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Market Cap: 675 Million
Shares: 1,055 Million
P/E | EY: -3.14  |  -31.89%
DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
NAPS | P/NAPS: 2.27  |  0.28
Avg Volume (4 weeks):1,126,760
4 Weeks Range:0.62 - 0.755
52 Weeks Range:0.62 - 1.11
Average Price Target: 0.69
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.05


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Penti_MM He already done for PRGL once, now doing the same trick for PHD
30/11/2016 20:24
Penti_MM When the time he become CEO of Parkson again, the nightmare was beginning.
30/11/2016 20:26
Penti_MM Bleeding lion always will be tough and dirty. You know what i mean.
30/11/2016 20:30
Penti_MM Agree with ks55, they are play like accumulator or eliminator contract, when the share hit at certain point, then they will losing the game. It sound like the fund managers are hungry to pull the share down.
30/11/2016 20:37
Penti_MM All fund manager set up the buy or sell order signal, when the share rise or drop 20% or some margin, then the process begin and will automatic pull the shares up or down until hit the target.
30/11/2016 20:40
Penti_MM PHD lose all supporting point and drop to record low, no one can predict what is the bottom line for it until all the forced selling gone and over selling will be rebound. In the short sight, the share will be drop very sharp.
30/11/2016 20:46
Penti_MM Should be some major shareholder. The insider will show later on....
30/11/2016 20:48
calvintaneng Hi guys please don't waste time with this soon to be relic.

Parkson will be called PokaiSoon as ECOMMERCE WILL TAKE MALAYSIA BY STORM.

JackMa of Alibaba is coming to launch E FTZ in March 2017

So turn your focus from Parkson the sunset industry to ECommerce the sunrising industry!!
30/11/2016 20:49
Penti_MM Only Trump Donald can help William ....Because Alibaba will be turn at dark side when Trump increase the tax rate for China's import product. I
30/11/2016 20:58
Penti_MM One way can make Parkson become sunrising industry is make an alliance with Alibaba just like
Intime International Holdings Limited (HK Stock 1833), but with the selfish personality for WC, he may not willing to do it....
30/11/2016 21:04
Angielim9955 agreed with ivan :

ivan9511 unless the stupid boss got ball to take over at 3.50 like thestore boss so general offer 3.50.
I dare the parkson loser see him still got ball offer us 2.00 for private his own shit or not lol

I also hope the Boss if got ball just take parkson back by offer price 2.00
When see Aeon and TheStore investors all get the rewards , I really sad Hold Parkson for two years and the Boss still sleeping like non of his shit .
30/11/2016 22:09
Pen6 怕剩大剪价,又来了, is WC offering this round? Just pass 10 percent off rm0.75, maybe can offer barging 20 percent, rm0.60 or margin call 30percent rm0.53. 血流成河,没眼看。buy 1 lot lah RM53 ok.
30/11/2016 23:37
calvintaneng ks55 taiko!

Don't waste time here anymore. Only negative sinking feeling

All the postive is in Drb.

So go for a welcome change there!
01/12/2016 12:29
yucaihacai yes, very surprised ! Do u buy parkson at 0.645 ?
01/12/2016 17:02
yucaihacai Tomolo I want to buy parkson again at 0.645, 0.64, 0.635, 0.63 till 50 sen and below. Ur guys pls dun selfish and continue sing down / force selling Parkson. Thanks a lot. Love ur guy so much !
01/12/2016 18:00
Penti_MM It's just a rebound for short term over selling, it's still not safety. The other wave of force selling may coming again..
01/12/2016 21:53
Penti_MM Source : KENANGA
Stock : PARKSON Price Target : 0.66

How come the fund manager know the closing target price for Parkson. It's not calculation, simple is that parkson playing the option game with the fund manager.
01/12/2016 21:56
yucaihacai bought again Parkson at 0.645. Thanks to big talk remind me to buy at low, lower, lowest.
02/12/2016 13:34
yucaihacai big talk 55's comments already disappear. He already bought Parkson share.
02/12/2016 13:36
Penti_MM I bought it long time ago when Parkson still health and making profit, and I only bought few at 0.69 when it began to drop. Let's what will it happen and decide to mix up to pull down my average price for my portfolio. good luck all !!
02/12/2016 15:31
Penti_MM 今年双12变三天 青岛近万商家支付宝消费享五折



商家自主造节 实体店找回话语权



04/12/2016 14:01
Penti_MM haha.. Parkson finally do something ...
04/12/2016 14:02
Angielim9955 for those hold from 6.00 ringgit , no eye see
05/12/2016 17:56
vitac Still got people hold @ RM 6 meh...
05/12/2016 17:58
Angielim9955 vitac, got vitac . on that day parkson agm , got some uncle and old india man , claim they are supportes parkson , I not sure how much ,but can sure very high from now, because they keep shoot the parkson boss , the boss keep diam diam only.
they said they support many years ago, I expect they buy around 3.00 ringgit .
they told the boss they are worry about the share price , the boss reply " are you confidence in us "
quite funny conversation
I have about 10% of my total investment in Parkson @ 1.00 . now very sad see parkson 60sen
but I see Thestore and Aeon all doing very well beside of Parkson feel sorry for Parkson, because When Parkson become a famous landmark in the world , Aeon still baby or even not yet born .
Now Parkson end up like this , hope the lion can wake up get back the jungle , since his is a lion and king of steel ,haha
05/12/2016 18:09
05/12/2016 18:10
lscplzlh no longer king of steel la...
05/12/2016 18:44
Pen6 King of wonderholland la......
05/12/2016 19:56
IamGoogle When it was 1, someone said it's cheap. When it came to 0.80, got people said it's discount sales. Now come to 0.60, what is it now? I don't know. I only know the business is in the dead end tunnel without any light while a bunch of zombies are approaching, matilah kali ini.

Selling china business, closing vietnam business, dying malaysia business, where to go now?
05/12/2016 20:16
Pen6 Go Wonderholland is the only choice.
06/12/2016 11:18
kct153 bet here
06/12/2016 16:20
Penti_MM It's hard to tell the bottom line, the worse case will be down to "ks55" target and maybe lower.
At this stage, better sit back and watch the step.
06/12/2016 17:04
Penti_MM It's need to rest a bit until all force selling are gone, but it just begun for a week, it may continuous for a month or even longer. Don't expect it will rebound quickly to recover the loss.
06/12/2016 17:06
Penti_MM Just repurchase everyday, but it wouldn't last long to keep the share price. It will drop again and make it become worse. For Parkson's management and boss, they should saving money and use it in better way to securities shareholders best interest. I was laugh in AGM, boss asked shareholders, are you confidence with us......... it just bull shit. Shareholders only concern the share price and company's interest. JUST DIAM DIAM WORD....

I'm confidence if you buy my share at the higher price... Will u "WC" ??
06/12/2016 17:13
CUTLOSS Who cut loss? Meaning WC can privatise cheap-cheap with everyday SBB. PRGL still above 80 sen.
07/12/2016 11:35
Why_ PRGL up 1 sen to 83 HKD.
07/12/2016 11:50
Why_ PRA up ks55 never inform? A bias person? If a person bias how to believe him?
07/12/2016 12:30
Why_ The Store can fetch RM 3.5? If Parkson affected by e-commerce why not The Store? Just visited the Store and find many things will expire but cannot find buyers. Luckily Parkson goods can last many years with no expiry date.
07/12/2016 12:33
Jun 22, 2016 04:18 PM | Report Abuse

2016年5月03日, 鍾廷森接受《The Edge財經日報》專訪時,不否認公司股價受打壓
为什么受打壓? 他不敢解释

1. Parkson lost 36m Q3.
Net lost attributed to share holder 25.5m
Maju Junction 3 month loss 5m, 6 months loss 11m.
So total losses from Maju Junction (only 9 months) is estimated to be 15m for FYE2016.

2. Lion Industries lost 130m Quarter ending 31 Mac 2016.
Lost attributed to share holders stood at 115m.
Lost per share 16.5 sen.

3. LionForest Industries lost 54m Quarter ending 31 Mac 2016

4. Lion Diversified lost 34m Quarter ending 31 Mac 2016

5. Lion Corp lost 91m Quarter ending 31 Mac 2016

6. With all meow-meow losing money, and not able to pay dividend, how WC going to pay interest on margin finance of his pledged securities to tune of 20m to 50m a year?

7. Also take note Parkson derives its valuation from these two operating units. They are selling dirt 'cheap' now, and should be going down some more.
PRGL at HK$0.69 - record low, will break its own record again.
PRA at S$0.1580 - near record low, can make record any time.
Sum of Parts (SOP) is at 69 sen.
With 30% discount attached to holding company (as safety margin), safe to buy at not more than 50 sen.

8. WC has been selling Parkson share at around 91 sen.
WC sold 10.35M Parkson shares on 12.04.2016, 2.06M on 14.04.2016, and 2.18M on 20.04.2016 and 5.3m on 26.04.2016.


9. Meaning that either he think the share already overvalued, or he has to get some money to pay interest, or the pledged shares were forced sold, or he invite all meow-meow shareholders to go holland together with him.

10. All Lion meow-meow face potential forced selling by the creditors.
This include Parkson shares.

11. Parkson rests on yesteryears business model. No hope for any turn around at least in next 3 years.

12. Share Buy-backs are weakening the balance-sheets even of the most cash-rich firms.
Is Parkson really cash rich? How about 89.39m interest paid for 9 months on 2.49 billion borrowings? Since 2008, WC already used up 2.1 billion to buy back Parkson shares, otherwise he could have saved 75m on interest payment for 9 months.

13. Parkson share buy-back has become a kind of corporate cocaine that induces a temporary feeling of invincibility but masks weakness and vacuity. It has become a norm for any punter to buy by 4.30pm, then park to sell at 4.49pm. WC is going to pay these punters 'toll' to push up closing price everyday. He cannot stabilize Parkson share price with such tactic, but just draining the valuable cash.
Worst still it become clear for WC to commit suicide by drinking sea water in the ocean to quench thirst (飲鳩止渴).
Sooner or later Parkson is going to bleed to death.

14. Please don't tell me WC cannot understand the logical reasoning above. To me, he is paying peanuts to get monkeys to run his business empire -- from the very top to the very bottom including sales personnel.
Don't believe, just go to any Parkson outlet to see what are the sales girls doing.
Ask for Store Manager and you will never find them in the premises............
07/12/2016 14:33
Risk Rider Still hold hope on this company ah? MGN
07/12/2016 16:15
yucaihacai PRA run fast. Big talk keep quiet, didn't inform. This guy can not trust.
07/12/2016 17:07
Penti_MM Don't argue la... yucaihacai and I are shareholder of Parkson should want it rising and breakeven our bought price... on the other hand like "ks55", yes you are right.. the share may hit your target price 50 sen but we are not smart as you to cut loss or buy it on 50 sen in the future.
07/12/2016 21:22
Penti_MM Both of us were concern about Parkson future, look the news today about "Letv" in china, it expand the business so rapidly and end up financial problem now.... compare with Parkson, Parkson is more health than Letv so i think this is the time for us to overcome the recession.
07/12/2016 21:26
ks55 Who are the idiots who lost a fortune?
Just scroll up this thread and you will find:-

1. tshwong -- Posted by tshwong > Dec 17, 2013 10:49 AM | Report Abuse
Looking forward to support it @2.99. Be part of the Parkson. Put under bed for a few year, should give us handsome return.

2. rlch -- Posted by rlch > Dec 27, 2013 08:26 PM | Report Abuse
Please spend some money for upcoming CNY to help Parkson. Market at record high but Parkson at 5 year low. Attraction of Parkson is DY likely better than FD rate.

3. angelinaloke -- Posted by angelinaloke > Jun 12, 2014 10:19 AM | Report Abuse
less then 3wks loss 90cent from recent high( 3.20). really shit stocks.
imagine to gain back 90cent from a share is not easy and not possible in 3wks time :( . can not smile d..

4. Steven Yong -- Posted by Steven Yong > Jun 16, 2014 09:26 PM | Report Abuse
Just buy and keep, so near nta

5. Kian Leong Lim -- Posted by Kian Leong Lim > Feb 26, 2015 08:14 PM | Report Abuse
If they go bust, what is going to happen to Malaysia financial system. 再玩會死人的 !! 不過你也跑不掉!!你住馬來西亞!難道你沒有長眼睛嗎!你還在拍手做什莫?白癡還是天真?你自己講給大家聽

6. Parkson -- Posted by Parkson > Jul 13, 2015 09:48 PM | Report Abuse
Bought at RM 1.36.

7. William_Cheng -- Posted by William_Cheng > Sep 10, 2015 09:37 AM | Report Abuse
Bought more today RM 1.01-1.02.

8. datasonic -- Posted by datasonic > Oct 12, 2015 10:53 AM | Report Abuse
i just bought it at 1.09 It will go up soon

9. gt91 -- Posted by gt91 > Oct 29, 2015 10:44 AM | Report Abuse
my average price for this counter is 1.35 and it is never a worried issue for me, once people comfort with GST market sentiment back, profit on next QR u will see it fly again.

10. waseong -- Posted by waseong > Nov 21, 2015 11:37 AM | Report Abuse
買進券商心頭好‧百盛控股轉型計劃 看好中期奏效
ks55, u tak suka parkson, pls sell it. Dun comment this and those. U want people sell it to at ur target price of 80 sen ?

11. yucaihacai -- Posted by yucaihacai > Feb 24, 2016 05:49 PM | Report Abuse
cut loss at 0.920. tiu kau hoi

12. richkid1 -- Posted by richkid1 > Feb 26, 2016 11:00 AM | Report Abuse
bought more at 88.5 sen. Expect Qingdao shopping mall to contribute to Parkson bottom line this year when start operation.

All the above idiots mostly gone with the wind.
Before FED hike interest, they already RIP.................
07/12/2016 23:13
Penti_MM I'm laughing for WC, he is losing by himself for selfish and not trust anyone. After he takeover the chairman again, Parkson become worst and worst.
08/12/2016 10:42
Penti_MM Stronger like Jack Ma, just representative of Alibaba. He trust his partner who is the main person to development and maintain the internet.
08/12/2016 11:32
yucaihacai PRA 从低谷中强势反弹 !
08/12/2016 14:24
Penti_MM Need to monitor few more day, those Parkson group's share always like that and only last for few day and then drop back to start point....

They always like this to trick the minor shareholders.
08/12/2016 14:48
Penti_MM Fundamental still weak, it just over selling and rebound. Not really the real sight to reflect the business become better.
08/12/2016 14:50
Penti_MM Parkson's directors just get payroll and do nothing, none of them have experience in management department store, they just put the name on and claim for the payroll.
08/12/2016 15:22
Penti_MM PRA is drop back again.... believe my word... they like trick people on this way
08/12/2016 15:24


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