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alexisinvestor CLIQ directors are wasting their time and money to go to the courts. Even if SC had approved their QA, it could still be rejected by shareholders in the EGM (just like Sona). Why don't the directors just move on with their life and return back the money to shareholders. Make everyone happy in the process...
26/05/2016 18:37
Kareemabduljabbar http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5107841
28/05/2016 01:51
speakup why Cliq not yet delisted? 3 year timeframe long over alraedy.
02/06/2016 11:50
callme777 The stock delisted?
17/06/2016 16:10
TheContrarian Bursa saham dare not delist. Even SC got sued.
17/06/2016 19:04
TheContrarian Appeal court hearing fixed in September. I don't think liquidators dare to return trust money because they can get sued.
29/06/2016 22:33
Ae Doh the longer the delay in returning the money to shareholders the longer the directors get paid with big fat salary (shareholders money ma). Sona is coming to that tricks as well
22/07/2016 16:00
derrickinvestor aiya... cliq is very hard to die one.. like hydra...
02/08/2016 23:29
hlt1110 what can we do abt it? still need to hold this stock for how long?
03/08/2016 14:44
TheContrarian You can't do anything because even SC and Bursa are afraid. Nobody wants to be liquidator now because can get sued by Best Oracles. What I did was sold off all my Cliq shares at 69 sen months ago.
03/08/2016 20:20
lse2016 why is the distribution 73 sen for cliq? from what i understand, promoters cannot participate in the liquidation. so now there is 360.4 million in the trust account, 504752720 shares(this excludes those held by promoters)....so the distribution shud be 71.5 sen per share. why is it 73sen per share? where have i gone wrong?
19/08/2016 08:17
lse2016 or is it actually 71.5 sen per share and so the underpricing is just very little....
19/08/2016 08:29
Kareemabduljabbar You need to take out Initial Investors and also the Promoter block.
19/08/2016 10:28
lse2016 yes there are 631009390 shares. promoters and initial investors hold 20%. which means excluding them, there are 504807512 shares....and don't we use this figure?

360.4 million / 504807512 = 71.4 sen per share.

count again guys....if this calculation is correct than no such thing as 73sen !
19/08/2016 10:40
lse2016 btw...the earlier figure i used for number of shares was different because of some roundings i made. but the 504807512 figure is correct.
19/08/2016 10:41
Kareemabduljabbar Your denominator incorrect. Please read the prospectus as to who and whom qualifies for the Trust money.
19/08/2016 11:08
speakup why is cliq directors still collecting directors fees????

19/08/2016 14:05
NorthSpring11 Do not know why they dare to ask for director's fees ? why need to pay to them ? pay for them to pay for their lawyer fees to fight for against winding up. A group of rubbish directors.
19/08/2016 16:46
NorthSpring11 If no money to survive, please go to look for a job, dont like a beggar to ask for free money.
19/08/2016 16:49
Kareemabduljabbar I believe from what I read in the Bursa disclosure and also the newspapers that the board consists of independent directors and the directors who are conflicted. The conflicted directors are the original promoters who have sued the SC and been frustrating the liquidation. The independent directors been doing their job for a full and quick liquidation. If you angry your money is stuck, you should target the culprits and not the entire Board.
19/08/2016 17:09
NorthSpring11 You are right,It should be just the "best Oracles" rubbish.
19/08/2016 17:40
TheContrarian Shareholders can move a motion to sack those directors. All you need is a simple majority.
20/08/2016 04:06
rohank71 Lets sack the directors at the AGM.
24/08/2016 23:15
rohank71 AGM tomorrow, those going keep us posted.
31/08/2016 21:19
DK66 Resolution 1 failed, resolution 3 passed, and resolution 2 withdrawn.
01/09/2016 15:38
DK66 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5194445
01/09/2016 15:56
DK66 http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/09/02/shareholder-fury/
02/09/2016 09:21
Kareemabduljabbar I am confused. Who on the Board is delaying the Liquidation, and were these people penalized Who is working hard for a quick Liquidation, and were these people encouraged / rewarded ?
02/09/2016 18:18
rohank71 what happened at cliq, anyone went for AGM?
02/09/2016 18:45
DK66 I suppose this is called "collateral damage" as Siva Kumar called for NO VOTE as a show of shareholders' wish for money to be returned.
02/09/2016 22:44
DK66 I don't think the intention of the shareholders is to deprive the directors of their fees.
02/09/2016 22:46
Kareemabduljabbar Very confused. Didn't shareholders vote to penalize the very same people who working hard day in and day out for a faster liquidation ? Sounds silly no ?
03/09/2016 11:44
Kareemabduljabbar The shareholder can express their views in so many other ways more so a substantial shareholder like jaya kumar. He could have proposed a resolution. He didn't.
03/09/2016 11:46
DK66 I m confused too. Perhaps you are right. The poll results just simply showed that the shareholders aren't happy with the directors' effort, not good enough.
03/09/2016 23:03
rohank71 the liquidation will never happen with more case management and problems. can ask all shareholders and directors to go and sleep.
10/09/2016 22:55
rohank71 LOOOOONG wait
13/09/2016 23:59
DK66 Anyone knows the outcome of the court of appeal hearing for JR today ?
14/09/2016 21:37
Kareemabduljabbar http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5206813
15/09/2016 17:46
rohank71 liquidation approved by court. now wait for liquidator to announce the payout. anyone knows how much?
20/09/2016 21:39
TheContrarian Not yet, court will only sit on Monday to give approval.
21/09/2016 00:35
rohank71 so why price up today.
21/09/2016 10:41
TheContrarian Up because Lanka buying. He sold his Reach.
21/09/2016 16:33
rohank71 OMG, U bring Reach clown Lanka to CLIQ chat.
21/09/2016 22:37
rohank71 when is CLIQ suspension of trading to repay money back?
25/09/2016 12:20
TheContrarian Told you court only sits tomorrow to deliver judgement on appointment of liquidator.
25/09/2016 17:02
Angielim9955 TheContrarian
sorry interupt here team
TheContrarian can ask whether do you follow CCM ah ?
25/09/2016 17:14
TheContrarian Sorry, no follow CCM.
25/09/2016 18:39
Angielim9955 TheContrarian is ok noted
25/09/2016 18:58
rohank71 any decision today?
26/09/2016 19:00
DK66 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5214613
26/09/2016 21:00


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