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09/06/2016  TA Global: Financial Transactions to Financial Assets
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HowAh Oh crap
16/05/2016 21:17
HowAh Tiu Arsh company
20/05/2016 10:12
JamesPond GoldenShares, comparing Liew with certain management of TAGB is totally undermining Liew. Tan Sri Liew, if I am not wrong is EX-BANKER whereas certain directors of TAGB were charged for fraud by SC, i.e. EX-CONPERSON. The share price reflects the ability of the persons running the show. One knows that the Co. is property devt and goes about making sure that the Co is focused on the biz of property devt. The other, alas, doesn't know what biz the Co is in. Most probably every morning when they turn up to work, they throw a dart to decide what to do that day.
24/05/2016 14:00
HowAh Pai li pai li
25/05/2016 00:33
chang24 @JamesPond, agree with you. For this co, things weren't going well due to unclear direction. Market is right by valuing the co at its current price. I think the BOD sees that as well. As such, the newly appointed CEO should be doing his best to change things. It's not an easy task to build a building in Vancouver, Canada and working with Trump. Let's see what Tiah junior can achieve. Only time will tell.
25/05/2016 12:53
JamesPond Well managed companies are capable of producing financial reports within a short time. Badly managed ones normally takes a long time to report their quarterly results. TAGB is a typical example of a badly managed organisation where even the accounting department is not functioning efficiently. Most of the time they are only capable of reporting their quarterly results on the very last day!!! Either that or they need to really spend time to crack their heads on juggling the figures to present a palatable set of results. Else the BOD and public shareholders might choke on the results!!!LOL
30/05/2016 19:36
Activetrader the CEO is too young... they shouldn't pull him in so early. Investors like us lose confidence. Sorry to say that.
31/05/2016 09:29
chang24 http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/05/31/ta-global-to-gain-bulk-of-profit-from-trump-tower/
31/05/2016 12:33
JamesPond Chang24, talk is cheap. Alicia talks a lot. She HAD been talking a lot...land in BB to develop..REITs, ...blah,blah..and till today she is still talking. As for the other one in the article, someone charged with abetting fraud crime, you believe??? More importantly, even if these projects are sucessful, would they reward the shareholders or would they throw away the profits into some share/equity investments.
31/05/2016 13:09
HowAh Pathetic. Shall we be comforted that it's not in the red?
31/05/2016 19:59
JamesPond THe reason for such late disclosure would probably be because terrible management together with the need to do yoga exercise on the figures!!!LOL. They must have done a lot of bending and twisting on the figures to turn red into green else the readers might choke if they see red. Small green is better than red on the bottom line. So much juggling that the figures become difficult to comprehend. Note A9, on Inv & Other Holdings Segment has revenue RM11,235K, O/Income 195. Total income =RM11,430. Net results = RM2,060K. Therefore, expenses = 11,430-2060= 9,370. However, Note B1 list of expenses for investments related, FV loss alone is RM22,339K. Mathematically also doesn't add up!! Also, fair value gain on derivatives of RM1,316K is shown as a loss. I think they are also confused with what is gain and what is loss!!! As HowAh said "PATHETIC...", I add "On the results and MANAGEMENT".
01/06/2016 14:42
Blacksails agree with jamespond and enid888
01/06/2016 14:56
HowAh Got future or not?
01/06/2016 20:31
_OptimusPrime_ Owner got future but not you.
01/06/2016 20:32
camel dividend 0.5% single tier, par value rm0.5, 1,000 shares can get how much?
02/06/2016 13:30
JamesPond Camel, 1000 shares get RM2.50. Enough for teh tarik and roti canai biasa!!!
02/06/2016 18:56
HowAh Wa Seh, very good wor still got $$ to give u... :P
03/06/2016 09:26
HowAh Yerrrr
08/06/2016 01:34
HowAh Sei jor....
09/07/2016 23:06
singh1 Volume is up!!
29/07/2016 15:47
HowAh But the price is not...
29/07/2016 18:49
mlike be careful, the show unit is renovating and new hoarding is up....... you may not catch is in low price any more.......
01/08/2016 16:52
HowAh Be careful means price going down? Hoarding means price going down? What r u trying to say leh? How ah?
01/08/2016 17:21
singh1 Show unit for TA3&TA4?
02/08/2016 05:10
mlike pass by there and feel yourself, how I know it will up or down. I just feel movement.... that's all.
02/08/2016 09:46
mlike Construction site at Damansara Avernue.
02/08/2016 09:49
chang24 I was at Damansara Avenue for lunch last Sunday, saw the show unit's renovation and new hoarding too.
02/08/2016 11:42
abcdefgh This stock I hold 2 years ledi the price still like tat. No much changes.
08/08/2016 18:29
singh1 In 2 weeks we get quarterly report. Keep fingers crossed. Myselves holding for 6 years.
2010 - 2016 !! This management don't like to rush, so have to be very patient. But I do have faith, they are capable of doing a good job. I prefer they go slow and steady , mun mun lai.
15/08/2016 18:11
enid888 Look at the land bank they have, 2.4ac opposite KLCC, 3.3ac in Bukit Bintang, 4.5ac near to Mont Kiara and 40ac in Sri Damansara. All are booked at historical price. For example, the KLCC land is booked at below RM600/sq ft where the market price now is more than RM3,500/sq ft. The management will never push up the price. They want you to lose faith, confidence and patience with the company. They want you to sell cheap to them.
21/08/2016 20:16
enid888 The company has 7 luxury hotels worldwide. One each in Melbourne (Australia), Sydney (Australia), Kunshan (China), Singapore, Phuket (Thailand) and two in Vancouver (Canada). Most of them are bought before 2010 and still booked at the purchase prices in the balance sheet. You have heard that Chinese, Canadian and Australian properties appreciated more than 100 percent or may be 200 percent since 2010. This is an extremely undervalued stock. Tony Tiah family is challenging your patience to the limit. Those who still hold on to their shareholdings will one day be rewarded handsomely.
21/08/2016 20:31
Lele Be carefure, more the public listed company is family businesses not planning for public in future. “ 家族商场遗传病 ”。Hahaha.......
22/08/2016 20:15
davidkkw79 This company is a typical value trap company.
22/08/2016 20:42
Lele This is true " Game is over ". 『君子之交淡若水,小人之交甘若醴。』出自莊子山木篇。
22/08/2016 21:23
Lele Dividend History : -

31/12/2015 ~ 0.50%
31/01/2015 ~ 2.00%
31/01/2014 ~ 1.50%
31/01/2013 ~ 1.20%
31/01/2012 ~ 1.80%
31/01/2011 ~ 1.76%
31/01/2010 ~ 0.30%
23/08/2016 19:07
singh1 It is a rising trend. Good sign.
23/08/2016 20:26
Lele 达全球(TAGB,5158,主板产业组)因外汇亏损,截至2016年6月30日第二季净亏972万5000令吉,上半年累积亏损919万2000令吉。

30/08/2016 10:21
taktaumacammana TA group all losing money
30/08/2016 10:51
taktaumacammana high gearing ratio... still saying overseas earning not remitted back to msia.... can trust or not -_-'''

Expected to have satisfactory performance for FY2016.... means wot oh...losing more or able to turnaround?
30/08/2016 10:56
RVI123 The profit from the Vancouver project has not come in? The project was supposed to hand over to the buyers in May 16. Management had announced progressively that the project was almost fully sold and sold at very good prices. The project (serviced apartment, Trump hotel n retail podium) is definitely making a lot of money and should come in at one go about this time (In Canada, profit can only be recognised after units handing over to the buyers). If the profit has not come in this quarter, will it come in next quarter?
30/08/2016 12:38
RVI123 Tiah family still has 2 developments in Vancouver. However, TAGB does not have any interests in both the developments.

30/08/2016 15:23
Lele Banyak syarikat tersenarai adalah untuk mengambil sumber-sumber awam untuk berbuat kekayaan peribadi.
30/08/2016 20:28
JamesPond RVI123, I am getting a bit confused. Why should there be profit from the Trump project when TAGB does not own any part of it?
01/09/2016 11:18
singh1 It can be quite confusing but from what I know.....
Tony owned the land, then he brought TAGB to jointly develop the property, then the hotel is sold to TAGB and I suppose the apartments servicing fee could be shared between tony and TAGB. So basically the construction and sale of all the properties in this tower, the profits could be shared by Tony and TAGB. Once tower is operational Hotel portion entirely owned by TAGB while the apartments they share the profits. I think so generally but exactly I don't know. By the way when I say Tony, I mean Holborn properties (vancouver based Tony and families private co.). So of course TAGB is not sole beneficiary of good sales at the tower.
01/09/2016 20:35
RVI123 JamesPond, sorry for late reply. Just read your question. What Singh1 said is correct. The project is a joint venture between Holborn n TAGB. Cost n profit is shared 50% 50% between them. However, TAGB bought over the hotel portion at the market price from the JV company. The remaining apartment units are sold to the markets.
17/09/2016 23:15
Lele Shares transferred from Datuk Tiah Thee Kian to Tiah Joo Kim.
21/09/2016 18:52
29/09/2016 10:18
JamesPond For TAGB shares to go up, I don't think their property devt and hotel biz plays a significant part, at least not now. I believe the day the Directors stop using TAGB borrowed funds as casino chips to gamble in the stock exchange, would be the day their shares flies. What's the point of making, say RM50M from property/hotel biz and lose RM100M in the stock exchange. Look the Tiahs are not Warren Buffett
29/09/2016 16:14
Lele Unit price down to RM0.22
06/10/2016 09:43
kingofong buy
10/10/2016 16:09


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