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Market Cap: 1,054 Million
NOSH: 1,506 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):91,959,010
4 Weeks Range:0.605 - 0.765
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.255 - 0.765
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 0.85
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.15

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 30-Jun-2017[#4]  |  28-Aug-2017
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 30-Sep-2017  |  25-Nov-2017
T4Q P/E | EY: 9.94  |  10.07%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.4885  |  1.43
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 40.61%  |  14.42%

Market Buzz

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23-Oct-2017 Forum 8 New Comments


Date Subject
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Business Background

Hibiscus Petroleum Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. The Company focuses on developing oil and gas fields in South Asia, South East Asia and Oceania regions. It focuses on identifying and acquiring target company assets, which participate in upstream oil and gas exploration and production activities. Upstream oil and gas activities consist of exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources. As of March 31, 2011, the Company had not yet commenced business operations. In August 2011, the Company acquired Orient Hibiscus Sdn Bhd. In October 2011, the Company incorporated two wholly owned subsidiaries, Gulf Hibiscus Limited and Hibiscus Oilfield Services Limited.
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ilovehits Short term I tired already. Haha..
21/10/2017 18:03
MoneyNotEnough Those who dream to buy cheap stock should just look for stock below 0.10 cents. At most it can only drop until 0.005 but it has an unlimited uptrend possibility. All you need is wait. However how long you need to wait, this nobody can tell you.

However for Hibiscus at current price of 0.70 had the possibility to go up to 2.8 in yr 2019. This is 400% increase and this is only with 2 assets (Anasuria & Sabah EOR). Do you think that Hibiscus management will become very happy with their achievement and stop looking for new asset to acquire to generate more growth?

Think about it and make your own judgement don't just listen to rumour, look at their result, look at what they are doing. Is the company bring in value or not? Go and do some google search.

If you just looking to earn some to buy chicken rice, then you should just open a burger store, low investment, and you only make burger when got customer order so no risk. When you sell your burger, you get a sure profit.
21/10/2017 18:06
ilovehits Hibiscus and Reach are the winners if oil recovering back $60 and above. This time I'm very serious.
21/10/2017 18:11
ilovehits They are pure upstream players.
21/10/2017 18:12
longvalley 1.00 on the GO......
21/10/2017 18:26
longvalley STILL COLLECT...!
21/10/2017 18:27
King Musang Ha ha..now even more funny when you bring Reach in this forum. No revenue No Profit just shouting 4000bopd sounds like Sumatec. Ohh Both are in KZ..LOL
21/10/2017 18:49
ilovehits Are you fortune teller? How you know Reach can't make money in future?
21/10/2017 18:59
hstha Bursa M'sia expected to recover next week on bargain hunting

21/10/2017 19:04
alone Musang king, please go away. .. 0.4 talk until now, u not boring¿
21/10/2017 19:11
King Musang It suppose to declare big revenue and profit since claimed 4000bopd see yourself what happened since. Don't we ever learned from Sumatec conman story? Sad! Don't you ever compare Hibiscus with Reach. Joke of century!
21/10/2017 19:22
Beahuman Yah musang king is disgrace to all other Durians
21/10/2017 19:22
ilovehits See your head! If Reach make profit now, you think Reach-wa still trading at $0.10?
21/10/2017 19:24
ilovehits King Musang!? Pondan Musang GOT!
21/10/2017 19:26
ilovehits Anyway, Hibiscus is a good stock. Haha..
21/10/2017 19:30
ilovehits Can somebody push it down to $0.60? I buy 1000 lots later.
21/10/2017 19:30
King Musang This week TA show strong correction mode. Get ready for 0.60 and get ready your money to buy if you have some. Pls don't ever talk about Reach here. Disgraced!
21/10/2017 19:34
ilovehits I talk to you like talk to a dog. They take over the management only on May 2017. That's why you see peanuts only.

Know to listen?

Posted by King Musang > Oct 21, 2017 07:22 PM | Report Abuse

It suppose to declare big revenue and profit since claimed 4000bopd see yourself what happened since. Don't we ever learned from Sumatec conman story? Sad! Don't you ever compare Hibiscus with Reach. Joke of century!
21/10/2017 19:34
ilovehits You say yourself?

Posted by King Musang > Oct 21, 2017 07:34 PM | Report Abuse

This week TA show strong correction mode. Get ready for 0.60 and get ready your money to buy if you have some. Pls don't ever talk about Reach here. Disgraced!
21/10/2017 19:35
ilovehits You can bad-mouth Hibiscus. I cannot talk Reach here? You think who you are?!
21/10/2017 19:37
ilovehits Pondan? King? Musang? Just small potato actually.
21/10/2017 19:37
ilovehits OK. I stop here. Bye-bye. Haha..
21/10/2017 19:38
MoneyNotEnough If you believe in something, don't hold back, just go for it. Like Nike "Just Do It"

Many people will give you discourage word, don't let those discourage word affect your decision. If you never move out of your comfort zone, you will never realise how beautiful outside is.

Never be afraid of making mistake, be afraid of not learning from your mistake. The more mistake you make, the more you learn. The more you learn, the less mistake you make until one day you can only make right decision. Treat the loss as part of fee for you to learn. You go to college, you also need to pay a fee. Correct or not? The worst part is when you come out of college, you still learn nothing.

If you want something (goal), you must take action. Every action you take will bring you closer to your goal. If you just sit down and do nothing, until your hair all turn white, you will still at the same position. Empire never built in one day, and empire only built by those who believe in themselves, courageous, admit their mistake and correct their mistake. They continue to strike forward until they achieve their goal and leave everyone else behind in the dust.

Life is short, make it adventurous and not a dull one. Don't be afraid to take risk cause life itself is risky thats why we need to buy life insurance. The worst part is you can't get away from life as long as you still breath.
21/10/2017 20:28
Orange88 Money not enough - wish there are more investors like you in bursa. We will all be rich like wall st instead of happily earning chicken feed becauze of other fellow investors lose theit shirt.
21/10/2017 20:58
Orange88 To get A discussion going what do you guys think of Asiabio upcoming rights issue of ICPS. based on OCR experience with preference shares will be a very profitable exercise
21/10/2017 21:01
MoneyNotEnough I already sold all my Asiabio at 0.20
I will sold other stock as well next week, will only focus in Hibiscus and Jaks. I prefer to strike rich or broke not break even.
I am now following KYY golden rule in investing. Hibiscus is my first pick as it satisfy KYY golden rule.

You can look up his blog below if you want. I am currently reading his previous post.

Wish you all strike it rich in your stock pick.
21/10/2017 21:24
warrior after losing all your money, then only to regret ? think first before you jump.
22/10/2017 05:41
erkongseng http://kongsenger.blogspot.my/2017/10/5199-hibiscus-rm-070.html?m=0
22/10/2017 07:52
Klseman Hibiscus is a fundamentally changed company. Definitely will make good profit. This is not a company that just won some contract or project. It has a new positive fundamental. Petronas partner. It will be a new major oil and gas outfit. By 2018 valuation could be as high as rm 1.50 and above.
22/10/2017 10:10
Orange88 Hibiscus 2017 remaining will trade 0.65-.88 2018 0.72-1.32. Cavaet to this rocket man n wall at crash.
22/10/2017 10:55
Orange88 Wall st.
22/10/2017 10:55
MoneyNotEnough Thank you warrior for your concern and your kind intention.

I am still learning how to walk, If I am afraid of fall, I will never be able to walk.
Just like baby, once they know how to walk, they will know how to run.

The lost in the process of learning to walk will only be a small fraction of profit when I know how to run.

I already spend 20 years of my life as average person. I am not going to spend the rest of my life as average person anymore.

Let us not pull back each other. Why not we compete and support each other to see who the reach the top first.

Wish you all Happy Investing.
22/10/2017 11:37
mxlitfly I like quote frm MoneyNotEnough ..... strike rich or broke not breakeven...... make sense but sounds a bit gambling to me .......
22/10/2017 14:10
Lau333 First Tranche Fresh Private Movement dated 4 August
5 days VWAMP of share up to & including 3 August: 0.4086
Discount: 5.8%
Range: 0.405-0.415

Second Tranche Fresh Private Movement dated 17 Oct
5 days VWAMP of share up to & including 16 October: 0.7276
Discount: 4.5%
Range: 0.68-0.765
22/10/2017 16:51
Lau333 Hibiscus share movement for both price fixing periods is noticeably different The timing of second tranche also appears accelerated as it is quoted in BIMB report that management expects to complete the second tranche in 2QFY18.

In the period leading to first price fixing, Hibiscus share price was range bound which only breakout after the fixing date. The share consolidated at higher range before it staged the 40% hike on20/9.

Conversely, we see a sudden price surge in the period leading to 2nd tranche price fixing. And guess what, the first day to be used in calculating the average VWAMP is also coincidently the first time ever Hibiscus share closed above RM0.70 in 2 years.

And now that price fixing is finally done 17/10, Hibiscus share is slowly drifting down despite record oil price with technical indicator turn bearish….
22/10/2017 17:08
ilovehits Let it down, hopefully.
22/10/2017 17:15
ilovehits I buy 1000 lots if down to $0.60.
22/10/2017 17:16
Lau333 For me, perhaps to consider re-entry at support after the release of quarterly report AND the oil price is staying afloat.
Only the paranoid survive…
22/10/2017 17:44
OrlandoOIL U say price manipulated to sell PP 0.695? Rm100m lots of takers how to explain?
22/10/2017 18:55
King Musang @Lau333 you asked the same question as I keep asking, why price dropping even oil price is up, even below the PP 0.69. Wondering who subscribed those PP they never announced...buy PP push sell high.. Another PP push sell high.. So obviously public money is used to support their PP.
22/10/2017 20:01
VenFx Good observation Lau333, thx lot.
22/10/2017 20:36
OrlandoOIL PP shares not even issued hw they sell PP shares?
22/10/2017 20:44
erkongseng http://news.fx678.com/C/20171022/201710221553051570.shtml
23/10/2017 05:09
deddymines if hibiscus price is the only one that fell then we should get worried, but carimin, reach, umwog and etc price all fell as well. btw oil price dropped to low 57 from 58s. that probably caused the brief profit taking. brent only shot up to high 57s after our klse close.

Anyway brent approaching 58 back again. Once again congrats those who bought below or near pp price. Lets ride on the uptrend.

By the way, there are many who would like to raise uncertainties to bring hibiscus price down for them to collect. There are more than thousand counters in bursa malaysia, if one dont like a share they would not bother commenting on that share. For example, if i dont like keyasic, i would not spend the time commenting in keyasic forum and telling everyone the share price will crash unless i have ulterior motive. There are so many other worse and loss making counters besides hibiscus that needs these keyboard warriors to warn and save people :)

Spend some time studying the financials and reading the audited report of this company. Read their future prospects and study about the directors and owners too. You will find it is a very interesting company. Anyway my 2cents. Good luck in trading guys.
23/10/2017 06:58
deddymines and i am not biased to hibiscus either. this is not the only share in my port. i chose this counter because it is one of the only few o&g counters which has recorded consistent profits and not losses. It has no debts either.

If hibiscus starts recording bad losses or some problems start arising from their Anasuria or Sabah project, I will not hesitate and sell hibiscus.

In the mean time all looks good for hibiscus. Oil on the uptrend, profits are consistent from Anasuria and the upcoming Sabah deal that will double revenue is yet to be announced. Interesting times ahead for hibiscus.
23/10/2017 07:05
erkongseng 快进吧70sen是促銷价,当北沙巴油田收购完成,每天原油产量为12500 桶,股价1元还会远吗?哈哈哈!
23/10/2017 07:37
Orange88 Deddymine is a genius speech! Speech!
23/10/2017 08:41
Beahuman Hope king musang drink Deddymine's urine
23/10/2017 08:46
Rama118 Musang King gets into i3 Brent Oil Futures Blog and comments as follows:-
Musang King Oct 21, 2017 1:06PM GMT
Looks like Kurdistan situation is developing fast that will take off 200-300K per day off the market.. With Shale production plateau, rig count is down, OPEC support, short term should be looking good. . Price should hit $60 early Dec-17.
23/10/2017 09:02
hstha Today tech stocks are bullish. Buy some!
23/10/2017 10:22


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