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Listing Date:Dec 10, 2015
Maturity Date:Dec 10, 2023
Issue Size:1,000,000,000
Exercise Price:MYR 0.50
Ratio: 1:1
Underlying Stock:
Avg Volume (4 weeks):25,626,885
4 Weeks Range:0.02 - 0.05
52 Weeks Range:0.02 - 0.08

Additional Info

Announcement: [Dec 07, 2015] Profile for Securities of PLC
Description:Eight (8)-year 2015/2023 Warrants
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sheep SC must investigate. How can an IPO share can be valued at 050 and how come it can plunged 12sen on opening minute. who are the sellers. anyone violated the moratorium?.
14/12/2015 14:44
Easy_money bought at 9.5-10 sen for contra. Hope someone buy higher.
14/12/2015 15:40
HYG RSena SPAC is different from the previous oil&gas SPAC.
It's F&B SPAC.
14/12/2015 21:17
Bryan Lee murah hubline wa 0.005
14/12/2015 22:16
DreamRaider Another high volume day ...
15/12/2015 03:29
Jiah Chee which one
15/12/2015 09:15
Easy_money Please eat my 10-10.5 sen q.
15/12/2015 09:37
willian88 Tommorow T4...shopping day..
15/12/2015 18:08
traderman avoid ... will go 6 cent
15/12/2015 20:24
DreamInvader evely day wolume goot
16/12/2015 04:29
Banditos ;-)
30/12/2015 09:35
why_no_dividend Cash rich but never pay dividend(other SPACs history) buy for what?
30/12/2015 11:18
ruslimz Ayoyo...ini olang talak tau apa itu SPAC laa....
30/12/2015 12:33
DreamKaiser Sutah libih lua minggu maintain high volume
30/12/2015 13:01
Banditos why_no_dividend Cash rich but never pay dividend(other SPACs history) buy for what? --> betui2 xda baca punya olang. kekekeke.
30/12/2015 13:36
Marina Tunggu masa mau naik langit..ada orang kuat collect
30/12/2015 22:38
Xinghe Why warrant worth more than mother share like Xinghe? Do we get any dividend buying Red-Sena W?
31/12/2015 11:11
traderman Xinghe warrant is 50% premium. If rsena delisted tomorrow warrant holder can print out the contract and used as toilet paper
01/01/2016 19:44
DreamKaiser yah kah
01/01/2016 21:52
HYG About SPAC warrant: must read.

I’ve found that you can usually make two profitable trades in a SPAC warrant that have high degrees of success. The first trade is often the easier money, but a harder trade to get into due to the small time window.

It requires that you pay careful attention to a list of SPACs and that you get an email alert when a SPAC announces it’s plan to purchase a business. The hard part of the trade is that it can be very time sensitive and occurs only episodically.

You can follow your SPAC list by putting the term “SPAC” into your Google alerts or, if you want to limit the number of alerts you get, you can put a little more time into your alert creation at the beginning. You can also create your own list of SPACs and place those names into your Google alerts. I include SPACs in my warrant database.

When alerted you have to be prepared to execute the trade quickly. I’ve found that you have a good chance of making a nice return as long as you can buy the warrant on the first day of the announcement.

Generally, the SPAC warrant moves up for a few days before selling off prior to the actual approval of the takeover.

Which brings us to the second trade.

Approval of the Acquisition

This trade is harder because it requires you to actually do some work (imagine that, working for a nice return).

The warrant generally tends to spike the day of the announcement, and for the next few days. and then drop again prior to the shareholder vote. If the vote goes through the warrant will usually spike again when the vote outcome is announced.

Your job is to determine whether or not the takeover / merger of the SPAC and it’s target company will be approved. I’ve found that in many cases it is relatively easy to predict the outcome by following what the SPAC management is doing prior to the vote.

One positive indicator you can look for is management buying out other shareholders in order to control the vote. If you believe the acquisition will be approved you can get long the warrant just prior to the shareholder vote.
03/01/2016 20:05
kllady_fidah buy......
02/02/2016 17:07
mdr86 sell all...
24/02/2016 23:24
kllady_fidah sold 9 sen..tq red sena
10/03/2016 12:06
Marina Bought 7.5..still
Keeping..good money good money
10/03/2016 17:01
10/03/2016 18:52
Mars waiting to convert the wa...
10/03/2016 19:47
kllady_fidah good price to buy
27/04/2016 12:29
kllady_fidah buying back...opportunity to accumulate
27/04/2016 14:00
kllady_fidah awesome rerbound....
07/10/2016 12:29
goldeneyes007 Look.. i found something...Rm0.075 still cheap....
10/01/2017 23:12
deniskarma now 0.07, ready to fly ..
13/07/2017 16:31
djibaok piiiuuuuuuuuuu fly down
17/09/2017 20:28
nekosan still cheap? thuvk twice. expire soon. warrant to turn into paper if still can't acquire anything
17/09/2017 22:02
Fly888888 Just sell all warrant and so many people q at 0.045 , 0.04...
24/10/2017 22:36
Soleha1989 bila nak fly,
08/12/2017 11:22
Soleha1989 bila nak up mcm (edaran) ni
08/12/2017 14:09
Soleha1989 ok dah boleh fly
11/12/2017 14:32
Soleha1989 go RSENA wa
20/12/2017 10:57
deniskarma bila rsena-wa nak gerak ni??
28/01/2018 12:10
TanChinku If no QA, who is buying at .003 with huge volume?
Or this the last train !!!
28/03/2018 14:52
kt888 88 hope wa can fly :)
28/03/2018 15:17
jordanmaggie61 i found something..
28/03/2018 15:36
TheContrarian Munchy, Munchy, Munchy.
28/03/2018 15:38
TanChinku Power R sena
29/03/2018 16:30
FlowerhornKing66 Post removed. Why?
01/04/2018 09:25
Lim Tek Wai awesome rerbound....
02/04/2018 15:46
Fastrader Where r u ppl
12/04/2018 21:21
afandi hold tight
13/04/2018 19:01
Rocker holding
18/04/2018 20:11
99plus game over. run.
19/04/2018 09:19


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