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Caryn Chua as confusing as ever, unlike normal warrants?
24/02/2016 23:23
pukimak_ahmad_ziyad Any refund for cliq wa ?
25/02/2016 01:10
mansaham1972 Bila berlaku camni pihak SC dan BURSA kasi biar ja,yg penting mereka dah untung masa listing cliq wa tanpa peduli kepentingan pelabur waran.ini yg saya katakan pihak SC dan BURSA sendiri yg perlu disiasat dan didakwa di mahkamah kerana wujud unsur rasuah.SPRM pun boleh soasat juga pihak SC dan BURSA.belum pernah berlaku waran tidak boleh convert kpd mother sedangkan exercise 50 sen ikut info,ini jelas menipu pelabur.jadi apa peranan SC dan BURSA yg jelas pentingkan perut sendiri
25/02/2016 07:33
kaizoke tahi
25/02/2016 11:30
kaizoke why no re appeal
25/02/2016 11:30
kaizoke white collar crime
25/02/2016 11:30
kaizoke this will jeopardize the bursa image since bursa let white collar crime happening in the open market. now don't know how many soul will be living not peaceful and die. no proper risk management system were created. unqualified person.
25/02/2016 11:33
callme777 Feel sorry for you ppl.
25/02/2016 17:40
derrickinvestor1 keep as a tuiton certificate?
25/02/2016 17:45
StockQueen i have some warrants, is this warrants unable to convert?
27/02/2016 11:53
Dell888 You can convert by paying conversion price of RM0.50 into 1 cliq share. Depending on the outstanding shares at that point of time, based on Outstanding cash at book closure date, Maybe you get back 0.69 - 0.710. Well at least you don't lose so much la
27/02/2016 12:15
Dell888 It's not the SC fault. Guidelines are meant to be followed. You don't raise cash and leave it in your account to wait for assets to fall on your lap. If you can't close deals, then this business could eventually fail. SPACs operators should be assessed on their deal making strengths
27/02/2016 12:18
sinkalan RIP
27/02/2016 12:46
mansaham1972 SPRM harus siasat watak2 yg terlibat dalam penyenaraian cliq dan cliq waran kerana SC,BURSA dan director this company jelas menipu pelabur
27/02/2016 19:04
mansaham1972 Unsur rasuah dan penyalahgunaan kuasa utk kepentingan perut masing2 telah berlaku
27/02/2016 19:06
pukimak_ahmad_ziyad But these company had use up multi million to access asset, for them to trip to other country ! Where is the evaluation report ! We want the evaluation report & maybe like 1MDB, the evaluation money flow back to the director account ! And the executive director get 70k salary/ month for doing nothing ! Calculate how much money they taken from investor !
27/02/2016 22:34
Icezz Dell888.. you sure your comment is correct ? When there is no QA... we all cant convert any cliq-wa to its mother share wor.... Means.. either you sell it before the maturity date or keep it as paper reminding yourselves to careful in future.
29/02/2016 00:23
derrickinvestor u sure or not?
29/02/2016 12:40
kytan http://biz.sinchew.com.my/node/132075 不享有退款‧CLIQ憑單變廢紙 cliq-wa is a rubbish. not value
29/02/2016 17:26
derrickinvestor Still got volume.... Surprise...
01/03/2016 17:28
01/03/2016 17:34
shityoucliqdirector Wonder the director get refund of their salary ? Can asked for director refund their salary ?
02/03/2016 01:17
derrickinvestor1 oil up d.... cliq may still have hope?
03/03/2016 15:24
kusmitea Cliq is already in the process of liquidation... sorry to all the warrant holders but the warrant will cease to exist soon!
03/03/2016 15:28
derrickinvestor1 come on cliq
07/03/2016 16:32
kusmitea Warrant A will expire on next month!
Source: http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5023825
08/03/2016 12:24
derrickinvestor1 oh shit.... how many ppl burn?
08/03/2016 14:05
najisrazakpuki Post removed. Why?
09/03/2016 11:31
najisrazakpuki Post removed. Why?
09/03/2016 11:32
derrickinvestor1 no volume....
09/03/2016 14:09
speakup last time i also hold cliq warrant, but good thing i cut loss early around 20+sen. otherwise cry cry until no more tears.
09/03/2016 14:12
09/03/2016 15:36
mansaham1972 SC,BURSA da director cliq telah membuat dosa yg amat besar dan sesekali pelabur waran macam saya tidak maafkan anda dari dunia sampai akhirat.moga bala menanti mereka yg bersekongkol menyenaraikan yg sepatutnya tidak diluluskan penyenaraiannya.sumpah pelabur yg marah ini mumgkin terkena anda dan ahli keluarga anda
09/03/2016 20:08
derrickinvestor1 still no volume?
10/03/2016 10:39
derrickinvestor1 mansaham1972 berapa byk u beli ini walan?
10/03/2016 10:40
seanteoh All died ! WA become 0 value !
12/03/2016 11:35
najisrazakpuki Post removed. Why?
14/03/2016 10:36
speakup GAME OVER!
14/03/2016 10:37
Alfred Boon Huat Can change to mother share right? At 0. 5each... still earn...
18/03/2016 10:22
derrickinvestor1 still no volume today?
21/03/2016 17:44
greatful can buy? 0.005 can easily make 100% or loss 100%
22/03/2016 07:37
summer88 why suspended?
24/03/2016 14:29
shityoucliqdirector The cliq director have intention to cheat the investor. All of them is not seen, doing nothing, spend multi million for evaluation. But there is no evident of the expenses. All the investor urge the cliq director to submit the invoice, evaluation report and evidence of the evaluation. Taking multi million of the salary and enjoy create fake evaluation report and turn the evaluation money to own pocket !
25/03/2016 08:04
pukimakcliqdirector Wonder why nobody take action against the director !
30/03/2016 19:25
cliqbabi88 pity all my hard earn money one !
12/04/2016 09:32
speakup http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/04/14/siva-kumar-emerges-as-cliq-energys-top-three-shareholder/

big towkay Siva Kumar accumulating CLIQ. something brewing?
15/04/2016 07:37
mamajeru so may 31st we will know if cliq will fly back or not ?
04/05/2016 10:45
mamajeru warrant liquidated ?
04/05/2016 10:51
cliqbabi88 Post removed. Why?
07/05/2016 13:26
Harris Lincoln what happen? it suppose to expire on 8th april 2016?
10/05/2016 21:32


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