KLSE : HIBISCS       HIBISCUS PETROLEUM BHD Main : Industrial Products
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0.505   +0.005 (1.00%)  0.50 - 0.515  20,433,100
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Market Cap: 729 Million
NOSH: 1,443 Million
P/E | EY: 3.83  |  26.11%
DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.5069  |  1.00
Avg Volume (4 weeks):66,684,541
4 Weeks Range:0.465 - 0.56
52 Weeks Range:0.17 - 0.56
Average Price Target: 0.44
Price Target Upside/Downside: -0.065


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VenFx Wincloud bro, your sharing has been make our tasking easier.
As usual your sharing always amaging , simple to read and supported with facts.
Keep your good works.

Assuming u will be doing very very great in your future investment.

Tq again ! Wincloud bro .
24/02/2017 00:21
VenFx Best strategy is Accumulate On Weak .
24/02/2017 00:23
windcloud Venfx not yet slept ? this message I will delete in tomorrow afternoon haha .... Just a simply computation, not really go into detail.

Thanks for comment, tomorrow talk u again.
24/02/2017 00:23
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 Windcloud..

24/02/2017 00:23
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 I'm novice ma... Step by Step learn from all forumers ma....

Don't delete ma.. My otak slow need digestion ma
24/02/2017 00:26
稻田·* 粒粒芳香 This afternoon jz sent one. U didn't receive?

Lately I sent two look like many not received...dunno why?
24/02/2017 00:28
VenFx Hi ! Wincloud bro, I hv found your sharing & finding is superior.
Pls don't delete juz bcause of some naysayers who never appreciate your hard work.
I'm sure there are lot of readers here do enlightened from your comments.

' Sharing is Power, it Perfect Us '
I see u as an i3 alliances in sharing facts.
There are many others sifus in i3 practising this.... if benefits us all here.
To say a few Moneysifu / probability / kakashit / duitkwspkita and many more.

I like your fact findjng spirits.
24/02/2017 00:47
VenFx To add ,
I find Bunga raya is in its full effort to ensure their Cash flow to continue positively growth higher to ensure their future (refer to North Shell) acquisition is financially fit.

So, Hibiscus is the Nation counter every single Malaysian shold own.
24/02/2017 00:56
VenFx Hi ! Wincloud , can I assuming the Opex per barrel is approximately at usd $19/ ?
Is it still valid ?
24/02/2017 01:05
VenFx Calvin taneng, a kind advise on u.

Being a fool juz insanely,
To play fool to yourself,
U r asheme your home country, pls stop doing the joker things,
Make your country glory not disgrace it. Be responsible for your country glory.
24/02/2017 01:15
VenFx Tq kakasi ,
For your quick analysis to the qtr results.

I'll have to check on their expenditure ...
I'm relief Bunga raya has stable production number..
24/02/2017 01:22
VenFx Wincloud bro,
Don't be disturb to Calvintan lar, we all know his ill brad characters .

See how he disgrace himself ,
(Airaisia thread - copy & paste here)

Posted by ,
Icon8888 Fxxk you lah. Everybody knows that you are a liar and you are attacking out of jealousy 

Posted by calvintaneng > Feb 23, 2017 08:46 PM | Report Abuse Icon8888 I think your stock picks on JHM, GESHEN, JOHOTIN ARE EXCELLENT For Calvin, I hope you please understand, I am here to help & not to hurt. May all prosper this year in this time of min bullrun CHEERS!

23/02/2017 20:47
24/02/2017 01:41
GM68 look like the oil reserve is getting less and less, so oil price will keep on moving upward. see article below:

Exxon Mobil Corp. disclosed the deepest reserves cut in its modern history as prolonged routs in oil and natural gas markets erased the value of a $16-billion oil-sands investment and other North American assets.

The equivalent of about 3.3 Bbbl of untapped crude was removed from the so-called proved reserves category in Exxon’s books, the Irving, Texas-based explorer said in a statement. The revisions were triggered when low energy prices made it mathematically impossible to profitably harvest those fields within five years. The sprawling, 3.5-Bbbl Kearl oil-sands development in western Canada accounted for most of the hit.

The 19% drop amounts to the largest annual cut since at least the 1999 merger that created the company in its modern form, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That includes 1.5 Bbbl of reserves that were pumped from wells. The previous record cut was a 3% reduction taken during the height of the global financial crisis in 2008. The reserves are now at their lowest since 1997.
24/02/2017 09:51
thinkfirst Sad see Hibiscus
24/02/2017 10:26
tronx Stay strong who brought 530 540 550
24/02/2017 10:44
jayalbert why sad, interesting.. we shudnt feel that way, it will go up, today is DNEX show day, hibiscus' turn will come soon
24/02/2017 10:46
thinkfirst Oil price is rocketing why Hibiscus cannot fly? this is my question.
24/02/2017 11:12
myportfolio bought at 0.50 n watch it rise..
24/02/2017 11:20
jayalbert gud 4 u.. i like optimistic people
24/02/2017 11:22
nicky Steady ... still above RM0.50
24/02/2017 11:58
traderman still above 50 cent ... crash ?????

prove again calvintaneng is a noob ... no wonder 173 in i3. well deserve
24/02/2017 12:02
nicky Still up despite others down
24/02/2017 12:40
windcloud hi Venfx bro, opex per barrel is about USD18-19. But think cost is using GBP instead of USD whereas sales is using USD. Since Aug'16, USD is strengthen against GBP due to Trump effect, so this may translate into better profit margin. Anyway my cost just a simple illustration, if you using USD 18-19 as opex cost, profit will be lesser. Anyway, if USD keep strengthened and brent crude oil price keep upwards, profit will be still around there.

Messages I had deleted think most people had seen already. Hope price will move up sooner.
24/02/2017 13:27
VenFx Noted, windcloud bro .
I see Bunga Raya is a Buy on weakness .
24/02/2017 13:44
thehakk It is very abnormal for the volume. 2 mils shares become 97k today. Next Tuesday will be having heavy force selling
24/02/2017 14:23
Teoh Boon Leong Wincloud,thanks for the analysis,hold tight big gain on the way.
24/02/2017 14:48
jayalbert i notice there r some weird lot numbers purchased, ie 91 92 93 94 batang occassionally from morning to now, wonder what/why?
24/02/2017 15:21
jayalbert oh after my weird batang comment, they walloped all 51 c..
24/02/2017 15:22
Teoh Boon Leong 0.515 lai liao
24/02/2017 15:24
bleuerouge bull resume next week?
24/02/2017 15:29
jayalbert it will b T+4 next week for those big vol bought at 52 - 54 c a few days ago
24/02/2017 15:30
GM68 I guess as every Friday, the show start at 16:00 pm...lets wait and see how Hibiscus will end the day.
24/02/2017 15:47
andrewg told you guys bout the off take prices.......

producers hedge their sales price to manage volatility in the oil market prices.

lets see next quarter.
24/02/2017 16:59
nekosan Haha Calvin said crash crash crash very day
24/02/2017 18:16
calvintaneng See Hibiscus crashed from 56 cts to 50.5 cts already down 10%


Calvin warned wahaha to sell Tekseng above Rm1.00

Instead of listening to Calvin wahaha mocked & bought more Tekseng.

And Tekseng crashed 70% to only 70 cts and?



24/02/2017 18:20
anbz2 follow averaging calvin and prepare to write I AM FAILURE.agree calvin.1+1 also fail.hahaha.
24/02/2017 18:36
pineapple123 respect and be respected. calvintaneng kor kor, i support U
24/02/2017 21:12
RoyFlyToSky believe in hibiscus
24/02/2017 21:17
RoyFlyToSky believe in fgv also risky but if profitable boom!
24/02/2017 21:17
8wpwtmt8 Brent Oil 55.88 -0.70 -1.24%

Brent oil is below USD56 again.
24/02/2017 22:09
8wpwtmt8 Rig count added 5 only.
25/02/2017 02:28
Calvin882 Great news!
25/02/2017 10:22
Bobo Au calvin882 what the new ?
25/02/2017 12:55
nekosan Haha 10% fall is a crash? Means your bina puri already crash like mad from 50 cent.... Hahhaah super hypocrite noon Calvin
25/02/2017 16:17
amyzo already let go half of my hib
25/02/2017 17:11
amyzo hib..to buy dnex wd
25/02/2017 17:12
tronx Wave, this time seems support 0.5 above, good thing compare to previous wave drop to 0.4, going to up if shark is collect done.
26/02/2017 07:52
thinkfirst Buy Dnex before to let.
26/02/2017 09:34
Teoh Boon Leong Latest Focus Malaysia indicates Hibis as first of top 20 bullish momentum stocks for next week.
26/02/2017 18:35
Calvin882 Teoh, it's not next week only. It was one of the top bullish stocks in 2016 and this 2017 as well ; )
26/02/2017 19:05


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