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Avg Volume (4 weeks):40,966,200
4 Weeks Range:0.19 - 0.325
52 Weeks Range:0.13 - 0.60
Average Price Target:0.44
Price Target Upside/Downside:+0.15
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UniC In plain england. What you mean?
26/10/2016 21:48
kellysgk Up up up!!
26/10/2016 22:04
B4b4 Good morning all Hibiscus fans, oil prices now above US 49, still profitable since cost of production is 13/b for Sabah Shell and 23/b for Anasuria. Lets hope today is up up up for Hibiscus.
27/10/2016 04:47
TomyamGong Huattt ahhh
27/10/2016 08:28
B4b4 Certainly Huat ah. All ready to go up. 1 QR for FY 2017 will be great.
27/10/2016 08:40
abcb Hibiscus accumulated losses stands at RM131 million and intangible assets RM997 miliion
Very high risky stock to invest
Hope it wont to be the same as Sumatec
27/10/2016 11:30
VenFx Wow, Bunga masih Merah Jambu berkilau .Susah mau dapat balik lagi 0.295 macam kitu.
27/10/2016 11:49
thinkfirst Commentary based on daily chart (26 Oct 2016)
Hisiscs has been trading above its upward sloping 20-Day Moving Average with is good sign. Furthermore, next resistance level is quite far at 0.52
27/10/2016 12:00
roslaom Based in reply to bursa, production cost is rm55 as informed by seller i.e NOrth sabah shell.
27/10/2016 12:01
abcb Alert! The management cannot be trusted!
27/10/2016 12:19
tekken dont run
27/10/2016 12:20
VenFx Management Do Very transparent presentation and with good visibility earning analysist wor.
27/10/2016 12:23
abcb Earning Per share:0
PE Ratio : none
Last year second quarter loss RM164 million and EPS -16.32 cents
27/10/2016 12:25
VenFx HIBISCUS is Big Turning Around now, Crude last time $26/ , now how much. Be open heart lar :)
27/10/2016 12:31
VenFx Real money accumulating aggresively, they are smart dude.
I'm lagi smart trying hard to buy low at 0.295 kikiki .
Let c how is my luck.
27/10/2016 12:33
rikki Hibiscus purchasing Shell Msia assets at a production cost of USD55.10 per barrel.
27/10/2016 12:33
VenFx Plss don't promote rikki bro,
i'm desparately want to buy back Bunga merah merah at0.295 :)
27/10/2016 12:35
whatsup whatsup Guys, look at fundamentals. The stock has sales of USD4.5M/mth (50x6kx30)/2 where oil is at USD50 and output 6K barrels.With a cost of sales of half of that, controlled capital expenditure, it should be profitable. Upside is increase in price of oil and production increase.
27/10/2016 13:01
char1234 stabilizing.....it cld go up or down.....gamblers choice
27/10/2016 14:20
tekken dont sell
27/10/2016 14:38
B4b4 rikki, please check it out USD 55/ b or RM 55/ b ?
27/10/2016 15:18
B4b4 rikki, cost is RM 55 / b that ie about USD 13 / b. Oil price now is around US 50 / b. Profit will be enormous and awesome for Hibiscus. Uptrend still intact.
27/10/2016 15:20
B4b4 Why sell, it is holding very well. Just relax and be HAPPY
27/10/2016 15:22
VenFx Kikiki ... come to papa .
27/10/2016 15:24
char1234 buying time is also not today.......
27/10/2016 15:28
lucaluca me too not buying today.. I'll wait. Oil is also dropping now.. not so much reason to buy now.
27/10/2016 15:51
thinkfirst Price won't go below 0.30
27/10/2016 15:52
abcb Do not trust too much of this company
The Directors only care for themselves,not minority shareholders
27/10/2016 15:52
abcb No such thing turning around
At the end turning backward like Sumatec
Try to cheat investors
27/10/2016 15:56
VenFx Pls whack this little horse for me,
i'm waiting to buy desparetely at 0.295 xp
27/10/2016 15:56
lucaluca already 0.29
27/10/2016 16:00
abcb Before the announcement of the deal,i suspect the company directors has slowly accumulated their company shares below 0.20 cents and now they try all the best to dump all to retailers
Pls do not get trap!
I repeat this company cannot be trusted at all
27/10/2016 16:00
lucaluca VenFx - have u bought at 0.295?
27/10/2016 16:00
VenFx Yaa, that's my baby 0.285 plsss .
27/10/2016 16:01
abcb Sell as much as you can
27/10/2016 16:01
VenFx Of course not yet .
I see look see look .
27/10/2016 16:02
abcb This company directors previous track record were very bad
So pls don't believe them too much whatever Merger and Acquisition deal they have announced so far
27/10/2016 16:12
lucaluca I will wait at 0.25sen
27/10/2016 16:13
bleuerouge waiting 27c, long time no see..;-)
27/10/2016 16:14
abcb Very good example Sumatec at the end thousand of thousand minority investors have cheated by them
27/10/2016 16:16
VenFx Waiting Bunga Raya gugur dari 0.285 dulu .
27/10/2016 16:17
bleuerouge never mind, if today cannot, tomorrow also can lah
27/10/2016 16:21
abcb The directors are clever than all of us,they know when to announce for the deal to make quick money
27/10/2016 16:26
VenFx Try to whack more ,,, i'm happy to wait a bit lower.
27/10/2016 16:30
abcb The games is over,by right this company worth nothing
27/10/2016 16:30
abcb Pls always keep in mind ,do not get stuck on this stock
Big sharks start dumpling down their share right now
27/10/2016 16:32
静思# 是修养也是修行 This Hibiscus almost die???

why like that>>>

the MD promise will give one shareholder one kuntum bunga raya as door gift next AGM..... now U say die pulak
27/10/2016 16:36
abcb My good friend purchased 1 million shares of Hibiscus at 1.80 -2.10 for the last three years but now worth how much?
27/10/2016 16:38
VenFx Last century WTI only $10/ , now is how much ? kikiki
27/10/2016 16:44
VenFx I dont know your friend.
But, i juz make a handsomely profit this week xp
27/10/2016 16:45


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