In 2009 exchange rate was 1 : 2.4 now it is 1:3.10

This counter is so undervalued !! It is time to unlock the value through a hospitality REIT and go buy more hotels. Can generate very good dividends.
12/01/2017 07:13
enid888 Singh 1. What you said is true. All the hotels in Australia, China, Canada, Singapore and Thailand were bought at very cheap price. The hotels in Australia, China, Canada and Singapore have appreciated more than 100% or 200% from their original price (still booked the purchase price in the accounts). I think Tony has the intention to take the company private.

Like what Lele stated earlier, Tony and related parties have accumulated

TA - 32.0874% shareholding

TAGB - 72.8727% shareholding (including TA shareholding)

They are very near to the MGO trigger line.

Tony will be more than 100% richer if he can take the company private. Furthermore, he can choose to list it in other more active bourse like HK, London, Toronto or NY. TAGB assets are more than eligible for him to do that. All are 4 stars, 5 stars or even 6 stars hotels in premium locations.
12/01/2017 09:49
Bull13 Yes. Taking private and relist it oversea is better bet. Currently BNM requires all overseas profits nee to convert 75% back to ringgit. Tony would hv mopped up all free float shares below 28s. If he makes GO at say 40s or so, he need not fork out so much to take it private.
12/01/2017 11:45
Lele It is time, Tony can choose to reduce the total number of shares of TAGB ( for example 5 to 3 ) and increase par value to RM1.00. At the same time, to unlock the value through a hospitality REIT and go buy or build more hotels. The share price of the company will be high in open market and can generate very good dividends.
12/01/2017 16:55
enid888 The NBV of TAGB in the account is RM0.54 per share.

At this NBV
1) the land opposite KLCC is valued at RM716/sq ft. The current market price is RM3,500/sq ft

2) the land in Damansara Avenue is valued at RM88/sq ft. the current market price is RM500/sq ft
12/01/2017 16:55
singh1 enid888 Thanks for the info !!

Listing REIT in Canada or Singapore would be interesting. 30+ sen is only 10 cents in their currency.
12/01/2017 22:02
Lele 西方国家的入账模式与大马不同,


然而,外国的会计采用RFRIC 15记账方式,只要该工程一天还没有竣工兼拿到permit,营业额就不能入账 (booked in),没有营业额也就没有营利。


12/01/2017 22:18
enid888 The Net Asset Value (NAV) of TAGB in the financial report is RM0.54 / share. However, if you calulate its Revised Net Asset Value (RNAV) by calculating their assets based on the current market values, the RNAV should worth about RM1.30 / share.

The market including institutional and individual investors overlook the counter and trade the company at RM0.27 instead of RM1.30, that is really an unbelievable bargain. Tony knows that the company is worth RM1.30/ share. Now, there are still people willing to sell at RM0.27, he surely will buy whatever sale quantities in the market. I think he will privatise the company to reap this full benefits of the market ignorance on the counter. The local investors do not know how to appreciate the premium quality and premium locations of the development land, hotels and office buildings (None of its assets is in hulu hulu place).

Some of its properties

In Malaysia
KLCC Land ______________________ NAV : RM 716/sq ft______Market Value : RM3,500/sq ft
Bukit Bintang Land ( near to Pavillion) __NAV : RM 682 /sq ft ____Market Value : RM 3,300/sq ft
Damansara Avenue ________________ NAV : RM 88/sq ft ______Market Value : RM 500/sq ft

Outside Malaysia
Radison Plaza Hotel, Sydney, Australia _NAV : RM 262mil______ Market Value : RM 838mil
Westin Hotel, Melbourne, Australia_____NAV : RM452 mil ______ Market Value : RM 865mil
Swisstotel MCt, Singapore ___________ NAV : RM 593mil ______ Market Value : RM1,488mil

To Tony, the best business is to collect TA and TAGB shares. It will be best of the best if they can be privatised.
13/01/2017 12:20
Bull13 Those who are selling now at 28/28.5s are the ones caught on 8 Nov, the day Trump won the election. Soon there will be no more sellers once more and more people read this forum. Tony must gobble up all the willing sellers at this price quickly to ensure his average cost of taking it private goes down.
13/01/2017 15:40
singh1 Wonderful research and comments enid888.

Agree with Bull13. Once investors that came in late (short term investors) are cleared, the more serious investors will remain. Those that won't just throw away a good counter.
13/01/2017 19:12
Lele Total no of securities ( as at 13th Jan 2017 )

a ) In TA
~ Datuk Tiah Thee Kian ( 31.778% )
~ Datin Tan Kuay Fong ( 0.3094% )

b ) In TAGB
~ TA Enterprise Berhad ( 60.1748% )
~ Datuk Tiah Thee Kian ( Direct 7.702% / Indirect 19.1223% )
~ Mr. Tiah Joo Kim ( 5.003% )
~ Datin Tan Kuay Fong ( Direct 0.1269% / Indirect 0.1861%)

13/01/2017 19:25
enid888 For TA,
Tony & related parties have 32.1%, just 0.9% to achieve 33% to trigger Mandatory General Offer (MGO).

Tony and related parties have 73.0%, just 2 % away from the 75% to trigger Mandatory General Offer (MGO).

I just worried that the minorities will be forced to sell at unreasonable price like OSKProp and PJDev in 2015 n 2016.
13/01/2017 20:47
enid888 I am hoping that other knowledgeable researchers like Icon8888, FAIRnREASONABLE, Calvintaneng n others can look into these two counters and give their views.
13/01/2017 20:59
christophertopher 高层继续收票@TAGB。


26-26.5 cent 没有去加码。
13/01/2017 22:18
christophertopher 这个一月尾2017年,很极大可能告别30 cent 以下了!
我敢言,低潮22-22.5 cent 99% 不会重复发生。
我们30 cent 见。
13/01/2017 22:21
Lele Trump tower's general manager, Philipp Posch, told Business in Vancouver on January 11 that his hotel is taking reservations starting on the weekend that follows Friday January 20. Photo Rob Kruyt

The Trump International Hotel and Tower Vancouver will open to the public at a date around January 20, which is the day set for Trump Organization founder Donald Trump to be sworn in as U.S. president.

14/01/2017 21:07
enid888 Christophertopher, the low price of 22sen was hard to believe. Somebody purposely pushed down the price (as the market sentiment was bad) so that they can collect them cheap. The minorities who are less informed about the actual worth of the counter or financially weaker just surrender to the market and sold off their positions.
14/01/2017 21:07
enid888 It is wrong that the market says TA n TAGB is having currency exchange losses when the Ringgit depreciates as what has been happening currently.

Let us take an example,

A hotel in Australia. Bought at AUD200mil a few years back ( when Ex Rate was at A$1 : RM2.80). Paid by A$60mil cash n A$140mil loan.
The net asset value is A$60mi = RM168mil

Ringgit had depreciated badly since then. The exchange rate today (A$1 : RM3.35).
The nest asset value is A$60mil = RM201mil.

The depreciation of Ringgit has actually benefited TA n TAGB. The net worth of the Aussie hotel has actually increased from RM160mil to RM201mil.
14/01/2017 21:31
BabyTA Hi, new here.

I see both TAGB and TA are related. So does it mean if 1 goes up the other also go up?
Will any one affect the other?
Thank you.
14/01/2017 22:24
enid888 BabyTA, I would say it is generally true bcos TA has 60.2% of TAGB.
15/01/2017 21:38
Bull13 5 days to go before TAGB client Trump is sworn in as President. The opening of the new Trump hotel is also scheduled around 20th. ..
15/01/2017 22:46
singh1 Would be nice to attend grand opening.
16/01/2017 06:37
YLR33 actually TAGB noe is EXEMPTED from RFRIC 15 until year 2018, as seeked by the compapy, refer to QR

Posted by Lele > Jan 12, 2017 10:18 PM | Report Abuse



然而,外国的会计采用RFRIC 15记账方式,只要该工程一天还没有竣工兼拿到permit,营业额就不能入账 (booked in),没有营业额也就没有营利。


17/01/2017 05:30
YLR33 sorry now not noe
17/01/2017 05:30
Bull13 Tomorrow. Jan 20th. Swearing in of the 45th President of the United States of America.
19/01/2017 21:04
Calvinlim0604 Hi sifus, how would it affect this counter?
20/01/2017 08:07
singh1 Tagb owned Trump Vancouver is the connection to Trump. The trumps will manage this hotel for
TAGB. The residential units above the hotel are serviced apts, they pay condo fees and get top notch service (luxury) as well.
20/01/2017 09:47
Calvinlim0604 Singh1 sifu, is it the best time to entry now?
20/01/2017 10:24
singh1 In my opinion the next quarterly results to be released end Feb would be interesting as there is expected a revenue jump and profit as well. I don't see this counter getting any cheaper other than factors beyond its control such as a major correction in the dow due to bubble after the us elections. I would buy some, if price goes down add some more. Look at company announcements and see how much Tony has been paying , that can be a good reference to compare. Best of luck.
20/01/2017 11:29
Calvinlim0604 thank you for the advice, I think I will grab more
20/01/2017 15:31
Lele Total no of securities ( as at 23rd Jan 2017 )

a ) In TA
~ Datuk Tiah Thee Kian ( 31.778% )
~ Datin Tan Kuay Fong ( 0.3094% )

b ) In TAGB
~ TA Enterprise Berhad ( 60.1748% )
~ Datuk Tiah Thee Kian ( Direct 7.771% / Indirect 19.1223% )
~ Mr. Tiah Joo Kim ( 5.003% )
~ Datin Tan Kuay Fong ( Direct 0.1269% / Indirect 0.1861%)

23/01/2017 20:32
christophertopher 谢谢你,lele.
23/01/2017 20:49
chang24 Something is brewing?
24/01/2017 11:52
joekit hope its a good beer! cheers to TA!
24/01/2017 11:58



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