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Market Cap: 39,116 Million
NOSH: 8,971 Million
P/E | EY: 77.57  |  1.29%
DY | Payout %: 1.83%  |  141.82%
NAPS | P/NAPS: 2.5922  |  1.68
Avg Volume (4 weeks):11,414,544
4 Weeks Range:4.24 - 5.10
52 Weeks Range:4.11 - 6.03
Average Price Target: 5.02
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.66


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goldentriangle ow, oil price was continue it's uptrend !

As at 11.53pm,
US Nymex at $54.05 (+0.79) (+1.48%)
Brent at 57.29 (+0.83) (+1.47%)
05/01/2017 23:54
goldentriangle As at 11.53pm, US Dollar continue get weaken...
US Dollar index at 101.53 (-0.99) (-0.97%)

And our MYR getting strong already to RM4.47 to a US Dollar !
It's a good sign !
05/01/2017 23:56
goldentriangle Asian currencies rise broadly vs dollar as offshore yuan surges

Ringgit, stock market rally as US dollar slumps
05/01/2017 23:57
06/01/2017 11:04
vcheekeong Oil continue uptrend..good?No more subsidy on oil and what if it goes to RM3.00 per litre.
Then char kuey tiow is selling at RM10 plate in hawker stall !!
07/01/2017 13:56
goldentriangle 稻田·* 粒粒芳香 , the dance was just begin only, next week the stock will trend upwards,
because once entering 2017, our economy getting prosperous already, with:

oil price on it's uptrend, now Brent oil already shooting up to $57.10 a barrel
and will continue to break $60 by end of this month and break $80 by end of 2017

US dollar getting weakend already and our MYR was getting stronger,

And foreign funds started to buying into our equities and funds, with
last friday foreign funds was a net buying of RM136.4 million Ringgit
worth of shares !

Hope everybody can have a big ang pow for this coming CNY !
Cheers to you all !
08/01/2017 10:37
ryan_och Next target 5.20, then 6.00
17/01/2017 11:52
Cherischeng Is tht possible? Cause it just start to drop...
17/01/2017 15:32
VitaminM Heard tomorrow signing of MOU for the edotco placement
17/01/2017 20:49
Fish3129 VitaminM: where you got the source?
18/01/2017 09:19
balvin71 Any comments on the valuation of edotco?
20/01/2017 08:57
Fish3129 Thanks sharing all sifus...
20/01/2017 09:10
thinkndo Finally exit @ 4.98. Small little token as CNY Angpaw. GONG XI FA CAI! Wish to re-enter after CNY. Cheers everyone!
27/01/2017 12:28
balvin71 Good exit point. Happy New Year everyone
27/01/2017 20:23
rockettrading Tomorrow will move in tandem with index. ---UP
01/02/2017 16:08
djzx http://www.livemint.com/Companies/lmu6Eh3ygjQ916EDaJqePM/News-in-Numbers-Idea-posted-Rs3856-crore-loss-in-Q3-thank.html

IDEA owned by axiata right? Huge losses. And according to market cap overvalued in the books.
14/02/2017 10:02
balvin71 How much is Rs385.6 crore in RM?
16/02/2017 23:02
balvin71 Ok, it is about RM256 million. Axiata share of the loss is about RM51 million.
17/02/2017 08:32
thinkndo I am waiting........
17/02/2017 14:55
Thomaskklee If drop to 4.80 can buy ?
22/02/2017 16:12
thinkndo Still waiting......for better offer.......however, hardly will come back my earlier entry level @ 4.48 which I have exited......
22/02/2017 17:08
nich0las http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5344621
23/02/2017 13:25
Thomaskklee Axiata making loss drop badly .....
23/02/2017 14:49
Zea XG chance to accumulate... will buy as it becomes cheaper, now still expensive
23/02/2017 14:55
Supertonic000 let it drop ~let it drop
23/02/2017 15:18
balvin71 Lucky I cancelled my bid at 4.64.....Now wondering how low can go before collect back....was tempted to buy at 4.50, but now must study first/watch first.
23/02/2017 16:53
The One • Tomorrow another round.. EPF also selling.. somemore Friday (a.k.a. Sell Day).. be patience.. monitor and buy on weakness.. gudluck a!!
23/02/2017 16:57
balvin71 Wondering if will go lower than the recent 52 week low or drop below 4.00???
23/02/2017 17:01
Junichiro Axiata has USD borrowings. Might incur forex translation loss like IOI.
23/02/2017 17:06
balvin71 Like that better don't touch first until got direction.....who knows, might go to 3.00
23/02/2017 17:08
Junichiro The telco sector has already been hampered by gomen policies. Extracting huge amt of $$$ in the form of spectrum fees means telcos have no more bumper dividends to give. Coupled with intense competition, telcos would probably see minor growth rates. Over the top applications have seen the demise of SMS & calls as income for telcos. So, there is really nothing to be excited abt telcos, be it Maxis, Digi or Axiata.

If the funds push telcos higher n higher, in the end they will be left holding the baby as no investors will pay a high price considering the situation now.
23/02/2017 20:00
The One • Me agree. Nowadays me never use sms and seldom use normal mobile calls anymore. Usually use apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Skype etc bcoz they are free and can make calls, send messages, transfer photos, videos, docs etc.. and just need 3G/4G.. but seldom too bcoz free WiFi is available almost everywhere..
23/02/2017 20:40
cooling axiata already tabao....free falling
23/02/2017 22:23
Erick Lch 亚通这一次可以收摊了。
23/02/2017 23:57
balvin71 February almost finish, March not to far away. When report next Qtr in May, will also show big loss.....I go play other place first.
24/02/2017 08:56
xexlone walao! main2 at end loss....kasihan some kena trap kat sini.....
24/02/2017 10:49
The One • Especialy for warranrs players.. be xtra careful ya.. gudluck all.
24/02/2017 11:40
ankahill Can go in now??
24/02/2017 15:27
Michael Wong Yew Kong Fy16 lose making, divided slash. Fund manager and investors flee atm. If u have deep pocket can hold for long term,yes pls buy and keep. If not go others counter.
24/02/2017 15:30
EPF_sell EPF selling?
24/02/2017 15:31
Junichiro Maxis is having its last laugh.
24/02/2017 15:32
thinkndo I am waiting to see....is a downmax. ...still...Unfortunately I dun have bullets to average out if go down further....so have to play xtra cautious lo ...
24/02/2017 15:36
Zea XG P/E 20+ is too pricy... drop to 3.50 first then only see
24/02/2017 15:42
Junichiro The last low is abt 4.10. But it does not mean that u just draw a trendline n expect the market to obey it. Markets does not behave like that. Trendlines can be broken easily.
24/02/2017 15:46
xexlone WEBE vs CELCOM......MAXIS standby mkn popcorn!!!!!
24/02/2017 15:56
Junichiro With so intense competition, it is not easy to fix Celcom.
24/02/2017 16:05
The One • Next Monday and some on Tuesday will be force selling days. Monitor and buy on weakness. Have a happy weekend everyone.
24/02/2017 17:26
balvin71 CEO say DPR below 50% going forward. So if in FY2017, no profit, means no dividend in 2017. Dividend funds will continue to sell. Those thinking of buying, better be careful. Funds might buy to 'show' stock has bottom out, than when buyers line up, they will dump. Happened a few times today and yesterday. Just be careful.
24/02/2017 18:39
Junichiro "Funds might buy to 'show' stock has bottom out, than when buyers line up, they will dump."

Agree. it happened many times since last year. I was lucky because I cash out fast. They assume ppl will buy when MACD hook up. Then when ppl are busy buying, they would sell their wares.
24/02/2017 20:09
chamlo Revenue latest QR is record high but why loss also very high?
25/02/2017 04:28


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