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Latest Headlines
21/11/2016  TA + TAGB:第二代接班 川普总统加持
10/11/2016  TA Global, TA Enterprise shares open higher on Trump victory
10/11/2016  TA and TAGB: The 2 stocks that took the brunt from Trump's almost failed election - felicity
09/11/2016  Perhaps the one Malaysian company that gains the most from Trump's presidency - felicity
09/06/2016  TA Global: Financial Transactions to Financial Assets
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BetterTomorrow trump buying?
15/11/2016 11:25
Huat Huat rm 0.35 on the way..
15/11/2016 22:03
abong Trump Global berhad......
15/11/2016 23:12
mando 35sen ......Trump force coming
16/11/2016 07:16
singh1 TA TRUMP BERHAD !!! Ha ! HA!
16/11/2016 21:00
singh1 Just kidding as I believe the Trump organisation may promote SCION as the new flagship name for their hotels as the Trump name has become controversial , too much in the spotlight and likely to cause conflict of interest issues.
16/11/2016 21:13
chang24 Thanks for the info singh1. Here's the website for more reading.
17/11/2016 14:47
chang24 Is there any progress on the Ativo launch? Can anyone advise whether the showroom is ready?
17/11/2016 14:48
singh1 Not much news on the damansara avenue development. Though I have to confess I am hoping tagb will launch the development beside klcc which could catapult this sleepy counter. Interestingly on another topic do you notice Tony is fast accumulating TA shares these last few days.
17/11/2016 16:32
chang24 Yes, I notice that. Still guessing what he is up to. Another MGO in the making?
18/11/2016 11:57
singh1 Could be, also he transferred 5% of tagb to joo kim which I suppose he did to avoid crossing into MGO for tagb while he is accumulating TA enterprise. All he needs is another about 30M shares and he will have enough. Maybe can achieve in about 2 months at current pace.
18/11/2016 18:33
singh1 Sellers don't seem to realize they are throwing away too cheap.
18/11/2016 18:35
Lele Why Tony is fast accumulating TA shares these last few days?
22/11/2016 18:10
singh1 Maybe better profits coming or maybe he wants to take TA private. There must be something. But still investors don't seem to care and are selling out cheap.
22/11/2016 18:55
chang24 Time will tell, Q3 result is coming out this month.
23/11/2016 11:00
singh1 pray hard !!
23/11/2016 22:27
Lele Today Tony accumulated 200 lots TA shares
24/11/2016 18:18
singh1 Everyday buying but last few days not so aggressive. He should attack like shark then only best. Since he wants to Q at low price and buy slowly I have a feeling quarterly report not going to be very exciting.
24/11/2016 19:54
JamesPond Rubbish co. Q3 results shows co borrowed additional RM378M, gamble RM342M in market and loss RM30M.
29/11/2016 11:21
29/11/2016 11:24
singh1 JamesPond Would you mind to elaborate on the gamble. Borrowings are usually to expand business , what in your view is the wrong being done. Please share your ideas, thank you.
29/11/2016 21:43
christophertopher U r right, singh1.
01/12/2016 11:34
JamesPond I am a simpleton. IMHO, if a property developer spends too much money and effort in securities investment and does not make money, then, it is gambling. The figures in the accounts also doesn't add up. I am no accounting expert but balance in securities investments on 31.01.2013 is RM198.5M and bal on 30.09.16 is RM590.5M (an increase of RM392M). However for the same period from 01.02.2013 to 30.09.2016 the actual net cash poured into securities investment is RM1,277.3M. What happened to the RM885.3M (1277.3-392). Impairment or actual realised loss? Also, the RM1,277.3M would have been financed by borrowings as profits for this period definitely is nowehere near that. Borrowings to expand biz?? Maybe I m not looking at the financial statements correctly. My 2 sen worth.
01/12/2016 11:35
JamesPond I hope that I am wrong. I also wish that the Co would make zillions in securities investments. However, I also know that the Tiahs are not Warren Buffet.....
01/12/2016 11:51
singh1 Looking at the two major developments the co. has undertaken, namely little bay sydney and trump vancouver, could it be the investments made with revenues yet to show up are the investments. Accounting is one tricky and complex business I don't understand much. But I sure hope thats where the cash went into.
01/12/2016 19:11
JamesPond Doubt so. Money poured into Trump Vancouver would have been reflected in "Inv in JV" in the balance sheet whereas Little Bay would have been reflected in development expenditure on consolidation in the group accounts.
02/12/2016 10:46
mlike maybe, we all like gambling (as long as it is legal)...... so i dont care.
02/12/2016 15:14
mlike in Bursa got a lot of good counter, just choice what your like, no need to come here to send negativee energy.
02/12/2016 15:19
JamesPond What on earth is negative energy? Whatever it is,it doesn't matter. i3 is a place to share info and learn. Obviously comments made will be good and also bad as people has different opinion.My comments were not meant to be malicious. If in anyway it upsets you, I apologise.
05/12/2016 10:59
mlike Yup, even though im not agree with you but you have your right to say anything, world is big so just be happy and choice your happy counter.
Im happy with this counter as i bought in low price (RM0.220 @ 450,000share), and my holding power is strong.
Difference people have difference situation and financial planning, hope you also can earn from share investment.
05/12/2016 17:09
christophertopher mlike, Im also accumulated TAGB at avg price of rm0.2305@200 lots.
05/12/2016 17:45
Lele Why Tony everyday buying TA shares?????
05/12/2016 19:53
singh1 Currently holding 31.732%. When reach 33.33% will trigger MGO. C'mon Tony we are all cheering for you.
05/12/2016 22:17
singh1 About 60% of TAGB shares are held by TA Enterprise. I wonder what is in store if MGO happens?
05/12/2016 22:22
singh1 I would love to get bonus shares. Handout TAGB shares to all TA share holders and separate the stockbroking and properties businesses. TAGB hopefully will go on to list a Hospitality REIT, which will reward shareholders for being patient for seven long years since IPO.
05/12/2016 22:30
singh1 Do you guys agree? Let brother Tony know of your wishes. As loyal shareholders willing to wait so long we should let him know of our wishes. We are all in this together during all the ups and downs.
05/12/2016 22:58
Lele I think to list a Hospitality REIT, maybe after the company to develop its 2.47-acre car park lot located across from KLCC into a five-star hotel cum serviced apartment project. Is there any progress ?
06/12/2016 07:17
JamesPond Handing out TAGB shares to shareholders of TAE does not benefit anyone. In the short term it may act as catalyst for TAE but realistically what it also means is that the value of TA will reduce due to the transfer of asset from TAE to its members. On the other hand, it may actually depress the share price of TAGB as members of TAE who ends up with TAGB shares may sell them. As for REITs, that looks extremely unlikely for the moment. Firstly it is a long corporate exercise with a lot of financial and assets juggling but more importantly either Tiah junior or Alicia (I can't remember which exactly) mentioned in an interview quoted that it is great to have assets which can be used to raise finance.. I take that to mean as collaterals to borrow... for god knows what purpose. Also REITs for short term will trigger an increase in price of TAGB but long term TAGB will be worth nothing without the properties. I think it is far easier for Tiah to reward shareholders by declaring free warrant.Tony is a stockbroker by trade. I am somewhat amazed that he doesn't seem to have any idea what to do to create interest in his companies!!!
06/12/2016 11:16
singh1 Lele I think with opening of trump vancouver in January 2017 tagb has enough to launch reit.
06/12/2016 12:13
mlike even though you are "talking a long word" but i dont know what you are talking about, so sorry. for SURE you can talk anything.
06/12/2016 12:13
singh1 Jamespond it seems like there is a need to unlock the value of both ta and tagb as they are currently trading at a steep discount to their NTA value.
06/12/2016 12:16
mlike for my opinion, before you buy any share, please make sure you can hold it no matter up or down, dont worry (except PN17 etc). just follow your "feel", like me i bought TAG is because the Avenue project, i feel it a good project and location so i invest, thats all and simple.
06/12/2016 12:22
mlike why i like Avenue project is becaues the location and i believe this project will have some new idea from Canada or USA (this will be a nice bonus).
06/12/2016 12:36
singh1 Yeah maybe there could be a Trump tower Damansara Avenue. HE ! HE !
Tagb has attractive land , needs to unlock value.
06/12/2016 13:56
Lele Damansara Avenue and KLCC there now any progress for new project?????
06/12/2016 14:47
singh1 DA seems quiet but klcc land foundation work is ongoing. Maybe middle of 2017 launch.
06/12/2016 15:31
JamesPond Trump Tower in DA...nah..Trump Tower in TAGB's Golden Triangle land.. yeh thank would be icing on the cake..kakakaka
06/12/2016 16:33
singh1 Trump and family having a press conference Dec 15 to announce on how they plan to get rid of conflict of interest. Let's see what they have to say. Who knows they might freeze the trump brand while trump is president or maybe even sell the brand name.
06/12/2016 17:28
villa1668 No many investors realise the biz of TA Global. A lot of money spent on hotel renovations for the last few years, and will increase of the return yield moving forwards.
06/12/2016 23:03
singh1 Because they renovated their hotels and new hotel trump coming in, I believe they could launch hotel reit. I hope so. This would raise funds for project next to klcc.
07/12/2016 11:13


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