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Victor007 luckily i ran this morning
03/08/2016 15:20
skay I have faith in Harta and their business model. The rubber glove business is so big world wide. It's a matter of their manufacturing to keep up with the demand.
05/08/2016 09:50
skay Have Hartalega's expanded manufacturing plant in full force yet?
05/08/2016 09:52
DL05 by 2022.
05/08/2016 09:55
jinje Don't worry, they are expanding production line, sure win
06/08/2016 15:51
Investhor Hartalega’s new plants start making group earnings contributions | http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/107961

based on above news, this counter should be start uprending onwards
09/08/2016 16:40
Investhor as expected, moving up
10/08/2016 15:57
ahpeng95 http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/supermx/101769.jsp
10/08/2016 19:51
Investhor today a bit profit taking only..long term shud be good
11/08/2016 17:09
Investhor http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kimstockwatchfajar/102091.jsp

read this analysis for HARTA, good days coming ahead
14/08/2016 20:30
cwt006 good to buy harta now? rebounded from after qr low
16/08/2016 18:41
PurpleD Harta CQ...buy not or never.
16/08/2016 23:17
PurpleD Directors bought from open market.
Good sign. Just buy and wait...harta cq!
18/08/2016 21:45
cwt006 what is cq?
18/08/2016 22:24
apasajalah call warrant...
18/08/2016 22:29
PurpleD Don't miss Harta... epf is buying
21/08/2016 23:35
Alex Tan Hartalega AGM 2016
30/08/2016 13:54
skay EPF buying up... go go go:)
30/08/2016 16:06
Nigel Low With Zika spreading in Asia, hospital traffic will grow therefore increased in purchase of surgical gloves.
02/09/2016 09:12
awieze but too slow compared to topglove or supermx
02/09/2016 12:03
Nigel Low Discovery of Zika in sg only happened in recent days, this is just the tip of an iceberg in my opinion. If this outbreak cannot be contain, it will start to spread. Glove counter will do well be it topglove or supermx. Whatever it is tread carefully, don't just listen to my opinion.
02/09/2016 12:33
Nigel Low No matter how advance we are, we're still plagued with dengue, impossible to eliminate so when comes to Zika, this issue can pose a bigger problem for pregnant ladies. Not only that, Guillian Barre Syndrome is closely related to Zika. A friend of mine contracted GBS 3 months ago, was in hospital for weeks, can't move and talk, total paralysis. Takes weeks for recovery.

"Compared with pre-Zika rates, Guillain-Barre increased 172 percent in the state of Bahia, Brazil, which was hard hit by the Zika outbreak. They saw similar increases in other countries, with Guillain-Barre cases rising 211 percent in Colombia, 150 percent in the Dominican Republic, 100 percent in El Salvador, 144 percent in Honduras, 400 percent in Suriname and 877 percent in Venezuela."
02/09/2016 12:48
reiki6 Harta apparently slower than its peers on price rise... any comment?
05/09/2016 12:22
Nigel Low Director seems to be buying back shares aggressively.
05/09/2016 18:17
anson8222 Yup, especially the chairman, Kuan Kam Hon. You will noticed in the annual report that he can't even in the list of top 30 biggest shareholder so maybe is time to increase his stake in the company.
06/09/2016 08:50
roshanhunter Yup, is time to accumulate, good show coming.
06/09/2016 11:38
repusez the chairman kuan kam hon has direct interest 0.31% and indirect interet of 52.3% of the company , who says he doesn't own majority stake. see annual report 2016, pg 135
09/09/2016 15:23
anson8222 Yes, repusez but from the latest update on September 1st is 0.67% d.
09/09/2016 23:44
anson8222 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5196781
09/09/2016 23:56
AyamGoreng kikikiki! up up up
13/09/2016 16:08
ah_boon Buy when its on accumulation mode before explode. The only glove company which not yet go up much.
14/09/2016 23:38
jeffthen Today mist likely will drop again as long weekend ahead again!
15/09/2016 07:26
anson8222 Yalor...
16/09/2016 00:40
anson8222 Just sharing from previous news.

In the 1980s, it took 15 workers to produce one million gloves but with increasing automation of production lines, manufacturers have manage to reduce the headcount to 4 workers.

“At Hartalega, our productivity is much higher. Today, we only need 3.5 workers to make a million gloves,” said Kuan.

“We are grateful for government’s support because automation is capital-intensive. As we expand, we hire more engineers, chemists and market development specialists.

When Hartalega made its debut on Bursa Malaysia in 2008, the investing community of stock analysts and fund managers got to know that it is the world’s fastest glovemaker. Hartalega was churning out 28,000 gloves per hour at that time.

What this means is that the company produces more gloves with less resources compared with its rivals. Today, Hartalega continues to earn fat profits for its shareholders as it banks on lean manufacturing.

“We have 24 lines here and they are designed to run at 45,000 pieces of glove per hour,” he said.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/07/159039/hartalega-%E2%80%94-investors-darling
25/09/2016 00:18
madguy harta seems like going up trend slowly ...
26/09/2016 11:29
madguy i think EPF selling harta again ....... gov need money for the comming election ~~~ ??
26/09/2016 14:44
steve Looks like another good quarter result coming up for Hartalega...
28/09/2016 11:03
madguy what if the coming budget affect the price ?? which is coming in 3-4weeks time ... lol damn najib ... last year i kena b4
29/09/2016 00:52
anson8222 Everybody can focus on company direct cost start from Q3 2016 becoz head count been reduced approximately 600.
04/10/2016 16:27
madguy @anson8222 how u know about this ???
04/10/2016 21:34
anson8222 I read it from news. For detail info, u need to seek from google.
05/10/2016 10:02
skay Watch Harta's price surpass Top Glove.... :) :) :)
07/10/2016 10:22
anson8222 Someone keep on pressing the price down and buy, especially 30 mins before closing.
07/10/2016 18:38
skay Well.. see how well Harta is today :)
12/10/2016 17:29
PeterNg Up liao. Good.
12/10/2016 17:31
skay Yea.. agreed. Harta has been a strong performer... more to come :)
13/10/2016 11:18
anson8222 I'm guessing Harta labor cost for this quarter 3 will surely reduce and mayb their fully automatic production line already stable (From front to end line, include QA inspection line) so tht's y company didn't continue those 600 workers contact. I might be wrong so just take it as reference.
14/10/2016 00:01
Olga Gomu Gomu no Mi
19/10/2016 00:12
anson8222 Thanks for sharing, Olga.
19/10/2016 13:06
anson8222 The last 10mins before closing, Hartalega & Kossan suddenly pull up.
21/10/2016 17:31


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